A Girl From Flanders 1956

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] here in Flanders people are currently two Germans we're very close to the finish oh yeah I just tried to get a drink there were a couple of women standing there they didn't even understand simple French those do you can't talk French Chinese yeah listen to this well your man was it what's wrong guys isn't it so funny good yes sir this is my favorite dish at home it's what I had on my birthday over here tell you what it was pea soup yeah well then I hope you enjoy it if you're going to get executor they always permit you any meals you want yeah I've got a feeling tonight we're going into battle are you scared that must be near Langham our follow for Kaiser in the country the Battle of Langham arc can't you doesn't it that's spelled ain't a joke about Heinz you students every earlier shoemaker things would look different your father's a general that means you've got to be here [Music] all right you loafers come and get it best dinars pure apple cider with my nose I can smell it out no matter where they hide it isn't that right you Flemish which are those knives I bet she'd like the boys and she would if she got the chance crunches what's her name the little wife come on now come out here don't be scared little girl we Germans don't hurt little girls come on come on here don't be an idiot you aren't any better than we are I want them to pair the house up because of fuel and get inside and pour more fire I've got fire in her that one a Spitfire Hey run away wait a minute if you please Mademoiselle [Music] Thanks hey wait a second they could have poisoned this you know they're all on the side of the French now you're crazy no no hey you're a doctor does it taste all right to you here there's one way to be sure about it over your mouth let alone what is it actually what have you done I told you she was a Spitfire especially in love execute her please but Angeline is a bit headstrong you ask me I think she's lame oh that's a nice name it means little angel doesn't it yes angel bracelet oh all right all amen we're moving out in 15 minutes [Music] [Music] a big fine [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and what's going on here very Struma Sarova was transferred they put him in Ward 17 sir Kahn camp is gone as well sir and Fritz wet K all hidden away they were hidden I don't understand on the public lieutenant half of Struble space is gone hey lieutenant hey did you get him or you push him up sister Anna where did they put the others those who were badly wounded have been sent to ward 17 I was told the Grand Duchess and her party might be offended by the sight of them what [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] where is my son with the theory of cases in Ward seventeenth her requires my son there is anything wrong what's happened no no yes son is all right he was right here I want you to take me to him everyone fire faster second battery go ahead that's done 302 short you're firing your toy unit battery to start firing again again battery yeah let's say huh your move Adri good it's been like a week now if I am the fever's bad battery hmm father hello Alex Anna I'm happy to see you no I got a good scare believe me and I heard you were here yes Father it's an it's a protest a protest against what the treatment of these wounded men against the superiors order met everyone you're firing too short adjust all firing range ain't that everyone fire fire nah what's all this father you're a soldier you must understand if once wounded comrades are unpresentable who may I hear a bit confused my son I called distant drown mattress battle maneuvers in there or six weeks in bed it gave me a lot of crazy ideas father please this is war time not maneuvers no of course and I feel I have to protest it oh yes well I would like to understand why my son decides to protest his superiors orders father once a man has been to the front yes it's time you have a leave you feel differently at home you'll see Oh euros sister sense of this regards oh how is poor Lizabeth just heard from him he's a battalion adjutant already he's a first-class soldier yes Paul would never protest in his day sorry father I've always been a black sheep of the family you're like your mother don't worry I'll explain something to my commanding officer when do you think they'll release you early next week an excellent you'll be home in time for my birthday [Music] oh she's here again poor thing sort of Saturday the fourth time today we ought to ask her to come in for meals don't you I have repeatedly said I was against tactical field modernization but once the plan was adopted we all had to comply it was an order but it made enormous demands on our resources it was very costly and once it was discontinued our offensive was stopped and here we are quite right general in the midst of war attack is always the best of time even the Socialists understand that Caesar's advisors is mine too you might at least talk to Bridget it's only because of you that she came Bridget you've grown into a nice young woman haven't you yes Sally you've changed to a great deal I mean you seem so old wore ages men faster it must be because of what you've been through really yes now that you've graduated do you have any plans that's what I wanted to tell you I'll go on studying papa says it'll be all right it's you're subject to medicine how is morale at the front high certainly high it's difficult to be happy sir if you're spending three months in a trench that's right this trench warfare