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Ease, Joy and Glory For a new future Access Bars The Bars The first ones to come up with the idea of bringing Bars into the schools [Chiara Dolza, Founder of the Bars Project for Kids] were the kids themselves. [Chiara Dolza, Founder of the Bars Project for Kids] Those kids who had received the Bars, they would say: “My teacher needs some Bars”, or “Sometimes, when I am at school, I feel like I need to get my Bars run.” And that’s how we came up with the idea, “what if we brought the Bars into the schools?” We had already tried a different approach, one year, I asked permission to teach English to elementary students in the second grade. One of my children was in the class and we used the tools of Access to teach them English. We had so much fun. At the end of the year, the kids were able to speak English, without a logical explanation. Their parents were very happy with the results. So, in reality, the tools of Access were already being used in the school. We started with using questions, inviting them to step up and be seen and then, we introduced the Bars technique. I asked for the universe to show me a way to get happy, because I was not. [Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, Creators of Acccess Consciousness] The first time I did it, I asked the person "Okay, what did you get out of this?" And they said, "Well, it seems to access a new space of possibility." The first time I did it, I asked the person, "Okay, what did you get out of this?" And they said..., It feels like every time you touch one of those Bars in my head, my life gets better. I had access to a new space of possibilities. It seems like every time you touch those points on my head, my life gets better. Okay, it's Bars. Since it was something new, I said: why not give it a try? How can you dismiss something before you even try it? [Mother, Primary school, Italy] You can not judge it, you can not say anything, really about this Bars project unless you try it first. They told us that they wanted to do it with the kids (We listened to what the kids would have done,) And I said: why not give it a try? It’s worth a try [Luana Runduk, Mother of a Student] Afterwards you could see the change in the child ... more relaxed. Maybe in the future, what would it be like to learn to run them and receive them more frequently? Even once per day, and see what effect that has? Whenever he does get the Bars, he always comes back home much more relaxed, so it’s definitely worth trying. During our first encounter they talked about [Luca Cavagnino, primary school teacher, Italy] touching the head with their hands, who knows what will happen… [Luca Cavagnino, primary school teacher, Italy] but then, they ran my Bars, and it changed something in me, before proposing it to the kids, we teachers tried it out first and, yes, I felt… … I immediately had positive sensations... relaxation… lightness in my body, every time, and I did it several times. Each time the session began, after only a few minutes, I would fall asleep. And when I woke up, a half hour later, I felt refreshed. I felt I was ready to take on the world. As if I had recharged my batteries, so, let’s say that the skepticism slowly melted away… There were, speaking for myself, results. and with the kids, I saw that they were happy: “Ah, here come the people who run Bars!”. So, when you see something has a positive effect on you and you see that others have more or less the same effect … let’s say I would do it again. The children were very happy [Danilo Da Re, Founder of the Bars for Kids Project] they had created a moment [Danilo Da Re, Founder of the Bars for Kids Project] where they felt at ease at school. We recognized this and desired to expand upon it. During the second phase of the projects we would mix and match the students with students from other classes. And the energy was amazing and kept growing more and more. It only took the kids one time before they understood everything. They knew they had to take off their shoes, they knew which massage table they had to go to, or which school desk with the gym mattress on top, They knew everyone and how it worked, for them it was easy. And these dynamics put them at ease and relaxed them; and sometimes there were major shifts, especially when we were doing several sessions all together. So, all the practitioners would start and finish their sessions at the same time and what went on during the session was different every time. Sometimes there would be total silence for 10-15 minutes, Other times, it seemed like it was a flea market at its peak. Everybody talking at the same time and there was all this energy. A huge sense of release. I’m speechless… it is such a beautiful thing. [Claudia Torta, Bars Facilitator] There’s so much you can let go of [Claudia Torta, Bars Facilitator] and what a contribution this is for other people, too. So many points of view get released and this is such a contribution for those around you. My favourite part of this project was every single conversation I had with the kids. There were kids who would talk about what they did yesterday, or last week, with such vulnerability... What they would communicate to you went beyond words, I had some very tender moments and such ease in my relationship with the kids and being present without any points of view to just be there, for those 15 minutes per week, It created an expansion in my life, and this was a huge gift. You know, my favourite part was going there and having the kids run their Bars. It was waking up in the mornings, taking my children to school and meeting everybody at 9:30am and the moment where we said: ok, let’s go, which class shall we begin with? And then, I realized that every moment was my favourite part and there were kids who definitly wanted to come to you, they wanted to tell you things, or wanted to receive from you, and there were kids who changed every time, right? Yes, my favourite part is running the Bars, waking up in the morning, saying: what day is it? It’s Tuesday, today I’m going to run the Bars at school! For further information visit AccessConsciousness.com/Bars For further information about Access Bars and young people AccessConsciousness.com/Youth