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everybody and welcome to everyone's favorite class that I teach this is the case studies in reversing autoimmune disease with supermarket foods we're gonna take all the information that you learned in class 1 and class 2 about the foods that make you sick and the foods we use for rapid recovery and I'm going to show you how it works in real people I hope you see yourself and a lot of the people I show you today so you realize that this is possible for you once again I want to thank all of you for showing up today this is about your health and your body so you're not showing up for me you're showing up for yourself and this might change your life forever let's not waste any time let's get started right away so well I want to review really quickly for those of you who either missed the first two classes and you still got to catch up or you saw them but you need a little refresher the six steps of healing with supermarket foods number one two and three are all about eliminating inflammatory foods so that is number one the animal products number two the oils and number three the processed foods okay now the next step of course is adding in your healing foods which is going to be your tons and tons of raw vegetables especially the greens especially cruciferous vegetables number two is going to be making sure that you get in your omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds of flax seeds and number three is drinking lots of water at least 96 ounces a day to make sure you have enough water to fuel the healing process let's dive right into the case studies the first study I want to show you is a case study in rheumatoid arthritis where someone went from what they thought was a healthy American diet to the hyper nourishing healing diet I want to introduce you to Dana now Dana I met my mother in a furniture store and anyone who knows my mother knows that as soon as you meet her for some reason you tell her your whole life story well this is the case with Dana and she started telling my mother about her rheumatoid arthritis and my mom said you have to meet my daughter she'll help you so Dana called me and I put her on the hyper nourishing healing protocol but before we go into what I did let's look at what she was eating before and I want you to use the knowledge I already taught you to see if you can pick out what's wrong with her diet and why it was actually keeping her sick even though she thought it was healthy first let's look what she had for breakfast so for breakfast she had oatmeal fruit protein shake eggs and an English muffin I want you to use the chat right now and start talking about what do you think it is that's causing that and if you don't have a chat start thinking about it in your head what is it that's going on right now that could be causing her to get sick from breakfast all right well I'm gonna help you out here first of all we have inflammatory foods so let's look for animal products protein shake made with whey protein which comes from dairy second we have eggs rich source of arachidonic acid fuels the inflammatory pathway English muffin a processed food now let's look at healing foods I don't see any greens I don't see any water I don't see any mega 3 fatty acids she had some fruit which it has a little bit of vitamins in it so that's something but overall her breakfast is inflammatory the oatmeal I'll give her a neutral on that let's look at the next one lunch well for lunch he had Lean Cuisine at work now how many of you already know that's bad on a lot of levels it's all the bad food right we've cut oils we've got processed foods we've got animal products very inflammatory lunch and snacks ok snacks we have carrots nuts a lot of protein bars apple and string cheese so the inflammatory foods are what we've got animal products and the string cheese and the protein bars right that probably has whey protein in it and then we look for let's see anything with oils in it perhaps the protein bars and let's see here the protein bars are also processed and in terms of healing foods well she's eating some carrots so you've got a little bit of vitamins and minerals in there especially if she's using whole carrots but more like this she was eating baby carrots from my memory and those are bleached and and ground down and all the minerals are pulled off with the skin so that's not really very good apples adding a little bit of nutrition still not enough to overpower the Lean Cuisine she had it work at lunch and then dinner it all goes downhill here she has quinoa broccoli raab salmon chicken occasionally meatballs and sausage for her husband who like a heavy Italian diet so now we're looking at the only healing food I see in here is broccoli but it was cooked in oil so very little nutrition left a lot of animal products team LOD give her a neutron there's nothing in this dinner that could possibly help her counteract on the inflammation from what she ate earlier in the day and there's a lot more be inflammation being added on with all of the animal protein and fats and the oils on top of that and dessert always dessert always dairy usually ice cream or whipped cream etc more animal products more inflammation all the way through to the end of the day water about 64 ounces a day is that enough it's not enough not enough so when you look at this again this is something that many Americans would consider to be a healthy diet but when I looked at this I went I understand completely why you're sick we need to turn this around so what have we do we put her on the hyper nourishing anti-inflammatory diet she started drinking at least a full blender of day of the nourishing green smoothie Soleil I taught you to do in class too right 75% greens she put in 1/2 a cup of chia or flax seeds in that add a fruit to flavor and the rest of the way she started drinking a gallon of water a day as many raw vegetables and fruits if she wanted on top of that and here's what happened first of all she she was feeling so great she texted me only a few days later saying she was skipping in the Home Depot parking lot now this was a woman who could barely move beforehand her symptoms were so severe that she couldn't play catch with her kids she used to run 5k she couldn't she could barely walk she was in so much pain that even sitting at work hurt her knees and her ankles were so painful this is on medication by the way this is a woman who was basically at a point where she was taking injections in her knees twice a week she was taking all these pills and yet her pain was still an 8 out of 10 so imagine that or maybe you don't have to imagine maybe that's you maybe you're on tons of medication as well and you're still having you know the the rheumatoid arthritis or the terrible aches and pains she was also having rain everything would go cold and she was in so much pain by the end of the day she could barely tolerate just enjoying her family and yet within a few days of changing her diet skipping in the Home Depot parking lot let me tell let her tell her story hi my name is Dana Soriano I'm a 45 year old woman and I had rheumatoid arthritis I was diagnosed about two years ago very rapidly my range of motion and my ability to do the things that I used to do declined as fatigue comfortable and just unhappy I also have two little girls that are six and seven and I went from running with them in a double jogging stroller to barely being able to sit on the floor and play with them I was on a couple different pills methotrexate doing the shots one in each leg every week and just wasn't feeling any better but happenstance I found dr. Bolger and I did exactly what you told me to do not only did I start feeling better in the first week but I was off all of my medications within three weeks I can't believe it's four months now that I am following her program and I feel awesome I'm completely off the medications I am working out in the yard every day planting and digging and gardening and doing whatever as you can see by my surrounding area of an artist and I'm on my feet a lot and I don't know what to stop and I'm able to have more stamina and to and to do more of what I need to do so thanks to dr. gulnur I am a better mother hopefully I am a hardworking person I'm a better artist I am a gardener and I am back to being the person that I used to be so thanks I thank you so much Dana I hope you loved that let's move on to the next one the next case study is in lupus so this is someone who went from a plant-based diet to the hyper nourishing healing protocol now some of you might be wondering about that hey and I'm already on a whole food plant-based diet I saw forks over knives why am I still hurting well I hope watching class - and maybe class one as well helps you discover the things you might be doing wrong well let's look at what happens and another person who was trying very hard to do the same this is Cathy now Cathy was 60 years old when I first met with her and she was a director of a mental health clinic she she had to had lupus for much of her life and her rheumatologist put her on a Whole Foods plant-based diet isn't that wonderful I know I thought it was really really wonderful here's what she was eating mostly rice beans potatoes and cooked vegetables now think about right now what's good about that diet what she eliminated all right so she eliminated the unhealthy foods what is she missing she's missing all of the healing foods and so not surprisingly she still was planning an early retirement because of her symptoms her weight was 209 and-a-half pounds she only had a minimal change after add she you know she took away all these unhealthy foods started the Whole Foods plant-based diet just a minimal change in her symptoms she's still afraid to retire she was still an extraordinary amount of pain this is a woman who had to actually use her hands to help herself get out of chairs because her legs were so painful and weak she couldn't bend down to put on her own pants she had to use a cloth to pick up her pants to maneuver them over to her because she couldn't squat down to actually put her own pants on all right so even changing her diet to the Whole Foods plant-based with rice and beans and potatoes and cut vegetables it wasn't enough to change things also she was constantly exhausted she was only had to get to work at 9:00 a.m. and yet she was still so tired she could barely function could barely walk around and then she was falling asleep at 7 o'clock at night and was still exhausted in the morning she also was unable to go up or down stairs for two whole years and I want you to remember that number two years she couldn't go up or down stairs now this was a major problem for her because as the director of the clinic she was supposed to be running a meeting that was on the second floor and it was up two flights and she could not leave that meeting for two years and that was another reason why she thought she should retire from this job that she loved so much well before she retired her doctor told her listen I want you to give a call to dr. golden go on her for weeks one-on-one protocol and see if there's a way she can help you get better so you don't have to retire and she agreed to do that now my four weeks one on one is a protocol where instead of me just you know when you meet with me for a Skype session I go over everything with you and I'll say okay from now on I want you to eat this do this do this and then you go and do that on your own but for people who are very very ill and aren't so much pain or they have organs that are just not going to make it or they just need a lot of help focusing and keeping accountable we'll do a program where for four weeks you have unlimited access to my cell phone number so I can help you every single day for four weeks so that's what she decided to do now in the four week protocol that's my strictest protocol where we only feed you the most anti-inflammatory hypernurb UD's for the entire four week so your body can heal as rapidly as possible let me show you what that looks like and you can see it says four weeks hyper nourishing protocol for lupus recovery results typical because you know a lot of times you'll see online where someone will say oh yeah I got these great results and then I'll say results not typical in the corner well not here your body wants to heal and when you feed bodies the right way it's typical and normal and natural thank you so results typical let me show you what happened to Kathy on day four you can see she wrote great day pain would be a point five out of ten already a point five out of ten and it's only a few days in I'm so excited I don't have more energy and don't hurt makes walking the dogs easier cleaning the house and walking around at work just doing normal stuff is now possible and easier for her day six energy was good today two flat tires today so I had to repeat the complete the repairs I was uncomfortable I was able to tolerate the job it's amazing the decrease in symptoms I noticed yesterday couldn't put her pants on a week ago two tires and just a little uncomfortable six days in day eight mild stiffness in the morning it's gone by 11 a.m. today is a good day no discomfort in quads walking uphill exercising pain-free that's day eight think about this on all the medications still implant in pain still exhausted eight days and exercising changing tires feeling good day ten my rheumatologist started tapering me off my steroids I can walk around with without feeling like I'm wearing cement shoes I walked uphill today I didn't even think about it I was able to go on a short bike ride of about two miles I haven't ridden a bike in over a year that's day 10 day 13 I get this message from her I can walk up and down stairs how long has it been since she could walk up and down stairs two years day thirteen she could walk up and down stairs again and we're not even done yet keep going day 21 I could stay awake till 10:30 or 11:00 at night please with the weight loss also of 8 pounds but not as much as I'm pleased with the increase in my energy energies everything day 24 able to work two hours splitting wood I was sore for about an hour afterwards not bad love Kathy and day 28 down to 199 point four pounds that's nine pounds down first time in her memory that she's under 200 pounds in her adult life now that is what it looks like when somebody is working with me every day