98YearOld DDay Medic Saved 15 Men in Battle

it is an infantryman's nightmare the greatest seal and duel industry the array of thinks he was a great hero or something like that I'm not you know I'm just I'm a veteran ninety eight year-old Ray Lambert tells CBS this morning about his experience at d-day this was either do or die situation he's one of the last veterans of that fateful World War two battle which happened 75 years ago this week [Music] d-day refers to the Allied invasion of Normandy an area in northern France that was occupied by the Nazis it was an outrageously daring feat of military strategy the world's largest invasion by sea Ray Lambert served as a medic helping at least 15 wounded men all while being shot himself that's when I asked God to give me one more chance to save this guy's life [Music] the beachhead landings cost the lives of over 4,000 Allied troops many Reston cemeteries like these in France those guys that are buried out there in front of us the guy that gave so much young guy had never had home never had family never get to play ball with their children or their son but despite the human cost from a military perspective the invasion was successful American and British forces established a foothold on the European continent it marked a turning point in world war ii the amazing drive to berlin races ahead of every day every hour the borders of the Reich shrink back less than a year later Nazi Germany would be defeated by Allied forces helping bring the war to a close Germany the d-day invasion has since been inscribed in history and in popular culture the story was told in newsreels like this it was dramatized to great effect in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan here's the Call of Duty version now on every anniversary leaders gather to mark d-day some remembrances are more private there's hardly a day goes by that I haven't thought of some soldier or some incident that happened and some memories are literally submerged over 100 pieces of d-day battle wreckage have been spotted by French archaeologists at the bottom of the sea their findings include tanks a British freighter and tugboats scientists say they will eventually corrode beyond all recognition in the salty this is inside addition.com