50 Ways to Draw Textures




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more towards the light so it pops out a bit for our last and final one [Music] yo what is up you guys how's it going issue boys eh Comic Con and today I'm gonna be showing you guys 50 ways to draw textures yes I'm gonna narrate it completely last time you guys complained I didn't tell you guys how to apply it so here it is this time and no I'm not gonna bother putting on a shirt because we just got back we're in Japan and it's time to relax anyways let's go ahead and get this tutorial started okay so let's get started for the first one I'm gonna draw a simple texture that's like a simple gradient you can use it for cloth and stuff that's what I usually use it for you can kind of decide what you wanted to use it for all these textures have different applications but I'll just let you know like kind of what I use them for before the second one this is gonna be another very simple texture you can use it for like a rough wall or something that's what I like to use it for yeah because it's like checkered and there's a little bit more texture than the one of them too for as you can see they're going through your cross hatching the other way to create some textures and little grids [Music] for the third one I'm going to show you a stone bridge this is like a stone texture except for I'm going to add a little Ridge to it so that it creates some more depth and as you can see I start out by drawing a ridge I cross that underneath and I'll leave a space because the ridge is more towards the light so it pops out a bit and catches some more of the light [Music] here is number four number four this is another stone texture but it's Kevin is casting much heavier shadows and I'm sorry the screen is kind of blurry I don't think it's oom din well but yeah it casts very heavy shadows and there's an easy one to do for number five we have another stone texture it's really easy to do it's like bricks and stuff that's what I use for the bottom of the bricks for number six would have another gradient this I use more for like furry textures like towels or something like that it can also be used as a gradient for walls you kind of have a slightly rough texture so there's a little bit on that for number seven this is the actual fur texture I use it for towels I use it for hair so if you're drawing a character and has hair for example Wolverine you'll be using this texture for number eight we have the scale texture you can use this if you're drawing reptiles or like for Captain America his armor has scales so I would use this you know so joy for armor it's a nice texture for armrests specially for those like medieval kinds got the chainmail you got the plated armor you have the scaled armor this is very good for that [Music] here's the texture I use for rough skin as well as cloth because when you draw the little lines in between it kind of makes it look like it's woven together and gives it a cloth like texture for number 10 we have another gradient I like to use this for walls or for more organic textures so if there's like layered rock or anything I'd use this [Music] for number 11 we have another towel like texture I use this sometimes for towels I use it for fabric too and sorry I think the camera is mostly focusing on my hand at this boy [Music] for number 12 this is your first look at a metal texture this is gonna be the darker metal where there's a lot more reflections and yeah you just toss random lines and you're very thick and thin lines for number 13 it's gonna be another variation of the metal but it's gonna be slightly rusty err it's not gonna be as reflective as the other one as you can see there's not gonna be as many lines close together but yeah you just toss some lines again then quite close together for number 14 here I use my electric eraser you can kind of use this before walls you can use it for skin I personally like to use it for buildings because it's like a variation of the stone bridge except for it's not like as detail so you can do do it for something like farther away [Music] for number 15 we have another stone like texture you'll realize over here there's a lot of stone textures it's because make most of the textures for walls there's like a huge variation and there's just a ton of different ways you can draw it for number 16 this is all stems this is for skin I like to use it for like a monster skin because of how rough it looks I cross hatch in three different ways this I'm usually across such too but in this case it's three different ways it makes it look a lot rougher than if you were just to crosshatch it one way sharpened pencil oh wow ASMR number 17 I'm just tossing some straight lines this is for the walls if you want like a really flat texture you don't want them to be like too rough or anything for number 18 these are kind of like holes dug out in the wall and sometimes I put these on characters if they're like really really beat up and stuff like that right for the Hulk or a monster I'd put this on some of their skin [Music] for number 19 I use these for bullet holes in the wall you'll see it's similar as 18 except for I draw cracks around it because when the bullet hits it kind of cracks the wall [Music] for number 20 now I'm starting to do some slightly more organic wooden textures so I'll use this for would in turn use it for any organic shaped moon like trees things like that number 21 is a different variation of the wood texture you guys have probably seen this before but octavarium my line weights draw my twisted circles in the middle to show the wooden texture we're number 22 we have the third variation of the wooden texture this is for really really bumpy trees I don't notice for these there's a lot of different variations of the same texture or the same kind of