8 Sesame Street Stories

[Music] Golden Book video presents Big Bird starring in everyone makes mistakes adapted from a golden book of the same name by Emily Pearl Kingsley illustrated by a Dulaney in cooperation with the children's television workshop a Sesame Street story featuring Jim Henson Sesame Street Muppets hi there my name is little bird I wanted to tell you about an awful thing that happened on Sesame Street just the other day it was a beautiful sunny day I was sitting on the fence in the backyard when my friend Big Bird came along Big Bird was thinking about something he was thinking so hard he didn't even see me sitting there on the fence [Music] I wonder what I should get mr. snuffleupagus for his birthday maybe he likes some new roller skis or maybe a Snapple yo-yo [Music] Big Bird was thinking so hard that he didn't look where he was going and what he walked right into mrs. Washington's fresh clean clothes that she had just washed and hung out in the Sun to dry Oh No look what I've done what a mess I've made boy mrs. Washington's gonna be awful angry with me when she sees her clean clothes all dirty on the ground hi big bird Oh little bird well what are you gonna do big bird oh gee I know I could tell mrs. Washington that a big flock of geese was flying south for the winter yeah I could tell her that they flew right into the laundry hanging on the line are you more that's a good idea that's not a good idea birds fly south in the fall and it's the spring right now that's right now what I think you should say is I know I could tell her that Biff and Sully drove their big crane through here on their way to the construction site at the corner watch oh you guys [Music] hey bird Biff and Sully wouldn't drive their crane through here no they drive right down the middle of Sesame Street I know it Big Bird um maybe what you should say is hmm let's see aha I could tell mrs. Washington that a giraffe escaped from the zoo and ran straight through the yard all over the place I could tell her that now who would believe a silly story about a giraffe escaping from the zoo nobody I guess you're right how about telling her the wait maybe I could tell mrs. Washington that today was the day of the great Sesame Street bicycle race since when is this an obstacle course I could tell her that the races rode their bike straight into her laundry and dragged it onto the ground you can't tell her that the great bicycle race surely remember that because she won the race oh yeah that's right I guess I can't tell her that big bird have you thought maybe you should how about this I could say that there was a big fire on Sesame Street all the engines came racing through here on the way to put out the fire watch out for the laundry I told you not to take the shortcut the Boyar fire there's no fire Big Bird just made it up no I can't tell mrs. Washington that she would know there wasn't a fire on Sesame Street today Big Bird how about I got it I got it I could tell her that alphabet Bates came down in his parachute to deliver a letter and he landed right on her clothesline oh but that would never lose such a feat didn't that I guess it's not right to blame my mistake on helping back Bates it wasn't his fault big bird maybe hey how about a circus that's yes the circus came to perform right here on Sesame Street and the tightrope walker was practicing her act on mrs. Washington's clothesline and she knocked the whole thing down [Music] everything a circus practicing in mrs. Washington's backyard that's a terrible idea that's true she'd never believe that what happened oh boy what will I be able to tell her have you thought at all about telling her the truth I got it I got it a rodeo that could have been a rodeo here today rodeo Rosie and her friends were roping steers back here and the steers we're trying to get away roping steers you're right that story is just as silly as the others Big Bird why not just say I know a tornado could have hit Sesame Street hang on to your feathers little bird the terrible winds just ruined bullets to the ground certainly looks like a tornado came through here that's no good either what am I gonna say well if he asked me I think you should tell her the truth oh here comes mrs. Washington now when mrs. Washington saw her nice clean laundry in a big dirty mess on the ground she was really upset Big Bird look at my laundry it's all over the ground what on earth happened here well mrs. Washington it's like this a big pop of nor the fifth and Sully well that is run away - no mrs. Washington it was none of those things what are you trying to tell me big bird mrs. Washington I wasn't looking where I was going and I walked right into your laundry and knocked it all down oh oh just Oh aren't you angry well maybe a little but I'll get over it I'm really sorry mrs. Washington it's okay big bird you see big bird I told you it was better to tell mrs. Washington the truth you were right little bird can we help you pick up these clothes mrs. Washington better than that you can help me wash them again all right don't worry about it big bird everyone makes mistakes [Music] the city worm and the country were adapted from the golden book of the same name by Linda Hayward illustrated by Carol Nicholas featuring Jim Henson Sesame Street Muppets in cooperation with the children's television workshop a Sesame Street story it's a bright warm day of beautiful day on Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch is thrilled squiggly one of Oscars Pet worms has learned