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ladies and gentlemen what's up it's courage I just got home to my parents house I just woke up from a nap took that out from streaming but swap ax who's that in the video shout-out to him he's been crushing it it's a jack we did an intro for tomorrow's I said I'm your man so real quick today's video is insane it's the craziest thing we've ever done with a random duo I wound up matching him I said yo if we win this next game $100 bet next you know people are gonna chat start donating $100 huh dramas huh growls we wind up deciding to do it all the way up to $700 $700 bet you'll see the outcome that happens here's what I ask if you're watching this and you're not subscribed to the channel please subscribe over 100,000 subscribers in the last few weeks smash the like button if you want to see more videos like this as always we'll see you guys tomorrow with another video thank you so much for watching all right y'all listen you there yeah if we win this game I'll gift 50 subs in my channel hey I like that it's a good thing and good strategy aren't that bit so listen my stream is gonna be rootin for you bro these people want these subs okay I guess you got some console pressures on you homey cuz I love this game in Affleck has come to pick up Josh Hartnett I love this I don't know what those references are but I'm with it Marauder thanks man oh sorry I haven't watched ages I love this so I love this what I'm seeing right now chat we love this hey remember 50 gifted subs on the line bro there's a lot of people watching right now and their route for you what are your thoughts on the global economic differences between triple a powerhouse countries like the USA and their growing domestic GDP and those less fortunate third world countries who struggle to get an equal product out into the world for the footing to be able to grow their overall you know why 2x over 34 years well I would say this that um if you can't beat them join them yeah and there's opportunity for everybody out there you know he's got to get out there and do it yeah just to be clear what I said made no sense right I mean you knew the lingo I'll give you that you know there's a lot of people watching right now that you everything about the fact that uh they probably have an unredeemed twitch prime sub all the time man use it use that served wait so you're telling me right now Tennessee the man himself people want to call you whiskey you're telling me whiskey lots of people redeeming Greece up oh god what you're fighting with there hold on I'm not with you I got your brother Andy expect they'll have to have them I got a bet you for you oh my god good stuff oh my god baby got you homie that's easy yeah appreciate that hot in India Lakes iam building I'll pop it out on the hop it out of them these shields anywhere you got you get minis or something no heels no heels I'd be carefully careful you got people looking at you I got minis up here being gets me oh we got zone actually I could just carry these hold on start moving towards oh I'm sorry start moving to safety for yourself 3:30 3:30 ICSD ACCC knocked one shop you're out here cleaning them up a cheetah heels in heels no heels for I was looking into the zone for I don't see any at the plains he's about to get in the plane or something oh wait he's in the ground he's in the ground I forgot come grab these my bad I forgot you need a minis doctor 1 come on baby let's go grab those mom bro 50 gifted subs man it's a lot of pressure on you right now oh yeah all the swords down this is the sword right here let's get it someone just picked it up someone just got it he died he died sword stop let's go he's getting flanked - go go go go go oh my god grab that baby let's go boys you guys want to play this game you want to play this game kids come on come up you want to play this game come on come on come on let's go whiskey let's go whiskey let's get it whiskey hello hey what's going on let's go get him baby serves yeah I give to the 50 subs a bunch people or sub books which Prime I'll send you $100 if we win this next game Wow you down take the bet yeah I'm down I'm down all right there it is Chapman did you see anyone land here no I don't see mine all right stay frosty brother stay frosty you've been played since season three for this moment don't worry there's only 30,000 people watching you only enough no can we get can we get some stuff over here plug him again you say you say can we get some subs for old courage here can we get some serves damn it oh wow I love this guy I love them this guy's the best bro you're it's better this tree with you than my other streamer Prince man you're better a plug-in what this guy a plug now you going lurch you got merged all right I got no merch but I got a at courage CD all over social media it is thank you it is on the way yes hundred hey eyes got $100 donation that says another hundred to make it two hundred for you all right well hey I just ate I can't fight that you got PayPal yeah did all right well that's why you're getting paid when we win this game brother hey I got to do something I earned it though you know this is group effort a southern way so what's up you got it you got you got a girlfriend or what I don't know we're singer right now hey hey any