for four weeks where every day I can interact I can make sure you're doing everything optimally keep you accountable and then deal with anything that comes up to make sure that you're only getting better as the time goes on pretty awesome right so super super happy for Kathy now some of you might be wondering well what happens after the four weeks does she go back to rice and beans and end up disabled again well let me let her tell you I stay in touch with people when you work with me you become a part of my family and I want to stay in touch you know how you're doing so I emailed her and this was a message she sent me about seven months later she wrote still no joint pain yeh folks from work and my Bible study group asked me to share my green drink because they've noticed the weight loss and the health benefits staying as close as I can to plant-based living is better for me have I been totally vegan no I've had beef venison Fisher cheese probably seven to ten times since I started the lupus program I could tell my body was unhappy with that choice and I'm back to eating green so she never got the joint back didn't get the Lupus back but when you go from hyper nourishment and super healthy eating to eating something inflammatory you're not gonna feel like good you can have a stomachache it's kind of like Thanksgiving where you have the regret and the remorse but you're not sick right so that's what happened to her so she added back all the rice and beans and the cooked vegetables she kept her smoothies kept her mega threes kept her water high and was able to keep her results and here's what I love the most is when people send me pictures and let me know how they're doing so here was Kathy when she started you could see she's overweight she's leaning in her chair this is when she was at the point of needing to retire and this was her shortly afterwards celebrating the next birthday you can see she had fruit instead of a cake and you can see how much thinner she is and how her skin is glowing and this is the one that makes me really happy this is a picture that she sent to me of her and her partner now her partner was going to take care of her when she retired early from being disabled but because she got healthy again they decided to get married and this is them hiking the Grand Canyon together after they got married and you know this is why I do this I don't see myself I don't see the role of being a doctor about managing symptoms or managing medications I think my job is to make sure that you look the best life possible but nothing keeps you from doing the things that you love to do and being with the people that you love and so when someone like Kathy goes from disabled and ready to retire and give up on her life to hiking the Grand Canyon with her new wife that's that means everything to me that's what I do this for that's what I want for you let's keep going here's another case study of lupus and Sjogren's nonspecific hi raw plant-based diet to the hyper nourishing healing protocols so this is Danielle she has lupus and Sjogren's and she was 29 when I first met with her and she had really really severe symptoms on both illnesses the Shogun's disease is it's an autoimmune disease where it causes the basically you dry out you stopped making tears you stop making saliva and it's really really uncomfortable she had severe dry eyes a mouth where she had to use drops all the time she would wake up to have to drink water because her mouth was so dry she had chronic arthritis which both illnesses can cause the arthritis she had chronic neuropathy in both of her arms and her hands so when she just had to drive to work she would feel the thins and needles go up and down her hands and her arms so she couldn't feel them anymore she had severe photosensitivity where just walking from her car to the office she lives in Florida where there's a lot of Sun just that walk could make her want to pass out and she has passed out from that she also had crippling fatigue at 29 years old she wanted to go out she wanted to be with people but she couldn't she was crashing at home because she just didn't have the energy to function to be social you know she couldn't exercise but she couldn't even just do regular social things that other people could do now she started researching and she started trying different things on her own and she just wasn't able to dial it in and the good news is the reason she got her start was because not a Rheumatologist but her neurologist told her that she should work with me so I could help her so she started experimenting she read goodbye lupus she started trying to figure it out on her own couldn't quite get it dialed in was still symptomatic although notice started to feel a little bit better so I started working with her directly to make sure that she got it right and the results were amazing I'm actually going to let Danielle tell the story hi my name is Danielle I'm 29 years old and I was diagnosed with lupus and Sjogren's I was extremely sensitive to sunlight I would consistently get sick with the butterfly rash the tunnel vision I developed a joint stiffness in my fingers in my elbows and my knees I had pleurisy very painful all led me to the emergency room I was napping and sleeping all the time my mouth was so dry I developed dry eyes my my arms would go numb my fingers would tingle driving both sigh ended up seeing a neurologist he he said he he knew of a doctor that had lupus and she doesn't have lupus anymore she killed herself through her nutrition protocol and I was all about it and I'm like nutrition I I can do this and just tell me what to do so immediately I followed the protocol and the time and patience that she put into teaching me these things is invaluable if dr. Goldner wasn't a part of the protocol I I wouldn't be engaged in it following and dr. Gould endures footsteps was really important for me they're not brief he went away within two weeks I could sit at my desk and type without my fingers feeling like there's needles at the end of it I could drive my car without my arms going numb it was such a drastic change the Sun was a big one I wore sunscreen I wore you be productive clothing sunglasses hats all the protective measures that you can take this past weekend went Christmas shopping in the Sun and I wore a t-shirt and I did great my butterfly rash wasn't there no tunnel vision no spots and I don't suffer from stiff joints at all anymore I am not tired I have a renewed sense of energy now I run miles I enjoy working out I lift weights I have energy to do this I honestly don't know where I would be if this neurologist didn't mention dr. Goldner to me I am back to my normal awesome isn't it I love it and Danielle actually got married she looks so beautiful she now has her own Instagram where she promotes raw vegan high nourishment lifestyle for disease prevention and I'm so proud of her so many of the people I work with go on to become what I call health missionaries I tell them go out you know the world tell everybody because I want everyone to know that this is possible and you don't have to be sick and you don't have to suffer you can be out there living your life so I'm really excited that she's out there doing it as well let's do another case study this is lupus Sjogren's and scleroderma this is someone who went from a highly processed American diet to hyper nourishment okay so I'm gonna show you what he did now he did hyper nourishment while still keeping some inflammatory foods so I want to show you what that looks like for the people who ask questions the last one saying what about Justine Liu meat sub x here's the case study that I wanted you to see this is David now David is an amazing guy he is someone that holds a dear place in my heart because he's someone who was the first person that I ever did telemedicine with so back in the day I actually was one of the first telemedicine Doc's out there and and so I I was out there giving a talk and the talk was about how nourishment affects the brain and psychological diseases and his mother is a therapist so she came to this talk she almost didn't show up but she came because she needed the credits and when I was talking about how I came to know about nutrition and how it affects disease as I told my story of reversing Lucas thirteen years ago which at the time was West years ago and she came up to me afterwards and I'll never forget her face she looked me in the eye and she was crying and she said I've been praying for someone to help my David and I believe you're the one who helped him well you will you help them and I said I'll do everything I can so we met over Skype and you became my first telemedicine patient and I got to know him and he's an amazing guy I'll show you a picture here's what he looked like so we have Lucas and we have Sjogren's which I already explained to you and then there's scleroderma which actually causes hardening on the skin and more rashes than even the lupus alone so and when he did get rashes he couldn't heal them and this is what he looked like at the time now this is David on medication this is the best medications could do for him and when I met him I asked him what do you want for your life and he said I just want people to see me I want to work you know when I when I tried to apply for jobs they won't look me in the eye and I never get the job I never get called back it's like they can't see past my condition and and see what I'm able to do for them and so while his mom worked as a therapist he would sit home and he would get all his meals from 7-eleven because he had nothing else to do so he was eating processed crap from 7-eleven and drinks and he said when he did make his own food we put tons of butter all over everything and and he was very lonely and depressed and you could see the depression in his eyes I'm gonna show you here's his legs full of edema here's his hands I know it's difficult to look at but I want you to see how severe this is so the scleroderma would make his hands so stiff that just bending his knuckles could make the skin split open and then he would get infections all the way down to the bone and the infections wouldn't heal because he didn't have the blood flow to be able to heal it because of the diseases he had and right before he met me his doctors told him that the only thing they could do is amputate his fingertips because there was no way possible to heal all of those openings and get his finger function back he is in his 20s and his mom had to button his shirts for him because he couldn't use his fingers it was really a horrible situation for him and that was the only answer that they had for him was amputation now when I met with him he decided to do hyper nourishment but he didn't do the full protocol so the full protocol is all six steps you eliminate all inflammatory foods and you hyper nourish with the greens and the omega-3s in the water and he wasn't ready yet to give up his meat but he said he would meet me partway he would give up all the dairy in the butter and he decided to drink 90 ounces of green smoothie a day made the way I taught you in class - he was drinking over a gallon of water a day and then once a week or so he would have me and here's what happened his skin cleared up within a couple days he had dramatic improvements his energy and mood six months later decreased pain in his joints when I checked in with him later and he had gotten a job as a case manager helping poor youth in Los Angeles California at the time he was considered in remission he was still in medication but much lower dosage and feeling much better and even more amazing he became an artist now David lived this way for a couple years where he was on low doses of medication he was in remission he looked good he was able to function and those same fingers they were gonna amputate created artwork that isn't featured all over Los Angeles right amazing that he was able to get that back and that means everything to me now I stayed in touch with him and his family his mother keeps a copy of goodbye lupus in her purse along with Davis before-and-after pictures so if you ever meet Glenda she will happily show you exactly what this is and how it works because she's so dedicated as a hell of missionary to make sure everybody gets that for their lives and their kids as well well stayed in touch with him and when my husband and I were getting ready to do our amazing fitness and health conference I contacted him and I said we're gonna be in LA why don't you come with Glenda with your mom and and we can see you and see how you're doing so he attends the entire conference and he relearn's the six steps of healing with super market foods that you learned in classes 1 & 2 and this time he commits a hundred percent you want doc I totally forgot that I wasn't doing the whole protocol you know what I'm gonna stop eating the meat I want to see what can happen for me if I go fully 100% plant-based with the hyper nourishment and they said yes let's go buy some Thai Thai you're going for it so we did that and here's what happened two months later I check in with him to see how he's doing his skin went from clear to glowing his joints are more flexible than ever and I get this text from his mother guess what David's rheumatologist is taking him off all of his medications and I wrote back wow wow wow fancy emoticon because I talked the way or I text the way I talk so this is what I want you to understand is that if you add what you're missing if you add the hyper nourishment then you are going to make dramatic changes in your health because your body friendly has the tools to start fighting all the inflammation it'll fight some of the new inflammation you introduce what the foods you shouldn't still be eating and it'll start repairing some of the old stuff so I've had people who have had dramatic responses just by adding what they're missing if you're in my husband's smoothie shred group you've seen that where people go okay I still haven't given up all the bad stuff but by adding the smoothies I've lost weight I feel more energy and all these other great benefits that are happening when you eliminate all of the inflammatory foods that's when the miracles happen so he went from remission eating mostly plant-based hyper nourishment with a little bit of meat to completely healed without those okay so this is really really important I actually just ran recent labs