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Okay, the fish is ready. Come on, enjoy! Bon appetit, everyone. -Bon appetit! -What about the dolma dish? -I made them myself. Pass the fish. Come on, let the young ones sit. Let them squeeze in. -Man, where is the food? It went to the other end of the table. -Come on, brother. -Bon appetit. -Make room for Hilmi. You should eat some of this. I made it myself. -May God accept it. -Here you are. -Oh, God! Hilmi, I... -This is perfect! Excellent. Thank you so much. -Nebahat. -Ali. Oh, boy. Why did you bother? -Enjoy. -Thanks. -Ayhan! -Hello. Oh, boy. I owe you one. -Enjoy. -Thanks, Ali. -Have you ever worked with ice cream? -No, but I'd like to learn how to. -So, what do you think ice cream is? -What is ice cream... It's ice cold, but it melts your heart. -Good. And what flavor do you prefer? I don't know, I like all flavors. You can't like all flavors. You should have a preference. Maybe two. Then, melon it is. And lemon. Okay, good. I like that. It would suck if you hadn't said lemon. Here you go. "Help Wanted" -So, am I hired? -We're out of watermelons. -I'll go buy some. -Okay, fine. I will buy it from the fruit seller next door, right? No. Take the road behind the fishmonger. Okay, I'll be right back. -Enjoy your meal. -Emre! Come, come. Dude, we're out of watermelons. Go buy some, hurry. Yasar, show them to their table. I'll go buy watermelons. -No way. The boy should go. -I can go, Yasar. -Interesting. Ali! -Go ahead. Welcome. How many are you? Three. Come over here, please. Hilmi! Hilmi, what are you doing? Go, go that way. You scared her from day one. Come on, let me help. Are you okay? -I'm fine. That's typical of Hilmi. He yells, but it has nothing to do with you. Why would it have anything to do with me? It was on your head all day. And it looked so nice. Thanks. Thanks. Wait! My name is Ali. What's your name? Won't you tell me? Leyla? Ayse? Buket? Defne? None of these? -None of those. What do you want? -Won't you tell me your name? It's Deniz. Alright? Good day. Deniz. Ali. The watermelons? Bravo. -Deniz. -No... Do you need help? No, thanks. I can handle it. -You're wearing it again. -Shouldn't I? -Wear it. Looks so good on you. -I thought you left. -I had, but I forgot the watermelons. -What watermelons? We're out of watermelons at the restaurant. Well, you don't need to go buy any, because I bought the last one they had. Really? No watermelons? Fine, then I'll help you. -You don't have to. -No way. Give it to me. -No, let go of my watermelon! -No way! -Let it go. -Let it go. You should have let me help. You should have let me peacefully take my watermelon to the restaurant! From day one, because of you! What am I going to tell Nebahat now? I'm sorry, Deniz. You know what? You take that half. And I'll take this half, okay? Good day. I'm covered in watermelon now! -So, you're here for the summer? -Ali! Ali! Aren't you coming? Look, the girls are calling for you. You'd better go. Anyways. I'd better go. Good evening, Deniz. Good evening. Welcome. Later we can... You can't take your eyes off of it. Saadet and I are going to be really happy very soon. Dude, you've been dating for 10 years now. Your houses are next to each other. What do you mean, "soon"? What? For God's sake! What do you know about it? Mind your own business. Okay, okay. Don't get mad. Ali! Come to the boat tonight. -Maybe. So, have you decided? I have. They looked at the place and liked it. They'll discuss it with their partner. Ali, did you think carefully? After all, it's inherited. -Whatever. I'm going shopping. -Bye. Turn it, turn it! -It's no good. -You need to turn it faster. Okay. I'll do it. I'll do it now. I'll do it. You can do it! Keep going. Didn't Nebahat tell you that she uses 60 eggs for a single scone? Saadet, your man's sitting in the shed, dreaming of you. Ali! Okay, I'll check on him now. I'm out, see you later. I'm going shopping. Aren't you coming? Again? -It hurts so bad. The pills no longer work. I don't know what to do. -Okay, I'm going then. -Why don't you go with Deniz? So, it's serious? -Excuse me? Is there a movie theater here? Or some place we can rent movies? Actually, we have a movie theater, but... It's under construction. Yasar's getting married, I'm looking for a present. Did you find what you're looking for? If only I knew what that was... This? -Whose place is that? -That house? -Yes. Look, it's beautiful. -Yes, it is. -Can we go take a look? -Okay, let's go. -What are those? -They are... I think they are called "poems on rocks". Something like that. "Poems on rocks"? I've never seen such a thing. Do you know how they are made? No, I don't. Well? Have you gotten used to this place? I have. Nebahat is so kind. So are the others. I like this place. Once