The King of Random


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We just got back from shopping, and I picked up a few cool prizes for you. Let's check it out Go go go go. We're almost there Oh wow Seven million subscribers. Seven million subscribers! Woo! Seven million subscribers. Pew. You are awesome! We love you guys! I love you guys. Big round of high fives to everyone out there we are rocking it. I'm feeling excited. I'm feeling humbled. I'm feeling motivated, and I'm feeling blessed all I need is three million more subscribers, then we get a diamond play button so today We're going to spend the day giving back. We're going out shopping We're getting some gifts so we can give them back to you. So we just hit the road We're on our way to buy you guys some presents today and the first stop the apple store Grant Thomas this you take a random. That's it. That's it So we get that for one of our subscribers. Sure! We got our Lego. We've got our MacBook Air next up to science Center Let's go! Let's go. Store isn't open. Mom! Oh wow. How long have you guys been here? Forever... Oh wow that's neat. In a plasma ball like this the electricity is contained inside and you can touch the glass and it follows you around without hurting you, but if you put a piece of Tinfoil on the top you can actually draw Arcs electricity outside of the glass oh My gosh, he's bringing it out Watch what happens if we put a piece of paper? That looks really bad in a minute place. Yeah, I don't tell this step of that. You slap your hand down really fast It doesn't really hurt. It's when you pull your finger away Please get little shots I can actually smell burning skin. [I] can smell that the smell of my burning fingers. Yeah doing [guys] [you] as soon as you walked into you are like I actually bought your video yesterday. [I] sonically nice dude Hey guys, this is my mom here we go you We just got back from shopping and these are the gifts that I got for you guys check it out We got a millennium Falcon quadcopter the world's smallest RC helicopter [I] got one of these cool BB-8 Droid Robots that you control with your phone [a] gopro hero 5 session a cool smoke ring shooter and this lego set for making your own Batmobile and for one of [you] lucky viewers you're going to get a 13-inch Macbook air so you can have your own laptop? Computer these things aren't cheap [7] awesome prizes for 7 million awesome subscribers Which one of these would you want? Seven of you are going to win these prizes, and I'll tell you how it's gonna work [all] you have to do is share any one of my videos [that] you like anywhere you want in the next 24 hours? You could text the link to one of your friends [you] could email it to somebody you could post it on Facebook Reddit Twitter anywhere You want to share any one of my videos in the next 24 hours, and you're automatically [under] [twin] on Monday morning? I'm going to Pick [7] Random winners from Social media posts that I find if you want a slightly better chance of me seen your post There's two things you can do when you share one of my videos to social Media use the hashtag [7] mil and the second thing you can do is after you share one of my videos take a screenshot of where you shared it And upload it using the link in the description that [will] give me a better chance of [actually] seeing your post and it will give You a better chance of winning Whether or not you actually end up winning one of these prizes? I want you to know that you're a real winner in my book so I appreciate having you part of my community [you're] supporting me you leave positive comments and all those things [helped] motivate me to keep making more videos So although I can't give a prize to every one of you what I can do is keep making videos and with your support [I] Will so guys thank you so much for 7 million subscribers. Where do we go from here? So check this out my mom just got all these presents wrapped up for you And now they're ready to send out and don't forget I'm doing giveaways on every new upload but you have to be there within the first 12 hours to get the secret link and enter The Giveaway [so] make sure you're on the notification squad by ringing the bell so you can get alerts and push notifications As soon as my next videos go live click the link in the [comment] section I'll have it pinned at the top and they'll take you to a place where you can submit multiple entries I'm going to keep making videos. I hope you keep [watching] them. Thanks so much for making this all possible [I'll] be looking for you the next video. I'll talk to that