8 Leather Accessories That Make You More Masculine

you see boys leather it has to be one of my favorite materials to wear it just exudes so much masculinity and whether it's on my feet or on myself with a jacket or accessories that I carry it just makes dudes look so tough and so attractive that in my opinion it's an essential and today your boy is gonna bring you the top eight leather basics that I think every dude should have - if that sounds interesting let's hop it from one a leather journal the first time I got my journal it was around 2015-2016 and no I don't use it as a diary where you put an entry every single day but instead a journal is something where you put your dreams your goals and your aspirations and at least that's what I use it for and then every time you reach those goals you write that down and how you feel and what you accomplish this is great because a lot of times you forget of things you've done or ideas or goals you want to reach and it's always good to look back and see where you've come from so on days you feel sort of beat or down or or frustrated it's always good at least for me to go back and see everything you've done and everything you've been through and where you want to go to kind of get re energy number 2 leather bracelets one pushback that I get from a lot of men is that jewelry sometimes it's too feminine or or too flamboyant and hey I completely get that but one accessory that you can start trying to wear that instead of being feminine is ultra masculine is a leather bracelet just look stuff and it makes you look like a bad boy and let's be honest leather accessories like this have been used for centuries so you're wearing it it'll be a breeze and as soon as you slap it on you'll see why it looks so number three another briefcase because you see boy is that canvas satchel that you're wearing you're gonna have to outgrow it sooner or later and if you want something that just says I'm groaning I made it a leather briefcase pretty much screams success and if you want one of the best resources for leather goods you gotta check out our sponsor Karl Friedrich that's where this briefcase is from and it's absolutely one of my favorites because when you're going into work and you walk in with something like this I can tell you people are turning heads and they're thinking damn this dude he's got it made because the craftsmanship that this leather bag has and the quality that it has it's unparalleled it's unmatched and the reason why Karl Friedrich is one of the best when it comes to other goods is just because of that the quality all this his Italian with Chetta leather it's vegetable tan and it's handmade so you're getting handmade craftsmanship to the point that even the zipper the zipper itself is unlike anything you'll ever feel it's super smooth to the touch and that's because every single tooth on the zipper is hand polished before it's put on the track that level position you're not gonna get anywhere else hey I get it maybe you're too young and a leather briefcase it's too much for you it's not even appropriate that'll bring us to number four a leather backpack you guys know I've done video after video on my backpacks in my whole collection of bag bags and what I used to use even when I was back in college and the one that I would always recommend time and time again was a leather backpack in my opinion it was just a more manly option and a more stylish option while everybody else was wearing your basic canvas JanSport backpacks I was wearing something more stylish like a leather one that instantly stood out and like I said Carl Friedrich has you covered on almost all other goods and if you want the best of the best when it comes to backpacks you got to check out the one from Carl Friedrich because even if you're not in school and say you're in a start-up or in an office where a briefcase is not suitable for you and instead a backpack will look better get the one from Carl Friedrich because it's just so well designed that it looks I'm gonna be honest it looks money it'll beat out any designer backpack then you would pay two or three thousand dollars for because again this backpack it uses Italian leather but it's also combined with reinforced nylon this nylon is perfect because it's durable so it's not gonna break or tear from all the heavy usage that you're gonna be using when you use this backpack on the daily and it's gonna protect the contents inside it's also waterproof to make sure the contents inside don't get damaged the point is that a leather backpack is super stylish and if you want a really good one you gotta check out the one from Carl Friedrich and the beauty of these items is that with time it just looks better and you got time because with these I can guarantee you I've been working with this brand just so you know I want to say four to five years I used to work with them back back in the day when the channel only had like twenty thousand subscribers and all their stuff still lasts till this day and that's how I can and that's why I'm so sure and guaranteed to you guys that when you buy something from here you can rest assured it's gonna last you five years and if not ten years if you take care of and if you guys want to check it out there's gonna be a discount code down below so you can get these amazing accessories that are super high quality better than anything designer even more for now the fifth accessories that every do needs that needs to be leather is your wall because that duct-tape wallet it's embarrassing when you're on a date and you pull that off I'm telling you that girl and giving you a second date but when you're in a business meeting and you pull out that velcro wallet to pay the bill do you think your boss will look at you the same I don't know this is why every dude needs a masculine leather wallet it's more mature its manlier and it's more sophisticated it's just sexy car-free jacquard you're covered if you want leather great leather accessories you gotta check out this brand before you go anywhere else at least if you want the best of the best because these guys have everything from briefcases to backpacks to iPhone cases to iPad sleeves to even wallet the six item that every do needs in leather are your boots because compared to canvas or suede or any other leather material that you can find in boots leather is the best one to go if it's gonna be your first one it's just the most durable one and the one that best resists against the weather and when that leather starts creasing and it has cracked and scratches and the patina starts forming those boots just look better and better and better with all that character building number seventh item that every guy needs in leather it's a pair of shoes now your boys know I'm a sneaker head and I love sneakers but so many guys are so ingrained in sneakers that they don't even have one good pair of leather shoes so when the time comes that a serious event comes like a presentation or an interview or a wedding or a funeral they're either wearing sneakers and looking completely out of place or be there scrambling to finding leather shoes so they either wear their daddy's hand-me-downs that look lame or go to pay list to buy some tacky leather shoe that completely messes up their style and don't get me wrong you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a leather shoe you can go to a sauce or Zara and get a beautiful leather shoe some hundred dollars finally number eight one of my favorites the leather sneaker now I think I have a problem I'm gonna be I'm gonna be honest with you I'm doing an updated shoe a collection video and I notice I have about 10 pairs of white leather sneakers yes I know it's an issue but and this is why I talked about them so much I really like him that much to the point that I'm always behind them a more mature option too sneaker then your basic man's or Ultrabook forget it those sneakers are awesome but if you want a sneaker that just looks good with everything from a suit to chinos to sneak to jeans to shorts the white leather sneakers to me is the way to go yes that's basically it for today's video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor Carl Friedrich they're gonna be linked down below as well with that discount code that's it for me today see you next time man what a minute