7Day TAS Mastery 19 Promotion Emails

hey there was Rooker to cry here and in this video I want to give you behind the scenes on all the emails that were sending out to promote our offer so in the last video I showed you the sales page that we have created and obviously we're sending out emails and below this video you'll actually find the PDF with those emails so you can actually see and be inspired but I just wanted to quickly go through them so you know exactly what we're doing so on the first day after the live launch so we finished up the third day on Thursday then on Friday what we're doing is we're sending out this email which is basically making sure that people are gettting knowing what their what the deal is right - this is really introduction to the offer so I make them curious about the three hour principles I make sure that it's clear like now you have a chance to grab everything you need like start building a list from zero expense and accelerate your list growth and turn your email list into a most profitable marketing channel so those are the clear benefit that they're getting from the thing that we offer and then I'm also making clear like what what does it actually get like and I start off or like the one UPS and free access to even like in master class the one utilize it to a viral quick start video training like all the bonuses to make sure even in the email even if someone is just on their mobile phone and they don't really feel like clicking through I'd still wanted to know what is all about instead of just being very vague and curious and what I've done here at the bottom just be clear is I've added the third day of recordings and the reason why I've done that and I've included the youtube link right here is because and you'll see this right here pause it you'll see or actually I should not pause it you'll see all the live chat going on right here and that is good for engagement and I just want to make sure that's still part of it but the reason why I only went for the third day's replay is because this doesn't like this and doesn't show the whole course because if I would send out day one two and three then they would get a big part of the course already they can't watch it and I didn't want to do that so now they actually have to I only can get to see part three and the first two videos there they cannot see it so but I did want to see that show them that engagement also because during this live stream at some point I talk about the actual offer so even if look at this there would be an extra sales message where they will be able to get access to this whole course and hold whole set up as well so this is what's coming out on Friday then on Saturday we're sending out this video and this email in this video I talk about apparel how created my personal need and then I barely go into some stories of like ha social proof J'son team I got from David he's sharing results and there's more like how the Navajo got XM on only it's pork of 9000 dates Michael called 30,000 blades from Matt you've got 100,000 a Detroit got over 200,000 dates so all kinds of customer experience using apparel so it's not just me who's saying at apparel works well but they see it from colors also so that's going out on Saturday and on Sunday I'll go into all the objection so I'm at myself like hey what are the things that they may be wondering about and I'm selling them out a Q&A email which is always my favorite email to overcome objections because I can just add in any kind of questions and if there's something that they recognize like hey yeah ice I was on the fence but I was actually wondering like why like is this actually for beginners or is exactly for me right now I can just go into each of those again you'll find the PDF down below so then they can actually go through and see exactly get the answers they want to have with you which is my way of trying to overcome those objections and then on Monday which is the last day I sending out this email right here as a scarcity email in the morning and then another final email in the evening to make sure they actually know like this is it like this that's all this email is about or closing it down and if you wanna grab access to his offer this is when you need to do it and that is my full promotion mo strategy for this campaign shooting this before we actually this is all scheduled in so this has not been sent just yet so I cannot say how it went so far but I'm pretty excited and I think this will work well so that's it I'll see you in the next video