6 Mistakes To Avoid When Riding A Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB Skills


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I guess I've been shredding my heart tail quite a lot lately showing you what it's capable of what you should do to push it to its limits and all that jazz but there's a few mistakes involved that I've seen a lot of other people do when riding a hardtail and so I'm gonna pick out all the ones that are most common and I kind of do them as well so I'm going to show you you're free of these and give you a few pointers on how to eliminate all these mistakes let's do it [Music] one of the biggest mistakes that you can do is having the wrong body position when shredding one of these hard tails I've seen a lot I've seen a lot of riders out they rigid as a rake yep it's true everyone rides real stiff bit nervous or what's coming up because you're riding a hotel you can feel every single bump in the trail you want to be a little bit more flamboyant when you're riding a hardtail you want to let that bike move around you wanna let your body move around that bike you want to dance on it because you are actually dancing on a trail because you're feeling every single bump up there especially when you're riding a hard tail so the best way to get your body to move around that bike is it lowering that saddle as low as possible it's gonna help your body movement way but way better around the four quadrants of your bike on the front I got a 140 ml of travel per I've got 400 mil of trouble right here on my arm so you want to use your arms as much as possible as well to absorb all that impacts pursuing it gets a bit rough in front of you you want to let your body bounce around a lot you're look ahead spot your line take up all that and work your body trust me you're gonna work and you're gonna it's gonna pay off especially when you're riding a rough trail right when it comes to breaking on a hardtail is quite hard because you're gonna try and find grip especially when it comes to a rough section and like look at this this is s like turns Bank turns all the way down here quite steep quite technical so to be breaking in this you don't wanna be breaking on the har stuff because you're not going to get enough braking power you're not gonna slow down enough because your back wheels going to be bouncing all over the place it's gonna lose grip especially when the rocks get wet it gets horribly slippery and you can't slow down so you've got to brake before all of this and then you want to feather your brakes coming through these sections but what you want to find these little pockets of little grippy areas where you can grab on the brakes a little bit to slow you down a little bit but not what I mean not grabbing but you want to modulate it you want to go in slightly to slow you down a lot quicker so this is quite rough yeah so you'll be feathering through this you know cutting down your speed but then you look there's a pocket of nice ground that's quite smooth you can grab the brakes a lot harder to slow you down quicker so I'll be slowing down a lot more here then I'll lay off a little bit still feathering my brakes through this rough section and then when you get down to this bit right here look at it nice and smooth I can hit the brakes a little bit more here if I'm going too fast slow myself way down and then it gets gradually smoother all the way down the trail so braking a superkey when our hard tail you don't want to be breaking and soupy rough bits because it's not gonna work your back wheels gonna be bouncing in chattery everywhere you're not gonna slow down so it's all about feathering and finding these little pockets of braking pack Pat breaking putts [Music] so this is the biggest mistake a lot of people do do and that is not using the full potential of the hotel and that is by generating a lot more speed gaining a lot more flow on the trail and that is pumping when you're riding a seat like a trail like this one right yeah you could just roll down a little hill you can gradually roll down through like a Sunday afternoon but by bringing in that technique of the pumping to the hardtail it's the most efficient way to gain more speed out there on the trail so you got a roller right here I can come through and I can pump this let it glide over and then look at this some would think that's a jump people would like to get you think I could launch that but it's not gonna gain you a lot more speed so what you want to do is you want to pump this you want to come through let suck that hump up with the bike bring the bike up into you roll over and pump down as much as you can because this thing is the king at pumping right the humble heart tells the best way to get maximum power down to those wheels why do you think all MXC racers use hard tails because it's the most efficient way to transfer that power down to those wheels but and it's the perfect way for climbing as well but when it comes to come is a few mistakes that people do actually make when climbing with a hardtail and that is body position on the bike especially when it gets a little bit steep and the terrains quite slippery if you find yourself losing grip on that rear wheels because you're stood up and all your weights over the front you want to get maximum grip on this so you want to sit back in that saddle but when you sit