7Day TAS Mastery 21 Overview and Wrapup

hey difference we're gonna cry here and in this video we're gonna wrap the whole campaign up so what I mean with that is like over the last series of videos I've been basically taking you by the hand and giving you over the shoulder look of exactly all the steps I've been taking in this campaign I've shown you like what emails are sending out what Facebook Ads we've created all those kind of things and I can totally imagine that by the end of this now you sort of sort of want to see like like word is it all connect or like everything summarized in one video so it's all gonna make sense so yes some of the things that we're going to talk about in this video is going to be repetitive but that's all just because I want you to have a clear understanding and to make it all more organized in a step-by-step format so we're gonna touch down quickly on the campaign overview the preparations that we're doing before actually before the whole live event during the event and after the event on a high-level view what are the things we need to do and obviously the nitty-gritty kind of details they're all in the previous videos that you've already seen by now but this is the overall view of like the main core things in this whole campaign so again the idea of this whole campaign was seven days where the first day we invite and then we go do a live broadcast for three days in a row on the third day which is actually they for the third live broadcast we actually had an offer at the end as well which is basically the free course the course that you've created during this broadcast and they get they get it that for free is a free bonus for your main offer did you know that you can offer here at the end and then day five six seven now in practice what I have what I actually did is that I started promoting slightly earlier I had a couple of days promotion before the actual live event to make sure there were more people actually on board but that is the overall campaign now for you again in the previous videos you will have a better clearer view of like how it all played out and in terms of preparing for this whole campaign all the things I needed to do before we could actually go live this is the actual list so the first thing I needed to do is decide on the main offer right that's the very first thing what's the thing that eventually I'm trying to get more customers for info right in my case that was a viral but also you probably already have a product or service that you like hey I want to sell that at the end basically right and then I was gonna write then I was gonna dive into creating a training right so what am I gonna do during these three days what am I going to teach people right so first of all I needed to decide what the course should be about right and it should always match with the main offer right if that's not gonna be a match then there's no like it doesn't really make sense it needs to be something that you can bundle later on like hey if you get this main offer my product or my service you will also get this course which is you know it helps each other it's better if you get both to get it right in my case like viral is all about getting more emails the course that I created was how to make more to get more customers from your emails right so it plays well together and get really clear on your avatar like who are you serving for who are you creating that it's important to realize like how in-depth should you go with your course and then should come up with a hook which basically is an interesting way to describe what you'll teach bula I mean I could have said like hey I'm teaching about email marketing and that's boring right so you want to try to come up with a hook that's interesting you know an interesting way to describe your your course over the don't beat yourself up over it just go with the flow as well and I wouldn't spend too - too much time on it and then always they finally map out your content which in my I've done exactly like this I've done a mind map but I would go with whatever you prefer whatever you feel comfortable with and that way I was able to prepare the training think about like alright what am I going to teach the next thing you needed to do as well is to prepare the freebie sort order prices like what am I going to give away and I figured you know what I'm gonna give away some t-shirts first of all because they're relatively cheap and I know that whoever people want to win this they're gonna be interested in our brand because you know it's our brand that destroyed and also I gave them a little tool that we already have or it could be anything that you already have like a resource or a PDF or something that your audience wants to have but something that you can give away as a freebie and then all you need to create your frontal and it actually involves multiple steps as I showed you before so I needed to create a landing page where people actually opt-in I needed to create a thank-you page so that's the page after that people will see like with a video like hey thanks for signing up you know here's the deal we're gonna go live on business in this date if you want to if you want to share here's the link below basically just a quick thank you video after they signed up and optionally you can add a link to subscribe on Facebook for example and also definitely embed an and viral with it there so people can share and the word gets out and you'll get more people into your event for free mostly create a new viral campaign which I've shown you in more detail in the previous course as well I needed to set up an autoresponder email in other words if someone actually opts in an email goes out like hey thank you for signing up that's obviously the least you can do and someone enters their email address and I need to create the three pages to embed the live video so I need to create actually the total of three different pages four different pages or landing page Thank You page the live video page there's three of the equal the same page to account that as well I just duplicated them and overly the offer page which is the final page where people are gonna see during you know after the live event you're going to send them to that like hey here's an offer with my main product and the free product that you're gonna get as a bonus again in during this whole course I've already shown you that so if you skipped all the way to the end I highly recommend you to watch that course first there's even PDFs in there but you'll see some screenshots of lining my pages for your inspiration as well but in a nutshell these are the pages that you need to create landing page Thank You page the page where you can embed a YouTube video and a page where you have your offer and obviously you need to make sure that they're getting they're getting an email after they sign up and ideally you'll have an a viral campaign in your Thank You page as well so at that point I had training prepared I knew I was gonna but I was gonna say I had the pages actually prepared but then I also needed to prepare to go live right which for me meant install OBS I've talked about that before and just test it