German soldiers don't like it is between the attack and battle there are none finer as you worried long about yes you're a lucky man to have been there Holly you're right sir I have been lucky I'm lucky I lived there aren't many men who did yes yes that's the point of view what is it Tina I'm begging your pardon a lady's hair she would like to speak to your son sir Hashim her name is shot gaya channel I speak to her no it's all right Elizabeth she's come to see me about her son must you see her now her son was killed she wasn't home yesterday but I left word that she could come here well he is conscientious well I know you have guests excuse me for barging in but my sister said that you called on me and that I should come by quite right mrs. sugar I want to talk about your son Kyon's I was with him at the end please come this way yes question of the writer and the Vails yeah I don't understand Alex he thinks like a civilian he'll never really be a soldier not my little brother anywhere we know his heart set on medicine yes only I believe that once he put on a uniform excuse me he says and leaves his superior standing but father a bereaved mother of a fallen comrade he must try to console her surely that's not easy it was morning around 7 just before sunrise then the attack began Hines caught a bullet and fell he died almost at once he didn't feel any pain yeah in pain or not it's all the same Hines was killed wasn't he [Music] this is my father I'm mrs. chakra I apologize the Commerce circle Dolan says mr. shocker this was a severe loss was he your only Son yeah and yet surely it is easier for you when you consider Freya son was buried where was my son buried lieutenant he was buried near the battlefield and surely with the traditional fried cross of a soldier's grave oh yes your son made the finest sacrified one can make that must come so Leo it doesn't that isn't at all how he looked at it my night was no hero general he didn't want to go to war and he never wanted to die only my boy had no choice huh isn't that's an exaggeration yes it is I insisted and I don't know what he died for do you know dinner huh what a shocking attitude she has tell me is this Shopko who's your social democrat I don't know but there is no heroes great for him and no pretty wooden cross either just a bullet in the gut all night he screamed it hurt so much and then he was hit with that grenade no is there enough left to bury I'm sorry dad I've got to go back to the front now I understand that son any real man would do the same I'm not being heroic father I'm lost here everything quiet yes nothing to report let's have a look I hope it's quiet tonight for a change you're just come from home haven't you yes lieutenant you seem a little nervous nervous yes lieutenant the men are all nervous waiting is the worst huh I'd be willing to wait for the rest of the war it's nothing but darkness they're up to something sometimes it gives you a strange feeling there are only 300 meters away from you lieutenant once when it was real quiet we could hear them all singing as long as they just say [Music] what is that guess they're using girth I can they the wind is rock gas attack [Music] Jasmine it's Jasmine put on your mask you idiot [Music] [Music] Jazmin luck Jazmin it was Jasmine he knew all about flowers he was a teacher [Music] oh well the lieutenant's permission I think this would be a good place to stop and stretch our legs all right [Music] pretty country it's sad though it's always like that she was here when the war began just before the medal of Langham our [Music] how long has it been since you were home on leave lieutenant six months I wouldn't spend my leave sightseeing this is the way to my family in Harshad and quite at home here Oh anywhere I hang my hat is home [Music] mullein querque that's right Mullen Kirk and simunition stone now the Paradise a police car we can't go wrong if we go there by Mullin Kirk right no it's on the way to hoist that only it would really to it we should make it in a couple of hours somebody you know they yes somebody I knew [Applause] [Music] [Music] a lot of things that have changed here well it still looks just the same last time I was here they didn't want to serve drinks to Germans well let's hope they do now we got a long way to go to Tennant all we will be long yesterday in 1914 we had our first bombardment here [Music] [Applause] [Music] good morning morning what would you like to drink what would you like to drink things have changed here two beers come in sit down Witek at ease a cozy spot to spend the war you wouldn't say that if you had all my work to do I'm never in bed before twelve at best really we're asleep at the front long before that why do you parade around and not get up I'd better be going over to headquarters give my regards to captain Lou Diamond sir what have you got there field rations [Music] [Applause] [Music] who is that girl over there Angeline Angeline howleen [Music] quite nice that little one a lot of men have tried to Champa but it's no-go if you're in uniform that's it you haven't got a chance is she the daughter of know she's Cinderella I want a personal favor I'll do it I can I would like a glass of cider but died like that girl Angeline to bring it Angeline Oh No Angeline doesn't like serving at the bar it's better if I get Ali my daughter she's blond hmm I want Angeline to bring it understand it [Music] that doesn't matter she's used to it by now that's war now go on take it to his table go on please stay Angeline the lieutenant asked you to stay she's good for