object we're trying to texture but the more ways you have texture something the better [Music] for number 23 we have another texture that's mostly used for balls I mostly use it for walls because it's like really spread out and organic but just more for like those sandpapery walls that's really thick and uneven probably looks really rough too for number 24 I'm just gonna toss a lot of jagged lines this is for wetting your drawing claws and stuff teeth and inside you wanted to look very organic and uneven number 25 this is gonna be like a knitted weave texture so there's a lot of different stuff going in and out over here pretty much I'm just drawing the shadows for this but as you can see it's like the stuffies for knitting and it's going within now it's just a nice texture you can use for clothes and stuff or yes it is just a pile of whatever you used to knit around and use this to draw it [Music] next up we have more of a machinery like texture the little dots give you a sense of like a repeated pattern you can use this for tech you can also use it for sides of buildings it's really help for them for that can't talk if I pay em in the morning 1:27 with the first variation of the brick text the brick texture and it's like old beat-up bricks and later on I'll show you another variation where it's like a lot nicer anymore I'm sorry you guys I have a flight later today and I just woke up so that's why I have no energy [Music] so for number 28 now we have the nice brick texture where it's just like nice and smooth everything is even and we kind of want to vary the line weights a little bit so it doesn't get too boring [Music] for number 29 here is another stone gradient redraw out these little shapes and then you start thick at the bottom and then you go thinner and thinner as you go up and they also get more spread out [Music] for number 30 here's more of a cloth like texture as you can see there's a lot of shadows because the cloth goes in and out and it's not an even surface number 31 this is like holes and fabric now you just casting shadows after this the little Ridge around the circle gives it like ripped effect [Music] Oh so it turns out I did number 31 twice so woohoo 51 textures yeah there's like a smoky texture I guess but yeah you guys get 51 huh tricked you guys because number 32 this is going to be cracked glass it's like when a bullet goes through you want some really jagged edges and straight lines [Music] now over here this is a texture I usually use for bricks like for the bottom because it's all beat up and cracked [Music] for number 34 we have another wall texture I'm pretty sure I've done wall and stone textures like at least 15 times over here or in this video but the more ways you have to draw balls the better you don't want all your walls to look the same although is that's just boring and honestly unrealistic number 35 this is what I use to draw like crocodile skin or you can use it to draw armor [Music] number 36 this is kind of like bricks again but it's different variation is very thick and it juts in and out as those walls that you see that are super uneven and they don't have a tunnel of those like vertical brick lines 37 this is the stuffies for slime like slimy creatures dean use it for sweat drool a lot of people use it for clay base too [Music] for number 38 this is another texture I would use for scaly skin for monsters and stuff on a Killer Croc [Music] number 39 I use this for energy it's kind of like energy shooting out when you have a superhero something gives us some some variation I guess you draw a ton of these like black circles and just kind of looks like energy I guess [Music] number 40 this is the texture I like to use for feathers and music for bird's wings 41 here's a variation of the stuntex triplet way more dynamic if you wanted to look dynamic crosshatch to the side because it just makes it look like there's movement and so just straight up and down in side to side [Music] number 42 this is with texture I like to use or cloth that has folded on top of itself so this is on the cloth textures number 43 this one is also for fabric but it's for like when your jeans fold up you know those ridges and your clothes yeah this is perfect for that [Music] the next one is a really good one that I often use for stuff like carpets because obviously you can see the carpet texture over there and you can obviously use a gradient you just make the lines closer the dirt do you want it to become number 45 I use this texture to add like battle scars to my characters 46 I would usually just use this for skin it's my typical cross-hatching method nothing super special though and you want to add a little bit of texture in the skin show that it's not like glossy smooth and this is what you use number 47 here we've got a scaly texture you use it for like fish or something armor stuff like that [Music] number 48 this is a leather texture as you can see there's a reflection and I'll just leave a little hot spot in the middle to catch some light number 49 here is the final wall variation where you kind of taper it out to the side it gives it a lot of movement just kind of switches things up [Music] and for our last and final one we have some more energy and smoke you can use this as energy as you can see lots of dynamic lines or you can layer them one on top of the other for a smoke like effect and we are done BAM look at these cinematic shots thank you guys so much for watching this video shutter gustas CP plays did you want to win a shot at you all you had to do is join the notification square by subscribing turning on posted under vacations and letting me know down in the comments when you're done anyways look out for more Japan's vlogs I'm gonna be vlogging tomorrow I will see you guys next time keep those pencils moving see you guys later bye [Music]