7Day TAS Mastery 16 Lessons Learned

hey there toko here and in this video I wanted to talk to you about some lessons learned during the live cast and things that I didn't really consider beforehand so these are sort of like random things but they will be good to learn you can learn from my mistakes and the first thing is to to don't just rely on one channel in terms of your marketing and a reason being is because during our live event like our initial main channels like sending out emails to active campaign but unfortunately active campaign had some major issues during this live week which means that emails were not going out and things like that and that's what I mean so don't rely on one marketing John that's why it's good to for example ask people after they do sign up like hey could you join my messenger list so you could also send them on messenger I think that's a good lesson to learn second lesson is that I accept that it doesn't wouldn't go will not go perfect right like we all would like to do it perfect and no mistakes but mistakes are going to happen and what I found so far during the live streams is that people are quite forgiving so that's really good so don't sweat it too much it's it's totally fine to make mistakes now let's see what else the when you're using OBS to to do your live stream to OBS and if you're using multiple cameras or for example you want to switch to to your screen and show that what I would do is I would go to your settings of OBS and then add in a shortcut so you can switch to a certain scene so you can for example have a shortcut and switch to your main camera have another shortcut where you can switch to your screen that you're if you want to show something on your screen like for example slides or something like that because I didn't have that initially and after like search and click and search and click but that's distracting right because you're already peeking and you're already talking and with like doing everything from the top of your mind and just going at it and stuff like that is distracting so the second day what I did is I had shortcut so I can easily would like a short get boom go to the Mancow a shortcut boom I go to the screen shirt kaboom I go back to the main so that's seven definitely something I've learned as well if you're doing any winners like why did make sure to write down who won and what about the prizes there are so bright after the slideshow I forgot to do that on Monday I needed to like check and think who was that who was the winner what else like just as a general rule or suggestion like if you get any awesome feedback because a lot of people are gonna if you do this and you do it well people are gonna thank you for being you know doing this all life and they're gonna love you for it and if they send you any testimony it's always good to to save that and ask if you can use that because it may help you in other marketing in the future it's always a good thing yeah these are some of the lessons I learned along the way if I think of any others after the next live stream I'll definitely let you know but for now these are less I wanted to share with you that the same