7 Things You Only Learn From Attending WWE Live

[Applause] the best way to see WWE live is to experience it firsthand that's saying has been doing the rounds for ages and in many way it's true the atmosphere how close you are the shear way it differs from TV and you can smell the wrestlers sweat many people get their first fix of Pro Wrestling by seeing a live show and when it's complete with all the bells and whistles that come along with Vince McMahon Traveling Circus it's hard not to be won over the spectacle like none other that doesn't mean watching it on television is somehow the ultimate negative however once you get into a routine a broadcast you may even prefer it and some of the changes could even be rather jarring when you venture back out to an arena near you it may even feel like you're watching something brand new just because you're so used to viewing it from the comfort of your own home you've been indoctrinated and you don't even know how it happened it's usually then when you get a huge education oh and why I'm Simon from what culture and this is seven things you only learn from attending WWE live number seven some matches are weird without commentary straight up if you are more familiar with your TV screen than the screams of an arena it's oddly jarring to turn up and realize there is no commentary a lot of folk genuinely think I'll just be blared over the PA which wouldn't make any sense if nothing else the feedback loop would be ridiculous and we're talking about how show the announcers don't even need to be there to begin with would be like throwing money down the drain well you don't have Michael Cole or todd phillips to guide you to the action you all of a sudden realize how much it does add to the experience or at least how it serves to bring a little something extra to proceedings it does mean some fans struggle though as they find it more difficult to get into a match and instead have to put up with some audience members providing their own words that always sucks especially as it's usually drowning in swearing and sweeping statements and sorrowing my fun jackass it kind of sums it up mind there are some individuals out there who do like having their hand held through Aurora smackdown and more power to them it's that little piece of odd magic you'll never quite understand number 6 commercial breaks are obvious when you go to a house show you may not get as amped up wrestlers but you do get flowing matches that have a very definitive start middle end everybody has fun and we leave with sunflower smiles itch Don to our faces go to a TV taping however and things are vastly different especially when you notice the lights dim slightly and a heel slap on a rest hold for a few minutes that my friends is because we've gone to a commercial break it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's happening and on occasion WWE will even air video package on the big screen should they feel the need that does pretty much undermine the match in progress but whatever you got to do right it's also oddly fun because you'll know exactly when the cameras have started rolling again because from nowhere the babyface usually springs into life and performs a hope spot to get the crowd invested once more goes to show the level of production to which I assume many of us take for granted you've got to get those cues down and you've got to get them done every single time and let's face it WWE rarely gets them wrong this is harder if you are attending a raw taping because not only is it already three hours long but you get these odd peaks and troughs to boot at least you see things no one else does even if it is Jinder Mahal slapping on a chin lock for three minutes that's what Twitter is therefore you can head over and complain about what you've just seen and make sure you're tagging jinder himself number five most fans are still there to have a good time there's this idea in 2019 that most fans go to WWE shows to troll the company and just cause a fuss these people exist because of course they do but it's good to remember they're the minority most human beings who turn up just want to have a good time and nine times out of 10 they do take Survivor Series last year for example there was plenty of talk that the audience sounded dead or not invested but plenty of individuals counteracted that by saying the Pockett fans they were surrounded by was screaming their heads off and enjoying every single moment what it's all about regardless what's happening behind the scenes they're still moments to be had by heading to a doubly live show and remembering to have some fun it's good to keep the end your mind - it's why what's in the first place after all as for these trolls well more often than not they get shot down quite quickly when it becomes pretty obvious nobody wants to hear what they've got to say I mean it happened to Enzo amore I imagine it happens to Bert who lives down the street as well don't let that put you off though if you have heard anything otherwise and as a side note remember to wash too otherwise you'll be that guy who gets multiple posts on reddit about how all wrestling fans stink it is not true I like to watch numerous times throughout the day but that is the power of smelling everybody gets thrown into the same bracket and you let the side down number four you're gonna get upselling we all recall WWE shoving the whole $9.99 thing down our throats a few years back it became comical at the time but I guess in one sense it worked Here I am talking about it as a thing the same is probably true about the network always being free