on him just to keep checking it has now been many years and he is still completely symptom free and feeling great he has zero markers for Sjogren's zero mark three markers for scleroderma and just a small amount of lupus antibody that seems to just stay behind but not causing any symptoms and that'll happen sometimes some of your antibodies have memory but all the inflammation is negative and all the other markers are gone and he's still off medication for all these years and living amazingly he's had two promotions he's got a wonderful girlfriend now and he's living life at a hundred percent so when you want miracles like that to happen you have to go all-in and so this is also something that can help some of you understand you know people go oh I've heard that someone went paleo and they went into remission yes that can happen if they're not eating a lot of meat because paleo tells people to give up processed foods and to give up dairy so think about it this way if it's someone who eats a lot of vegetables to begin with and doesn't really like meat that much they could get fairly close to doing the protocol correctly right and anything you do in that direction is going to help you feel better but you don't hear about people having complete chores you don't hear about people who've reverse their AMA and are living completely medication-free with zero symptoms at all unless I've gone all-in that's really really important difference but it's also great motivation for those of you who are ready to start hyper nursing but are not ready to give everything up yet it'll push you in the right direction let me show you what David looks like so if you look here you can see what his hands used to look like and that was on medication and that was the best medications could do he was still being prescribed an amputation for his fingertips and then you can see in the other image his hands fully healed this is him off of medication now if you're wondering about the shape of his fingers yes they're a little bit misshapen because the bones had so many infections that the bones are no longer shaped the way they were before but you can see he gets blood flow all the way those fingertips he has no pain in his hands and he's able to use them fully for work and for art that's off medications here's David before and you can see the best medications could do for the loop sher third Irma and Sjogren's what he looked like and here's what David looked like after off all medications and zero symptoms from any of those illnesses because of hyper nourishment and look at his eyes no more depression either he's feeling great and here he wanted you to see a picture of him wearing his work shirt going off looking handsome for work here's what his artwork looks like it's a three-dimensional incredible artwork and here areas at work they call him the rabbit because he the way he eats so for his birthday they gave him carrots instead of cake and I thought that was really great so again this is what I live for going from sitting home depressed his only outing of the day being 711 to living contributing having purpose and having love in his life that's what this is all about let's move on to the next person some people ask me what if I'm pregnant is it too late if I'm pregnant kid should I wait till after I had the baby I get messages like this every day here's a case study of lupus and Sjogren's during pregnancy and if you're wondering why a lot of people have both diseases if you've had autoimmune disease long enough you usually collect a lot of different diagnoses and that's completely normal so a lot of these travel together this is someone who went from the standard American diet and Mediterranean diet actually it was more of a Mediterranean diet I must say her husband is Israeli and so they ate a lot of Mediterranean style foods you know with a lot of olive oil in it in addition to eating some of the standard American fare and she went from that to four weeks of hyper nourishment protocol so she's someone who she called me and said that you know listen III I'm having a baby in four weeks my my c-section is already scheduled and I went oh well you need to start four weeks now because we got to make sure you can have that baby so here's what happened so she was 32 weeks pregnant at the time that she met with me and she actually went on maternity leave eight weeks early because she was already feeling exhausted and in a lot of pain she had excessive fatigue was spending the day in bed joint pain she was catching cold it's easily sleeping a lot and it was really upsetting because she couldn't play with her older daughter when she got home a lot of lower back pain which she thought was due to the pregnancy and you know it was really really scared for her because she's also had a lot of miscarriages and when you have a miscarriage or you have a regular birth when you have lupus you're much more likely to aggravate the lupus and whether she had a miscarriage or she gave birth both times she ended up in hospital with severe lupus players so she was terrified that this was going to lead to another flare and she was gonna have not only a newborn baby but her older daughter to take care of as well she was totally terrified so she went right away into four weeks of hyper nourishment with me just like Kathy did and I'm gonna let her tell you exactly what happened hi I'm Rachel I am 34 years old and I was diagnosed with lupus three and a half years ago I had symptoms of sun sensitivity I couldn't be out in the Sun for more than a few minutes and my skin would feel like it was on fire I would break out in the typical lupus butterfly rash on my face sometimes within a few minutes from being outside and it was just so incredibly painful I started becoming so fatigued I'd come home from work and just lay on the couch I couldn't be the mom I wanted to be for my daughter I had so much pain in my legs I had to give up running which was a passion of mine my husband and I decided to try for another baby I ended up with a miscarriage and after that I had a major flare up again and I was getting the butterfly rashes I was getting fevers always felt like I had the flu and I was just very fatigued and my legs always hurt just always in pain so my husband I made that decision okay we're gonna try again and when I was about eight months pregnant I started getting very scared that I was gonna have this baby and be even more sick after I had him so when I was 8 months pregnant I heard of this book called goodbye lupus so I set up at a point with doctor Goldner so I completely changed the way I was eating at nine months pregnant I was literally four weeks from my due date it I was shocked two days into doing this I had so much energy and I felt amazing two weeks into this when I was pregnant my shrug Rijn symptoms went away my aches and pains were gone which at this point in my life I thought it was from the pregnancy but apparently not because once I started doing her protocol my pains went away my back felt better my legs felt better and actually one week before my due date I was running around a park teaching my almost four-year-old how to fly a kite that gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I had a c-section that I recovered so quickly my baby is now five weeks old and he is amazing and I feel great and I don't have the Sun sensitivity anymore I don't have any pains in my legs anymore I am sitting out here in a park and I couldn't feel better I recently just had some blood work done a week ago and a lot of this blood work markers they do to show for inflammation is negative even my Sjogren's lab work is showing negative so I couldn't be more grateful for dr. Goldner and for giving me my life back making me the mom I want to be I my daughter comes home from school now and I play with her I don't sit on the couch even with the lack of sleep I have with a newborn I am running around and I am enjoying my life I'm truly truly grateful for for reading her book and for working with her and for continuing to work with her I've never felt I haven't felt this good in years so thank you so this next case is another person who had both lupus and Sjogren's and she had in a way that some of the major symptoms was mostly Sjogren's it was affecting her the dryness was one of the biggest things and arthritis but also severe memory issues and itching and that's something that a lot of people have that's not talked about as much is this feeling of kind of you know this early dementia might be setting in a lot of people had that issue brain fog fatigue feeling like their memory isn't working anymore as part of the autoimmune spectrums let me introduce you to Emily now Emily went from the standard American diet to the four-week hyper nourishment protocol she was 46 years old and had the person Sjogren's severe severe dry eyes of mouth severe chronic itching she told me she had spent over five thousand dollars just in going to specialists to help her with scalp itch in because it was driving her crazy how much her scalp was itching all the time none of the creams or potions or shampoos they gave her ever worked she had chronic arthritis that was severe it was she was a professor and it was taking her from being able to teach her classes in the normal way to having to sit down to teach her classes severe fatigue and memory loss as well she said she thought she had early dementia she also had chronic gun gut pain and digestive issues she always had them never really knew why she had them I'm going to let Emily tell her story my name is Emily Horowitz I am 46 years old about a year and a half ago I was first diagnosed with lupus and then Sjogren's syndrome I had an itchy scalp my skin was it she my feet were itchy I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome my wrists hurt all the time I wore braces I didn't even text I was exhausted all the time I had brain fog all the time I actually I started to think I had like early onset Alzheimer's I would teach and my ankles would hurt so much that I started sitting down I would lecture to a class I was buying vitamins I was doing everything and nothing was helping dr. Gould neurs nutrition plan I cannot emphasize how much it changed my life immediately the itching stopped I don't have to wear braces on my wrist I can type I apparently don't have carpal tunnel syndrome I don't have any ankle pain I don't have any knee pain I had one doctor I consulted said that I had a labral tear in my hip and one option was hip surgery I don't have any pain in my hip I can walk everywhere I can play with my kids I remember things that are up to write everything down I can type I can text they don't take any painkillers anymore I've had stomach problems for years and years they're completely gone gone my stomach is perfect I can stand up in front of my class I just I have energy it's transformed every aspect of my life and the way I feel and I hope that everybody who suffering from any kind of autoimmune or other disorder has the opportunity to try this I mean it will save lives Thank You Emily now the funniest thing about Emily is she did four weeks with me one on one and after two weeks she stopped messaging me now your job when you're on the four weeks protocol is not only do you have access to me I'm limited through my cell phone but I expect you to check in with me every single day I need to see everything you're eating what's happening with you I want to hear all your questions I want to make sure you feel supported she stopped answering my texts after two weeks so finally I not call her and I said Emily what are you doing where are you and she said well my symptoms were already gone so I just didn't want to bother you anymore so here she is after all these years of suffering two weeks the symptoms are gone and so she just thought I won't bother her anymore I want to be bothered but it was wonderful and amazing to see that let me show you another case that's near and dear to my heart I have a lot of children that are coming to me now anywhere from as young as 8 years old a lot of 12 to 14 year old and some 17 year olds all of whom have severe autoimmune disease alopecia lupus and it's heartbreaking these diseases are getting worse every generation and we need to do what it takes to stop it now so I'm going to share with you one of those cases of someone I'm working with this is the case study of childhood Lucas standard American diet - hyper nourishment protocol modified for the child this is Madeline Madeline was 11 years old when I met with her and she was recently diagnosed with lupus but it was very severe she already had cardiomyopathy which is an enlarged heart and that was caused by the lupus she had nephritis it's very common for people with lupus to have it attack their kidneys and her kidneys were failing she had protein in her urine and she started working with me in February of 2017 she also had a rash the lupus rash the lupus was also causing seizures and she went into a code blue that means that the doctors had to revive her because her heart stopped I can only imagine what her parents have gone through and so she came to me to see if I could help her daughter and I said I would love to help your daughter and so we met over Skype so I could modify the program for the child intake and so what we did was we we just changed the amount so for her we started off at about 3/4 of a blender a day of the green smoothies she did a lot of eating of the food so even if she only had half a blender she tons of raw broccoli and cauliflower in addition to fun fruits and things like that that she enjoyed and she had the water intake was modified to her weight so we looked at her body weight and we made the ounces equal to her body weight and then raised it as she was able to to do that and let me show you what she looked like right before we met it's heartbreaking this is her in the hospital hooked up to all the machines at 11 years old as a mother it hurts me to see the condition that our children are in and you know she was on medication but she was still very ill so we started the program and mom kept in touch with me sending me text messages and here she is Madeline's on her way to becoming lupus free eating her veggies with homemade guacamole and here is a message I got only two and a half weeks later it says hi dr. Goldner just a quick update of Madeline she's gotten off to medicine since our chat a