7 Ways to Scratch the Travel Itch in Quarantine


Kristen & Siya


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so we're quarantined we are inside being quarantined means no travel if you're like me you're probably like what do I do to scratch that travel itch if I'm stuck indoors I don't know where when I'm gonna be able to travel that's no one knows how long this is gonna go on for but how do I fulfill that need for travel for culture for adventure in my life well in this video I'm gonna share exactly what I've been doing so you can do it too at home experiment with recipes from your favorite countries around the world try out that dish that you've been wanting to recreate from that trip you took two years ago to Thailand try something new or try something that you have not not even heard of but there's a country that you love and just like look up recipes or traditional dishes from that country and go and give it a try yourself flavors of a country are a great way to experience a culture listen to cultural music dance your butt off dance like no one's watching and if they are who cares just let your body do what it wants and flow and let it all out let that stress out off of your shoulders that you've been carrying and just have fun music is such a big part of so many cultures there's so many different sounds and languages and rhythms you can experience I'm gonna link my Spotify account to the description box below you can go check out my playlist that I'm very carefully put together that includes many different tracks from different artists from all over the world [Music] right now is the best time to plan that dream trip life is so precious you have to spend it doing what you want to do and fulfilling those dreams and living the life you've always wanted for yourself so start planning that dream trip and the best way to do that is vlogs trouble bugs get it inspired get travel tips and advice check out the travel blogs there's one that's called hopscotch the globe calm there is travel YouTube videos hello hopscotch the globe Channel and many others it's the best place to fuel that inspiration and get tips and advice from people who have done those trips that you want to do or have money-saving tips or places that you should stay or things you absolutely have to do that you didn't even think of so get planning now use these resources and get excited about your travels ahead [Music] [Applause] travel books there is nothing quite like a good story to take your mind off of anything else it may be dwelling on any anxieties or fears to get consumed in a good story that takes place in a faraway land to be able to like let it suck you in and use your imagination to the point where you actually could feel like you're even there yourself I love a good book and these books I'm gonna share with you or ones that have swept me away that continue to be my favorite books and once I've read over and over again a classic The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho it is about boy named Santiago he travels from Spain to Egypt and along the way he meets a gypsy woman he meets a king and he meets an alchemist and they all help guide him along his journey which ends up being more than just trying to search out a physical treasure it's a bit of a story of self-discovery about following your dreams and listening it to your heart holy cow this is hilarious it's so funny it is the funniest book I've ever read in my entire life I'm talking every single page no exaggeration okay sometimes every other page but a lady who goes to India the first time hates it ends up going a second time and falls in love and just like have you've been to India you're gonna get all this if you haven't been to India it's gonna make you want to go to India Eat Pray Love yes I love this book some people hate it I love it if you ever heard of it where have you been Shanta Ram this book is humongous it's like thousand pages almost it's a big book but it is a crazy story and by the end of it you're like why is it over it should keep going it's not a man who escapes jail in Australia and then goes to India and lives in the slums and works in the black market and like heals all these people and I'm just gonna leave it at that it is a crazy story it's sucks you in and you are like all of a sudden two hundred pages and you're like where did the time go because it just sucks you in I love books like this if you're anything like me then you have probably 50,000 or more photos on your laptop that you haven't looked at in years yeah I always get that message that I have like no space on my laptop because I'm so many photos and videos and the majority of them are from my past travels and I haven't been through them in years but lately I have been doing that I've been going back and looking at like photos from my first trip her photos from my travels that I had even a couple years ago that I never even looked at ever it's a great way to relive those travel experiences and fuel that wonder less and get excited about your next trips you can even print off photos and make photo albums or scrapbooks let's go old-school back to the basics I love photo albums [Music] learn a new language right now is the time to develop a new skill or deuce so that thing that you've been wanting to do for years but you put off and meant for many of you that is learning a new language for me include it I want to better my Spanish I also want to learn Italian I don't want to learn Farsi I want to learn french online so many languages but one language of designing people one language at a time watch a good travel movie a movie that takes place in a beautiful destination somewhere around the world could be place that you really want to go to or one that maybe you never even considered but you will after you watch the movie I have a whole list of my top travel movies I'm not going to mention them all in this video but you can head on over to my blog post and check them out see if you can still scratch that itch that travel itch even if you are locked in the side there's so much you can do to fuel that wonder less and get excited about life and about traveling again because we are all going to travel again this is going to end it will and we'll be able to hop on that plane and go on an adventure that we've been wanting to go on so enjoy stay happy keep smiling be grateful connect with each other love each other and I will see you in another video love you guys so much so much