7Day TAS Mastery 15 How To Go Live

hey there we're talking to cry here and in this video I'm going to show you how to go live on YouTube and in an earlier video I already showed you my sort of tour a tour about in my home studio but at this time I want to dive onto my screen and show you what steps I'm taking in order to make sure that I'm actually going live and in between I may be showing some things here in the studio as well just to make sure you get a good view and a good idea of what it all takes are a couple things that even before doing anything or in a laptop what I would try to have in place is a wired internet connection actually I'm just gonna shoot a quick video with my phone here as well so you can actually see a similar thing so right here I actually got a wired connection to make sure that it's not just you know Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi is usually too slow especially for uploading and streaming live so if you can make sure you have a wired connection especially a fast internet connection that will be highly recommended assuming that that is already in place the tool that I'm using that I would recommend you to use as well is called OBS and the reason for why I would recommend it is because it's free there are other tools out there that some people say are easier to use personally I don't have experience with any of them because I like OBS and it's not as easy to use but it is free and you can get it at OBS project.com and once you have that installed on your computer it works on both Mac as well as when Windows personally I'm on a Mac version so I can only show you what it looks like from my end and once that's set up I want you to install that what I'm gonna do first is that's actually before you would go live you would go to youtube.com you're you are logged in and then the top right corner right here it will say create a video or pose and I'm gonna click there and I'm gonna say go live so I'm just gonna create a new stream to give you the same experience so first of all you're gonna create a title personally I would go for something that describes your your webinar so for example that could be the hook that I talked about so or for example something like behind the scenes course creation email mark there could be anything doesn't really matter as much because we're not showing that to the public actually so unlisted I would you could add a description for example something like describing what you were going to do I'm recording a new course of course about X Y Zed just as in this room in case someone would go directly to the youtube link but we're actually going to embed this into a page I'll show that later you can schedule this for later to make sure that you know you can embed it all and make sure it's all set up and upload a custom thumbnail to make sure that it's embedded it will actually look good now what I'm gonna do like this is what I would normally do now I'm actually going to copy one of my earlier streams just to make sure because I already have the image in the title so I can actually show you what I've actually done for that one so I'm just go back and right now it's asked me to copy and create so I'm gonna copy what I've done a day to Ryland recording this I'm about to go into day three so now you can actually see what I've wrote exactly so I wrote day two in this case I'm gonna change that day three how to generate recurring revenues in a simple yet little-known email strategy just here get it behind the scenes Luke while I'm recording a brand new course and how to get her to occur revenue as you can see I just wrote the same thing again because I don't think these things are as important so I just wanted to keep it quick go to and then email hang a lot that come from one formation that is the page where people could enter their email address just in case someone is on YouTube and they're like hey what is this all about they can go to the URL um also sign up so I have their email address right scheduled for later yes so today it is this is one is going a lot may tool second we're starting at in my case at 2:00 p.m. so let me select 2:00 p.m. right I've added a thumbnail just like a picture of me right here standing just so that you know there is something there because normally when you create a YouTube video YouTube will create a preview image based on the video but obviously right now there is no video yet right why that is the case I'm a to 2 p.m. next and now I have a couple different things right I get this screen and I will need this code right here but there was a couple different things I need to do because I'm assuming that you're creating this maybe even hours like I am hours before the actual livestream so what I'm gonna do first like I'm gonna copy this code stream the key stream key we will need to remember that for for OBS in just a little bit for now I'm just gonna click on done right now we have this scheduled and I want to go to the live dashboard let's see I'm trying to look for what the alright here it is so here's the youtube link right so this last part we would actually need or the embed code actually so here's the embed code that you can put into your web site to make sure you can create a page where people can go to and the reason why I prefer to do a page instead of having people for example since you're sending people to the youtube link what you can do as well that's totally fine reason why I prefer to do it on my own site is that we can actually add some pixels in there for example a Facebook pixel I think like that make sure we can eventually retarget and also obviously because I want to have a viral in there so I want to just log into clickfunnels so right here you're looking at my funnel and I've actually already created a page and that is from a template that that that clicked on it has obviously you don't have to use click for us it's just a tool I'm using it really doesn't matter what kind of tool you're using whatever browser whatever you have to build pages and again if you don't want to go simple you