you come here, you never leave. Is that the case with you? What? No. I've been here all along. -All along? -All along. My father, my grandfather, his grandfather... We were all here. You're lucky in a way. I don't know if it's luck or not. This place is a piece of heaven. I don't understand why the landlord wants to rent this place. I mean, when you own a place like this, what else do you need? Right? I guess. What a lovely life they must have had here. So peaceful, so calm... Nice. It was nice. One must be crazy not to live here. If I owned this place, I would never give it to anyone. You never know. There's always a reason. -It's late, shall we go back? -Sure. I paid the bills. I bought everything on the list. Why did you put that on? We'll leave, we'll dress up, do our hair and make-up. Dress up? Darling, don't you see? We have a wedding ceremony. I don't know, would it be appropriate for me to go? It would be wrong if you didn't go. Come on. Hurry up. -Come on! -Come on! -My dear Yasar. -May God grant you happiness. -Thanks, Ayhan. Thank you. -I wish you eternal happiness. -Thank you for coming. Thanks. -God bless you, Captain Ali. -Congratulations again. -Thank you so much, Ali. -Son. -Thank you so much. -My apologies. -Why did you bother? Come on! -Touch me. -Let go. Touch me. Bravo, Captain Ali! You never taught me how to play, Yusuf. Look, this is the sound of us speaking. And there's the sound of the things we never said. Listen, can you hear it? How can I? Open your ears, you will hear it. But first, open your heart. -But how? Can you turn this back into a tree? But can you make this out of a tree? Well... Your heart is that tree. And love is this. You will be the body of the instrument. And then, someone else will come along... ...and make her life the strings of that instrument. But, when you grab this instrument,... ...you won't be able to hide your sweat, your joy and your excitement from me. Not only from me, from no one. A girl named Deniz came to town. She works for Nebahat. She's welcome. And? Well... She's here. She's so pretty,... ...so cute. Don't tell me that, son. Go tell her. -Tell her what? -That a girl named Deniz came to town. But don't forget to say "welcome". Deniz. What's up, are you okay? I'm fine. Something happened. Won't you tell me? Oh, you're here. Were you planning on leaving without paying me? -No. Look, I... -Take it easy, dude. Easy? She stays in my hotel and doesn't pay for it! What a great way to live! Brother, why wouldn't she pay? If she wasn't going to, why would she still be here? I've seen many like her. Freeloaders are everywhere. Dude! Watch your mouth! Watch my mouth? Are you defending this fraud? -Who are you calling a fraud? -No! -We're not finished, dude. -You're still talking! I'm sorry. So? What now? -I'll look for another place to stay. -There is no other place here. Then... Actually, there is a place. Come with me. Where? Wait. Wait for me! Why are we here? This is your new home. What do you mean? I don't know whose house this is. I can't stay here. The other day you said you liked it a lot. You said "everyone should own a place like this". I said so. I did, but... How will I pay the rent? Don't worry about that. Whoa! I think you've mistaken me for those other girls. Can you take me back now? Please. Deniz. You misunderstood me. Please. You don't need to go. Come on. The house is a mess. We should do some cleaning. No problem. Can you talk to the landlord about the rent? Well, I'll go shopping now. I'll buy some food for you, and some stuff for the house. Do you want anything? -Can you buy me slippers? -Slippers? I'll pay you back later. Deniz! What happened? You don't like it? I do, I was just not expecting this. I think you underestimated me. Look what I bought for you. You don't like them? I do, but... I was just not expecting this. Deniz. Can you give me the screwdriver? It's in the first drawer. Ali, this place... Did you talk to the landlord? Did you ask him about the rent? -This place is mine. -Why didn't you tell me? I don't know. You said the owners were crazy. Everybody has things they keep to themselves. Don't you? Why did you want to rent this place? I haven't been here for a long time. I thought I'd never come back. Sometimes, there are places where one doesn't want to go back. But I still don't understand. It's such a heavenly place... Do you see that boat? It was my father's. After my mother died, he sailed away on that boat. And never came back. We found the boat, but not my father. I always waited for him... ...to come back from the sea. How did your mother die? My mother... Because of my absence, I guess. When I was in college, I had a fight with my father. I left town and this house. I only came back when I heard about my mother's death. Did