7 Brain Hacks For Your Brain

(upbeat electronic music) - [Narrator] Stop multi-tasking. I am willing to bet that watching this video is not the only thing you're doing right now, and, that, is most definitely affecting how much information you're actually absorbing. - Uh. - So, cross out the distractions and pay attention. Visual cues. The smarty pants over at Harvard found that in order to remember tasks, assign the chore to an object near where the task must be done. Aroma. Certain aromas can improve cognitive performance. For a jolt, try peppermint. For concentration, eucalyptus. To de-stress, use lavender, and for an overall energizing, use rosemary. Start masticating. Chewing can improve blood flow through what's called mastication-induced arousal. So, unwrap that stick of gum, that is, and start chewing. Baby, baby, baby. According to research, looking at cute pictures of the weird, emotion-filled, pathetically dependent blobs that are human children can actually increase a person's concentration, or terrify them, depending on the person. Boredom. A study in 2013 found that being bored might help with creativity. So if you're bored by this time in the video, you're (bleep) welcome. Walk in nature. Mother Nature can provide nearly everything you need including focus, concentration, creativity, and stress relief. So, get out a pay her a visit. (upbeat pop music)