nothing get in a bit alone would you like another side [Music] get it Angeline I put it back [Music] you're yes that's right and I haven't forgot she's not at all [Music] Angele hey this won't take a minute lieutenant it'll be all nice and clean you'll see Angeline come here quickly we're so busy here these days are so many German soldiers and all you all see you lieutenant you'll have plenty of good times here before you have to go back to the frontlines I'll lieutenant a terrible thing the war hope it ends soon Angeline yeah hurry clean up the room make the bed and put out fresh water go on hurry my staying here is a big surprise oh yes it is don't pretend to this I'm here because of you Angeline [Applause] would you like me to put two pillows what for a pillow for you and for a young lady ah no thanks just one pillow [Music] Angeline the first time I saw you you wouldn't even serve me and now you knock a glass of cider out of my head I don't know what you mean the first time why did you just leave it on the wagon I just did that's all is it because you hate German soldiers do you hate me I would like to see you later just the two of us all right no no very good horse oh we had a lot of strong well what's a baby horse called I forget a full phone yes oh and then your no horses oh yes at home we had lots of horses what do you mean this isn't your home no where are you from loofah loofah [Applause] Angeline is LaVon why you hating me why you hate our soldiers is that it [Applause] [Music] Angele my father and my mother were killed by german soldiers shot hostages with lots of others lined up in front of a wall and you don't have anybody left now yes there's my brother but he's not here he's your enemy who knows one day you might shoot him why did you bring that glass of cider to me then don't please that's the way my wife wrote it to me of course I knew this would happen all along I didn't say anything first oh it's all right sergeant oh sorry captain just lieutenant just a moment sir what is it making you pardon sir civilian personnel must stay inside after curfew but the lady's with me it's all the same so it's not allowed thank you [Music] yeah what are you doing here [Music] [Applause] [Applause] haja lean good morning good morning no no I I have to work [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] where my cousin's amusing yes as I remember madame pompadour and Mona Lisa they're your cousin's I think oh of course I'm not at all like them I haven't got nice clothes or fancy hairdo or anything no you don't have any of that you're just a little sparrow [Applause] it isn't good to drink that so early the effects can be awful you might go hurry aha our little lieutenant it's a miracle may I thank you for what you did for this house Angeline wouldn't even speak to a German soldier before you you have how shall I say you've broken the eye I congratulate you what did Pleasant breaking the eye [Applause] no done it if you don't mind better not see you're here and people talk if you want to speak to her she's going as far as Lindgren at the next crossroad you turn left thank you [Music] [Music] I'm going out Olinda Ken may I come aboard you know I was hoping that you'd come to see me she locked my door who my aunt because of me because of I that's the first time you've said us you said us us what's the meaning of this fuck boxes are missing what do you give me for yes that everything was all it talks to idiot so we can of God how the probic find out what do you hear from the tunes hella doing well apparently he's beyond me the man is only we could go home where all the women are lining up for the men no doubt this little one has a child she's chaste and modest as a girl in kinderga-- the right man comes along and can you imagine how impatient Reutimann is waiting for lieutenant Allah to move on why is that once the ramparts are fallen well begging your pardon sir couple schmidt wishes to report four boxes of ammunition missing sir what hello sir there is an important telephone call for you lieutenant for me yes sir from Brussels headquarters in washed at hello hello yes put him through hippopotamus get off the line this is heavenly being speaking it's very difficult to hear a combat batteries on the line yeah lieutenant Haller lieutenant Haller all I hear is noise a connection between the front and home yes papa yes but it's a bad connection what did you say yes yes except I am but there's stuff here in Flanders here in Flanders yes a young lady but Alex you should not forget about someone who's waiting at home your place is not there it is here isn't it I'm speaking get off the line you're speaking to general Halle Elisabeth has saved sugar for weeks as a surprise she's baked you a cake Alexander that's all we need some idiot talking about baking a cake Lohengrin you must keep this line three major eyes were you there will be shot to pieces in two hours I can no longer hold the position artillery needs munitions and fast what's that our losses the armored battalion is a quarter battle strength what's wrong father they must have got some lines crossed there's a battle that's not going well is that expander coming yes so far as I could tell don't make captain Letterman when is the next troop train there's one from ROS lair I think tomorrow morning but I'll check and as a gesture hospitality my chauffeur will drive you in the morning oh thank you very much captain well please please and don't worry we'll take special care of the little one after you've gone don't worry about her she's sure to be sad the