you make up with your father afterwards? Did we? He gave me a hug at mom's funeral. But never said a word. He just held me. I guess it was his farewell. It was his farewell. Then, with this boat... Anyways. They say your last memory is your first one. This is all I remember. Come on. If you're going to stay here, you need to learn how to sail a boat. -Me? -Yes, you. -No way! I can't! -Come on. Of course you can. -Slow down! When I was in college, I realized that... ...where your scars are is where your heart beats. My scars are here. So, my heart beats here. I couldn't go anywhere else. Take good care of your heart, then. Because we all need you. So, how did you end up here? Let's say "life". No way! I told you my story. Okay, fine. I lost my mother when I was a child. And my father died last year of a heart attack. I miss them a lot,... ...but of course, it's different with my mother. It always is. And after my father died,... ...I realized that I had nothing keeping me in my hometown. I hit the road. I got out there. Without a plan. Without a route. I was the captain, the boat, and the helm. I traveled. I worked and I met new people. You see, I was always on the road. And the road brought me here. Well... When will this road end? Maybe it already has. Who knows... If I had known you'd get that sad, I wouldn't have asked about it. I wish I hadn't asked. It's okay. I remembered a folk song my mother used to sing. That's why I got sad. That song is the only memory I have left of her. I'll listen if you sing it. On the shoulders, hair tangling. You are the one I ended up loving. You are the one I ended up loving. Darling, hold me in your arms, Let them wrap around your heart. Darling, hold me in your arms, Let them wrap around your heart. Sleep, my darling, then wake up. Hold me in your arms, bear up. You set my heart on fire, The fire that had long been out. Sleep, my darling, then wake up Hold me in your arms, bear up. You set my heart on fire The fire that had long been out. You have a lovely voice. Lovely... Ali. What are you doing? What's that? Didn't you ask me about a movie theater? -Were you listening to me that day? -Of course I was. Come here. Come. Let's put this over here. Yes, like that. Good. -What's that? -Welcome to the theater of dreams. -The theater of dreams? -Yes. Let me help. Come on, lay down. So, what do we do now? Lay down. Now, we close our eyes. Okay, I closed my eyes. Now what? Now, let yourself dream. It's no good. What do you see? I'm curious. I'm in the restaurant. Glasses, tables are flying in the air. Yasar is busy. Bream, sea bass... That's it. The same old restaurant. No big deal. I wonder what I'll see. There I am, making ice cream cones. Preparing the ice cream. Nebahat is there. We don't have any watermelons. You're no better than me. Cones, ice cream, watermelons... See? I told you. It looked like a mullet fish. It's slightly bigger. It had barbels. The mullet has barbels, right? It looked like a mullet. It had barbels. Yes. Fish look like each other. People look like each other. But love only looks like you. Love is you. Ali. You go out fishing, right? And sometimes, there are storms. -Yes. That's why I brought you this. My father gave it to me. He told me to carry it with me at all times. He said it would protect me. Well, I didn't have such a wonderful life,... ...but when I got to know you, I knew it truly protected me. And I want to give it to you. So that it can protect you as well. Okay, mermaid. Let it protect me. So, mermaid... How did you end up here? I lost my mother when I was a child. Then, a year ago, after an accident,... ...I lost my father as well. I didn't want to stay there anymore. I came this far. It wasn't really an accident. My father died of a heart attack. Ali told me you play the saz. How did you learn to play? Did you take lessons? I did take lessons. I took lessons and I worked hard. Maybe you could teach me one day. Of course. But on one condition. Sure. What do I need to do? Ali will be the body of your instrument. Don't forget: He won't produce sound without you. Okay, how do I do it? You'll make your life the strings of the instrument. Being a mermaid is not easy. Ali told me that you never leave this place. I wonder why. Why? I'm waiting... I'm waiting for my wits to return. I'm waiting. This land, this house is waiting. These trees are waiting. This table, this olive... I'm waiting to see if the ones who leave come back. Come on, the fish is ready. Okay. Here it is. Go on, start. I like you, mermaid. Come again. You can come without him too. I will, Yusuf. Yusuf is different from anyone else here. That's because he's not from around here. He came here later. -Why? -He followed his Leyla. They loved each other,... ...but Leyla's father