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hello cumin herring is a rather strange thing most recently on the internet a serious dispute arose over the record with an incomprehensible word some users heard the name Yanni while others heard the word Laurel today we're not talking about audio illusions do you know how space sounds and how do you ants talk or whales sing in today's video we've collected for you sounds that you most likely have never heard in your life so be prepared and don't forget to put on your headphones ready then let's get it on see racks voice dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago so let's be honest no one has ever heard them but science is developing everyday and today's scientists can fully reproduce the voices of ancient reptiles using their remains and the latest computer developments for example as I ran asaurus rex growling but we are using the evidence that we've got scientists have suggested that the dinosaurs voices could hardly resemble the growl of modern predatory mammals as they sound in Hollywood movies the reconstruction of the t-rex roar which sounded for the first time in 66 million years was based on the sounds emitted by birds and reptiles the closest relatives of dinosaurs of course as adjusted for the size and weight of the body because an adult's are an asaurus could weigh from 6 to 10 tonnes according to scientists the ancient predator most likely made growling sounds without even opening the mouth this specific hum reached such low frequencies they were supposedly more likely to feel it than to hear it and damn it this is really an eerie found underwater earthquake in 2011 a strong earthquake occurred near the eastern coast of Honshu Island in Japan its magnitude was between nine and nine point one points and the destruction was terrible at the same time scientists who were on the Aleutian Islands managed to record the sounds of the movements of the earth by putting a special device a hydrophone into the state it's worth noting that the usual frequency of an earthquake is not audible for a person so they sped up the recording whales singing humpback whales are one of the most amazing animals on earth and a fun thing is that humpback whales sing or more accurately they make incredibly strange loud and even slightly frightening sounds that have no analogues in the world [Music] it's not known why humpback whales sing and whether this is a special way of communication recent research by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has shown that whales songs are similar to human speech that is they consist of individual words or syllables combined into phrases and sentences but they absolutely do not sound humanly glaciers melting while some people keep arguing about whether the whole global warming business is true others record the sounds of glacial melting professor of geophysical sciences at the University of Chicago douglas mchale made 13 research trips to Antarctica and collected tens of thousands of gigabytes of seismic data on the melting of glaciers in 2006 he began to turn these recordings into excerpts of audio and you're about to hear the results of this ten year work warning this Sam was not created using a computer program it's absolutely and completely real [Music] [Music] bat echolocation to navigate in the dark bats emit sounds inaudible to humans and catch their echoes reflected from objects this map that is called echolocation and before its discovery scientists were sure that bats just had some kind of superpower however it's not surprising people simply can't distinguish such a high sound now we will play a recording of the sounds of the night forest and then slow down the audio approximately three times lowering the frequency did you hear the bat and now we reduce the speed do you hear it now sounds of the ocean have you ever heard how the ocean sounds no not the sound of the waves on the shore or the cries of seagulls we're talking about those sounds that can only be discerned under the water in May 20 18 BBC earth channel posted ice YouTube page a series of 10 hour videos with footage of the ocean and its inhabitants no background music or the words of the narrator is just the sound of the water and the voices of the animals only a real living ocean of course the video is really beautiful but nothing can compare with the sounds of the ocean tayos hum of course when it comes to the most unusual sounds in the world it's impossible not to add a touch of mysticism the tayos hum is a long low-frequency sound of unknown origin the residents in the city of tales in the state of new mexico USA have been hearing for years [Music] the hum is similar to the movements of heavy equipment along the highway although there are no major roads in the vicinity of the town but the peculiarity of the phenomenon lies not only in how strange this sound is but also in the fact that it's heard only by local residents and extremely rarely by visitors the scientists who study the tale hum couldn't find its source according to one of the versions is because of the power lines that pass nearby to the other bits the movements of lithospheric plates the one thing is for sure the sound is really creepy the sounds of space you probably know that in space where there's no air the sound simply can't spread it's physics when it's hard to argue with it but there are still authentic space sounds recorded by NASA the fact is that there's really no sound in space but there are electromagnetic waves that spread in a vacuum for example ultra long radio waves which are comparable in frequency with the frequencies of air vibrations that we can hear as with any radio waves they can be received by an antenna and transmitted to an ordinary speaker which means that these unusual waves were caught by one of the space vehicles near the earth [Music] that's how lightning on the surface of Jupiter sounds and this is the sound of flying next to a comet quite different so the noise is made by one of the stars with a complex name of numbers and letters [Music] and this sound was recorded by Cassini next to Jupiter in 2001 but the sound of the black hole is unfortunately recreated because so far humanity has not been able to get close to these eerie areas of space but scientists claim that from a musical point of view radio noise from a black hole corresponds to a b-flat note only 57 octaves lower than C of the third octave it is far beyond the limits of human hearing by the way this is the lowest note ever recorded in the universe and voices what if we tell you that you can hear anyone even such tiny creatures as ants if you connect a high sensitivity microphone for example to a leaf and enhance the sound it becomes clear that they produce a lot of noise do you hear this chirping [Music] with this sound the ants call their colleagues to dine and if one of the insects falls into a trap it starts to produce a slightly different sound [Music] now it means a call for help guys it's time to recharge 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