little land but I'm sure you're doing the right thing lieutenant yes I know I forgot your sugar your spoil that's what pretty good life around here isn't it I'll trade you how would you like that I'll be on the farm and you'll be in the army hmm you know like the idea they cover we'll be flying up there [Music] it's like I told me doesn't he's coming around to get quick the cellar where's Anjali what where's Anjali Oh in her robe she's out there [Music] [Music] [Music] gran Charlene my angel oh mama saw everything mama yeah well that's wrong sure she's your mama she's really my mother a fine thing you're getting jealous already jealous why'd you say that I can see you are you're in jealous if I spend time with your cousins you mustn't be don't be jealous of them Anjali don't be jealous of anybody I want you for myself back forever never will always be together won't we you won't go away from me wait you know I right here darling I'm right beside you do you love me Anjali Angeline I've got to tell you something but you mustn't cry I'm going to leave here quite soon see my family I must go actually I'm coming back very so please wait for me will you dad you remember you promised you wasn't God but there's a war on dear not Brad you'll see it can be different you can stop being a soldier give up this fighting what one can't just stop being a soldier oh wait your uniform you want to be a soldier hanja name certainly I'm not a career soldier but what about my duty my Connie oh but please excuse me lieutenant teller oh but what's that rustling in the straw I'm sorry of course I quite understand I'm very sorry lieutenant I've come personally at this awful hour because I have a very important job to do I am afraid leaves have been canceled I've been given orders to stop everyone on leave and direct them toward the fighting there's been an enemy breakthrough along 10 miles of the front [Music] you know there's a blackout in port ladies and gentlemen I read the war on you know this is there enough armi off the streets [Music] [Music] good evening well don't make such a face your lieutenant where is he oh but I remember promising to protect you I must keep my word no no no no no what's the matter with you with my brother UPS that can have his mind as well little one come here hurry it's no you stay back too big the fire is out of control just fine keep it away from the reasonable and everybody by feedback but I know it must have been stolen the national of German ammunition that's precisely if I thought that's why I went into the barn to take a look little unholy angel [Music] [Applause] where are we we're coming too rushed up our stock and thinks no I haven't paid any attention why didn't you wake me up I must feel free rid of the train you find my stuff so it's rotten re hallo this is my home no I didn't know most amusing dropping by the home town it does break up the monotony of the ten-minute stuff this train re routed yes sir the engines may change the gym it excuse me where can I find a telephone over there in the very copy my goodness I'm tired I haven't slept in two days they've announced another train for the wounded at about 3:30 ever make the eggs one this week Alexander oh oh excuse me please there's my brother miss Dan turrican how do you do my little brother I want a surprise how much time is a nine minute oh but it's not possible yes it is that's my train up there in his sons oh they received a report from intelligence and I'm sorry I'm not supposed to talk about it you're headed for the practice no I report their cars raw I'll stay there about a week and you can't miss just one crane and pay me with it oh I feel lighter but I'm one artist oh wait a minute you Elizabeth what are you doing Oh enough the departure for three minutes major I can't I was scheduled now show me your papers of lieutenant now I think we can manage this mrs. Reiter orders from the train commander lieutenant you'll leave on the morning train scheduled to depart at 1917 for Karlsruhe this above my pack is on the train then go and get it how good to be here again it seems I've been away for years and here it's just as if times been standing still yeah the house it's so empty though now the father's gone away one forgets how much someone like father dominates things how is the old world he was happy when he was at the front but they've ordered him back to headquarters and if they don't let him go back to the front their claim that's why we lost a war what did you say I don't think one should joke about that all this would be useless yes you're right I'm sorry it's the first time we've talked since Paul was killed you know I'll never forget the beautiful letter you sent me Alex what could her words my heart always to tell I couldn't believe it was you coming toward me today I don't know what to do anymore where to everything's all turned around come on you're just a worry you always were him the fast I had to worry I have to begin worrying about a little brother and mother passed away like a factor well tell me about it don't get me started what a little karate no stay beside me as always home means you always you Elizabeth [Applause] however there is someone I'm really worried about poor Bridget Bridget Langston yes she's very nice she's very nice no more what else she's in love with you what's more she's a good match the family is extremely wealthy they signed up for 60,000 marks in the warlow I've got a girl in Flanders and Flanders a German gasps no no no mean she doesn't study medicine it's true she's a barmaid but her parents also