married her to someone from here. Such distant places... So, Yusuf followed after her. He came this far. Leyla knew she could not live with that man. On her wedding day, she threw herself from a cliff. He's been waiting ever since for Leyla to come back. Actually, he's been waiting for all lovers. Like old trees. Whatever the cost may be,... ...one should refuse to be with someone they don't want. They should, mermaid. They should. You know, I don't want you to work. You can be a lovely housewife! Come on, it's the afternoon matinee! The first session starts now. -What's that now? -Come on. -Do you need help? -Okay. Yes. We've got our tickets. The movie starts. I'm here. I'm with you. I'm living the life that I've always dreamed of. I'm here. I'm with you. I'm living the life that I've always dreamed of. Hand me that ring. The ring. Here. It would look good on you. How do you pick a ring? Are there any good or bad choices? It's easy. You ask the pinky. Dude, her ring finger is probably the same size as your pinky. You can measure it that way. If not, you can have it resized. -What if it's too small? -You'll forget about the girl then. Captain Ali, you'd better buy one size bigger. Too much ice cream will make you fat. -Ice cream is here. -Here you are, dear Yasar. -Thank you, Deniz. -Bon appetit. Here you are. -Thank you. Enjoy. Before you... I crumbled away like those rocks. I got mixed into the soil. When you arrived, I remembered myself. I found what I wanted. I found my match. Allow me to carry you on my shoulders. Allow me to carry all of your burdens. Will you marry me? No, Ali. I won't live this life with you. You misunderstood me. You got carried away with another one of those dreams, I guess. What? Do you think this is easy? Standing here, looking into your eyes and saying "no" to you? But I've done something you'd never forgive. And with these hands that touched you... With these eyes that looked at you... I never deserved you. You're so kind, Ali. That's why I can't tell you. I wish I wasn't afraid of anything. Just like you. A life without running... I wish I could, but it's not possible, Ali. You can't let yourself lose it. You'll be quiet and you'll wait. She left no words for me to say. I did what you told me to do. I opened my eyes and my heart. All for her. And look what happened to us. She fooled me. Don't say that, kid. She must have had a reason. She said she couldn't live that life with me on that bay. What's wrong with our lives? What's wrong? What is it that we don't have in our lives? I was running away from that place. You all knew it. I was going to sell it. Just because she wanted it,... ...just because she said she'd live there forever,... ...I disregarded my parents' memory and decided not to sell it. Just because she wanted it! It's not that much or that little. You're going to wait, Ali. You're going to wait. Just like I am. Wait for what, Yusuf? What? She didn't even let me speak. She wouldn't have it. What will I wait for? I... What have I done to her? What have I done other than love her? Ali, you should take a walk. Every problem has a solution. Leaving is not the answer. I have no other choice, Yusuf. The solution is not impossible. It's sometimes invisible. Look, let me tell you a story. Do you know about the wheat kernel trapped under the snow? It stays there for days, weeks, months... It waits and waits. Then, one day, the snow melts. It turns green with that water. Love is a cliff, mermaid. It's an icy fire. But you should keep your head high. You knew about the storm, but you'll fight. You should fight. You have never said what the problem is. If you did, we could have found a way. Dear passengers. Please take your seats. "For Sale" Ali! Ali! -Yusuf. What happened? Oh, what happened? -Listen to me very carefully. -What happened? She said she needed to leave, and she left. I don't get it. I said "stop". I said "Ali", but she wouldn't listen. Go get her back, Ali. Mermaid... She got on the bus and left. She said "I can't live here". She can, Ali. Go bring her back. I came to see your face one more time. To see if you love me or not. To see if you want me or not. I came to hold your hand and take you home. I thought you'd never come. I thought I wasn't going to be able to hold you one last time. But it's harder now. How do I say goodbye? How? But I have to do it, Ali. I have to do it. You said "you shouldn't do something if you don't want to do it". Whatever the cost may be. Don't you want to stay with me? I can't, Ali. Don't go. -I'll go. -I won't let you. -You will, Ali. -I'll stand on your way. You can't go. Don't. I'll put mountains in your way. You can't go. -Don't. I can. -I'll take the roads from under you. -Don't. I can reach beyond. -Tell me something nice. Forget