little over two weeks ago and their labs are trending well her nephrologist said that Madeline no longer suffers from proteinuria that's two and a half weeks later no more protein in her urine off to medications and as I said I continue to check in with people she sent me an update Oh update we just had a cardiology appointment last week her heart is completely back to normal no more fluid around her heart for your information she's been doing martial arts three times a week one hour each since May she really kicks butt this is the same girl who suffered myocarditis less than a year ago she's a member of the student council in her school she plays the piano and the viola she wants to be a nephrologist when she grows up she's an honorable student straight A's the entire year here was Madeline before and here is Madeline this is something I mean you could see how she still back out again she's glowing with health and it's now been a few years and she's still doing well she still feels really good and you know it's hard for children I mean she fights the urge she kind of wants to eat some of the foods are frenzied and so you know that's part of the struggle as a parent that you have to keep them focused you know kids it's hard for them to understand the mortality even when they've been this sick but it's worth it and she's doing it so when people ask if my kids are sick is this for them yes it's for them if your kids are healthy is this for them yes it's for them there is nothing more important we can do that take the best care of our children's health it's not convenient it's not always fun but it's the most important thing we can do so take care of your health and then nourish your kids as well let's keep going here's a case study of chronic pain HPV and cervical dysplasia so this is from a highly processed diet to hyper nourishment protocol introduce you to Sarah Sarah is 29 years old chronic pain for over ten years seeing seven doctors nine medications are pain and inflammation multiple joint surgeries chronic bladder inflammation still in constant pain with all of that intervention she also had HPV with pre cancer of the cervix and she had multiple surgeries to try to remove the pre cancer but every single time it was still in the margins and she still had the illness and her favorite foods at the time I met her was frozen packaged foods chips crackers packaged rum and cheese and lunch meats all processed all animal products she was overweight and in pain no matter what the doctors did for her got her on the hyper nourishment plan and I'm gonna let Sarah tell you exactly what happened to her my name is Sarah Grover I was suffering chronic pain for over ten years I was 203 pounds I was under the care of seven doctors on nine medications I had multiple surgeries on joints and I was struggling big-time I was so discouraged fast forward with dr. G's guidance I have been pain free I have had zero flare-ups I have gone to zero doctor's appointments and I have not been on any pain medication I am so thrilled I am a hundred and forty seven pounds which is just a side effect of everything I never did this to lose weight but boy is that a perk to have these nutrients and to feel the energy after being so lethargic and so fatigued and so drained I could not be more grateful thank you dr. G I could not do this without you you have given me the true gift of health and I can't wait to continue this journey on healing I can't wait to inspire others you inspire me every day you are Wonder Woman and I am so grateful now Farah did have a side effect sometimes people ask me can anything go wrong is there any side effects there are side effects side effects are optimal weights glowing skin and your immune system becomes so strong that after it heals whatever the other chronic inflammatory issues you have it starts for pairing other things it makes you younger but it also can fight off even old illnesses that we didn't even know was possible to fight off let me show you a text message video that she sent to me that she told me I could share with you guys I just got a call from my OBGYN to tell me that my path was normal I haven't had a normal PAP since 2009 not only do I not have any precancerous cells my HPV came back negative which means I'm no longer a high-risk patient because I don't have a chance of getting those pre hints ourselves and Kenneth thank you doctor isn't it amazing now I could go on and on about this I mean it works for type 2 diabetes this was somebody previously who and only one week dropped a hundred points and lost seven pounds this is doing four weeks one-on-one with me no more brain fog high energy three more weeks to go at the time that I put this and here's somebody who was never eating fruit she is eating fruit now she just never had given up animal products before and done hyper nourishment I have somebody else I'm working with right now who had type 2 diabetes newly diagnosed and within a week his blood sugars are normal his hba1c is already normal he's doing amazing so hyper nourishment is great for diabetes fruit didn't cause your problem remember that from class one it helps with chronic liver inflammation actually the person I was just telling you about that I'm helping with diabetes right now has had chronic inflammatory liver problems for many many years doctors have never figured out why they just thought he had some kind of chronic liver disease well liver enzymes are normal for the first time that he can ever remember lots of other people I see of chronic inflammatory liver disease may be related to their illness may be related to the medications but as you can see here's a person here three weeks chronic liver inflammation that she's had for years totally gone stayed gone otosclerosis this was one person that I work with who I did a one-on-one session so she contacted me and said hey four months later I went from unable to move out of my bed she said she could only close her eyelids and open them that was the most she could move back to work as a police officer in four months I had two people with MSD my rap and recovery group who had amazing progress one person in six weeks said 80 to 90% of her symptoms were gone and her best day what her best day used to be was now what her worst day was now she was able to go back to work as a nurse another person who joined who is already doing plant-based wanted to take it to the next level her MRI scan that she did after doing the group showed one of the lesions wasn't there now of course the doctor who read it went huh well that shouldn't happen maybe it was artifact but it's not unusual to me to know that people can get better and they can heal so MS absolutely responds it's great for weight loss here's someone who did four weeks one-on-one with me not only did her RA pain go away but she got off of all her blood pressure medicines and lost 32 pounds and she's lost more weight since then I just don't have the newest updated sexy pictures of her I hope that you're witnessing some amazing transformations I hope is blowing your mind that you're seeing things you never knew was possible and if you've come to my other classes I hope you're remembering why you're supposed to be doing this this is the most important thing that you can possibly do for your health and for your life now the protocol itself is simple right six steps it's simple but making it happen for your life is not easy I've been teaching this material for a long time I've been doing classes like the one you're in now for almost two years and while some people are able to just take the information and run with it and just message me back how well they're doing there's a whole lot of other people that are not getting those results because they just can't make it work for themselves and that's why I changed my career completely I was a medical director at a non-profit in California I worked with the homeless and I absolutely adored that work but my heart was telling me there was just too many people who are suffering and dying from diseases that I know how to fix but I don't have the time to help them so I retired from that job in my 30s - a year's pay cut to try to figure out how I could help people with healing more and that's why I created my whole online practice that I have now where I started seeing people from all over the world using Skype and FaceTime and phone to give them Skype appointments to help them figure out the plan for them and I still have that now if you go to goodbye luscom you can schedule a wellness consultation with me and I and I spend an hour with you and I go over everything going on with you because that's not just nutrition right I mean there's so much more to it right if people only needed to know what's bad for them in order to make the right decision then nobody would buy chips from the supermarket right people buy a bag of potato chips because they know is bad for them but there's other stuff going on that makes them make that choice anyway because you know this is not just about knowing what's good or bad it's about addictions it's about relationships it's about anxiety and depression right it's about peer pressure it's about tradition there are so many reasons why people eat the wrong stuff and so I know that it's beyond just knowing right from wrong right and then on top of it there's other factors that are inflammatory there's stress and there's force sleep right and and all sorts of negative thought patterns people have that get in their own way and they sabotage themselves all of this stops people from doing what they need to do and so I thought okay if I can start seeing people one on one I could address their issues so that's what I do I have Skype sessions I spend an hour together and I go okay here's all the stuff in your life that's making you sick for the food and the lifestyle issues here's what I want you to do here's the practices I want you to incorporate in your life here's the nutrition I want you to incorporate into your life and when people listen to me and they do it they get better and then there were still people who aren't getting better and that was really frustrating for me because I'm telling them everything they need to know but they're not getting better now in addition to my expertise and nutrition I mean I've spent over a decade doing this I'm also board certified in psychiatry and neurology and I teach therapist or I did back in my old career about motivation and you know how trauma affects people and why people make bad choices and so this is part of my expertise and so I incorporated that into what I do and decided I need to give people the same kind of support I would had were they someone who had depression or anxiety I have to give them the same kind of support and healing their diseases or chronic diseases and that's how I created my four week hyper nourishing healing protocol and what I did was I took the nutrition and then all the other aspects of people's lives that make them sick you know their sleep their stress their thinking and I turn that into a program where you interact with me every single day for four weeks you get unlimited access to my cell phone for four weeks and that's when miracles started happening and happening fast so when you look at Rachel right and you look at Cathy and all the other people I showed you that did the four-week program that's what they did every single day I created a journal that it's very easy to fill out where it looks at your smoothie intake and your food and it also looks at your stress and your lifestyle and what's going well in your day and what's really crappy about your day and every day I get that and in addition to that all day long they can message me hey dr. G I'm about to go to this restaurant what can I eat off this menu er dr. G I just had this horrible fight with my husband and I'm feeling like I want to eat something terrible help me right so if I'm there for people all day long for four weeks every day I'm able to help them with whatever comes up I'm able to not only push them harder in their nutrition because everything I've taught you that's just a starting point if I'm with you every day I'm gonna make sure you do more eat more drink more of this do more of this right or if something's not working for some people it's not a motivation issue it's that they get weird side effects oh they got stomach pain or they got other problems going on or they got food allergies so whatever it is I promise all that and I also address their issues and I call them on the behaviors that are getting in their way like why do you punish your husband by eating badly and how is that going to affect your healing right or how a trauma from childhood kept someone from believing they were worth having the life they wanted and how that belief stopped them from getting the health they wanted so I'm all in on every way I can me to make sure people succeed and so when I started doing that you saw miracles are happening people were recovering from diseases they've had for decades in a matter of days or weeks right Cathy couldn't get out of her own chair at all on all the medications six days in she's changing tires right it's amazing what people can do and they have the right support and I absolutely love doing that work I still do that but I can't have more than two maximum three and depending what's going on in my life people at a time doing that program because I well I have my own practice still and then I'm also a mom and a wife and I wanted to do other things right I need to sleep at night and it's a lot having people constantly in contact with me all day long doing that program so as wonderful and amazing the results have been the struggle has been that I can't have more than that at a time so that's one thing the biggest issue is I'm sorry those spots are taken you're gonna have to wait another month that's been a big issue for people the other issue that comes up is sometimes people just can't afford to do it now my prices are ridiculously low for what a medical doctor charges for services I recently have someone come to me and say that she paid $4,000 to get a 15 minute appointment with a Rheumatologist who said she was an expert in lupus and all she got was barely talked to for about 10 minutes really a prescription and an elaborate and she still as Lucas nothing changed I charged four thousand dollars for four weeks of unlimited access to me where