a new trick a squiggly you're on I can hardly wait to tell everyone about this he's the ladder set up sure I bet no one has seen a worm die from a diving board into a thimble full of water squiggly wriggles to the end of the diving board and looks down squiggly takes a deep breath and [Music] squigglies form was perfect terrific dive a few more practice sessions and you'll be ready for the big time good but I don't have time to practice anymore now Oscar and I have to go tidy up my room tidy up your room my cousin squirmy is coming to visit me tonight when my cousin trashy visits me I always mess up my room in the evening squirmy arise from the country with a suitcase the first person she sees on Sesame Street is Oscar my cousin squiggly does he live around here yeah right there in that shoebox oh thanks by the way is it always so noisy in the city what Oscar looks around Sesame Street cars and trucks are rumbling round a garbage collector rattling cans [Music] just practicing upstairs what noise I don't hear anything when you live in the city you get used to the noise Oh cousin squirmy how nice of you to visit me [Music] welcome to the Big Apple oh that's just a funny name for the big city we call it the Big Apple squiggly take square me into a shoebox apartment it helps her unpack you've got great taste in boots those are great tie-dyed pillows on your bed the next day sleepy he gives squirmy a tour of the city at the earthworm Museum they see 20 different kinds of dirt in the soil sample room what a colorful move you it's called worm turning in slow motion that makes sense oh look a statue of Caesar salad worm and a painting by Van Gogh worm gee all this worm culture is really inspiring I've never seen anything like it in the country in the afternoon they I'm to the top of the Sesame Street side and take in the view city of very exciting place that evening they have frequency to the biggest earthworm musical station in town in fact it is the only earthward musical stage show in town the next day it is time for squirmy to go home thanks for everything I hope you come to visit me sometime I've never been to the country do you have a lot of museums and shows no we do have a lot of quiet after squirmy leaves mustard shows squiggly aside it says see the amazing diving trick come to the show starring Oscar T Grouch I painted it myself terrific huh gee I know no can you dive into a thimbleful water well no you're the diver then why does your sign say starring Oscar T Grouch because I made the sign that is unfair I am the diver not you I think I'll go on a long trip you can do the show without me but but as squiggly pegs his suitcase he wonders where he should go he remembers his cousin squirmy that's it I don't miss it squirmy there will be no shows no signs and no grouches in the country so squiggly Wiggles to the bus stop and waits for the bus to the car when squigly arrives at squirm ease address all he sees is a big apple lying on the ground gee we're square nice house I must be you startled me I think I heard a bird of course you did there are lots of birds here what a surprise to see you how nice of you to call me it's wonderful to be here welcome to the Big Apple that's what I call my house squirmy lives inside a real Apple squigly loves it I like the patchwork quilt and the sample on the wall the next day squirmy gives squiggly a tour of the countryside the cousin is legal to the local puddle and take a brisk dip chase quani how many inch worms does it take to make a foot well none worms don't have feet that night they sleep under the stars with leaves of red and green and gold for blankets I have never seen so many stars there's only one problem he makes a lot of the noise then I could go to sleep Oscar but play me a grouch lullaby and it would be just loud enough to put me to sleep in the morning squiggly and squirt are talking about this imagine when a Robin sitting with a branch of an apple tree notices them and he's thinking about only one thing breakfast this is the life squirmy no cars no drugs no garbage collectors I can't Oh you you pulled me into the hole just in time what was that that's just robin redbreast you've seen him before yes when you live in the country you'll get used to burners hmm um cousin it's time for me to go home I I guess I'm just a city worm I like living in the city and I guess I'm just a country worm I like living in the country goodbye cousin squirmy thanks for everything come back soon when squigly arrives home he's surprised to see a sign hanging on Oscars trashcan welcome hogs quickly that makes me feel good how's the wandering were tired of dodging birds and riding buses that but I like your sign if you think that signs great check this one out see the amazing diving trick come to the show starring squiggly tea that's well but them I have something else in mind Oh see the amazing diving trick come to the show starring squiggly T worm and Oscar T Grouch but squiggly you're the star not without you Oscar that's what friends are for and that's the way things are on Sesame Street wanted the great cookie thief adapted from the golden book of the same name by Emily pearl Kingsley illustrated by Michael J Smolin in cooperation with the children's television workshop featuring Jim Henson [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] purple because of this terrible problem we have that's some problem we have what is our problem anyway what is everybody talking about you don't know do you think we should tell them come on