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[Music] watch with electric lighter the first gadget we're going to show you today is for people who prefer a minimalist lifestyle for many people watches and lighters are essential items so they can't leave the house without them so it turns out that these two things can be combined [Music] [Applause] the dial of the watch that you see on the screen moves to the side this activates a device similar to a car cigarette lighter there's no open fire so the watch is safe by the way it's recharged using a regular USB port and also the size of the watch was not affected by the complex device it's no bigger than any other watch [Music] in charge six today the average person is surrounded by a huge number of gadgets designed to make their life more comfortable and interesting the problems begin though when these gadgets run house of energy suddenly it turns out that each gadget has its own cable and its own charger in charge six is a device that solves this problem according to the developers this small device is all you need to recharge all the electronic gadgets you have you have USB USB C microUSB and lightning cables at your disposal in charge six truly eliminates any obstacles and restrictions once that's all [Music] [Music] the device can even recharge one smartphone using the energy of another and of course you can charge your headphones or SmartWatch using your phone you can pre-order in charge six for thirteen dollars through the crowdfunding platform the in charge six max model with a one and a half meter long cable will cost you at least 19 dollars [Music] [Music] heimo different kinds of personal vehicles as an alternative to cars is becoming more and more popular every year the leader in the level of comfort provided is undoubtedly the bicycle however the size of this vehicle isn't that ideal homo is an invention that features all the best elements of personal electric vehicles here as a bicycle so compact that it is fit in a luggage carrier or even in a backpack when folded to make the impossible possible the engineers have decided to abandon the usual monolithic frame design instead the bike has six folding lines each of them is securely fixed so you don't have to worry about safety homo weighs only 14 and a half kilograms its top speed is 18 kilometers per hour four to six hours of charging are enough to cover 30 kilometers and it costs at least four hundred and sixty-nine dollars laser pecker Pro if you've always wanted to own things that are a one-of-a-kind and this invention was made especially for you laser pecker Pro is an engraver it's small possible and can be installed almost anywhere even on a kitchen table or a desk this feature makes it ideal for personal use Laser pecker Pro burns images on fabric wood leather plastic felts paper and cardboard it can help you create a picture decorate furniture or personal items such as a wallet or a flask [Music] the control is simple and intuitive installation takes a couple of minutes and the bones image can be chosen in the companion path you can buy the device for a minimum price of $300 [Music] divert ID if you look at the cost of specialized underwater cameras you'll soon realize that only professionals who are constantly shooting underwater could have thoughts of buying one what can ordinary people who just want to experiment with a camera do well you can try diver roit it will cost you about $300 this device will turn any standard smartphone into an underwater camera basically it's a waterproof closed housing it comes with a special mobile application which will display information about the depth of the dive the location and the temperature three buttons on the side of the case can be used to control the smartphone without surfacing notice the shape of the device - it makes the information on the screen bright and easy to read [Music] with diver ID you can dive to a depth of 60 meters it also increases safety in an emergency you can easily send a distress signal along with your location the official application gives you advice and warns you of any threats as well for example if you're diving too deep or surfacing so fast [Music] Cosmo communicator despite the fact that advanced smartphones offer lots of functions they aren't as good as computers at least not in terms of power of speed or convenience that's why the specialists of the London company Planet computers did not follow the most simple and obvious path developing smart phones [Music] instead they focused on developing gadgets thus while compact in size would not be inferior to personal computers and so they launched the Cosmo communicator for a price of seven hundred and fifty dollars [Music] the gadgets equipped with a 24 megapixel camera it has 6 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of flash memory and a 6 inch touchscreen display those who likes a type will appreciate the presence of a quasi keyboard by the way there is a second display on the top cover - it's a 2 inch screen that shows information about cores and notifications [Music] mini revolvers self-defence is a delicate and quite controversial issue it is up to each person to decide for themselves what measures to take and what devices to use to protect their loved ones and property firearms are still one of the most common ways to defend oneself and even those people are afraid of huge guns or pistols with the strongest recoil nowadays can find a suitable option for their knees today's market offers a huge number of different models but these new generation firearms are incredibly tiny [Music] [Music] like the mini revolvers you see on the screen right now these guns are barely the size of the human palm the length varies depending on the model but it's seven centimeters on average unloaded it weighs only 170 grams however in terms of efficiency they're almost as good as their larger counterparts the caliber of the models also varies it can be 22 or 32 all of these features met the many revolvers ideal for ordinary people they're easy to store and easy to carry they even fit no jeans pockets [Music]