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[Music] what's up guys profit here back here with another episode of awesome tech and gadgets make sure to check out our previous episodes as I'm pretty sure all your tech lovers out there will find some useful gadgets with that being said let's get started with this video first up is the AM ray vacuum cleaner the design of the amory a 900 is pretty basic and easy to operate it has a sleek black body with limited physical buttons on the vacuum itself there is a power on and off button in the middle of the vacuum with the digital onboard camera right above which helps to map the area of your room it also comes with a remote control that you can use to control it's cleaning modes and suction levels are used to manually direct the vacuum the amory companion app provides the same controls plus access to mapping settling and third-party voice control features it also offers different cleaning modes spot cleaning focuses on a localized area edged intensely cleans along walls and furniture legs and auto mode are just the suction for different floor types the app is simply laid out with a large directional pad on top along with various modes then we have mapping and settling selectors towards the bottom it also provides detailed instructions for setting up voice control through third-party services all in all the a 900 is a powerful and efficient cleaner that gives about 100 minutes of run time and costs only hundred and ninety dollars very effective for your house and office in my personal experience it really cleanse the floors the tiles very well next up is high rise from 12 South 12 South's high-res divot is a new dog that can charge an Apple watch and iPhone simultaneously as you'd expect from 12 South high residue it is made out of high-end materials its metal construction is accented by leather and the rubber base prevents the stand and dog from sliding and struck ting the surface a magnetic Apple watch charging disc is built right into the front of the stand allowing an Apple watch to charge while in nightstand mode the lightning connector above can be adjusted to fit different iPhone cases and high res - it will even dock and charge an iPad the small footprint weight and lack of cable clutter is much appreciated it also provides a total output capacity of three amps which should be enough to charge an iPhone and Apple watch in standard charging time next up is the morphed invisible laptop stand it's a brand-new design spin on a common product that can really make life a lot easier this is quite a unique product that attaches to the bottom of your laptop we are a reusable adhesive and folds out when you need to give your laptop a little lift if you often travel with your laptop but worry about postural issues this stand definitely helps without adding extra bulk it has a really nice non-skid material that keeps your laptop from sliding around on sleek surfaces The Stand folds neatly into two angles that are available and then folds flat again for standard use or storage of your computer distance stand can hold up to 18 pounds of weight and can easily hold heavy laptops so if you are looking for a stand that isn't heavy and looks sleek then this is the one you should buy next up is the gaze lab mousepad with wireless charging this is one amazing looking mousepad with a built-in wireless charger for your Qi enabled devices everybody that has showed this mousepad said that they wanted one right off the bat this mousepad is really well made with PU leather surface it features three coil technology instead of one coil for wider range of charging zone it also features two Universal USB type-c ports to adapt to different setups the size is another advantage here you can carry this mousepad with your gaming or office backpack and it offers enough room to work and play while charging your smartphone mouse or other wireless devices next up is mah busi rugged cases rugged cases often tend to be bulky and add a lot of heft to your phone but this one from mobile Z differs from the rest first of all the case comes in three colors black red and navy blue and I specially like this blue one secondly the case is also very thin compared to other rugged cases and mind you this is military grade drop protection it's lightweight and has rubber around the edges for draw protection the back side has this transparent glass that's very sturdy so he can flaunt the design of your phone instead of hiding it the cutouts are perfect and the buttons feel nice plus the rubber finish adds a lot of grip to your phone lastly the design is also eye catching with line cuts here and there and giving you a premium feel this is perhaps my favorite rugged case till date drop protection is covered but what about the screen you may ask these cases come with the tempered glass along with an aligner the aligner makes applying the tempered glass very easy it fits perfect leaving no bubbles the advantage of tempered glass is that it absorbs any kind of shock on the screen be it drop or accidentally bumping your phone against anything so along with drop protection you get a complete protection from scratches and drops last but not the least is the 12 South plug bug duo the new 12 South plug bug duo is an ideal travel accessory because it adds international plugs to your macbook adapter and it lets you charge accessories like an iPad iPhone and Apple watch while charging your laptop attaching it to a macbook power adapter requires popping off the plug part of the adapter and replacing it with the snap-on plug bug duo component it can serve as a permanent replacement for the plug portion of the power adapter there are two USB ports on the plug bug dual one that's 2.1 amp which is ideal for charging an iPad and another that is one amp which is suitable for an iPhone or Apple watch as I have said plug bak dual is ideal for international travel because the plug portion snaps off and they come with several other interchangeable adapters that can be used in other countries so this is a must buy for all those who travel a lot with their laptops well that was the list guys thank you guys for watching do share if you liked this video I hope you found some useful gadgets here stay tuned for more upcoming videos and I will catch you guys in the next one [Music]