I'm old enough to know well all right see this here poster this is the great cookie thief who's the great cookie thief he's the varmint who's been stealing all the cookies from around these parts stealing all the cookies what do you mean stealing all the cookies sounds real serious we old folks come in here and order a cookie to go with their glass of milk and I don't have a single cookie to give them boy he got all the cookies at the valet reception last week he even stole the cookies from snack time over at the little red schoolhouse hey this sounds like a good story for the half-baked Gazette as the star newspaper reporter in this town I better start taking notes the great cookie thief sure must be hungry he's hungry all right and we have a problem all right but we have a sheriff who's the greatest in the bravest a sheriff who can handle any problem large or small as long as you give them a year and a half to do it Hey look Sheriff see that fella standing over there why he looks just like the poster of the great cookie thief oh he sure enough does the kid has something there but I think he knows what he's talking about water resemblance where are my glasses all this excitement and I can't see a thing that feller sure does look like the great cookie thief I want you to go check him out up close hmm yeah you but why do you want me to check him out because I'm appointing you my official deputy now don't be scared be brave like me people put the breathe [Music] just go up to the poster and check out one thing at a time just go check his eyes it's all ease yeah right let's see this feller in the poster hits great big white googly eyed and this power is dealing here he has great big white googly eyes I know it him he has great big white googly eyes just like the poster well it sounds like him we'd better be sure after all lots of folks have big white googly eyes that's my headline for the front page of my newspaper eyeball to eyeball with googly eyed suspect I know it's him I saw that great big white googly eyes with my very own eyes I never saw a great big white googly eyes like that before no now we don't want to be hasty why don't you arrest him sheriff that fella next to the poster is the great cookie thief we have to be sure to get the right feller let's go check out something else about him better go check out his fur yes check out his phone guess what sheriff wild will here says the cookie safe just struck again right some thief just stole every last macaroon from the cookie jar bakery on Main Street we better catch that outlaw right quick you go see if that feller is the thief go back and check out his fur hmm let's see the teller in the poster has blue shaggy fur this feller here he has blue shaggy fur - it's him it's him I know it's him he had goo shaggy fur and the feller in the poster has a new shaggy fur - why don't you arrest him Sheriff I'd arrest him if I were the sheriff what we need around here is one brave man I'd do it myself but I don't even like cookies sheriff cookies if any lose birthday party just disappeared or that lowdown no-good varmint who'd steal cookies from a poor little child's birthday party great [Music] cookies stolen from child's birthday party a sheriff has to look carefully at the clues what clues it sounds like we have the great cookie thief but just to make absolutely sure go check out his head i watch things solve this crime I'm getting hungry from afternoon no cookies check out he is payin ya sneak up on him and check out his head speaking of hats would you mind getting off mine whoops pardon me well feller in the poster head like failed cowboy hat and this feller here he has a black belt cowboy hat he has blue shaggy fur and he has a black belt cowboy hat sheriff aren't you gonna arrest him now good point young lady but we still need to have more proof proof how do we get proof against such a clever fiend that thief is an absolute monster well young lady now do you get the point now I sure get the point oh oh wait a minute everybody business a day the Cooke Express stagecoach makes its delivery it should arrive any minute with a new shipment of gingersnaps [Music] sorry folks the stage arrived but so did the great cookie feet oh now this is getting serious I bought of one other clue better go check out is bandana let me see the poster has a red bandana and this feller standing there he has a red bandana it's him he's exactly the same as the poster he's got great big white googly eyes he's had blue shaggy fur he's got a black felt cowboy and a red bandana that feller is the great cookie thing now are you gonna do something about this problem I'm a little hung up by here they're coming to get down from here oh I better take a picture for the front page of my newspaper now listen here you we checked you out and we think you're the great cookie thief but yes you you've got the same big white googly eyes and the same blue shaggy fur and the same black felt cowboy hat and the same red bandana but may not have same mustache mustache you don't have a mustache would you look at that mustache I never noticed that before boy are we wrong imagine I think in that fella looked like the great cookie thief sorry we got you mixed up with a great cookie thief please excuse us what a must thing do you think I could take your picture well partner sure hope there are no hard feelings no hard feelings [Music] Hey come back here you and soon a little bit farther west there was another town that had a terrible problem [Music] he zooms through the