you can reverse your illness and get your life back so I've been told by other doctors that I'm crazy that I would even give my cell phone number to a client they thought that was crazy to begin with I had a doctor told me he would charge anywhere from 30 to 60 grand for this program he goes first of all that amount of work is it's exorbitant amount of work so you deserve to be paid for that time second they're never gonna need you again cuz they're gonna be healed so you're gonna lose a patient so you got to be reimbursed for that and I don't work that way if I work myself out of a job I will be the happiest person on the planet I want to make sure everybody gets better that's why I'm still here with you right now or I think is because I want to make sure everyone gets better so the least amount of cost I could put to that was four thousand dollars and most people are really grateful because you know it cost less than a lot of their medications do and they get better and don't need the medicine anymore but I know that even though it's at rock-bottom prices for what a doctor would charge it's still a lot for some people so while I still do that program you could go to goodbye lupus calm and go for weeks rapid recovery and I still do that program it was hurting my soul that there were still people writing to me constantly saying I need to get in I need to get in now and you don't have a spot or I need to get in but it's just too much and I don't know how to get the money for that and so I was talked to my husband I said how do I help people because this program works this is this is the program the everyday support hands down is what we need to do but how do i how do I do that for more people and how do I do it at a discount because I don't know what else they can do and we sat and we talked about it for a long time we travel across country teaching and so we have these intense discussions about how we can help the world more while traveling that's how I came up with doing these classes was I was saying I wanted to help more people for free how do I do that and we came up with these classes all right so so we're talking about that and we came up with a idea of what if we do it as a group and how would that look so that's how the six week rapid recovery group was born and for those of you who've been following me online you guys know how exciting and amazing that group is it's a finally a situation where I can work with a group at a time we're gonna put 25 people in the next group it was a limit of 15 last time so he might remember but my husband who created this protocol and it's one of the most brilliant minds that ever encountered in terms of understanding cellular metabolism cellular biology quite brilliant he has a master's degree and an understanding health promotion and like I said he created the protocol he has volunteered now to help me in a much greater way so that we can help more people because I needed build-out more people and and he's willing to do it for him I would say you got to take back your life he always says you got to save your wife so because of his willingness to come on board as a full-time member of supporter with me I'm gonna be able to do 25 which I'm so excited about that I'm kind of nervous but I'm excited so we'll be able to help more people now the spots go so fast so if this is something you guys are interested in doing I recommend that you check it out right now you can go to good bye Lucas comm and click on group healing the spots disappear very very quickly I don't even know if there's any spots left at the that you're hearing this right now they could already be gone so uh but the good news is I now can do it in one shot with people and it costs much much less and the results have been amazing in fact I honestly think it's way better than the four weeks because one you get an extra two weeks because when I first created it I was nervous that it might take people time to catch up so I created six weeks ii was i had no idea what the family environment was going to be everyone who's ever been in my group stayed in touch with everyone else they've been in a group with there was something remarkable about coming together in a place of healing where everybody's sick and everybody's healing together and if someone's having a bad day everybody jumps in and even more spectacular is as people start to heal everybody else gets uplifted and celebrates with them you know it's one thing to be here now and you're in you're watching and you're like yes is amazing I want to do this and then people will join the group sometimes I feel like is this real is this really gonna happen and as you watch other people somebody finally is someone's pain-free somebody's AMA gets reversed somebody's got tons of energy and start exercising again over and over again you go oh my god this is real this is happening and it's just it's stunning it really is it's just been a beautiful experience and people also lift each other up I'm gonna show you a case saying a little bit of Angela who you know fell off the wagon and and sabotage herself but she still kept posting and we were all able to lift her back up again and then she nailed it she finished settled Olympics and she did great she never would have done that had she not been in that environment so I'm really really excited for how effective it's been and how beautiful it's been it changes my life every time I do this program um emotionally I just finished a group and people did amazing and now I've had a couple weeks off and the next group is about to start and I go into withdrawal I wake up ready to Diamond and how is everybody doing but it's just every single group changes my life and those of you who are watching right now who've been through them you know I cry with you through the whole thing I get excited with you I celebrate you I push you and every time it changes me it changes me and I feel so blessed is this work that makes me feel lucky that I was sick it makes me feel lucky for all the arthritis and the rashes and the chemotherapy everything I've been through makes sense to me now that I get to do this program and so this is really exciting for me I feel like this is this is the thing this is the thing I was meant to do and it brings together every part of my life so all the years I spent in psychiatry and helping people with severe drum trauma and severe pain all of my years of having chronic illness my expertise and helping people uncover their core beliefs and traumas that hold them back from their success everything I've ever done all comes together in this crew and there's nothing like this experience so a lot of people graduate you'll see I'm gonna show you some case studies and you'll see they'll say I'm not the same person I was six weeks ago because I go after everything that they do and think all of their habits all the things they do to hold themselves back in addition to making sure they nail the nutrition to have the best anti-inflammatory experience as well and that's why the results are amazing so I'm gonna show you some case studies actually from the group's so you can see how this works again if you want to jump in I can't I I don't know that there are any spots left at this point like I said they go very rapidly they were still some spots left when I started this but there might not be any now but if there are and if you think this is for you definitely jump in and go to goodbye lupus calm and you can click on the link where it says group healing and hopefully you'll be able to go in and grab your spot it's life-changing and if you're done with being sick and you're ready to get started now awesome for those of you aren't that's fine if you just came here to learn some stuff and get inspired and you have time and you don't have any organs failing on you right now perfect just taking the information and watch I'm speaking to the people who are done being sick the people who have come to these classes before but you still haven't done it yet those of you who have two kidneys failing right now organs failing and you don't have time to waste those folks you really want to jump in now you don't want to wait let's go ahead and get started with the next case study so this is six week rapid recovery group program case how six weeks of hyper nourishing and all my love actually most people recover from illness this one right here this is Mary and she had lupus nephritis and she looked this since she was 15 Stage five nephritis only 14% kidney function left she was on the kidney transplant list when I met her she said her doctor told her nothing can help you you are getting a new kidney nothing's gonna work nutrition is not gonna work so you might as well let it go and she said well if nothing can work I've got nothing to lose and she decided to do it anyway she had super swollen painful joints exhausted sleeping all day long even though she's in her 20s she could not get out of bed she did have a wonderful fiance who wanted to marry her even though she was sick just like I did and she said she wants to live nice story so she jumped into my very first rapid recovery group and I'm gonna let her tell a story of what happened hey everyone my name is Mary and I'm from Richmond easy I look diagnosed with lupus nephritis when I was fifteen I just remember being sick all the time using a lot of schoolwork I was a key is painful on a slight fever every day I really find mr. Monica by January 2017 my kidney functions went down to fourteen percent and by then I already did all the paperwork for decay transplanted my doctor told me you know if it's going to happen soon and I'll be needing dialysis really food in February of 2017 twenty nine we were listening to dr. Jays webinars and she's talking about starting this person healing program and super where to never like okay why do we have to lose after a week I did the blood work and then went up to seventeen percent the first week alone after that every week like any functions it has continued to increase either one two or three percent of my last blood work and one twenty seven percent I'm no longer at age five Konkani failure so that is amazing I know have to take any hypertension medication my blood pressure or so low that my doctor says stop all you medication I've actually had two different production medication at the time they decrease my popcorn out to three times a week and the other medication and DA are just bunch of vitamins and those all thanks to the healing program because it really works so it has been about six months since I started the healing program you don't have so much energy I can run around and keep up with my four and a half year olds of you and he is full of energy because the healing program I was able to become the act that I want to be and that he deserves before I would teach my daughter at nap because I'm so tired and three of us which is nap all day but now you know we've been going on for long walks every day has to work one thing I'm looking forward to is going home with me I said and traveling just spending time with each other so thank you dr. G because without you I would not be enjoying my life thank you and by the way I actually just saw Mary in person for the first time because she did my group and so of course I only knew her through interacting with her online and she showed up at an event I was just teaching in Costa Mesa with my husband and we got to share lots of hugs and she had a beautiful wedding and I'm just excited to see her still doing well not needing a transplant and she knows what to do to take care of herself another interesting thing though that I've learned since helping her ever since Mary there's been a lot of other people with almost no kidney function who've been coming to me for help and and what I've seen is while the rapid recovery program will get the kidneys working optimally those folks seem to need to stay raw when they add cooked foods like Mary if she adds cooked foods even though they're plant-based her kidney function comes down a little bit so what I've seen is that when it comes to kidneys that are this poor you need to maintain it because understand I spoke about it in the last class with kidneys they get sclerotic if they've been sick long so sclerotic means Scarn so the scar tissue doesn't work like a kidney anymore it's dead so for her the the she was down to 14% kidney function with the scars plus the inflamed kidney when we got rid of all the inflammation she was able to go back to 27 percent but she can have forever you can live with 27 percent kidney function forever and be able to do everything like she can she has energy she could run around she didn't have fun she could work right she can exercise but if she goes back to eating any kind of processed foods or cooked foods it comes down so I think with that level I can't explain the whys yet it's just what I'm observing and people with end-stage kidney failure they need to keep up the nourishment for people like me who went from stage four to normal you could add that cook foods and it seems to be neutral but it's something to be aware of is that and so what right so she has to eat raw foods and she can have a full vibrant amazing life that's great nowadays it's pretty cool it's easy to do it it's hip even to continue eating that way it's about having a life that you want I have someone who just went into my last group who came in with 6% kidney function six and also ready for transplant and I went oh my god wow people are really pushing me and challenging me well she didn't check in every day like she was supposed to so I wasn't able to push her as hard as I was able to push Mary because Mary checked in with me every day and if you check in with me every day I'll go great he did great today let's increase this let's do this she was checking in maybe once or twice a week so I didn't have the ability to push her the way I wanted to so I was worried that her results wouldn't be as great because I wasn't in control I wasn't able to help her as much as I wanted to but the one way you could mess it up is by not letting me help you right but in spite of that she doubled her kidney function in the six weeks so she said she's gonna stick with it now and see where she can take it take it to the next level but it's really amazing for people whose kidneys are failing I don't know anything else that works this way I was just sharing some of my