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pay low traction scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person's spine as a sideways curve hundreds or even thousands of people around the world have to live with this problem scoliosis has several degrees the more curved the spine the more difficulties a person suffers an especially severe curve can worsen the overall health of the patient - not to mention the father they have to deal with a lot of pain however there are different methods to help a person with scoliosis on the screen you can see the young patients at Texas Scottish Rite hospital the device which is called halo traction looks kind of scary at first plants however it is designed to improve the patient's life but how does it work the round frame is fixed firmly to the patient's head after which it is raised a little the muscles and joints of the spine are gently stretched causing it to straighten of course halo traction does not make the back perfectly straight however the effect of a spine is enough to ensure that scoliosis does not cause complications the patient usually forgets about the back pain their lungs work better - in addition the device prepares the back tissues for therapeutic treatments making the process easier and of course the patient can lead a more active lifestyle in children severe scoliosis is life-threatening putting too much pressure on the lungs at heart for that reason we can say that halo traction saves lives [Music] tapi trying to quench your thirst with tap water can be problematic drinking water without a glass is a more difficult task than it seems at first glance you have to bend down and your clothes might get wet to topi is a small device that only cost six dollars however it turns a regular tap into a drinking fountain besides taffy doesn't keep you from using the tap for its original purpose to drink all you have to do is squeeze the bottom redirecting the water [Music] Multi scoop Pro the invention you see on the screen was created to meet the needs of paramedics in ambulances its developers the specialists from studio rota in the Netherlands we're looking for a way to carry more equipment in an ambulance the multi scoop Pro is a medical stretcher that turns into a compact wheelchair with a simple movement in both positions the construction is well fixed so it's absolutely safe despite its unusual design the invention needs all standard requirements for this type of equipment [Music] stove fitness leading a healthy lifestyle is a trend now which is why more and more people are trying to exercise regularly however most people face two problems the first is not being able to visit the gym for different reasons and the second is the lack of space and equipments at home stove fitness is an incredible invention that can change your life when folded it's no different than any standard piece of furniture however it's not all that simple in fact the chair hides training equipment that's no worse than found in professional gyms when unfolded it doesn't take up much space so you train even in small rooms the manufacturer offers two models each priced at $1500 the first model conceals an exercise bike the second model offers the buyer a workout bench ideal for strength training [Music] in addition the equipment's includes a small set of different weights for different types of training [Music] papi cube touchscreens appeared 20 years ago and we've gradually learns to use them today we can't imagine our lives without them in addition other inventions make it possible to turn any surface into a touchscreen regardless of the material it's made from one such invention developed by Chinese specialists is the puppy cube the device is small in size and looks more like a speaker but in facts the puppy cube is a smart projector the principle of operation is quite simple the device displays the image on a flat surface using a laser system the resolution is 720 pixels at the same time special sensors read the movements on the surface allowing you to control the device a puppy cube offers countless possibilities for example you can read recipes directly on the table or you can watch a movie or maybe one of our videos on the wall or right on the floor and you can adjust the volume and rewind the video by simply touching the surface puppy camp is a valuable assistance both its school and work it can easily help you with presentations editing documents and much more the minimum price is nine hundred dollars [Music] wooja wooja-- Inc is an American company that's been taking the perception of sounds to a whole new level for years the invention you see on the screen is the latest creation of its specialists the device is designed to provide a haptic feedback in your body in other words wooja edge allows you not only to hear music but to feel it in almost every cell of your body people have tried listening to music or playing with this device claimed that this experience is unlike anything they've ever experienced before this invention is unique and provides a truly amazing feeling it should be noted that the series consists of two products strap edge the simplest device is a belt with a minimum price of $99 the vest edge on the other hand is a full-body vest the minimum price is $300 and it will allow you to feel the sounds to the fullest Shyne ultra here we have the most convenient scanner in the world we could talk about its advantages for a long time first of all it's compact and possible shine ultraviolet so you can put it in your bag and take it literally anywhere you want in addition the manufacturer equipped the scanner with a special patented technology it produces a perfectly flat image 100% of the time even if you have to scan crumpled books or magazines shine Ultra recognizes more than 180 languages the owner doesn't have to carry a lot of cables either the scanner connects to a notebook or a computer with just one USB cable scanning a page takes exactly one second this way showing ultra makes it possible to scan a magazine or a small book in just a few minutes and it also allows you to record videos the price of this amazing scanner starts at a hundred and fifty dollars [Music] LUMS AG today's last invention is an incredible backpack with many useful features plums AG is able to remember the objects inside and recognize that therefore this device will notify its owner if an essential object is not inside as a result plums AG helps its owners and never forget anything the built-in GPS tracker will help you know where your backpack is at any time this is a useful feature for forgetful people or if the backpack has been stolen LUMS AG is equipped with a camera - which will show you what's going on behind if you're riding a bike for example the device also acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot locks with a mobile application and even notifies you if you're too far from the backpack another advantage is the presence of internal lighting the minimum price is three hundred dollars [Music] 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