8 Most Infamous Times Wrestlers Fell On Their Ass

[Applause] whistling is hard isn't it I don't want you to think that at any stage in this video I'm gonna be disrespecting anybody because ultimately wrestling is really really really hard but at the same time it is a sport where things go wrong and you know when they do sometimes it's really really really funny not serious watches of course they're they're terrible but the comedy ones the slips and the slides and the pratfalls I believe is the technical term you know exactly the ones I'm on about so my name is Adam clearly and these are the eight most infamous times wrestlers fell on their ass oh and one slight problem with this is you do kind of need to sort of see these things happening but we don't we all have that fudge because it's really really expensive and we're not allowed to do things in the office anymore because of our insurance so Phil Phil here hi Phil look it's Phil you're gonna animate all these aren't you hey I'm all you're gonna try to because it's really hard isn't it it is yeah so be kind anyway let's get on with number eight Akim the African dream I've never seen this one until I started doing this list Akim the African dream was a big fella wasn't he so big you'd think it would be nearly impossible for him to slip backwards and fall somehow between the top and the middle rope you think that wouldn't you but you'd be wrong in a tag match with the big boss man against the mega powers of all people he leans back into the ropes to deliver a splash unforced for just one split second the top rope ceases to exist forever he goes all the way backwards onto his ass [Music] [Applause] number seven Matt Hardy over the rope in at number seven on this list but my all-time number one video clip that is made funnier by the addition of a room noise is my Hardy's introduction on an episode of superstars in 2010 no strangers to high-flying or acrobatics you would assume that Matt Hardy's control and balance on the ropes would be above reproach but again you would be wrong he pops one leg over leans a little bit too far forward number six Randy Orton whiffs an RKO in at number six on this let's book my all-time number one video clip that is made funnier by the addition of a Looney Tunes banana skin noise yep that one Randy Orton absolutely airballs himself on an episode of Raw somewhere in the middle of a match that looked so messy I'm not even gonna bother to try and remember who was in it or what they were doing Randy Orton takes a big long run-up and attempts to break Chris Jericho submission hold with his patented RKO oh lucky for him though I wasn't nobody appears to have told Chris Jericho I've just watched it back there and he absolutely bricks himself number five sim car is day-to-day life God loved Sin Cara the literal human embodiment of picking yourself up and dusting yourself off never mind all these kids running around in John Cena and never give up t-shirts just show your children compilation videos of Sin Cara failing time and time and time again but what is my favorite Sin Cara is and while I could count them all in my head but there simply aren't the hours in the day the week the month or indeed the rest of my life so let's just go with that really bizarre springboard somersault faceplant one yeah not seeing it Saturday morning slam match vs. Curtis actually throws the big man to the outside and then for absolutely no discernible reason whatsoever attempts to hit a front-flipping springboard backflip superhero landing thing but instead he lands on his face it's brilliant [Applause] number four Batista and Cena Aaron of the choice cuts now aren't we lads and a spectacular tumble so absolutely perfect I am still convinced to this day that it was slightly intentional the closing stages of the 2005 Royal Rumble it's all come down to John Cena and Dave the animal Batista Batista and somehow despite Cena having six foot further to fall they managed to hit the ground at the exact same time unreal lap gravity my old nemesis you do have your phone don't you but surely there was no way whatsoever that things could get worse that night than a botched Royal Rumble finish you know what's coming number three mr. McMahon's quads it didn't get worse hey you want a shock absolutely irate and by the way I have zero doubt in my mind that reaction is 100% genuine he definitely had a hotel room in a sex swing to be getting back to that evening Vince McMahon storms down to the ring to set things right and instead twat both his legs off the side of the ring apron and tears both of his quads suck a dick Kevin Nash Ceri what happens when you try to stand up when you've torn both of your quads you fall on your ass that's right number two told us okay so we've all seen this one very recently I would imagine so instead of me merely talking you back through something I'm sure you remember very vividly here is the actual footage of myself and the rest of the gang watching it live and joy everyone in the comment number one the Shockmaster could it have been anything else absolutely no it could not number one had to be the Shockmaster not even titus o'neil and disappearing down into the soul realm with 18 different camera angles will ever top the debut of the Shockmaster oh what a sliding doors moment that is after giving the whole tugboat thing in WWF he was set to get a big push in WCW but what'd he do he fell face-first through a paper wall like a king Pratt so there you go that's the most fun I've ever had making a video let us know what you thought about it in the comments below and if you can remember any others the worst some some really good ones I wanted to include shout them out in the comments below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe until next time I can't even my name's Ben Adam Cleary see you soon [Music] the fire-rescue a can [Music] [Music]