don't want to do any pages you can still just stream it on YouTube and send people to the youtube link because it will work pretty much the same I just I like I said I want to have a viral as part of it because obviously that's part of the whole strategy so I'm gonna edit this page and I'm gonna show you again we have this last piece of code the embed code you could add that onto your site and click for no there's actually an option to add videos and all they are asking is the YouTube URL now as you can see I don't really have a URL but I do I can replicate it so if I just get this link right here open that in my browser and as you can see boom there is the link that I want I'm gonna put that in here so now if I would go to this page it would embed the the red YouTube video however that's not all I want every we would be looking at day two for example the one that I did before today while I'm recording this video here's currently the replay so there's this video right here and then below the video there is obviously a viral and there is the live chat which right now is disabled for the live stream now here's my take I wanted to make sure that there's something where people can communicate with each other right to somewhere that where people can gather each other and I've considered multiple things I've considered Facebook comment region I think I told you about that earlier but if I would embed a Facebook comment feature it wouldn't update automatically like if people would enter a comment on the page and someone else would then comment no one would actually see it until they would refresh the page which would stop the live stream so in other words I wanted to have something there that happens live on the page without having people to refresh the page or leave the page or do anything else and still be able to communicate and what I discovered is that there's actually a way to embed the YouTube live stream and this means that basically on when you do a live stream on YouTube below the YouTube video if you would go to youtube so if I would go to the page like this during the live stream and there will be a live chat on the right-hand side here and here you see it usually live chat from yesterday where people were chatting right and this part I always I didn't I did not want to go let people go to youtube for that so I found a way you can actually embed this onto your site and I'll make sure to copy the code that I used for that which you can add in but I want to show you how I did that so in click minutes or any other website builder I've got a little bit of code so what I've done is I added a little bit of code HTML code like this right so biggest iframe frame border I can now copy the code but there's two things we'll need to change first of all is this last part which is the part of the youtube link for your video so in this case I'll go to my day 3 livestream that I just created and I copy paste this last piece of it alright and I go back into I pay that I post at here and what's also very important is to have your domain name where it is at so whatever the domain is where you are putting that code it needs to be here because if this is the wrong URL YouTube will block it there for some reason will only allow it if you have the red domain here and if I would now save it then on the live stream on the page will now be the embedded video as well as the live chat so as soon as I go like later today we will we will be everyone will be seeing the live stream as well as the live chat so I just need to make sure while I'm creating this video that this URL of this page is all good because it should be similar we'll be happy yesterday as you can see I'm making changes on the fly so right now I want to make sure that all the pages are the same and also what I've done is because I realized during this live stream so far again I have just finished two days worth of then a lot of people many people there are joining the live stream but some people are joining the live stream with day one and then some people there they haven't done their one with the are on day two so there's gonna be people joining your live stream if you do it over multiple it multiple days even though they haven't watched any of the previous one that's why I decided to add a link to as you can see right here let me just open the page two links to the previous ones so people can still watch it so as you can see right here this is the live stream that I have embedded and as you can see live in four hours people can set a reminder if they're here on this page and here I add a link back to the recording of day one and a recording of day two and here's gonna be the live chat as I mentioned before where people can actually chat live as a well and here's vile wicked now just in case you don't know how to get the viral widget what you need to do is from your viral account go to the installation tab and then make sure you collect the code for the widget which is this code right here and I've added that into this section right here and that will automatically show up as the viral widget as it will do right here so enough talking about the page I want you to show how to go live and again we have used the tool OBS so let me just open up the tool OBS again that is a tool that will help you go alive but something I need to explain is that basically it works you can have multiple formats right so what I mean with that is like if I would go live on my mobile phone it would just be one camera and like there's no no nothing to change I cannot go to to a for example a my my screen I cannot I couldn't show my screen or anything like that and for most people that would be fine right because oftentimes you can do everything by talking so if you want to go easy you could even just go live on your phone and forget the whole fancy fancy setup right here but again I want to show you behind the scenes in so you know exactly how we all do it so right here you're looking at my OBS and as you can see right here I'm looking you're looking at the main camera which is recording