9 signs that your man is cheating on you and what to do about it

what's up what's up what's up it's a bad chance what's a gig giving you the information that you asked me um this one right here might actually end up getting me punched in the face so I would be on guard I may have my hands up at all times because um this could be one that that somebody might try to put up all before this question is me asked to be on several occasions I I actually got a avoided answered it because I I don't like to be to do getting people in trouble or seeming like I'm a hate it or whatever but it's been asked so many times it's by popular demand I have no choice fellas I know some y'all might be mad at me because I know y'all if your game is tight hopefully it won't hurt you if it does oh well you know look I um how do you tell if your bed is cheap and I wrote the nine signs to tell the Chairman is cheap strap up your seat belt you're ready for this shit some of y'all going through it hopefully I don't break up anybody's happy hole this is and this is also what you can do you know because I don't do so I don't just tell you someone else solution um the first one we're gonna get right into it stops caring about sex when a man no longer cares about having sex with you every woman if you been with a man for about six months to a year you should have his sex cycle down like whether he's a tap you on the shoulder every day type of dude or he's every couple of days or whatever when a person stops caring about having sex you're like I'm not really trying I'm not really in the mood an agent don't even care like okay whatever are you whatever the case may be they're not really trying to get sex from you anymore they accepting the fact that you don't give them sex they don't give a damn that is so that's a real big red flag because even if the person is not cheating yet some of these are precursors some of these will let you know that that's about to happen even if the person is not cheating yet they're on the cusp 99% of time because you got to think if you didn't get enough from you gotta get in from somewhere this is a big one to number two it's a real big stops arguing about things that used to piss them off when a person seemed inner a little bit different women but in some ways in saying because you can tell what a woman is really fed up with you when she didn't get mad anymore well guess what mentally exactly the way when a man is truly fed up or is cheating on you to the point where he don't give a damn about you're not his only option anymore the things that used to piss him off don't piss him off anymore that's when the dude has been cheating so long he's maybe even on his way out the door that's this number two is severe when he no longer gets pissed off you can't even get a fight out of him anymore he's like glitter doesn't matter when he's to that point that's usually when a dude is probably leaving you for somebody else when public things become private um men are creatures of habit if we got codes on our cell phones we generally keep the same damn code on our cell phone throughout the entire relationship you could have found it if you wanted to you could not find it if you wanted to doesn't really change up too much unless it's like a job thing or some type of you know security thing like that where he had two men usually creatures of habit don't worry to change things up too much when things that he used to have no code on his phone that he has one that's a red flag something you got to look at and say oh wait a minute you used to know all his passwords now you don't know any of them when things that used to be public and become private that some of you really want look out for when you get you look on his Facebook and now you can't see anything where you used to be able to see everything something you might want to look at I did signs that your girl is cheating and what to do about it and this number four is kind of is crazy it's gonna be crazy because the opposite stops hanging out with their friends with their old friends now with women I said stop starts hanging out with new people see when a man is cheating on you what ends up happening a lot of times is his friends know you experienced know you and his friends are cool with you a lot of times because you know the lower y'all been together the more yards start intertwining and you're intermingling with your friends and stuff like that so his friends know you he stops hanging out with them that's a red flag because a lot of time he stopped hanging out with him so he could she didn't get away with it so that's something you really want to watch out for number five becomes more independent that's not natural the longer we're with you the more dependent we become on you we can't find our shit because we expect you to find it we don't know how to do anything anymore because we expect you to be there forever and do our shit for us that's how men think when may become independent all of a sudden it's because they're not wanting you to see things that's normally how that works all of a sudden you start watching his own clothes he never watches all glows the whole time y'all been together what type of dude goes from I don't watch nothing like I won't pick up a sock and throw it in the washing machine - all of a sudden I wash it loads of clothes Co does that all of a sudden I'm watching all the dishes and all of a sudden I'm putting together stuff I'm washing the sheets he washes sheets and he never watched him before in his entire life come on now house you guys start looking you guys start thank you to you some way than me what the hell is this man trying to hide because he ain't never done that before and I know he ain't doing it for my benefit so that's what you got to think all of a sudden becoming independent a dependent man is not only not somebody who's going anywhere the more dependent to do it is the less likely here is the goalie where because are less likely he is the cheat because there's a certain fear there there's a fear that if you were to leave in who's going to do all this stuff for me a man who is very independent has all this shit together you don't really have much you can take from so the more independent he starts becoming especially suddenly becoming independent so I'm going to be afraid of um works late or suddenly begins to keep hieratic hours when you take a person that's pretty much been a nine-to-five of their whole time you know them pretty much hasn't scheduled for everything does art kind of does everything around the same time work out around this time or that time um you expect this on that this part of the day that out of that part of the day he kind of got him down packed and then all of a sudden his hours become erratic oh wait he's out till twelve one day and it he gets up and leaves at 5:00 in the morning another day you know the hell is wrong with this guy why is he moving around and doing things so much differently that's a big red flag because men are creatures of habit we generally do the same shit over over and over again to the point where you kind of know we go have breakfast to the point where you kind of know what we're going to wear on this particular day to the point where we just pretty much do the same shit over and over again we should be somewhat predictable and when we're not that's something that you have to look at and go maybe a red flag seven this text far more than usual when you get a person who's never really on the phone never really text and everybody talking on the phone and then all of a sudden they just just a texting away every second they got their phone out just texting texting texting and you're like the hell are you doing especially with the texting because there's no it's not verbal