out to see how it all works because the first time you need to sort of feel it but you can also just take your phone and go live with your phone even in that case I would suggest to try it out first just with some friends there's someone close to you so you can actually see how it all works because you know you don't want to make you don't want to make all those mistakes during the extra live event when people are actually showing up and ideally if you have that right I would have a couple of videos already that you can play during the breaks now if you're doing a mobile device you obviously can I'll do that so perhaps you can ask someone else to join you in you can give the phone to that person to entertain people just in case you need to go for like a quick toilet break or something like that all right now the next thing I've done this is obviously optional right you don't have to do that but again I want to give you the full step-by-step plan of what I did during this whole campaign is to create Facebook Ads right to get to get invite people into your live event and also to retarget people who watched your live event to sign up for your offer and finally also to promote your event right that's all mostly important so you want to send out emails to your audience if you already have an email list and if you have people on Facebook you want to send the messages there so in one of the PDFs you'll see in this course as well you'll see the exactly most of send out you'll see the exact Facebook live have done to be inspired to know exactly like hey what are the hats I can create what other Facebook lives I can do what are the emails I could send out to my list to get people excited about this event and actually show up right so these are all the preparations I had to do that we already went through throughout the course at this point we have the training prepare prepared we know what we're gonna give away all the pages are set up and we've been promoting our event to make sure people actually know about the event right people are just signing up and they know about it and you will get some people watching you live now then during the event obviously it's all about going live all right and as I said before and I just want to share this real quick again because I think it's important every single day you go live you want you want to make sure you you're not making any mistakes so because of that I made this daily checklist for every one to three days I checked it off to make sure I didn't make any mistakes right so close all the background apps on my PC so that it's actually fast empty the memory card in case you're recording your videos on your camera make sure it's actually empty so it all fits have a glass of water ready so you can actually drink or maybe something for something to eat as well like a banana or whatever I have prizes ready like if you wanna if you're sending out something we you want to show it on the camera as well make sure all your devices are charged like your mobile phone if you're using that or your laptop or you're connected to a power to the power right put your phone in flight motor you're not disturbed use a wired internet connection if that is possible I would highly recommend it because it's way faster than using Wi-Fi I had to remind myself every day of that to make sure I turn off Wi-Fi and I click plug into the actual connection I lock the door from the inside to make sure again I'm not being mr. and press the record button before going live I need to remind myself with that to make sure all the camera all the videos are active recorded and finally have fun like I was I was definitely stressed about going live beforehand but it turned out it was actually a lot of fun people were super engaging and also forgiving when I made mistakes in fact people seem to enjoy it when I made a mistake not in a bad way but in a way like hey you know it's fine just keep on going right so don't stress don't stress out too much just have fun people will appreciate you just for the fact that you actually do it I mean I've been overwhelmed with all the responses that I got during this three-day event like I would I did not expect it so did a checklist like that you're ready to go live every day you can talk about the actual course just like I'm currently doing in camera or if you prefer different method that's fine as well obviously and then there were some things and you need to do after the event or do we make sure to do right so I need to close the sales bags down that's definitely important if you said like hey we're closing it down and certain date you want to make sure you're closing it down you want to communicate to your customers like we send out an extra email saying hey awesome thank you for signing up to the software really appreciate it and also keep them in the loop of when the course is actually going to be ready because obviously you need to create the course and communicate that to the cost right so once all the videos have been edited and you're giving and giving them access somewhere and you actually tell them about it and obviously you also need to contact the winners like if you had any one you pick the winner for example you want to make sure that you you know you reach out and say hey thank you for joining and you know where can I send the teacher to or like if they whatever they want how can you deliver that to them and that's obviously important and that right there is basically the wrap of the whole campaign I know right now I went through everything fairly quickly but that's because I wanted you to have this as sort of like a checklist of all the things you need to do like during the whole course we've been talking about all these things in detail and I can tell again that some parts they're gonna be like alright so what order are we doing that and that's what this video is all about and so with that having said I just want to remind you once again that imperfect action always beats perfect in action like you do not have to do this perfect even if you do it at the bare minimum even if you just forget about more than half of what I just talked about even if you would literally just send out an email to your people saying like hey I'm going live on Facebook for three days in a row even just that and then every day you just grab your phone and you go live and you don't do anything of the promotion or anything like that even that I will guarantee you it's gonna get you loyal a loyal following like the amount of responses that God just for the fact that I spent three days in a row couple hours every single day with them sharing my knowledge sharing my tips and suggestions and all that it's been overwhelming and amazing so even if you just do that like you're gonna love it and your audience is gonna love it and then from that you can always iterate and put in proof and go from there but don't try to do everything perfect don't try to to climb the mountain thing all in one day it is a learning process it is something that it's going to be worth it but you don't want to do it all at once so where that having said again thank you for getting access to this course and I'll see you next time