me, Ali. I'm not leaving! I'm not! I'm not. -Don't love me. -I love you. I love you. I love you... Darling, you're so beautiful. Come on. -Where are we going? -Don't ask, we're leaving. -And the fish? -Never mind! Surprise! Surprise! Congratulations. -Come here. Come. You take this. God bless you. Come on, Yasar. -Come on. Saadet, come this way. -Welcome, mermaid. -Hello, Yusuf. -Yusuf. -Kiddo. -Start. -Okay. They say that the greatest love in the world is the love of sea. Because one can never know where it starts and where it ends. And I say, I hope the greatest love in the world will be yours. Come here, dear Deniz. Now, I am Captain Yasar, and I pronounce you husband and wife. -I love you, Deniz. -I love you, Ali. What did I tell you? I told you, Ali would go crazy if he didn't see us for two days! -Yes, he said so. -Welcome. -I'm fine, welcome. -Thank you. Yasar, how are you? -Welcome, Ali. We're fine. We're just catching up. -Yasar. -What? As if you didn't see each other! What about us? What should we do? We'll think of a way to catch up. -Yes. -You will, you will. Well, Ali is a bit... He knows how to make amends. -Ali is a bit what? What? -Ali is fine. He's nice. Deniz! Come on guys, I missed you so much! -Okay, we're coming. -Come on. Alright. Come. -What are those? -Here you are. I made sandwiches. In case you get hungry. -Thank you. Yasar! -Thank you, sister. Looks great. -Enjoy. -We're leaving. -Okay, fine. "You look beautiful as always. Ali" Make a wish. Lady Saadet, would you like the usual? -Please, dear. -Coming right away. Can I have one with lemon, Lady Deniz? Lady Nebahat, I'm not even asking you. You should be careful with your diet. Oh no! Tell me, in which movie you can find such happiness? -Come on, time for fortune telling. -I'm next, okay? Nebahat, there's a big bag or sack, something like that. Darling. I received your note, Mr. Ali. -What note? This one? Our friends must've made a joke. Come on. Come, come. Emre! Deniz is here. Deniz, look. We've got company. We've met today. He's on the market for a house, and I invited him over for dinner. You? You are here. You're standing right in front of me. This can't be real. Is this a nightmare? But how? -Sit down. -Let me go. Love me. It's over now. My love... You won't run away from me. -Aykut, I'm begging you, let me go. -Go, just go! Where will you go? And I... That house and your father... You can never go back... -What did you do to my father? -I killed him. What did you do to my father? It wasn't an accident? I did it! I killed him! Defne, touch me. Love me. Love me Come on, touch me. No. Don't. -Stay away from me. I said stay away! Don't! Defne... Mr. Aykut. Deniz. Deniz, come here. Mr. Aykut, help yourself. Deniz, you sit here. Let me check on the fish. It's been a surprise for you. I came unannounced. Oh, please don't say that. I insisted. Deniz, we love company, right? Yes, we do. So, did you find a place you like? We haven't looked yet. We'll decide with my fiancée. -Are you engaged? -Yes. Her name is Defne. Soon, you'll be neighbors. Sure, yeah. She'll love this place. Mr. Aykut, where is your yacht anchored? Ali, it's better you drop that "Mr". We'll be neighbors soon. As you wish. Over there is Cakir Bay, that's where it's anchored. And this boat comes with me wherever I go. Nice place. How do you like your fish? You're the chef. You decide. What are you trying to do? Defne. Look. This is my memoir. Everything lies here. Defne, I missed you so much. Let me go. I said "let me go"! Let me go. Go away. Leave me alone. I'll leave. We'll leave together. You're coming with me. Yes. Alright. The fish is ready. -Just a second. -Okay. May I? Aykut. -It's cooked perfectly. Deniz! Come on, your fish is getting cold. I'm coming! -Come on. -Here I am. Come. How does a captain perform marriage ceremonies? My girl loves that kind of stuff. -You need a captain. -We have one. -A bride, a groom... -We have them! Then, it's done. -And we need the sea. We already have that. -We're surrounded by it! So, will you do it? I will. Ms. Deniz. Thank you so much. I caused you trouble. No problem. -Good evening again. -Good evening. This does not count. You should come to the restaurant and taste our appetizers. Of course I will. Okay. Deniz. Are you okay? I'm fine. I'm just a little dizzy. Really? Come on, get some rest. Come here. Ali? Ali, wake up. I hear a noise outside, wake up. -What? What is it? Something is burning outside. Ali, the boat is on fire. Deniz! -Ali! Ali.. -Deniz. Ali, don't go! Ali, stop! Ali! The innkeeper didn't do it. I'd have made him regret the day he was born if you had let me. He said that he didn't do it a million times, Yasar. Yes, a million times. And he swore. Well, if he swore, then... For God's sake. Ayhan, calm him down. We have