5YearOld With Special Needs Surprised With Tons of Toys

meet the misers from Louisville Kentucky my name flensing here my name is Zack were the parents of Noah and Noah has more energy than anybody earlier this year the miser family got a very special visit from Brett tutor host a little tykes project play big series now on YouTube now Inside Edition com is catching up with Noah and his parents at a little tykes play big event part of a multi-city tour for the month of August to learn more about this remarkable family and to see how they play I know like for me when I found out that Noah's gonna have Down syndrome I said to myself I don't ever want to give anybody the impression that I want them to feel sorry for me Noah doesn't see limitations he doesn't see color of race he doesn't see disabled or not disabled or special needs or not special needs Noah sees another human being that he gets to interact with and be him oh thank you so much oh my gosh he got one for both of us give me a kiss thank you and give you mommy kisses it's so much of a blessing that I've been able to experience a whole new level of love I didn't have access to before and I think that's available to parents that have a kid with or without special needs there's this whole level of love that you can't really understand until you're in the situation where somebody else comes before you when little tyke projects like it came to our house it was amazing Brett showed up and they came inside they you know we sat down and we got to know each other and and then little tyke Springs just this plethora of toys and I mean when I say plethora it was you know it filled like our front yard and so Noah was just overwhelmed there was a sense of gratitude that we had for these people to take time out of their day and come spend it with us his favorite toy that he got was the shopping cart he's got an abundance of toys now that he loves to put in a shopping cart and he'll go in the room and just like he's shopping and they don't bring him out he'll pass him to whoever's in the room he likes to make sure that we get down on the ground with him to play really put in the perspective that we could be doing more playtime with Noah we could be doing more family time with Noah which to him means the world words Little Tikes play big door right outside of downtown Louisville as you can see behind us they have just an abundance of different activities set up for kids and for the community to be able to down here and bring their kids and just play to stop focusing on being an adult and just play and have fun he really likes those limited-edition little tykes cars but he can't touch he can't touch him but he enjoys looking at them and still trying to touch them when you like jumping in those bouncy houses and I think it's important for anybody who has kids to just turn the TV off put the cell phone down into play with your kid which I'm guilty of not doing as much as I'd like to but Noah like I said you know if Noah brings toys over to you he doesn't want you to stay in the chair that's not an opportunity let's know that it's time to get down on the ground and he gives you a toy that he chooses and and you just we play kind of liberating to just forget about being an adult for a little bit and just being a kid within sharing that quality pass and all that leg has helped Noah grow and develop the five-year-old starts kindergarten this fall Noah just like he was doing the trampoline that you guys have set up today over and over and over and if I was his side I wasn't worried about breaking it I would have been right there with him