supported the war effort they were shot in Lebanon as hostages Haddix who is she does it matter I loved her and fled to a small town on the border by now Linda can is very near the front on the other side look at those flags don't think we got that far near here too small to be on the map it's a region of big fields and canals and terribly sad and that's where fathering these young men did try to blow up a railroad bridge and despite their ages they certainly deserve punishment it was a rash act quite useless junk nusers yes but they could have caused great damage and they might have killed someone yes I know that's the point general avoid taking human life it's a lesson both of us appreciate and it's precisely why I asked you to suspend the death penalty for these young Belgians as a priest I know that you only allow ease I must tell you I'm not really a priest it's merely a name that some of the soldiers have given me as a sort of friendly joke I am dr. Simon a German name a biblical name yes but aren't you in the church no I am a medical doctor huh I thought no I wear a clergyman's color as a sort of disguise the swara makes cowards of us all dr. Simon the courts position is valid it is valid but is it just I think the Justice is that which serves the individuals of a society and helps them to lead happy productive lives and that we shoot each other it's conducive neither to productivity nor happiness you forget we are at war doctor but apparently not much longer it's rumored that general Ludendorff is about to retreat that is nonsense I reveal the matter if you like and do what I can dr. Simon kindly wait outside a very extraordinary man he came with recommendations from headquarters sir general do you think he was right about the retreat of general luteinizing concern our duties would be a tragedy for our country I don't understand why his Majesty is final in this situation why haven't we heard yes our commander-in-chief was talking to her lien though here short major good luck at the right time His Majesty will address us with the right words for us and then throughout land a great Teutonic war cry will be heard I am to inform you that the general regrets he cannot intervene in the matter sir I know but nothing nothing you suppose I can get a ride to Brussels I'm afraid not for a while if you'd care to wait however lieutenant hour ah a relative of the general yes your son I'm delighted the bank Schneider I'm passing through no sir on assigned here that's very good news in this way to tell Alexander where have you come from I just come in from Ross thought I was on leave Elizabeth sends on our best Oh Alex this is my son this is Garrett Roslin how do you do sir this has made you ruin our operations officer we must have medicine for a frontline soldier a big bottle of courage seems but is needed makes not a please see if you can find some the podium bad there was you I'll see to it general come on sit down come on now well are things like like at home all cold and lonely I suppose yes everyone's hungry the woman have to dig up roots of plants and the children help them mm-hmm have you allowed to go back to your comrades at the front yes except I'm transferred here yeah yes sir as your aide sir but how does it happen we knew nothing of this I was aware of a general what two weeks ago I got a letter from major Raiders Widow my daughter yes sir the major and I had been friends and hope Miao has a private friendship got to do with the lieutenant's transfer mrs. Raider asked me if I I might arrange to have the lieutenant transfer to be closer to you sir yes well I'm telling you I won't have it now it is the wives at home who make official decisions with all due respect I naturally assumed that now the war has nearly ended in major good life the war is not over yet understand this major I would not protect my son from frontline duty he's an officer and his place is where he can best serve of course general Alexander were you informed that this was being done your father I am glad to hear that you will be transferred to the replacement center in Brussels immediately I will speak to the commander myself by telephone yes Father [Applause] are we still to drink general certainly in a week of the latest we can expect an allied offensive if your father has to send His only Son into the major battle of the war isn't that the good enough reason for drinking here's a pair of wristbands the winter is coming on Thanks if there's anything else you need how are your shoes alright - real the same size and nothing father I'm fine I don't need anything but I might take this good son Oh bottle of cognac oh thanks I'll take this along with pleasure huh better than that sickening lemonade that they give us [Music] Alex yes the cars come for the lieutenant-general all right ela take the luggage out please very good sir you remember Alex forever one of us have to go away you to school or me to maneuvers your mother said to be careful not to let anything happen to us it annoyed me now I I'll be extremely careful papa [Music] [Applause] Alex I understand [Music] if this car is going to Brussels I'd appreciate sir of course perhaps lieutenant Haller will take you soon now lieutenant - excuse me but could I have a ride to Brussels the adjutant said I'm against a foreign doctor Simon [Music] [Applause] [Music] excuse me general this just arrived sir why didn't you have it sent their offensive has begun you know willing to risk your life for a cause that has already been lost - attendant that's for a cause for my country man that's precisely