Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)


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deep divers you are already a cyborg that is what the CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk said like look at you you're ready a machine it's not a laughing matter even the cat down the road is turning into a machine goodness gracious [Music] peace infinite waters diving deep once again beautiful deep divers we are out here on this beautiful hot day in the heart of nature baby just whoa breathing in that good ass piranha baby and there is no 5g around here deep divers have you heard about five g 5g exposed we are gonna talk about five G today the pros and the cons what you should really know about 5g because it's coming and we even had breakfast you can I get a hello so wonderful deep divers what is 5g we are talking about the fifth generation of mobile communication technology soon to hit the planet full-scale between 2020 and 2025 but guess what deep divers it's already here and guess what I've already used 5g in LA and let me give you an example 5g is higher frequency higher bandwidth and a YouTube video which normally takes 45 minutes to upload with 5g it took me one minute super fast I'm like watts get it out of here now 5g first there was 3G then there was 4G now 5g is coming on the planet it is a hundred times faster than 4G let me give you an example deep divers to download a two-hour film on 3G it would take 26 hours to download that to our film on 4G it would take six minutes to download that to our film on 5g it would take 3.6 seconds hmm slow motion this side mmm that seems awesome Ralph also 5g has lower latency it is high radio frequency we're talking about 24 Giga Hertz to 90 gigahertz 4G is around seven hundred to two thousand five hundred megahertz 5g is so fast the maximum speed of 4G is a hundred megabits per second with 5g it is 20 Giga bits per second however it all seems well and good and also 5g has lower latency so you can actually see things in real time the Internet of Things it seems fantastic until I started to do the research on what 5g is Nikola Tesla the great scientist said if you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration everything is energy everything is vibration there is a great dr. Martin pal who has done a lot of extensive research on 5g technology and he found out that it is a carcinogen that's right it actually causes cancer oh no Ralph exactly it has huge detrimental effects to the human body it causes DNA damage what else Ralph it causes cancer now with 5g you are having this MIMO this new digital technology which stands for multiple input multiple output it's dense radiation basically they are gonna beam this 5g at you that's why it's gonna be so powerful but it has huge consequences on your health DNA damage it also causes cancer we are in the mess of EMF electromagnetic fields right electromagnetic fields we are electrical but what happens if you introduce frequencies like 5g which are so powerful to the human body it has disastrous consequences mark Steele who is a weapons expert he says that 5g is a killer why because 5g is used by the military that's right do your own research deep divers it's used is been used for a long time by the military to scatter crowds okay you can literally scatter a cloud a cloud as well a crowd with 5g now 5g it's high frequency but it can't travel over long distances so because of that it's slow and because of that every three to ten homes you're gonna need a 5g cell tower which is gonna be emitting 5g technology to your children every three to ten homes right so can you imagine deep divers there are gonna be so many cell towers not only that but there are gonna be thousands of satellites above beaming down 5g at really high intensity so it's gonna have catastrophic effects now a lot of people have spoken about this a lot of people have spoken about this like David Icke that it's actually manufactured driven rage right you can actually manufacture rage okay actually Prince talked about this but that was about chemtrails but basically with frequency you can actually affect a population how they think what they want to wear today the thoughts in their head and 5g can manipulate people's consciousness not only that deep divers a lot of studies have shown that when this 5g actually rolled out a lot of trees were being cut down because once again trees get in the way of five g 5g can't travel through solid objects so once again [Music] you need to cut down the trees and that's how 5g can actually get around a lot of us as soon as we wake up we are addicted to these smartphones oh let me check the internet Oh oh my gosh oh my gosh yes 5g is gonna make your internet speed shoot up it sounds all well and good but deep divers when I began to dive deeper I realized that 5g is part of something called singularity Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX said we are already cyborgs there is something called transhumanism where we merge with machine like my smartphone there is something called post humanism where it's already happened and there is something called singularity and by 2045 singularity is where artificial intelligence is actually going to supersede human intellect you have the futurist and an executive at Google rakers Wilde who talks about singularity and 5g is all part of the Internet of Things it's all part of making everything smart Ralph your name is Ralph smart I know but we don't need a phone that's also like 5g smart right the problem with 5g it raises a lot of it raises a lot of health concerns okay not only that deep divers if you can realize that a lot of us already are having problems with mobile phone technology you often see me wearing blue like glasses because we have to protect our eyes from all of these frequencies and 5g is so intense so this video is all about you and you have to do your own research what can I do about it Ralph contact your local government and say actually we don't want 5g at least we need at least 10 years of study before it's rolled out to the general public ok so get on at your local government that's a good solution also let's just say hypothetically it's rolled out on full scale because once again I already use 5g before a lot of the times already you find in LA all over the place 5g and also in Miami but the solution if you are in a 5g area you can use quartz crystal ok crystals can actually absorb energy so they can take away the harmful elf frequencies extremely low frequencies and they can absorb all of the bad energy and you're good to go so that's how to protect yourself against 5g by a massive massive quartz crystal once again the problem with 5g is that it can affect the blood-brain barrier in a negative way also realize this deep divers our brain is electrical so with 5g the problem it raises is that you can actually alter someone's perception with 5g the way they think the way they act because our brain runs on frequency just like 5g Oh DNA is a transmitter and receiver information our DNA is actually a biological Internet it's an antenna so realize this deep divers 5g has a lot of health problems and we have to really do as much research as possible make as much noise as you can make video because otherwise the cat down the road is gonna be full of radiation and we don't need that we don't need that we don't need that so once you realize that deep divers well you'll just say wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute seven day vegan challenge you can also protect yourself against 5g with a healthy vegan plant-based diet health is wealth and then you'll just say feel so good to be alive baby can I get a hello beautiful deep divers we are out here in the heart of nature baby just wolf breathing in that good ass prana baby get the good ass prana Shutts deep divers at Ralph smart dog calm slash clothes get the new book for information like this on Amazon feel alive by Ralph smart add me on Instagram right now infinite waters deep divers knowledge is power research research and free of mind have a beautiful day infinite waters diving deep once again stay well stay healthy peace you when 5g is coming near just say stop right there 5g ain't nobody got time for that [Music] [Applause] 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