back in that saddle all your body weights over the back wheels so your front wheel starts to lift up so you've got to find the perfect in-between bit so you're putting a lot more weight on the rear but you want to drop your shot you want to drop your body your torso by bending your elbows bringing your body weight over the front so you can put weight on the rear but keep that front down [Music] right this next one is not really a mistake I can't say confidence is a mistake I think the mistake that we're gonna be looking at is second guessing your skills second guessing can I get through this rough section thinking when you get to it I don't know what was that Jim being video no you don't wanna be doing that you want to be practicing that skill gaining your confidence before getting into a section be confident with what you've got as a skill on a bike confidence comes with time the more time you ride the more time you practice on that skill but even if it's climbing getting through a rough section like this doing some big jumps all of that comes with confidence and all of that comes with time confidence comes with time time is practice practice makes confidence it's all a big link so you got to be confident in yourself and the skills you've got to navigate through the trail and get through it plowing point-and-shoot helpful leather bull in a china shop those are things that you can't actually do on a hard - when it comes to rough sections such like rock gardens because the worst nightmare my worst nightmare is rock gardens I hate them I try to make them as smooth as possible Chris it's scary and horrible and I don't want to bunch up so you got to find the smoothest line so this is line choice when it comes to riding a hard tail I can see two lines yeah I'm gonna point up the rough one because yeah I'm looking for that first because I don't want to hit it so there's a drop here it's some rocks yeah there's a pointy Rock there that's got puncture all over it and you got all this rough section through this yeah so on a hard tail it's gonna be rough no matter what when you're trying to find the smooth line it's gonna be a little bit rough but you're gonna find the smoothest line that's the key so I'm gonna go far right yeah I'm gonna go through this section so I'm not actually doing a drop I'm riding through this rocky section here I'm coming staying far right it's all smooth yeah and I'm trying to go through here and through the trail and trying to make this whole trail smooth as possible but this example works for everywhere else they were on a bit of trail you want to try and find the smoothest line possible you don't a puncture cuz it's not a race at the end of the day it has a quick example again at lying choice two lines smooth line rough line unless you're good at jumping you can jump this little gap you if not you want to have to roll it and that's rough but look at this is smooth line up here so you want to keep right then you're cutting left as well because you don't hit this drop into this rough section yeah so you're going right to left and it's squaring off this turn right here making a lot more smoother whereas if you gonna go this way look at that step you're gonna be hitting that dropping through here Oh mess and your arms gonna be going like this you don't want that if you can't find any smooth lines then you've got to create smooth lines so you got to visualize smooth lines when you're riding a trap take a look at this one I came through here quite fast and I was like wow and I wasn't introduced with this a little dip here quite steep aggressively especially be coming in real fast you got some roots you're gonna be bouncing over you got that route there you got all this three that's quite tired to your pedals you get the pedal strike that's dumb that's dumb so I want to make this bit of trail a lot smoother so I'm coming in I know I've got enough speed because it's quite fast bit of trail through this section so I'm gonna use this little rock ledge jump pad thing and I'm pretty confident with my bunnyhop skills and now I can jump so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna jump this whole thing bland just over the past that fourth route there and making this whole section a lot smoother I want to set up more into that right-hander so I'm gonna jump from there potentially over that stump into the bank on on the Left riders left sets me up into that right-hander kind of soften out that right-hander a little bit faster [Music] well I'm confident I hate rock gardens I don't wanna get puncture right smooth line the smooth thing is just walking through it but that's not that's not it watch this ray if I was on a full suspension bike that would mean way smoother but super like fun to ride a hardtail out there and there's a few mistakes and what people actually do when riding a hardtail hopefully they've helped you out if let me know in the comments down below if you're struggling with anything else or if you want any questions answered I'd quite happy answer these questions as best I can or send them to us je aime bien if you want to see another route video just like this one you will build your confidence click just up there smash the globe you haven't subscribed already because you're missing out we do a video every day of the week like if you love this video and I'll see you the next one