results with the head of Cardiology from a place in New York and he said this is this is Nobel prize-worthy but unfortunately people don't get prizes for nutrition treatments they get prizes for medication and mentioned I don't need a prize I to get better so I hope that inspires those of you that have enough right us all right let's let me mate Scotty and Scotty has been promising for over a year now to make a video and she hasn't yet but she usually comes to this class so Scotty hey still waiting love you and I always pressure her for those of you bid other classes she has severe lupus and Sjogren's for only a year but it was very severe and she had pleurisy which was causing constant pain and the pain was so severe she'd end up in the ICU because it was so hard to breathe the floor see is extremely painful every breath hurts right before she started the group program she would came right from the eighth ICU into the group and she was in so much pain from the lupus and the pleurisy she had to quit law school which was her dream within 20 days of joining the group from the ICU within 20 days her CRP and ESR which are measurements of inflammation were normal her hemoglobin was normal her complements III was normal and a Rheumatologist are tapering her medicine only 20 days in six weeks after the group ended she was back to work and feeling really great she started exercising again and she reapplied and got back into law school now she decided to do a second round now it's always amazing to be when people want to do a second round because if it was really awful they wouldn't want to do it again right but a lot of people choose to stay a second round because the results have been so amazing and they want to keep it going some of them are afraid to leave me if it's just fear I kind of push them on but others are just at that point where they just started healing and they just want to keep it going they want to keep the support so she decided to do a second round and by the end of the second round she was running every day now she posted our Swedish group all the time she has an Instagram page all about being vegan and healthy she now works out about 2 hours a day and she's in law school and she's off all of her medications this is what's possible when you hyper nourish I'm so proud of Scottie and I can't wait to one day see the video that she makes here's another one this is Karen Karen is Sjogren's disease just primary Sjogren's disease she was 65 years old and she also had antiphospholipid antibody so that's the antibody that causes blood clots that's one that I had myself that led to me have mini-strokes it's very serious she'd severely dry eyes a mouth severely dry burning itching scalp just like Emily and she had something called burned tongue syndrome a lot of people with Sjogren's had this feeling where their tongue feels burned all the time it's torture and nothing was able to help that as well let me let Karen tell you the story now what's really interesting is that Karen's doctor she was really excited about this program he was aware of my work and he was really thrilled she was doing this so they did a ton of blood work before she started and then all the blood work again after only six weeks just to test to see what happens in terms of labs and all the different markers in the blood after you hyper nourished for six weeks take it away Karen my name is Karen O'Brien and I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with Sjogren's syndrome primary Shogun's syndrome and I also had a diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome I had the classic Sjogren's syndrome zuv dry eye dry mouth but I also had burning itching feeling on my scalp that never went away I had burned tongue syndrome 24/7 and I also had some neuropathy beginning in my toes and so when I found dr. G I was ecstatic sometimes between the second week and the sixth week of the healing program the itching burning feeling on my scalp gone the burn tunnel syndrome one day I realized my tongue felt normal the numbness in my toes resolved all gone and they've stayed resolved I have no problems during the day plenty of saliva plenty of Tears as far as the blood work what we found at the end of that six weeks was that the inflammation markers in my blood were back to normal white blood counts and red blackouts completely normal the Sjogren's antibodies are still there but it's a tableau low manageable level the nutrient levels are fantastic and my liver and my kidney functions are all normal my heart is fine there are no blockages the antiphospholipid syndrome has resolved it's not there in my blood now what can I say this program works I have been given a very powerful tool in hyper nutrition to take care of myself for the rest of my life so I have to say to dr. G thank you so much you have made such an impact and difference in my life I recommend it to everyone thank you awesome isn't it now Aarthi is someone with hypothyroid a lot of people come in with Hashimoto's it's one of the most common autoimmune diseases out there one of the problems in Western medicine is that with Hashimoto's all that doctors do is give you back your thyroid hormone after the autoimmune disease kills your thyroid but they do nothing to get rid of the autoimmune disease so the process continues and that is why people with autoimmune disease often that cause Hashimoto's often continue to have super low energy and sluggish metabolisms and feel awful and achy even though they're taking thyroid replacement because they never got rid of the autoimmune disease well Aarthi join one of my groups and she started out her pain was a three out of ten her energy was low too low average and her mood was only a 5 out of 10 a lot of people with Hashimoto's battled depression six weeks later pain was zero energy was high mood was 10 out of 10 down five and a half pounds so she loved this program she was showing us pictures of herself and her skin was glowing and feeling great and she wrote I'm so proud of my skin health I do push-ups like a pro and my strength while exercising is phenomenal given how saggy I would feel before my blouse fit me from eight years ago she has gone on to be a health missionary so like I said a lot of people graduate by programs and they can't stop talking about it if anyone mentions hypothyroid anywhere on the internet I think she gets an alert and she immediately posts things like this is something she posts dr. gold nurse starting another group and you should join that group I just finished revealing and it was nothing short of miraculous so she is a huge health missionary if you've got hypothyroid know that you need to hyper nourish yourself to get your body healthy again it's going to help you now people ask can I get off my red medicine it depends if you have any thyroid left so just like kidneys can get sclerotic and the scarred tissue is dead it can happen to the sour too so if your thyroids inflamed then getting the inflammation down with this program should help you get function back but if your thyroids already dead this will get rid of all the other symptoms that the autoimmune disease is causing and then you just continue to replace the thyroid hormone at least it's just the hormone that you've lost that you're replacing and not a more severe complicated medication like prednisone and cell set and plaque winona all these other medications people tell you take for autoimmune people also ask about oh my god cruciferous vegetables you need cruciferous vegetables even if you have hypothyroid she's have to make sure you also have iodine so make sure that you you know eat some seaweed know or if you want to you can take an iodine someone but you absolutely need to eat these foods as well let me show you another person that I absolutely love this is from my one of my most recent groups this is dawn Donna's rheumatoid arthritis for many many years to the point that she has joint deformities you get something called ulnar deviation if you've had rheumatoid arthritis for a long period of time where all of your fingers start to bend this way they bend towards the pinky side and the joint actually disfigures and gets stuck that way and it's painful it's painful all the muscles are pulled that way and they lose the function of their fingers so she had this pretty severely severe severe fatigue severe pain and limited mobility in her arms and shoulders and legs she suffered so much and the thing about Dawn that I love is that she believed in her heart there was a path to healing besides medication the medications made her feel terrible she was still stuck in bed and she actually used to blog about her her illness because she was hoping one day she would heal and be able to use those to show where she came from but it was also her form of therapy for herself and she started trying all different kinds of nutrition plans and she tried them all you know she tried everything secret google and nothing worked and still she started trying to hyper nurse on her own she found my book she found my protocol and for the first time in her life she started to feel better so she joined my six-week rapid recovery group and she's done amazing she's still doing amazing as I said my husband is also a participant in this group and not only create this protocol and he's brilliant at understanding cellular biology and metabolism and in a way that nobody else does he actually has a new book out called miracle metabolism where he helps you understand how you create metabolism and that's metabolism level brilliant and he also has a background in personal training and he has so many different certifications like more than a dozen certifications and different kinds of physical therapy techniques and so while she was working with me she also worked with him on the physical therapy to strengthen her hands you got to see what happened she's even better now than when she made this video just a few weeks ago but we're gonna go with the video she has take it away dawn hey this is John from Savannah I just finished the rapid healing group I had been really really sick and I had joint pain drop it the edema connective tissues ringing in the ears hair loss stuck in bed most of the time chronic fatigue to get out of the bed it would probably take me about three minutes and then another five that if I wanted to go from here to just where that door is it probably would have taken me like five minutes to shovel there and it would have been excruciating I had just excruciating pain that would happen in the shoulders it's like an ice pick through here and maybe my arms to move like this so I can now I can do this way can do this way over my head I can brush my hair brush my teeth feed myself I would try to go to dinner with somebody I need to order something that I don't have to cut because I can't actually hold my silverware and cut food I can barely hold it to get it to my now I can feed myself now one of my party tricks is the fact that you see that with my hand the fingers go that way but if I focus I can now move them back to the left I can clap now can you imagine I couldn't imagine that this before drumming my hands on the table I couldn't open my water I was laid up in the bed her name she taught me hurts moves like had to keep my legs propped up I can't easily get out of my chair and move it and I just want to show you I can walk about the room change directions do things no problem shower is the tub shower so trying to get in the shower to pick up my leg possible and I just want to show you now I can actually do high knees let alone just normal stepping that mobility just got better and better and better when you do the protocol if you really commit to it I mean that's all in that is for real and you go hyper nourishing all the way and and that's when a lot of these other things that I couldn't really do before really started getting better like but I could really put a ponytail in my hair or just function when hear that sick you it's sad like your your expectations aren't like I want to climb Kilimanjaro you're like I just want to get up and get dressed and not be in the bed and now I can so I don't want you to think that I just kind of felt a little bad when I started it was the first time in my entire life that I had ever done any kind of a protocol and had success I've been busting my tail and working and trying to like do these other protocols and I'm getting sicker and sicker and I don't understand I don't understand why nobody can tell me what's wrong with me why can't anybody help me dr. G is amazing she is totally there for you if you do this 6-week group and just as small aside if you are concerned about her ability to work with you through the dynamic of a Facebook group because I actually was a little worried about it um I thought how can she really it's gonna be chaotic and how's it gonna work it is she has her she has her health to a science and she has her Facebook to a science it's amazing it is so well organized the other thing that happened though probably on week 2 is I had walked down the stairs and didn't even realize that I actually I didn't shuffle down the stairs I walked out him I did go back up and do it again just to make sure it wasn't a blue doing the group she will give you tremendous support she is a genius she comes from the great it's place of love and she has got to be the most organized person I've ever known because to be able to manage all that so beautifully well done dr. G well well done I I applaud you so and I love you tons and tons is that cool or what she's amazing she's still going strong she actually can do even more last time I saw her just two days ago she could hold her hands up straight her fingers were straight I'm so excited for her I can't wait to see what she keeps doing and I hope you're seeing what's possible for you by the way guys remember if you actually want to do the group experience she did there are very few spots left if that's something you want to do make sure that you go to goodbye Lukas calm and check out the group healing all right let's check in on the next one this is Angela diagnosed with lupus in 2004 and she actually progresses something called crest syndrome scleroderma systemic sclerosis kalsa Noah says Rhea nodes cleared actively telling dick teases very bad Sjogren's and something called Barrett's esophagus she really was suffering so much she also had Hashimoto's and