500YearOld Mummy of Little Girl Goes Home

the mummified remains of a little girl are back in their rightful home the mummies known as Nesta had been in the United States since the 1890s most recently in the possession of Michigan State University now Nesta who lived in the Incan Empire has been returned to her native Bolivia Nesta is believed to have been around eight years old when she died her hair is braided and her hands hold feathers her dress is made from llama or alpaca thread researchers say she is remarkably well-preserved for being more than 500 years old carbon dating places NESTA's light in the late 15th century that's not long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus or the conquest of the Incan Empire by the Spanish Empire scientists don't know how no stew died she may have been a sacrifice they plan to study her and learn more about who she was and the lost Incan culture from which she came this is inside addition.com [Applause] you