ladies of the stream looking for a nice southern southern boy southern boy about six feet okay dude what the flex on me just do some five nine Road Jesus hey hey oh thank you God all right I'll take that I do got clout yeah I just got another $100 donation and said make it 300 you would now have $300 riding on this game homie I love your chat man $300 dude she bet you're probably getting real nervous now ever you here tied the bags thank you okay I like that I like that oh my god they're both in there what they're ones both weak they're both we have a no stayin man I'm sorry did it being [Music] double or nothing this man is scared for his love oh yes whoa let's go baby come on come on come on we can do this Wow hey can you do me a favor by the way and just tell everyone right now that's watching this stream all 30,000 people that they should go sub to my youtube channel to be able to because when this becomes an epic video they should all be something with like the video it'll be a great moment thanks hey listen everybody in the chat 30,000 people let's make it forty thousand people each friends in here okay I need y'all to go over to YouTube / JD scrap turn on them bales Harold enough occations stay up to date for all the content you want to see ever I love this guy $600 you're dead to him also there you go you heard it here first make it a hundred more wait bro you there oh we're here what's that I just got donated another $100 this is now a $700 bed 700 if you win this game you get 700 hours you could buy a Wii wait oh my god I just got the biggest courage lose the world's gold star oh my god my heart is racing 700 hours in this match you're just tuning in for my random duo here streamer Luke chat streamer Luke you love this right now we love this start bro heavy sigh before with oh my god Oh dad Oh dad $700 bro that's like you could buy a ton of Christmas gifts at that dude what would you say what did you spend that on that well christmas is coming around alright you know maybe maybe a maybe take a girl out you know girl you got a little date action that now I like that chat what would you spend $70 on but we oh my god saying a week would you buy a Wii for $700 absolutely not pretty stupid thing to do right oh yeah what would you say to someone who bought at 7-under are we I would think it would be a console player so you don't make good decisions anyway [Laughter] guys this is incredible bro there's only 22 left we haven't seen a single salt no man no it's been good this is free money for you homie try to win about content this is a patina nothing we got content ro all right man let's focus up now all the laughing is done all the jokes the happy smiley funny moments we know it's done okay it's time to spam the monkey asses the courage asses and get scared cake is now we're scared right in front of us right in front of us he's drunk he's trying to run got him let's go boy come on let's go yup I'm getting site that from retail we're not done yet we're not done yet yeah I got a slip for you plane flying at me here get to the building so we get to the building to me it's clean water got'em let's go limbed one $700 top ten chat gas is up whoa nice let's go baby I'm not gonna buy salty tubes yeah come on come on come on we can do this I'll be there oh I wanted that so bad Wow my god to be one baby let's go this man is scared for his life oh yes he is doesn't understand what's about to happen yo listen you got to win the 1 B 1 from said you wanted a way to earn it you win it right here and there he's up top I'm not helping him I'm not helping 700 bucks whoa let's go 700 hours let's go dude you love to see it whisky wins it $700 haze buying Christmas gifts now for the fam huh whiskey bro I like it $700 richer dude how do you feel you know yayi hey bro I love to see it yo listen you know you're do you know your email for your PayPal yeah dude alright type it I'm hiding my screen right now type into the chat not yet I just I just sent it to that yeah go check it oh my god brother I appreciate it hey you did it bad $700 richer man that's from the courageous the courageous were the ones who upped it man they were they were the ones donating bro hey I appreciate that courageous I need people to subscribe you know real quick get twenty gifted for that you got the seven hundred dollars instantly sent to the PayPal can you believe you joined random duo's and now your 7:00 or hours richer random duo's didn't expect nothing but a couple wins in the day game-changer and now look at you bro that's awesome you know congratulations whiskey hey man I appreciate it well I am happy for you man you're cool dude you deserve it thank you brother thank you for the support thank you for not only watching me but watching you know all the guys and having some fun with it I'm gonna keep you I'm gonna go ahead and keep you added for now probably get more games in the future but uh to you and your family have a very happy holiday have a great one brother and keep an item that'll be on the YouTube channel brother for sure so you could show show your boys I'm a mess live a good Christmas and everything Thank You YouTube have a good one do you really that's what it's all about that's what it's all about you got to spread the good vibes Street you got to spread the good vibes [Music]