arthritis and fibromyalgia and she wrote and a few things I can't even think of she was one of those people that just everything was breaking down and she really really hated what happened to her skin you can see her skin is red and actually it was very inflexible she hated the way she looked she is just really depressed by all of the different things going on with her and Angela really struggled at first in the group this is one of the most beautiful things about the group is that it's okay if you struggle nobody judges you nobody comes down on you as long as you keep posting and letting me help you and letting everyone else support you you will keep going she had amazing results were only day 16 she got her saliva back her and another lady I'm going to show you later Joyce both got their saliva back after only 16 days after decades of notes Lima one of them with with a couple decades of her for a long time suddenly day 16 that both making saliva again and Angela said she was drooling cuz she couldn't so she wasn't used to water in her mouth now it's really good because you know you get really bad oral health if you don't have saliva and it breaks down your gums and and your teeth so that was really exciting so she was doing amazing and then something happened where she started to get depressed and she went downhill and she started eating candy bars and stuff like that and but she still posted and we all we all went in there and gave her love and I and I helped her and I hope to process what happened what are you thinking what is it that's causing you to give up right now even though you're getting better what's bad about getting better what are you afraid of because sometimes people are terrified that if they get better they're going to be expected to go back to living their life the way they used to and then they're gonna get sick again from all the stress helped her face of fierce and get back on it and she got back on it and she completed the program and she did great and she gave me a permission to share that with you because she wants you to know that even if you struggle you don't have to be perfect you just got to keep going so I'm gonna let her tell her story and by the way you got a look at her right she looks like she had a facelift and all she did was hyper nourished for six weeks this is a video she made right when she finished the program hi my name is Angela I started this program six weeks ago with dr. Goldman I had pain inflammation I couldn't go out in the Sun I had GERD really bad the edema and my ankles with Sjogren's Hashimoto's crest syndrome Brainard's scleroderma I have been disabled since 2010 unable to work I was just lethargic my hair was falling out the flares are just unbearable the pain was unbearable anymore live but I started the six-week rapid recovery group this program has I mean literally changed my life it is the it's the best thing single best thing I've ever done in my entire life dr. G has so much knowledge that he can't go wrong and being in the group environment if I didn't go through it with the group Butler never made the six weeks they're always there for you 24/7 you get to talk to somebody just to say hey I'm struggling or hey guess what I did today she goes through your journals every day and she talks to you about certain things if you increase this this will happen and I noticed energy the second or third day I could just feel like jumping being inside I wanted to do things it was it's so fast the swelling was gone within a week and within two weeks I started getting saliva again my eyes are better look at you see I have even moisture in my eyes and that's so unusual my hair stopped falling out from hypothyroidism and I have Barrett's esophagus and I don't have GERD have hair this is growing like crazy my skin is better my face looks better its fuller I don't have as many wrinkles as I did when I started I couldn't be in the Sun now I can go in the Sun I can go out there in in garden I hated vegetables let me tell you you taste buds change this changes you from the inside out and my doctors were like it's incurable you can't you can't change this this is something that you're stuck with and thanks to dr. G I'm not stuck with it because of this group I think that I can go back to work I can play with my grandchildren that I'm gonna be able to do all the things that somebody else had to do for me enjoy life oh you won't get if you don't go through her group this amazing support it's just amazing I can't say enough about dr. gold nurse insertion plan and her support without that I was stayed sick I'm going to miss that I mean I already miss it I can do this thanks to you doctors Golder thank you for all that you did for us it was well worth every penny you're amazing love the shows right through everything you say and do and so I highly recommend dr. G's program not all the money in the world could get you what you're getting in this your health you can't get this kind of of help anywhere else for your health do it for you I am amazed because I am just amazed thank you dr. G let me show you another one from a recent group this is Jeannie she had lupus she had a positive nad s DNA and antiphospholipid antibody now she's been in pain and exhaustion for about five years before her diagnosis a lot of you probably can relate to that a lot of folks are tired and he and feeling awful but their labs still look okay and their doctors go well your labs look okay so you don't have autoimmune yet or some even get sent to the psychiatrist but then after a few years finally the labs catch up with how sick they are and finally it shows up that's why I always cost you guys don't hang everything you'd think about yourself on your labs because sometimes it can take the labs five years to show that you have lupus when you've been feeling like hell for five years and sometimes you could feel extraordinary you're running you're jumping you're skipping you feel so good and your labs are still not all negative yet well that's okay your lives will catch up when they catch up listen to your body you know when you're sick you know when you're healing right so she had someone who'd been sick for so long and nobody was helping her she had lower leg edema she had intermittent purpura she had arthritis she had fatigue high high stress she was taking care of all of her grandkids homeschooling her going is a lot of stress in the family and she didn't know she could do this because she also had to cook for her family and she was still cooking them the stuff they wanted whilst trying to hyper nourish herself which is not optimal but that's the situation that she decided she was going to work with and so I had to do a lot to help her understand that even with all that stress and everything else going on she could still take care of herself and that was transformative for her a lot of women don't realize how important it is to put yourself first that doesn't mean you're not taking care of your family that's how you take care of your family she did amazing and I'm really proud of Jeanie and I'm gonna let her tell her story hi I'm Jeanie I'm 69 nope I'm 70 I was diagnosed with his this year with late onset lupus did research on lupus and through doing that I found dr. gold nurse testimony I bought her book I read it but I set up an on um Skype consult with her last year talked to her she was so supportive I thought you know hey I'll do this on my own she gave me all the information I need I bought a Vitamix so I could make better smoothies but you know what it was before the holidays I wanted to eat the foods there was just busyness we have a daughter and five grandkids living with us and that's extra going on all the time and I just didn't do it I didn't think there was any way I could fit doing something like this in much less afforded then it got to be after Christmas and my doctor said you know you you have lupus so I thought about something she had said to me in our Skype consult when I was telling her all the reasons I couldn't do this she said why don't you think you're worth it and I thought I am worth doing this for finally I thought that and I decided I was going to do it and so I signed up a week and a half after I started the program but he wasn't tired anymore I wasn't waking up tired my mood is better the emotional healing in this group is almost as good if not as good as the nutritional healing even though the stress in my life hasn't changed my ability to cope with it has and that's just that's a gift oh my gosh my nails have always been thin and papery and they peeled and I couldn't keep polish on because they peeled I noticed in the middle of the six weeks hey my nails are strong and they're slowly growing out and getting rid of all the thin peeled areas my skin especially on my arms it doesn't look old and creepy anymore yeah I had swelling in my feet that I noticed about a week ago hey you know I can put on a pair of flats and my feet don't flow out of it and my a a which has been positive for five years is negative my double strand DNA which has been going up and it's coming down and I also had an antiphospholipid antibody which makes your blood wanna clot and so you can have strokes it's normal it's really normal and I don't have to worry about a stroke from some stupid antibody that's floating around my body and that is such a gift and I just need to tell you that this program truly can reverse your body on a cellular level it truly can reverse labs and dr. G is a gift I don't know how many times she said I am here for you and she helps you step-by-step with whatever it is you're struggling through I would there is not a better gift you can give yourself than doing this 6-week group I tried it on my own I was totally committed I couldn't do it I needed her support and the support of the other ladies doing the group so it just it's the best thing I ever did for myself and I am worth it so again those of you who want to jump into the group listen if it's not for you it's not for you it's fine I've been teaching all of these hours of education for you guys because I want you to have the information so if you feel like you have enough information you want to get started on your own great then that's great do it but I'm speaking to the folks that you know you need more help because what matters most to me is that you actually get better so just for those of you who either either because you've already tried on your own and this is like your seventh time coming to my classes and I know some of you guys cuz you message me like I'm coming again okay if you've gone to my classes multiple times and you're still not making it work for yourself either cuz you just can't figure it out or because you're doing something wrong or because you're too stressed or because you have other reasons you're giving yourself if that's you then it's time to do this and get it over with so that you can get on to living your life or if you already know like listen the information is great but I need I need the coaching I need the hand-holding I need you to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong then this is your opportunity to do that this is my heart's work this is what I live for this is what I wake up to do this is what I think about at night when I'm sleeping this is everything to me and when you join my family I take care of you I put everything I have into taking care of you only joined by the way if you're committed to doing the work with me I mean I have seen people where they join but then they never post don't do that don't waste your money don't waste your time do it cuz you're ready you're ready for to give you the feedback you're ready for me to hold your hand you're ready to do the work and if you're ready I will help you every day to make sure that you get the best result possible and that short period of time and for some folks that's all they ever need and for others it's the beginning of an amazing journey of getting their health back annoyed they never could have imagined before so just for the people that this is calling to where you know that it's time make sure you do it because it's just coming up in a few days a few days in I know you're scared as I oh my god you know a few days in and life will start changing and I'll hold your hand and I'll help you figure out how to do it and to get your health back so best thing I've ever done in my life is create the six week rapid recovery group for those of you who are ready to do it June 2nd is coming up real quick and the spots are going really fast so hopefully I'm gonna see you there okay and for those of you who you know like just just the first time you've ever learned this and you want to start playing around and checking it out perfect start doing this you're the amazed how you feel the other folks who don't have the time or those of you who have problems where your organs are failing I've had multiple messages now from those of you who are in the class and coming to the classes who've got stage 4 kidney failure or worse or who have CMS lupus as causing problems like seizures or depression or other issues you have heart disease as caused by the lupus or the lung disease if your organs are involved you don't have a lot of time to mess around and that's the only time that I'm pushy about it is you can't wait till your kidneys scar up and you don't have anything left so for those of you either need the support or your organs are in a state where you need the help and you need my help I really encourage you to do it and for those of you who don't perfect we got more case studies just sit back and learn and and and just let all of it in and know how amazing it is and how natural it is to see people heal we got some more for you we're almost early cases but we have some more I could do these all day but I figure I need to at least give people a break to go to the bathroom okay and then we'll get to the question answer period here of Monica dr. Monica she's a medical doctor rheumatoid arthritis Sjogren's and Graves she was 38 years old when she joined the group but she'd had autoimmune disease and she was 15 chronic joint pain insomnia the pain would literally wake her up it's not it's just torture horrible anxiety mostly about whether or not she was going to live and be able to be a mom and take care of her kids I mean it was just horrible horrible anxiety she also had a five centimeter mass on her