what they said it was young Belgium they too were Patriots they believed they could show their devotion and sabotaging a German train but in spite of everything you pleaded their case it's become second nature I have a natural sympathy with human foolishness everywhere you - am i sympathy I appreciate that from a Belgian no no I'm not Belgian I've been issued identity papers but I had so much to do just being human but I I'm afraid I didn't have any inclination to think about belonging to any one nation no I have no nationality I live in my no man's land which by the way the German authorities find useful they made me official army ambassador instructed to roam no man's land somewhat like a ghost you're employed in the military again I'm even empowered to issue passports in this no-man's land though they're often ignored I don't understand a yellow Passport an identity card for ladies who accompany the soldiers y-yes my full description is welfare inspector typical German delicacy do you know the Gaiety in Brussels no oh I urge you to pay a visit when you can it's an enlightening experience unfortunately the general has refused that we should use the usual channels what'll it cost mr. Newkirk my dear Reverend the matter and I know very delicate it always is somehow I quite it's very dangerous for me and fearful it cost last time I had to and then it costs mm first time there are four so four thousand these have already received sentences they'll be very closely watched I have thousand please that five thousand francs after day rest when they return if my brother continues with these good deeds our enemies will find it very expensive to go out with me Porcia me she means that the patriotism of her brother is costing her a great deal need has its price yes what is it [Applause] [Music] another son of the general I met him yesterday lieutenant Haller and delighted he took my advice to see that he stays here in case things go wrong but general son can always be exchanged for for terrorists very good idea I mean he's anxious to be back at the front he's a very interesting man attractive young man I feel worse when I go out with a handsome ones when I know they'll be dead a couple of days later Oh perhaps you can dissuade the hero from the supreme sacrifice [Music] I feel we have a strategic advantage yes but only two or three yards suffer this from the objective shall we try hand-to-hand combat you lead the way major and Jeremy close combat he needs it punishment I think we have been sighted [Music] please make yourselves at home are you here for the first time tonight do we look so naive madam you don't know but this gentleman does and so do you is that an advantage in your eyes better I can't really say we'll see I hope you all have a good time I must say Halle was a great idea of yours to come here I thought you were a choirboy beyond tomorrow that's alright there's going to be plenty of singing yeah but we won't sing any hymns lieutenant are you by chance from Vienna if that is what you want yeah once when I was in the fifth grade we took a trip to Vienna the whole time have been very interesting this is my little family and this is our midday and that's Christina count champagne lots of champagne or do you prefer to drink something a bit stronger oh no I'm used to it my husband and I always had it he was a captain lieutenant what was he captain lieutenant in Kia a kill ahh until you say she says her husband was a captain lieutenant yeah mine was a Grand Duchess from Budapest my name is Lisette I'm happy to know you I'm always pleased when I can speak with my clients the Belgian hospitality I come from Amsterdam shall we go into the bar until the champagne comes I would be long I wouldn't bet on it the guys the glass postcards photographed haha that's my child that machine is a technical miracle and when I finish it it will be alive do everything but talk you see I'm studying mechanical engineering after the war the world of the future she hadn't understood a word Marian is very capable when she's deaf as a post you mean she's a mutant yes but if she in a profession yes we speak with your eyes and we communicate by touch when we practice our profession how old are you 23 and so I naturally the gear ratio was all wrong that's why the heat factor was bad yes what do you want a German took my yellow path why I don't know well we're in the park why were you in the park my husband was meeting me there your tactics are so outrageous on rillette and i am at a loss as to how to assist you or I wish you wouldn't buy to me [Music] I am as inexperienced as a newborn chick a chick why do you say that it's true I am you know I once called someone a sparrow and I'm the sparrow just a babe in the woods babe in the woods Marian some wild good - sweetie Anjali Anjali you come here sir I must ask you to leave her lieutenant naman regiment let's head out Haller front command 346 when do you leave this city tomorrow at eleven major you will report tomorrow morning to my headquarters promptly at 10 o clock you understand you seem to need some lessons in discipline lieutenant I dismissed yes major please keep still and behave yourself you're going to pay for the damage no like hell I will you'd better pay for the whole thing otherwise they'll hear about it at headquarters I'll take care of it it's alright you go to bed but alone you will note the names of the persons involved that would include Captain Cook for imbecile I mean the women you will report them first thing in the morning very well major hello Angeline no no go away go