sky smarter than a speeding bullet powerful to leap toasters in a single bound [Music] no everybody once again it is time for the exciting adventures of Super Grover from the original Sesame Street story by Emily pearl Kingsley illustrated by Joe Matthew featuring Jim Henson Sesame Street Muppets a golden book in cooperation with the children's television workshop the origins of Super Grover will kids I'll tell you the story but Grover when he was a little monster one day is money called in to come inside welcome I finished your costume just in time for Halloween I hope you like it why mommy it is a superhero costume uh-huh just what I always wanted the next day was Halloween oh dear I must find a telephone booth so that I can put on my costume superheroes always change into their costumes and telephone booths I shall run to the telephone this on the corner because I know that is it get one [Music] but river you look nice dear have a good time from there time whenever he put on his superhero Halloween costume he changed from mild-mannered plain little Grover monster into the brave and fearless [Music] besides flying and yes super strength in a jiffy with mice [Music] hi brother habits Brahimi what's the matter Super Grover that's a horrible face you're making it is Oscar my smoke his Oscar still playing your violin Grover no yes since why are you still making that horrible face my hearing telling me that Oscar has stopped playing his violin but my kidney developed sense of super smell tells me that oscar has just cook his dinner Oh smells like old socks aside bean sauce Oh its own kids this horror mild-mannered play little Grover monster changed it the brave and fearless Super Grover makes you a super hero costume do not try to do and yet these things especially why because you cannot do it you do not have superpowers because there is only one [Music] Super Grover and the speeding sled one winter day Rhonda Susie decided to find the biggest and steepest hill she could super was flying my Supergirl is certainly crashing to those please I must this super plan I will make a big stop sign to show that sweet little girl when that sweet little girl sees this she will know to slow down and stop she did not work I must use my super brain to think of something else to stop her I wonder what that style is doing right in the middle of this I have another idea you build a snow it's a girl oh no snow this super smart I am hanging here from the branch of this cute little tree when that little girl goes under me I will catch her by the ankles and stop her with my super strength Super Grover got up and rushed the snow from his super cape it was the best sled ride I ever had there was a stop sign sticking up out of nowhere then it was great big wall of snow and then there was a very blue thing hanging from a tree it was incredible it was fantastic I'm going to do that again do you want to come with me Super Grover hey Super Grover Super Grover [Applause] [Music] Super Grover and the three bears one day Grover went to the school auditorium to see the school play Goldilocks and the three bears Grover didn't understand that a play is just pretend and that an audience is meant to keep quiet in the play Goldilocks ate up all the Bears porridge and Goldilocks sat on the Bears three chairs then she went to lie down on the Bears three beds [Music] as soon as Goldilocks fallacy the three bears came home from their walk in the woods you people see her grovel costume and to be bottom of my nut box never can tell [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we'll teach you big big bears not to bother sucks my stick the birds of the sky fly [Music] we're big ferocious bears like you belong back in the empty auditorium Prairie dawn sat all alone on the stage [Music] thank me Lisa for Yuri's live to serve now that those three dangerous bears [Music] zookeeper [Music] Super Grover and the whole story or gone fishing [Music] one summer go Grover went fishing with a bunch of his friends I'm using my best bet paperclip for a hook catch lots of minnows and that this is a job for the Grover certainly is a good thing I remembered to pack my Super Grover costume in the bottom of my best [Music] [Applause] [Music] again everybody was so busy fishing [Music] [Music] Gruber suddenly notice a third boy the water from coming in I steal a tow from his other foot into the hole but then suddenly you'll frighten the fish away the water started pouring into the boat faster than ever ask Rover was pulled down to the bottom he saw could it be was it possible an old rusty telephone booth drover quickly swam into the old rusty telephone booth and changed into his Super Grover costume [Music] [Applause] to save its from safety and that is how Grover monster and Super Grover save the day who was that flying blue monster anyway [Music] [Music] remember this met you a superhero costume and these things especially because you do not have superpowers because there is only Big Bird bring spring to Sesame Street adapted from the golden book of the same name a Sesame Street story a golden book by lauren collier swindler illustrated by marcia wind-borne featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets in cooperation with the children's television workshop one morning Big Bird went for a walk down Sesame Street everything was disappearing under a thick blanket of plain white snow gee everything is covered with snow the sidewalks where we played hopscotch and jump rope last summer are all covered even the