for 30-days while this makes sense on TV you may be surprised to hear it also happens away from the cameras during house shows take a second to think about that and of course that's the case the WWE is essentially an on tour shop but there is something odd hearing a ring announcer inform you that so-and-so has a new t-shirt which is available now or yes to pimp out new discounts that apply to the streaming service before you leave you'll be as up-to-date with the marketing plan as you can the worst is when wrestlers themselves have to work into their promos that that always feels forced but whatever it's just better when it's restricted to the person in the suit between the ropes all leaving advertising to the big screen it works though but didn't WWE wouldn't do it it also means if you do walk away with a t-shirt or a funky pair of sunglasses you shouldn't be too surprised it's half of the experience I guess spending money on things you could have got cheaper online but at least if you buy your favorite wrestlers merchandise you'll know you're helping them behind the scenes the more product they sell the more likely they are to get a big old push so if you do buy 100 tied Dillinger 10 t-shirts he may just end up becoming the US Champion and that's all because you went to a WWE live event number three is so damn slick apply more to televised shows just as there's more to do going to see WWE live is a masterclass in production it's so efficient and as dated so damn slick and yeah I know Roark and drag on but forgetting that aspect how it's all put together is brilliant take shifting the set around when Smackdown transforms into 205 live it's almost effortless and the speed in which this happens is worth staying around for alone companies got it down to a fine art if this way from top to bottom to merchandise security cueing whatever there's a reason WWE is described as a Wailord machine and that's because it can pull off these grand events with few to no issues whatsoever that's not easily done obviously finances help but go to any other wrestling show and you're Stu know is the differences some even say that it's too well-managed which ultimately affects the product we get on TV but that seems far-fetched when you're dealing with an operation this size you need to know how to get through it like clockwork the fact WWE does that each and every time is praiseworthy indeed it's the praise never forget that they're so good at this other sports often borrow from WWE as well and they're saying something they're ahead of the game when it comes to production and import eyeballs elsewhere keep an eye on what's going on just in case they can use it never to floss Ian can suck this is a tough one as it can go your way for example way back in 2008 when I attended Royals court in London myself and a friend plumped for four seats and got to the very front row it was great and I even got on camera cheering when Triple H took his top off those two things are not related but that's what happens when you sit where everyone can see you you can be reacting to something else entirely and it looks like you're not this isn't always the case however and choosing between getting as close as possible or having a good view of the action is something to ponder if you are towards the back of the pack and WWE decides they're not gonna use the big screens to show any of the matches you may struggle to view what's going on then you gotta stand the whole time along with little kids who have voiced it up on their chairs for the same reason and it becomes a battle to view anything rather than just enjoying some good old-fashioned wrestling so you got to think about it is it worth the risk of potentially staring at someone's skull for a few hours or are higher seats when you know you'll be able to see the ring the way to go number one sold-out doesn't always mean sold out you've probably heard this one before even if you've never been to a live show but WWE will tell you a show is sold out even if it isn't so the most surprising thing the world of make-believe you don't always have to be accurate but hey you have come here for facts so that's what you're gonna get if you want the real juicy details sometimes fans are even repositioned for broadcast so that on TV it looks as if the whole place is filled to the rafters smart unfortunately in 2019 social media is all the rage you can't get away with this like you're used to fans seem to love showing what an arena actually looks like which equally will be met by shock and horror from other wrestling addicts it's almost a compliment in many ways everybody expects all WWE events to be sold-out it can suck if you turn up and don't quite get the rowdy atmosphere you're hoping for but that's why it's always good to take stock of what you're actually attending it's WrestleMania expect carnage and if it's a random house show maybe a few thousand smiling faces is more appropriate you can't really blame ww for this from an announcing point of view either Michael Cole isn't going to welcome us to the almost filled Allstate Arena but it's sound ridiculous and besides if you can inflate genuine sold-out numbers why not do it the other way too because that is wrestling and on that note if you do want to go on to Google and find out what the actual attendance is were for some famous wrestling events well you may very well just be surprised when you do learn this remember this article and remember that what culture wrestling kept you ahead of the curve aren't you lucky boys and girls yes your dare well aah [Music] Jeff fire-rescue a can to London [Music]