you don't know who they're talking to and it constantly they always going somewhere taking their phone and texting texting texting not really talking on it but just texting texting texting texting and then you know you see you come up to me they tilt they phone away from you and shit like that that's something you got to watch out for because that's very telling but somebody's doing that pattern changes mood suddenly changes from extremely sad to extremly happen see now the mood changes from extremely happy to extremely say that could be your relationship pissing the person off but you got to ask yourself the question what the hell did I do for this nigga for him to go from being pissed off and sad all the time to all of a sudden being happy what the hell did I personally do if you can't think of anything and it probably ain't you making them happy prop you somebody else so when somebody just has that mood change me all of a sudden just on cloud nine every time you see him red flag number died and this is one of the bigger ones constantly accusing you of being unfaithful normally when a dude is cheating on you he's going to consistently constantly accuse you of cheating on him because a guilty conscious type of thing he's cheating on you now he's been doing that the whole time that may just be his personality may just be a weird fucked-up individual but of all of a sudden he just starts coming at you on a regular basis like I know you fucked too or did you suck his dick I mean that kind of stuff when he's coming at you like that that's something you really want to look at and say man he might be doing so don't just take one of these things in a vacuum and go all my man is cheating on me like look at all of them if he has a lot of those signs all of them he probably up so if you see me even stopped caring about sex you ain't been giving him money you ain't been trippin that's a problem he stopped arguing about the things that he always argues about that's a problem because it seems like he doesn't care anymore Oh office public things have become private he's no longer trippin I mean he's trippin now about something he wasn't trippin about before no you can't use my computer no no you can't use my phone that kind of stuff that's a problem oh stop saying that with his old friends a lot of times those are people who would vouch for you if they found out he was cheating he's tops hanging out with him that's a problem um becoming much more independent he ain't wants to ditch the whole time you've known him he never put a sock in the laundry and all of a sudden he's washing sheets hid underwear come on now that don't sound right start at number 6 working those erratic hours keeping your attic ours men are creatures of habit if they break out in a habit there's usually a reason for it Oh texting far too often more often than usual that's usually a red flag because men usually don't do that if we if we're textures we're textures if we're callers were callers if we're no phone activity we're using no phone activity if there's a reason for us to increase our phone activity you usually know it so they're doing it you don't know the reason that's a problem sudden change in mood where he goes from sad to happy you didn't make him happy you got to figure out why he is that constantly accusing you of being unfaithful that's kind of self-explanatory you know we accused people a lot of times of doing the things that we're doing now like I said I am a solution-oriented dude so what do we do number one you once you determine it you do two cheating on you you got to find out whether or not you want to back that's up to you that's what you say the relationship is worth keeping or is not that's totally up to you can't tell you how to do that if you do want to bank you're gonna find out why it's cheap what's making him want to do this and I'm going to give you a hint here if you're going to do this and you're going to try to get this person back you're going to try to make this relationship work you're going to forgive because you know what about ninety percent of time that's what you're going to want to do let's be real everybody says I haven't eats on me I'm leaving him but hardly anyone actually does but what they do is whenever they do try to catch a person cheating they go about it the wrong way they yell at him punish him and then you know he still wants to be with him so he makes all these apologies and stuff like that any times running cheats on you again so you have to find out why he's cheating and then when you find when you when I say find out why he's cheating you have to find out what you guys don't have in your relationship that he's looking for because he doesn't want to be with your ass you need to check him reduces or he wants to be with you but there's some part of your relationship that's missing you guys are both missing a part of your relationship so number three is when you figure out what you're missing your relationship find out what you can do about it what you can do to work on your relationship what are you not giving that you can be giving if you think you're giving everything then you need to leave because you're you say you believe you're giving everything you believe that you're perfect in this relationship and you're not messing up anywhere and anything he's doing is all his fault she'd go ahead and leave because clearly he's not going to get any better because he's cheating on you so he feels like there's something not there for him so if you want him to just go and make changes after changes that's not going to help him not want to cheat on you so you're wasting your time oh so you have to look and say what can you do in your relationship to make it better not him you how can you make him want to be a part of this relationship it want to be faithful to you that may sound adjust it may sound unfair I don't know whatever but that's what you have to do or call it quits move on if you're not willing to do that and there before is just be willing to work on you be willing to work on what type of person you are and how to make a relationship better because even if this one doesn't work out some people get cheated on by every dude a date and to this day they still have not pinpointed something that they're doing to cause this phenomenon to happen either you just have really poor selection process but even that some of these dudes cheat on you and don't cheat on anybody else come on at some point you have to say there's something that I'm doing in a relationship that's making it to where it's more likely for people to cheat on me keep it real with yourself so when you find out all these things you find out to do this cheat on you gotta decide whether you want to be with them and then what you decide you want to be able to discover get him to be honest with you give them a safe place to be real and tell you what's going on what's making him not want to be faithful in the relationship because until you can do that you're just going to get through the same cycle of him apologizing banging for you to come back and then doing you the same exact way he did you last time cuz if he wants to be with you then there's a cry for help I know I sound fucked up but it is if he wants to be with you dude it's a cry for help if he doesn't want to be what you do clearly get up out of there hopefully I can be of help to you wants to get your man Chazz Ellis leave a comment in the box below let me know what you think um you've got something bullshit to say it's cool to like and subscribe also hit me up on Facebook or as chans Ellis fuck people be hit me up on there sorry if I it's taking me a minute to get back to you high volume of trying to get back to everybody as possible once again chanceless peace