right there but what I've done is like there's multiple scenes right here I got a scene create the front camera I'm actually going to show you how to create a new scene because you'll have to do that as well so let's say I will call this demos keen because you'll have to set it all up initially right so I'll call it demo scene and and basically every scene you can get put in sources as they call it so you can add say like hey this should be my webcam right so I could say add a source and this is all in Dutch unfortunately but there's plenty of guides if you google for like how to use OBS you'll find it and yes it will take you time to learn like I'm talking to you as if I know it all trust me it cost me a couple of headaches when I had to set all this up it is something that we take a bit of time and is quite a challenge again if you are if you like that kind of challenge go for it if you want to just go with the flow I would say in perfect action again imperfect action beats perfect in action so you could literally put your phone on a stand somewhere and tap that and go live with that I mean you could definitely do that as well and forget the whole OBS system again I want to show you how I am doing it so in this case they say like media source video capture device that's what I want so now I can select a video capture device and I've already added various cameras but let's say I want to do a demo cam ok and then I can actually select like for example my webcam hello right there in my laptop or I can like I've select I I've actually connected them another let me just show you that another webcam right here boof you can see so there's a cable going into my laptop great and because of that I can select it and the fourth one is my main camera and as I showed you in the under the on an earlier video I've got this device called the cam link and if you search for the cam link you will find it in that basically of getting a normal camera connected to into your USB port and then be able to select it right here so it is all the way over there so even if I would add this right it would still there would not be any audio and that's the confusing part you need to setup everything manually so now I also need to say audio input cool audio input and again I'm gonna say that's audio I'll have to select which camera so for example from the main camera the one that I'm recording cam link that's how it's called apparently and now I do have audio and you can actually see that right here so this is just a simple way of like right to adding one camera you could also play around with it and add another scene for example to add your screen and if you would do that you can then select and again if you would for obs god you'll see written guide which is often a lot easier to actually follow it true then comes the question like even if you know like now I got my camera streaming or not streaming but like OBS knows what camera I want to use cool what do i do what do I do next well and you go to settings again is all in touch and you go to the stream and from there you need to select YouTube or you keep gaming and they have two serves I'll just go for the primary one and this is the code that we saved earlier let me just go back to make sure we all know what that is because that is the code right here copy boo press ok and now if I would go and start the stream wait a couple of seconds and then this screen will automatically saved like this screen right here is automatically detecting like hey it's someone streaming like is there something happening a once it's happening once someone is actually streaming then you can go click here on go live there automatically will be a button show that will show up go live and that is when you are live now I wanted a percent understand that all of this seems very far-fetched and all of this is very how do you say it it seems like a lot of work and honestly it is like I can beat around the bush but it is a bit of a complex thing to set up so it like if you're if this feels way over your head I would definitely just go for your mobile device a stream with that and if you do like I want to try this out and here's what I did I didn't just go live here right I didn't just put all my eggs in one basket and just say like hey I'll go live and hopefully everything will go right now what I did instead is I figured you know what I'm gonna go live I'm just gonna try it out and I'm not gonna do it public it's gonna be in look no one can actually see it and so like there's last week actually and I just gave the link in my case I gave the link to the live stream to so many my team hey check it out but you can also ask it to like a a neighbor or someone and just testing it out like because I I try to go live and and I ask them like hey do you see something no it's a black screen oh wait I forgot to set to change that setting how you know is it do you hear me all right whoa the audio could be a bit louder oh how do I fix that so I was just stringing and every single time when I run into an issue I just google for it or like it's again it is not easy again this is the raw version this is me talking honestly to you what it all takes to do something like this and just so you know right here as soon as I change another seed so for example I already got the front camera I also got for example the webcam right here so if I select this then what I see here on the top is automatically what people will be streamed live as well so right here I can just switch like hey Tom to you all here and now I'm talking to people right here right so I hope that sort of makes sense and this is how I go live now in terms of the setup I already showed you that before so I try to keep it interactive I put the television right over here so it's actually behind me on the screen and I got the whiteboard over there so I can just draw something out again that's all not necessarily required at all but it is again how I'm doing it so I hope this helps you to go live and prepare for your live stream as well and I'll see you in the next video