I'm posed to me at the Kids Choice Awards right now I'm nominated for funniest YouTube are we freaking fight it's being a hater and it's the lane I'm gonna freakin missing anything have to be there cannot miss this it's the biggest opportunity on my mind don't I have to call someone to go be me I was the only person who would drop everything to do whatever is my number one fan I'll have a big favor an axe of you I need you to go on the red carpet pretend like you're me do interviews this me tell everyone your mind sings and promote my book yes and you can pre-order at Miranda sings don't calm yes make sure to tell them what y'all do all that you bought it I don't care if you're four years old write it down okay don't mess it up this is important I think everything's gonna be okay have someone walking the red carpet for me who looks like me is gonna act like me [Music] [Music] are you ready to go to the Kids Choice Awards [Music] [Music] everybody my fuck [Music] [Music] all right thanks guys for watching and I hope you liked me aren't the kids toys some warrants if you did give it a thumbs up make sure to go to Parker's channel and watch there's tons of other footage of him on the red carpet on his channel so go subscribe to him click the links below and tell a comment saying that I sent you I'm leaving all the comment finally might be I'm was good for something he actually saved my life like what I've done [Music] [Music]