A Here Comes the Boom story


Chael Sonnen


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never tell you guys I had one very funny experience on that really random thought right now but says bringing up that movie here comes the boom I go to check here let's back up so this whole thing is being filmed in Boston alright so fly out to Boston go check into the hotel when I check into the hotel it was really easy to do because the production company had blocks of rooms and it was kind of interchangeable when I got to the counter and I took out my credit card and I took out my ID it was real easy we're like okay here let's find your room okay Rich Franklin just checked out of 3101 I will stick you in 3101 how are you gonna be here it wasn't like checking in any other hotel where it's really precise and my specific reservation was it wasn't like that and that's relevant to the store and I'll get to that in a moment but I go and I check into the room and I kind of realize okay this is how it works and you know this is more of a dorm room situation and but he's coming anybody's going in the production house just has this picked up and it's just a matter of who's got a key in a clean bed so when I go to checkout I'm there about 4 or 5 days when I go to check out uh I'm dealing with this gal and when I'm checking out I say to her and it's very important now that I've learned with the process that these rooms are interchangeable that anybody can come in and anybody can come out and it's not fully under the computer system what I'm worried about is my credit card for incidentals I'm well aware this movie's got another three or four weeks until it wraps who knows how many people could come in behind me in I just want to make sure that my credit card gets turned off then I Square up what I'm owed and I can walk away so when we're having this conversation I'm explaining this to the front desk guy that hey this room is it doesn't really end you know the reservation doesn't really int I jail is just leaving so jail needs to close the room is still there the room is still available for whoever comes up and gets a key but it's not me I'm headed to the airport and I'm going home and I'm trying to explain this too it's a new prisons not the same person I checked in with she didn't fully understand so she's getting brought up to speed she's looking at the computer she's seeing that everything I'm saying is right but as I'm telling this story a guy a guy overhears this whole thing and says oh great can I have that room so I look over at him go hey I don't care who has it and I go back to the gal I just want to make sure I'm checked out of it now I of course did not mean this was a stranger I he was given an offhanded remark because he was standing there and heard this unique conversation I was having I had an offhanded remark that I didn't really mean any more than hello I felt like he had just said hi in a certain way and I had just said hello back I did not know we had an actual deal that we had just made how do I find out we did because I returned home and a week later I get a call from the production company says hey chill before you left the hotel did you give your room to somebody else well I've never been to Boston in my life I don't know anyone in Boston I don't have a friend in Boston I'd make a friend was that the answer's no but to go even further know I wouldn't even have anyone to give the room - it dawns on me oh my goodness as I was checking out a guy said to me can I have their and I said I don't care who has the room but I'm leaving it now the guy running the computer hears this whole thing I would assume that she would be like I'm assuming all of yous are right now that I never deal with this guy I didn't really give him my route yeah he did say can I have the room and yes I did say he could have but I didn't that was I don't know and this wasn't real she's two guys at the front desk talking does I'm trying to check out and get the cab I think that guy went into my room I think that he I must have left and the guy said hey you heard him anyone could have the room that's me and I think she must have print him off a card and giving it to him funny story weird how that happens