right ovary that her doctors had planned to surgically remove and she was planning to do that after the group was over she had a remarkable recovery experience within the group and I'm going to let Monica tell you the story my name is Monica Porto and I'm a doctor right now I'm living in Florida when I was 15 I was diagnosed with grace syndrome Sjogren's like syndrome rheumatoid arthritis I've been living with pain all my life at some ovary issues a large mass on my right ovary I just decided on that day that I would do this I started with a group of beautiful women who are feeling the same way as I was it was amazing I just couldn't believe it was so fast I couldn't believe what I was seeing I'm healing I had my anti-nuclear antibodies were negative and my inflammatory markers were very very low I did an ultrasound for my ovary and it was five centimeters and now there's nothing there and I'm so thankful for everything that's happened and for everything that dr. Colton has taught me and for a very good group of friends that have been so supportive thank you dr. gulnur for everything this is the best thing that has ever happened to me amazing right I mean a na- for the first time and in her entire life of having autoimmune disease and the mass disappeared and that's something I see a lot hormonal issues seem to even out on this program I've seen people recover from endometriosis ovarian cysts it's just amazing how the hormonal system just goes back to normal so whatever this mass was it's gone now so I'm really happy for her and her journey let's keep going here's Mariana Mariana had CNS lupus so that's lupus in the central nervous system very very dangerous she'd also had autoimmune disease and she was a child from 14 years old she was diagnosed with lupus she actually called me from the ICU last August she was in the ICU and she was having seizures every single day because the lupus was in her brain and she was terrified and I told her come out of the ICU and just come into the next group the next group was starting let's not waste any time let me take care of you her her family by the way I didn't want her to do that her family said take some time relax recover don't go into this crazy nutrition plan she was upset because she had a life she had a boyfriend she was traveling she was working and she had to give all that up to move back home with her parents and it broke her heart and she didn't want to waste any time so she got home and went immediately into the protocol from the ICU when she came in to the protocol her dsDNA back then in August of 2017 was 3356 that was a record for the hospital that's actually a record for my program you know I'd actually been holding the record because my dsDNA had been in the 2000s when I was sick and most people don't have it up that high when I see them she broke my record 3356 after starting the group by the end of August her dsDNA was 136 this is not changing any medications this is hyper nourishment by September 21st it was 106 and the last time I checked in with her in September it was down to 84 and it's continued to drop since then and she actually decided to go backpacking abroad now she was terrified to leave her mom's house because of all the seizures but the seizure stopped while she was in the group seizure stop she didn't have them every day anymore they started to spread out farther and farther apart and she started to realize finally she was on the path to getting health back in her life back she has an amazing amazing thing to share with you and I'm gonna let her share it my name is Mariana that is a seven I was diagnosed with lupus at the age of fourteen coming up on 10 years I've had it now but I've always had autoimmune problems being anemic - alopecia at the age of ten shingles at the age of 12 14 lupus 18 RSD which is nerve damaging your foot fatigue - Sun sensitivity stomach issues arthritis pain high blood pressure being hospitalized learning that you're having seizures because lupus is attacking your brain I got sent back home and I was either gonna come home and cry and be all sad that the fact that I got sick again we're always gonna do something about it like really do something so I found doctor Goldner I started her six-week program the first thing to leave to heal was my pain I woke up and I was pain free my hands did eight I didn't have trigger fingers I didn't I wasn't a key and I mean I've always been a key let me tell you that I've always had some type of swollen Asst arthritis pain and within the next three weeks my energy was fully back I'm on this high right now where I feel incredible I really do all 23 years of my life I have never been this healthy I have always been sick and until this program I've always thought I wasn't ever really good at anything I wasn't you know what I was good at was being sick you know I was good at I was good at always getting sick but until this program I realized I'm amazing like everything I've gone through my whole life like it's incredible I am a superwoman I never knew that until this program till I push myself my disease will never take over my life I can never thank dr. Goldner I can't thank her enough other than doing this video and telling everybody that this does work because it's real amazing right let's keep going there's more here's Joyce Joyce was in a recent group she's had Sjogren's since 2006 hypertension myopathy hypothyroidism GERD peripheral nervous system disorder which caused imbalance she was very it was very difficult for her to get around Raynaud's disease and very limited mobility she when she joined the group she either used a cane or a scooter to get around and her doctors told her she was going to end up full time in a wheelchair there was no getting back the mobility that she lost it was only going to get worse she didn't want to believe that and she joined my group and I'm gonna let her tell you exactly what happened after that my name is Joyce Thompkins and I was diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome approximately 12 years ago three nines mixed connective tissue disease hypothyroidism myopathy those Sjogren's has attacked the nerves in my limbs making it difficult for me to get around I've avenged I had to depend upon a cane to get around my doctors told me that I would eventually probably end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life I have had no energy to be able to go to church our grandson played baseball anything would wipe me out one or two naps a day the brain fog has made me have to make a list to be able to remember things since I've started this six week rapid healing group my energy level has just practically gone through the roof within just a few days following the protocol I no longer needed to have a nap every day I have been able to go watch our grandson play baseball I no longer have to make a list it's unbelievable I feel like I'm alive and in my body the greatest thing is I have saliva in my mouth now no longer do I have dry now that happened within just a couple of weeks I've just recently had a dental cleaning and my dental hygienist was thrilled to see saliva in my mouth again and notice a dramatic improvement in my gums I can get around pretty well without having to use the cane I received so much encouragement and support from others within the group it's one of the best things that I ever did for myself I just can't thank dr. Goldner enough for having the compassion and the dry to help those of us that are sick I just will be totally indebted to her for the rest of my life my life will never be the same so again the next group is starting soon and go to goodbye lupus calm and click on group healing to make sure that you get your spot if it's your time don't let it go don't miss it make sure that you take the opportunity need to take care of yourself okay again the spots are going fast I don't even know if at this point there's any left for this group I hope there are make sure you click it now and don't miss your opportunity if this is calling to you right now okay and in the meantime I've got one more amazing case to show you and then we're gonna go into the question and answer period all right this is Becky now Becky came to me with Sjogren's blind she was almost blind because her the Sjogren's had dried out her eyes so much it was painful to have any kind of light hit her eyes you can see from the picture that she had to cover her windows in foil and have the blinds drawn and she still had sunglasses on she was severely underweight very isolated because she couldn't go outside in the light she wasn't able to work anymore and she had a very high powered important job she also couldn't speak without pain because of how inflamed her lungs were and that was one of the biggest heart breaks for her was she was a beautiful singer and loved to sing with her church choir and she hadn't been able to sing for a very long time because of the pain she had macular migraines she told me that Christmas Day 2016 she woke up and just couldn't take light anymore and it been continuous since then nei 2017 after six weeks she had no more migraines and for the first time since Christmas of 2016 she was able to put the lights on in her house again and she made this video for you guys right after the six-week group ended and she was able to put the lights on and it was a surprise for me what she did and if you guys don't have your tissues handy this is the one where you're gonna leak rye I still can't help it and do it myself every time I'm gonna let you see Becky story and then we're going to jump into the QA hi everybody my name is Becky and I'm super excited to be here and to share a short testimony about the last six weeks of my life that has to do with dr. Brooke folders hyper nourishing healing program I am a changed person and I hope that I can share with those of you who are possibly considering doing this those of you who are struggling and suffering with disease I have children's and lines I was diagnosed with those two and I was terrified and I was looking for something else other than conventional doctors and pill and side effects and all that craziness searched furiously and I found that testimony of a gentleman who with his shoulders was reversed by dr. G and I didn't know whether to believe it was true or not but I went for it and I'll telling you six weeks later my life has changed I'm going to dedicate a song I haven't sung in a long time my lungs were affected and this is the first time that I've really been able to to sing so I'm going to dedicate this to dr. G and everybody that I worked with I consider them my second family call it Amazing Race uh-huh Maisie oh I see and you know our worst one I was blind I was sitting in a dark house for three months without light um when I turned a light on just barely I had to put on sunglasses because of the photo sensitivity from this from these diseases and now I have the lights on bright and I and I shall feel so good I feel feel great in and I just I hope I hope that whoever is watching this hesitant about this who doesn't quite think it might be right or doesn't you know I remember those feelings of thinking maybe this is just all of you know fake or a fraud it's not it's not a living proof I'm living proof and when you put the right things in your body when you put healing foods into your body it it will change and it will heal and so I'm hoping I'm hoping that my life here that that I share with you just this past six weeks that I've that I shared of my life will will touch someone out there and you'll you'll decide to do this and there is so much hope and I'm so excited that I filled it and I want everybody to be able to experience what I've experienced so I thank you for letting me share and I god bless everybody Thank You Becky um she's an amazing woman and she continues to do well and she continues to take care of herself in a way she never knew it was possible and I just hope that her experience and the experience of all the other people introduce you today I hope they're changing your life right now I hope they're changing your belief and what's possible because healing is natural and it's normal but you have to take really huge huge changes into consideration to get that health back these diseases I'm showing you these are extreme illnesses it takes an extreme commitment and an extreme diet to get your health back from them but nothing's more worth it I can tell you now I'm 13 years Lupus free I've been able to have two children I was told I could never have I'm in my 40s and I'm on the cover of fit over 40 when I was told but my doctors I would probably be handicapped by my 40s because I'd had lupus since I was a teenager and had been so sick for so long there's nothing now that I can imagine not being able to do there's no limitations on my life there's no fear that there's illness around the corner and all that matters to me is making sure that you know that you have the potential to get your life back as well you can be so much healthier and stronger and I want you to have hope because that's the most important thing you gotta believe you gotta have hope and that's what's going to give you the motivation to take action so whether that action is having what you're missing and starting to add your smoothies in your life where that action is to cut the bad stuff out of your health out of your life get rid of the meat get rid of the dairy get rid of the processed foods and the oils or whether taking that action is saying I'm done being sick and I want to be I want to be healthy by the end of the summer and you're joining my next group that's about to start whatever that action is I want you to take the action and would you believe in yourself I want you to take care of yourself because I care about you and that's why I'm here so I hope that you've loved these classes I hope they've absolutely changed your life forever if you ever need to reach me or ask me questions here's my information you can take a screenshot good bye Lucas calm as my website dr. GDR Gia goodbye lupus calm is my personal email address that is my office phone number where you can reach me directly that's my private line so take a screenshot of that let me know if you have any questions that I am NOT able to answer here but for now let's move into the question and answer period I'm here for you I want to make sure that you understand everything that you've learned