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[Music] this is Jenny Jenny's busy how busy really busy but Jenny also loves her dog and while she's busy inventing an eco-friendly rocket fuel that also teaches whales to save themselves touching babies that happen to fall out of the sky and solving mathematical equations to avert a nuclear holocaust the most important thing to Jenny is that max gets fed how does max get fed feed and go how can you be like Jenny you can't no one can but with feed and go your pet will think you're like Jenny what is feed and go you ask feed and go is the world's first automatic pet feeder you can access from anywhere and it's the only pet feeder to allow you to control your pets schedule from any mobile device or there's even a webcam built-in so you can see your loved one while you're doing whatever it is that you do because let's face it whoa Jenny's utterly marvellous does that mean she loves her pet more than you he'll know salute the world second to Jenny and focus on the max in your life show your pet some love visit feed and go.com introducing the pooch selfie the pooch selfie is a smartphone attachment which harnesses your dog's natural draw and focus to a tennis ball and uses its magical powers to help you take better pictures and selfies with your pet whether you're taking a picture of your pup or one with a few lose friends pooch selfie will help you NAB those moments with far better results than ever before [Music] I created poot selfie to be simple and effective it was designed for both iPhones and androids however works universally with most smartphones and tablets to install pooch selfie simply slide the plastic component onto your smartphone and place the ball into the class Kia device you'll notice there are clearances for both front and rear facing cameras this allows you to toggle between portrait style pics and selfies without having to remove the device our pets are quite unpredictable and even with the sorcery that these tennis balls hold their interest begins to fade each post selfie comes with a squeak and boil to grab that extra ounce of attention from our pets and perk them up for additional glamour shots need even more incentive not to worry pooch selfies ball disengages from the classy mechanism and you can regain your pup's focus with a couple rounds of fetch this is particularly useful when you need to additional time to edit the photos you took to ensure one of them has your smile on fleek did they get that last on fleek reference right yes [Music] [Music] Shh I have a secret to share it's the KH thermo Bowl and thermo Kitty cafe they're an outdoor pet lover's dream they keep the ice away all winter long now I don't have to check the water multiple times every day my st. Bernard Lucy loves her thermo Bowl it keeps her water thawed even in sub-zero temperatures so she is never dehydrated plus it comes in a size large enough to accommodate her drinking needs just plug it in it gets even better I use the thermo Kitty cafe for my outdoor kitties this outdoor double diner is the perfect size for cats and has two removable washable stainless steel bowls the Kitty cafe keeps their water and canned food thawed even in sub-zero temperatures both bowls rme t listed and extremely energy-efficient these outdoor bowls not only ensure my pets are properly hydrated all winter long but make my life easier this winter make your life easier with a thermal Bowl and thermo kitty cafe by kmh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now you can stay connected to your pet even when you're not together introducing the pet see treat can a revolutionary remote treat dispenser and camera that makes it fun and easy to stay connected to your pet from anywhere at any time the Pepsi treat cam lets you see speak snap and treat your pet for a big smile using the free secure pets II app on your smartphone or tablet it's fun to connect with your pet when you're not at home with a simple tap you can pop in at any time and watch the excitement on your pet space through the wide-angle camera say hello and speak to your pet through the high quality audio and brighten both your days capture candid pictures to save share and post on pet C's social network the premiere destination for pets and the people who love them best of all the pets treet can lets you treat your pet from everywhere you are dispense your pets favorite treat using the pet c universal treat launcher for a big smile c speak snap and treat with the pet c treat cam the fun and easy way to connect with your pet from anywhere at anytime [Music] hi folks its lucky the luckiest dog in the world why well because my folks or in this case my mom it's putting together my brand-new lucky dog kennel hey let's put it on the patio right over here as you can see lucky dog kennels look great or safe and are built to last and the best part is they're simple to assemble no tools necessary that's right lucky dog kennels come with everything you need built in within the buck lucky dog kennels go up in less than one hour and the only reason I'm not putting it together is well because I'm lucky okay two-leggers starts a simple process by laying the panels for your desired cage size out just like my mom has done here the amount of space between the alternating panels should be about two inches making sure the 1-inch legs of the panels are positioned to be on the bottom stand up to quarter panels forming a 90 degree angle apply the clamps approximately six inches from the top and six inches from the bottom it's important that you don't over tighten the clamps repeat this action for the remainder of the panels till my sweet new den takes form the side panels should be aligned with the outside edge of the front and back panels oh and make sure the wing nuts face the outside two-leggers your next step is putting a roof over your canines head just insert roof frame Peaks into the front and back panels of my kennel attach the roof frame Ridge pole to the center of each peak using the t-shaped clamps oh that makes me think of a t-bone all that's left to do is apply the rain and shade cover to the frame Peaks with the Bungie ties and attach the latch and voila you're done every lucky dog deserves a good home and every home deserves a good dog lucky dog kennels a dog home away from home [Music]