customers. Okay, brother. Okay, Ayhan. He says "he swore". He's so naive. -Ali. -Welcome. Hello. Ali? What happened? What's going on? Nothing serious. The boat burnt down last night. I'm a bit upset about it. I'm so sorry. Ms. Deniz must have been so scared. No. Why would she? She's got me. It's just a boat. Sure, it is. I thought that I could see you for the last time and say goodbye. -Are you leaving? -Yes. Okay, then. Come, sit. What can I get you? -I'll have a crab salad. -Sure. A crab salad. Ahmet, give me a piece of paper, will you? Thank you. I'd like to say goodbye to Ms. Deniz as well. Sure. Go ahead. -Okay, take care. -See you. Do you have ice cream with your special flavor? I'll have one of those. With your flavour... Defne... Aren't you ashamed to be here? It's over, Deniz. Come on, we're leaving. Leaving? I told you. I said "I'm all you have". There won't be anyone else. You only have one life, and that is with me. Go. Please, go. Go? Go? I could hardly bear the pain of missing you all this time. If the doctor had let me, I would have come to that place where you worked... ...and turned it upside down. But I wanted to give you time. For you to think and get yourself together. Come on. Let's go. Be at the Cakir Bay in an hour, okay? We can do anything you want. I don't want to. You will. I don't. -Take my hand. -Okay? I'll ask you something. Who do you love more? Ali or me? Ali. I wanted your special flavor. Ali is gone. No more Ali. Ali is "poof"! If you do something wrong, we are going to have problems. Let's make a deal. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Deniz. What's up, are you okay? When Aykut came, you became upset. No, it's nothing. I ate too much. My stomach is bothering me. There's nothing else, right? And I'm sad, of course. About the boat. Why would you be sad? It's just a boat. I'm here. I'm with you. Is it worth more than our lives? Of course it isn't. For me, nothing is worth more than you. More than us. More than us. Well... I'll go to that place where we watch the fish. I'll wait for you there. Okay. Come on. I won't be late. The guys can drop you off if you like. -No. -Emre. I can go alone. Fine. As you wish. Come here. You're so kind, Ali. You're so kind, Ali. Deniz. The solution is not impossible. It's sometimes invisible. Now, I see that the only solution is a life without me. My path always leads to the same darkness. I'm sure of it now. I cannot drag you into this darkness anymore. I never deserved happiness. I want you to remember me as Deniz. Your Deniz. Ali, what is this? You sign checks now? I received your note, Mr. Ali. I have to do it. -This one? -Maybe this one. I'll go where we watch the fish. I'll wait for you there. -Will you marry me? -No, Ali. -Don't you want to stay with me? -I can't, Ali. Over there is Cakir Bay, that's where it's anchored. Everybody has things they keep to themselves. Don't you? Aykut! Come out! Did you write this? Are you here for the wedding? Good, good. Nice. All we need is the bride. Where is she? Where is Defne? What have you done to her? Where is Defne? Who is Defne? You don't even know the name of the girl you love. Her name is not Deniz. She's Defne. Defne, Deniz, whatever. What do you want from her? What do I want? What could a man like me want? I'll take her away. You'll take her away? The woman I love? And when she's not willing? Look, let me tell you how things work around here! When we love a woman, first, we say "welcome". We open the doors to our heart. And we wait for her to come in willingly. That's so long. So boring. Look. Defne did this. Look carefully! Defne shot me without blinking an eye! But I kept on loving her! I didn't give up on her, despite this! So, do you really think you can make me give up? Can you do it? Is this how you love? Is this love? You love by frightening, by threatening? -I can frighten and I can kill. -Oh, yeah? Come on! Shoot me then. Shoot me. Kill me! Do you think you can kill me? With a single bullet. Look up. Can you bring down the sky with a single bullet? The sea, the mountains, the clouds... There is no Ali anymore. Ali is gone. I'm filled with love. I became the whole world. Can you kill that with a single bullet? Do you know what we do when we meet people like you? What do you do? You welcome them in your home. We make them sorry they ever met us. You were saying "love is you". It turns out it isn't, Ali. -It is. -Don't come. Please, don't come. The road ends now. Deniz is over. I'm over. We'll start again. Love cannot keep secrets, Ali. It cannot keep secrets. There are no secrets anymore. No secrets. Come on, give me your hand. Please, Deniz. Come on, darling. Ali. You're wounded. I'll be fine. You'll look after me. Give me your hand. -Ali. -Give me your hand. Ali. Ali? Ali!