7 Phrases That SHOW You LACK Confidence




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what's up guys and welcome back to the channel now something that I always tell guys is that the things that you say and do tell people more about you than you could ever tell people about you and this just means that our personalities are constantly leaking out into the world through our words and our behavior so today you're going to learn a few phrases or things that guys frequently say that tell others that they lack confidence and the problem is that a lot of guys actually are pretty confident but by unknowingly saying these things they give others the impression that they are not confident and trust me when I say that you don't want to be viewed as a guy who lacks confidence because life in general is so much harder when other people view this way now the biggest problem with most of these phrases is that they make men look weak and it's hard to be a strong leader of yourself and of other people if you are viewed as a weak man now if you want other people to view you favorably you need to speak and act in ways that convey confidence and people naturally judge you the moment that they lay eyes on you and while it's not necessarily fair it is just the way that the world works and there's nothing you can do about it so what you want to do is make sure that you are on the winning side of the fence whenever you open your mouth now they say that words can move mountains so never underestimate the power of every single word that you speak now if you want to be seen as a confident and powerful man then one of the phrases that you should never say is I hate to bother you but when you say this combination of words what you're really doing is telling the other person that you're very uncomfortable with the response that you might receive from them but more importantly what you're also doing is giving away all of your power with the very first thing that you are saying to the person so if you have something that needs to be said to someone say something like hey when you have a minute I need to talk to you about something rather than saying I hate to bother you but blah blah blah now the main problem with this phrase is that it's a weak impassive way to tell somebody that you have something important to say or ask them now the second combination of words that so many guys unknowingly say every single day that tells other people that they lack confidence is one that is a little bit controversial and it's the phrase I'm sorry now imagine for just a second that you were supposed to pick up your girlfriend from the airport and you completely forgot about it because you were cruising around town with your voice what response do you think is the better one a I'm sorry or be I was cruising around with Bob and Bill and I totally forgot now if you to be than you were correct the reason why the phrase I'm sorry is the wrong answer is because when you say it you are conveying weakness and feelings of inferiority to the other person now one of the biggest signs that a person lacks confidence is constantly saying the words I'm sorry to everyone around him now there are some really rare situations when it does make sense to say this combination of words but in most cases it will simply make you appear weak and tell others that you lack confidence and the more that you say it for any tiny little thing that could be viewed as a mistake that you made the weaker you will look and next up is the third phrase that weak men say all the time without even knowing it at the third phrase that shows that you lack confidence is the phrase I'm worried honestly though there are going to be times in life when you are worried because we're only human right and there is no man alive who doesn't fear something and the reality is that a lot of guys are worried about all kinds of things at any given moment but here is what sets the guy who appears confident apart from the guy who appears unconfident it is only men who lack confidence or men who are weak who say this phrase out loud around other people imagine if you were the president sitting at a table with all of your commander-in-chief and you learned that a foreign country just launched an attack on you now try to picture the president turning to his generals and saying oh man guys I'm really worried about this that would never happen in real life and as a man there is nothing wrong with worrying about things from time to time and it's totally natural to do this but the moment that these words or this phrase leaves your mouth and you tell people around you that you're worried about something you instantly appear weak and unconfident strong confident men worry about things just like everybody else but they rarely ever say it out loud as men other people will be looking to us for strength and direction and saying the phrase I'm worried tells them that you have no strength and no direction now next up is the fourth phrase that so many guys say without even knowing it that makes them look weak and shows that they lack confidence and this is the phrase I just think about the guy who just had his heart broken by his girlfriend and he calls her on the phone and repeatedly says to her I just need to talk to you or I just need to see the problem with this phrase is that it implies neediness or cleanliness but it also conveys weakness and shows that you are scared of what the other person might say in response so if you have something to say to someone whether it's a concern or simply an idea then simply remove the just and say it that way now up at number five is another phrase that conveys to other people that you lack confidence when you say it out loud and this phrase is I think try to imagine Alexander the Great one of the greatest warriors of all time leading his army of thousands of men to the top of a mountain and as they were about to go to war with the enemy Alexander turns around and looks at his army and says to them I think we got this the words I think don't convey the confidence and strength that a strong warrior like Alexander must have now imagine instead if he turned to his army and just simply said the words we got this instead of saying I think we got this that will sound so much better to everybody who is listening to him now the sixth phrase that guys say all the time that conveys weakness and a lack of confidence is could I the other day I was watching some prank videos on YouTube where the guy would go to a college campus and walk around asking girls for their number and out of like 20 girls I don't think he got a single number added into his phone but honestly this came as no surprise because every single time that the guy would ask for the number he would say could I get your phone number or could I have your phone number and there's such a huge difference between saying could I get your number or could I have something and saying give me your phone number or I'll take this or I'll take that if you've watched my other videos you already know that women respond better to dominance confidence and strength so it should come as no surprise that men do as well saying could I have your phone number or could I get a bean burrito is implying to the other person that you are lower in value than them and not deserving of what you are asking for so if the first words out of your mouth to a girl are could I get your number you've already lost before the battle has even started traditionally when men see something that they want they take it not to be confused with stealing someone's bicycle or something if you are conveying to someone that you are weak unconfident and undeserving of something then why would they want to give it to you imagine you have a problem with another guy and you walk up to him and say hey man could I talk to you about something for a minute what you're doing by phrasing this way is devaluing what you have to say before the words even leave your mouth and next up is the seventh phrase or the combination of words that you could be using right now without even knowing it that tells other people that you lack confidence and this phrase is I don't know how many times have you made a statement and then immediately after said the phrase I don't know guys do this all the time to the point where pretty much every single time that they say something they end the statement with the phrase I don't know but for this one context is really important so for example if your parents ask you where the dog is and you genuinely don't know then there's nothing wrong with saying I don't know now I'm at scene you go to a theme park with a girl and she says to you hey what should we do here and you say oh we could go on that right and then immediately in your response with the phrase I don't know saying this phrase after a statement conveys a lack of direction a lack of confidence in your ability to make decisions and also weakness within your mind the only time a guy should say I don't know is when someone asks him where something is and he genuinely doesn't know so if you find yourself using this phrase any other time you are unknowingly telling other people that you lack confidence in yourself and your ability to make decisions now before we end this I'm going to let you in on a little secret avoiding these phrases will allow you to tell other people without actually telling them that you have great strength and great confidence so if you do just that most of the battle is already won right there but another super important truth to understand is that in most situations more words equates to less respect so if you want to gain a lot of respect anytime that you open your mouth you should always try to say whatever it is that you want to say with the fewest amount of words possible now there's nothing wrong with using a lot of words to get your point across but there comes a point where you use too many words and people begin to lose respect for what you have to say now this is something that we all struggle with but as long as you are trying to improve on it every single day then that's all that really matters this has been seven phrases that many guys unknowingly use every single day to tell other people that they lack confidence and however unfair we think it is guys who are perceived as being confident and strong enjoy far more benefits in life than those who are viewed as a weak and unconfident and with that said if you guys are into business and making money and check out my channel business secrets the link is in the description and until next time thanks for watching