away Angeline what is it this is just the way it was life time things are going to be just the same again they must it's not again it doesn't happen again please go back Angeline darling tell me what brought you to such a place they can have any of the women in the whole place but they pick on Angeline every single time yes the magic of untouched gardens as Baudelaire puts it even I am a track you're not a man hon you're a saint the tragedy of a holy man is deprivation must be his strength speaking of the Holy One where is our lieutenant [Music] [Applause] [Music] seven passports or Nazis that I must take the passport of a little one these damn Russians live for authority how Angeline started the scandal guilty or not I'll have to submit I have no choice in Lanka i want your passport I'll go away and if they pick her up along with the others and find out I can't do anything else first you save right now you are all as little ships driven on winds of Destiny stream of fate number seven now all I need is an you know I have no intention of endangering my position it's too important to risk on that little innocent worthy or she maybe [Music] this is a trifle embarrassing I was just mentioning your your innocence but I really see no reason why you shouldn't indulge in the proceedings if you like let me see your card but I told you about Alex finally come that's right sir please no explanations it doesn't concern me your yellow Passport however does the German authorities wanted I might take her away from here that's not easy tomorrow morning you return to the front where will she go to Germany to Germany help I know why not it might work the war is ending with that my dear can't you get her another passport my passport you'll get another one number eight don't worry I'll do whatever I can do forgive the intrusion and you'd better lock the door [Music] ah Julie someone's knocking I believe on Yuri yes put it it you're under arrest come in lieutenant hello reporting sir our chivalrous lieutenant at ease lieutenant I don't like pulling rank on anyone however I request permission to speak sir it's about Miss Angeline men Yahoo miss Minnie a the cigarette girl at the Gary I see isn't she the one who caused the whole thing go ahead lieutenant miss beignet was taken into custody how do you know that will taunt I was there sir at the Gaiety that's right major huh major I request the immediate release of yes lieutenant miss Minnie a she was entirely innocent tell me lieutenant Haller am I your superior officer is it the other way around you make a disturbance and embarrass captain COFA and all for a little cigarette girl of major I've known miss Minnie I for a long while for almost three years after the war is over major I expected to I expect to make her my wife you what miss Minnie has had a very tragic life sir yes I'm sure she has lieutenant Tyler but for some reason I'm not moved they all have a story all terribly tragic and tell me does your family know of this no they don't sir just what does your father do he's a major general captain what general hello the 30th Brigade Leopold huh yes sir and you have the audacity to suggest that you would bring a camp follower home as your wife into a generals family [Applause] how long were you at the front it's in slighter mark major ever get combat fatigue no major no Keller your phone will be dispatched to a labor detail along with seven other ladies of the gaiety they will be given useful work you will never see her yet we're only doing what your father would do when does your train leave approximately 10 minutes ten mint yes well I expect you'll be Ondi how major that's all yes sir come in new tenant Hal I don't mind the cats my gaze with astonishment at the cold light of her eyes you know the poetry of Baudelaire lieutenant he was fascinated by cats where's Angela Meunier Anjali what's happened to her to her nothing very remarkable she's just a victim of her time this glorious age the modern world is upon us we must accept it the means of inflicting pain and suffering or attaining unheard-of dimension dr. Simon I must find Angeline excuse me I want to let the light in I particularly hated the arrival of this day and I wish to keep it from me for as long as possible unfortunately the dawn awaits no man's will tell me right now where Anjali is why don't you shoot you're a soldier aren't you My dear lieutenant you're very interesting you would actually define a tional and moral prejudices and the military authorities you jeopardize your whole future for a little Belgian girl yes dr. Simon that's precisely what I am doing disobeying the orders of superiors and a military tribunal I could be shot for this in the morning desertion in the time of war whatever the cost I don't care because I have to find her she's in this house Angeline will you come here please [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in here hurry over there the devil took him so long we ran into a little trouble we were lucky to get this one where are the others dead they saw us right away it was only by a miracle we got back at all every shot mr. hot water why is the cart leaving the tribe is scared he does want to get caught none of us wants to get caught Haller yes you are a medical student yes yeah but this on you can assist me is it very serious Angeline I want you to run to the hospital and you must hurry no it might be dangerous the danger is that that man may die yeah run as fast as you can hurry hurry whoo come on try to relax hurry he's been shot German infantry 32 caliber a Belgian saboteur