tire swing everything I like to play on is hidden I wish spring would come Big Bird walked through the park feeling sorry for himself I don't think so I wish it was spring already it's fun no thanks I want to ride my unicycle but I can't in all this snow no thanks kids I'd rather go rollerskating and the snows too deep I can't even play in the sandbox anymore winters no fun at all I'm going Paul but his big bird walked past Oscars garbage can I love this crummy weather gotta chill this hot chocolate down so it tastes good and yucky hi Oscar hey what's the matter big bird it's a great storm you ought to be happy I'm tired of this plain white snow yeah me too I wish somebody would put some dirt or Sun on it or something we haven't had any good slush all winter that's not what I in Oscar I need the spring I'm sad and slumpy I need the spring I'm all goose-bumpy the cold and slush and all that sneezing I hate the snow who needs the Sun I like it freezing let that wind blow oh that's heaven gloomy and dreary I love a day that is chilly wet and blurry I need the days with a warm and gentle Sun this long dark winter is just no fun it warms my heart to feel the frost I want the warmer days I've lost of spring spring spring well forget it feather face GE Oscar I'm gonna be just as grouchy as you if I don't think of something to cheer myself up maybe I should buy some sunglasses to remind me of a sunny day no wait a minute a great big bright kite might do it suddenly bird had a wonderful idea I'm gonna go get some flowers at Macintosh's store right now I'll buy some flowers to put in my nest yeah you could get some cactus flowers or a Venus flytrap goodbye Oscar oh there are so many pretty flowers it's hard to decide I know I'll pick my favorite colors a pink one orange one a blue one a yellow one a red one and finally a pretty purple one I feel better already Big Bird walk back towards Sesame Street with his beautiful flowers Big Bird decided to warm up in front of the counts fireplace as soon as the couch friendly backs all the flowers they started to count them gee I didn't buy the flowers to count them I bought them to remind me of spring would you like to keep this pretty pink daisy the count thank Big Bird counting petals would be something wonderful to do [Music] [Music] Big Bird walked down Sesame Street carrying his five flowers why there's Dolores shoveling snow hi Dolores hi big bird run Dolores are you hurt no big bird I'm not hurt but I am tired of winter and shoveling snow well let me help you up here Thanks hey Dolores you may have one of my flowers it'll help you feel happy again thank you oh it's a Tiger Lily tiger lilies make me think of a nice warm jungle big bird walk down Sesame Street with the four flowers he had left there's my cute very adorable friend Grover boy he looks sad - good morning Grover my goodness furry old Grover is very blue well of course you're a blue you have blue fur no no no no big bird I mean I am very sad why I can't not to ride my new scooter in this snow gee I know how you feel I can't use my unicycle or play in the sandbox or fly my kite either say maybe this blue pansy will make you feel better Grover this little blue pansy will be so cute Provost at the furry body I will tuck in my cap oh dear only three flowers left but I guess Grover and Delores and the counter happier though Big Bird carried was three flowers down the street until he saw another friend Ernie you look cold I'm so pull my tail feathers are frozen where are you going Ernie told Big Bird that he was going to visit Betty Lou because she was sick in bed well do you think she would like a yellow daffodil now I only have two flowers left Ernie took the daffodil and Big Bird went into Hooper's store to warm his feathers my beak is freezing maybe I'll buy some hot cider to warm up or maybe I could wrap a new mother around my cold beak gee there's Bert's sippin a Figgy fizz what's wrong Bert you look kind of glum lost my favorite paperclip in a snowdrift gee that's terrible yeah I'll have to wait until the snow melts to find it Oh big bird what if my paperclip gets all rusted by man don't worry Bert your paperclip will still be there in the spring Oh big bird say what are you gonna do with that beautiful rolls huh well I was gonna give it to you Bert to remind you of spring francs as big bird left Hooper's store he looked at his last flower no I've only got this one purple iris left and it's broken Oscar saw big bird coming did someone say broken things that are broken even if it's a yucky flower genie Oscar if you like my purple iris and I guess you may have it hey thanks better face no leave me alone and get lost empty-handed Big Bird walked back up Sesame Street toward his nest he had given away all six flowers oh well soon it will be spring look look at all the colors the plain white snow-covered Street was splashed with bright colors the flowers Big Bird had given to his friends were blooming up and down Sesame Street Big Bird had brought spring to Sesame Street I don't have to wait for spring at all [Music] which is not bad at all true on Sesame Street it can be fun it's up to you on Sesame Street [Music] we love to skate just put them on your toes let's not be late like big birds flowers every and early reminder essary you too can do your part punch me it's in your heart hospice services nice and yucky can't be so lucky let's just write on Sesame Street Tiger next winter sweet like big you two can do your part fights right it's in your heart it's ray [Music]