A Patient Tries to Get Shaun a Date The Good Doctor

I told you about last night? Actually, I did, and the kik alicha was delish. Now, if you want a truly life-changing meal, you need to try Lennon's on Sixth. Is it expensive? Outrageously. [ Chuckles ] But worth it. Now, it's all white tablecloths and candles, so you'll need a date. How 'bout Dr. Murphy? ♪ You told me yourself he's a gifted surgeon. That's pretty high praise. [ Chuckles softly ] And he told me you're cute. ♪ Good luck today. Finn: Thanks. ♪ I totally teed you up. All you had to do was take a swing. I'm not interested in her. If she's not your type, I'm sure there are plenty of other cool nurses roaming around here who could make you feel better about yourself. He's miserable because he's had two relationships blow up. I don't think jumping into another one is the answer. [ Cellphone chimes ] No, no, no! ♪ Finn, you can't exert yourself like this. ♪ Just take it easy. I ran into a woman in the cafeteria. Real nice. But seemed stressed. Turns out that her boyfriend is having spinal surgery, too. Big coincidence, huh? But get this. He also has pseudoachondroplasia. I mean, what are the chances? Nathalie, don't you dare. [ Grunts ] Stop! [ Grunts ] Just slow down. [ Grunts ] ♪ You called me the love of your life! [ Screams ] I do love you! Don't say that! I don't want to hear any more of your garbage. [ Grunts ] Finn: Please... you have to...listen. You need to get back to bed now, or you'll pass out. ♪♪ [ Nathalie grunting ] ♪ 00:02:25.020,00:00:00.000 ♪