I asked your father to pardon him I believe that was the time we first met we'll have to apply a tourniquet he's losing blood he isn't his let's brother as it happens really yes yesterday Lisette suggested that they hold you at the Gaiety as a hostage in case something happened to her brother don't forget I can be pushed too far doctor I'm still trying to prove how difficult it is to be human you should have an anesthetic carry pistol little claw robot doctor they searched for George all over the Gaiety will do something can't you he'll be here any second Oh charlie don't be afraid God have always believed it pointless to die for an ideal a miscarriage of all human justice that I should die for another man's ideals I find a perfect touch of irony worthy of the Almighty I expected I judges even in war only men my clientele would be quite understanding at least take off the surgical gown idiot I can't offer you much gentlemen but you're welcome to what I had thank you very much this is dr. Simon he's in charge and this is a sister the queen of the gaiety why you little snake that's become who's that unbutton your coat show me orders hello I sincerely regret extending your ideals to this point what are you doing straightening out the poisons it's very orderly now there's no danger death in the wrong hands kept haven't you been ordered to the front yes sir and instead of reporting you collaborate with saboteurs is that right disgusting please please remain calm there's no need to be insulting I don't suppose I prove much about ideals to you but I'd like to shake hands our Alexander you've been a lesson but it's useless perhaps you'd like a drink token of hospitality at least that sorry I'm feeling tired it spit anyway [Applause] so the following facts have come to light lieutenant Haller son of an old military family has allowed himself to be led astray by a woman of enemy nationality he failed to report as ordered and was discovered aiding saboteurs naturally that is one view of it from another angle it is seen as merely a romantic story of a soldier's love for his girl the young lieutenant probably lost his head over a pretty girl and is merely a victim of his foolishness what is a blatant sorry captain only it's nearly time to go sir yes it says go on begin putting the badge on what go on with respect to the court might we retire now to find out the verdict my train will be leaving there's so much to do at home can't believe it they stole five breeding cells from Alaska in Kupfer we can't hire the Justice of this man's case for the sake of yourself father may it please the court I am here to give testimony trusting that the court is not deaf to an old soldier and trusting also that the court will forgive the irregularity of hearing a father defend his son you are general Haller for the moment only please I [Applause] resigned my commission in general just what was the attitude of your son concerning the army my son was an early volunteer in 1914 decorated for heroism of the Battle of longer McNall was impatient for frontline fighting even after he had been wounded is your son an idealist would you say yes who might be carried away by his love for a girl I fail to see over a Belgian girl he might hope to take home one day as his bride would it be possible no this is nonsense my son is already engaged to a girl of a good family what are you doing here we represent our workers court what's going on this is the court-martial without us that's a mistake not without our friend this is going too far disregard for the dignity officer will not tolerate where are you going captain returning to your pig farm captain absent without official leave what about that here you I have a smoke it makes everything better come on take one no thank you you mean you'd rather not smoke with a simple commoner huh you may change your mind gentlemen the court-martial is over oh my god and if you'll take a little good advice from me you'll get rid of all the medals and go back to the old homestead or lower [Applause] yeah lieutenant it's been taken but it's an officer's compartment officers comfort and we'll find out about that your officers compartment reporting five riflemen general Tannenberg Verdun Arras saw action in all of them guests at San Quentin been awarded a medal on account of receiving grenade shrapnel in the back spent ten days in the guardhouse for busting a sergeant in the mouth captured while stealing chickens for the Colonel's wife and I've had all of it I once sir well that makes two of us make room for my father I told you it's full I said it's full let's better luck next time you have no place here mwah understand he's an old man who wants to go home Alex come home with me I've only Elizabeth and you I must look for it Roger don't worry I'll be back soon I have to find her with all German personnel have to get out of Brussels tonight general we got your play Thanks be careful don't take any chances right I'll be waiting for you son [Applause] look at it excuse me sir it's very dangerous to walk around here Ilana yes I know but I wanna find something [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] celebrate the veneering no reward [Music] are you crazy coming here Angela she left an hour ago she looked for you everywhere where is she Lisette I don't know she just left she didn't tell me where I must find her if she comes back you see that she stays [Music] [Applause] [Applause] who's there [Applause] [Applause] Alex and [Applause] Angele on account of me on account of us you and I forever forever [Applause]