6 ways to have a productive summer

hey guys today I am going over six different ways that you can use to stay productive over the summer the first is to continue using your planner or bullet journal and this is to keep track of time because we are all victim to forgetting the day of the week during the summer and I continues in my planner and I find that it's great to keep myself accountable for everything I need to get done and if a planner or a bullet journal doesn't really work for you you can always try something like this planner notepad I got it from bloom daily planners and it structures out your day in many different categories so as long as you find a system that works for you definitely continue to plan out your summer the next way you can stay productive over the summer is to keep a consistent sleep schedule I was always one of those people that slept until 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon and felt my entire day was wasted and after waking up so late I didn't really have the drive or motivation to get things done and so I just procrastinating on them and I found that if I wake up earlier like you can see in my summer study routine video it's just so much better I can get so much done and I'm Way happier because of it and if you guys have trouble falling asleep earlier so you can wake up earlier try using a diffuser with like essential oils like lavender scent to help you fall asleep and I find that just getting the sleep earlier and waking up earlier although it may sound kind of awful it's really really helpful in the long run the most obvious way to stay productive over the summer is to focus on anything school related that you need to get done so for me this could include reviewing notes from the previous year if I have a subject that will continue into the next year like my Spanish classes this could also include working on all of my summer homework I have a lot of AP summer assignments so those are my top priority for now just because they are very very detailed and have a lot of work surrounding them I also have my standardized testing and AP classes for next year I can prepare for and I can also start working on my college applications for next year and picking the schools I'm applying to and doing my research in that way so finding something that you can do to wrap up last year and look towards the next school year it's really important to do if you have such work if you don't have a lot of school work or summer homework another way to stay productive over the summer is to get a job for the summer you can find one a local store or just search online and see what's around your area or you can volunteer and do some community service getting involved in your community is so rewarding and is definitely more productive than just sitting on your couch all summer not doing anything at all another thing you can do to stay productive over the summer is to reorganize or clean up your room in your workspace so I noticed that my desk drawer was getting kind of cluttered and disorganized so I quickly spent like ten minutes and just reorganized everything and that also helps me really remember everything that I have and I can get rid of the things that don't work anymore and you can apply this to really anything in your room if you have to clean out your closet or your chest of drawers or your desk or whatever and just that renewal between school years is so important especially if you're a little bit messy like I am the last thing that I do to stay productive over the summer is just to learn something new like watch documentaries on Netflix instead of binging on a TV show there are a lot of really really interesting ones out there and similarly you can listen to podcasts or watch the news read the news learn how to cook learn a new language just anything that interests you that you've never had the time to do like maybe learning how to code online or anything of that sort and even as you're doing things like this please remember to enjoy your summer and to hang out with your friends and go to the pool and do whatever makes you happy because this is still your break from school and I hope you guys all have a great one if you're currently on summer break I hope you guys found this video helpful and if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel because I will be posting videos every Sunday Wednesday and and also be sure to check out my 8tracks instagram and tumblr accounts bye guys