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[Music] I guess you there you go [Applause] Oh he made me nice iPhone wanted to I didn't want to tell you Hey sorry I uh Scott here super early I didn't think anyone would mind that's all right man just don't let Susan catch y'all right you mind taking the kids party today sure why not Thanks [Music] wait I don't feel good no way I invented fake SEC when you were a Sai goat get out no Kevin I rearranged my entire day to take you to this stupid party so that's what we're doing get out okay what's wrong don't you want to go tubing with your friends you're not my friends don't get it well I get it and I'm gonna be on the beach the entire time if Jim tries pulling anything I'll put him in his place just what I need you know what I mean listen I won't let anything bad happen to you okay as long as you can at least pretend to enjoy yourself hi that wasn't so hard was it I think we should like hug or something thanks for there yet where's Carson I think he's meeting us here and shut up didn't text you back he's probably driving free I know you don't like him but you just nothing against Carson and just don't necessarily have anything for it and wait what are you wearing beach bum I'm just for the beach go put something else on quick before miss Conrad sees you I'll Susan Conrad is nothing but a shallow stuck-up tag attraction she was a powerful influential hag that can get me a letter of recommendation for college please say mrs. Conrad thank you please Allison call me Suze after all you and Carson have been dating for what seems like forever okay soos are you Kevin chaperone today yeah Grippit my mom's got a lot on her plate oh sure she does hon it's great to see you Kevin Jim was so excited when I told him you were coming today if Betty was yeah they're just over there and I see that you have brought a friend who had the super instinct to ignore the club's dress code oh thanks you like it oh it's a look huh what are you doing I love the conversation with Alison and a friend I'm sure you were all right enjoy yourself you will mom bye right yeah are you sure you're not adopted oh yeah just my check yes someone called the police the spawn killers arrived I'd stop trying to see my girl for a remake the tragic colour I'm a freshman what I am user touched I was driving be you guys are gonna have to be my eyes and ears out there see one of your buddies go down you scream man down as loud as you can now well come and pick you guys up let me hear you try it all right let's get the life jackets on and we'll head out in the water sorry it's okay just you know the only reason my mom made me invite you is cuz your dad's dead is everything okay over here you bet I'm Daniel Kevin nice to meet you Kevin dullness and the kids like you okay [Music] [Music] yo what's up [Music] [Music] [Applause] thank you okay yeah I gotta leave the phone call all right how was that I was great good good who's next Kevin hasn't gone yet okay Susan oh I am so sorry I'm late I had a last-minute appointment hi guys Diana hmm it's okay dear but I know you have to get an extra hours when you can have a seat thank you Thanks where's the place oh I don't know more so great to see the boys together again I used to be so close um is everything okay at home thank you yeah why well Jimmy told me Kevin had been dropped from the honors program kevin is just fine Susan good all right here we go oh my god [Music] it's a shark confidence charge oh my god [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you wanna write down fella [Music] it's gonna sting just a little bit all right oh my god I'm so embarrassed me like that Wow gonna have a real gnarly scar there buddy a badge of honor I cannot thank you enough really thank you thank you so much um Daniel Ali Alison yeah have we met no you just you remind me of someone that I used to know must be fate hey Brandon must be Diana Diana Ali Kevin you okay yeah yeah fine thanks to Daniel cool he's just here I know you couldn't stay away from me this time baby you've my everything and I will do better this time I promise we go now to eighteen-year-old Alison Cooper Ali you're missing your moment Oh God could they make me look worse stop you look fine no your mother's right look at the way your hair is just matted to your face really brings out your eyes next thing I knew Daniel was there Daniel Kennedy the Doc Han who rescued Alison and her brother from the attack just started working here at the Silver Sands marina last month so I look bad I can't even tell that's him [Music] so what a Susan say about Daniel I never found a good time to ask she was too busy with Jim teaching about kindness and understanding I'm sure she happily doesn't fall far from the tree in that family but you're right we should really do something for Daniel thank you him somehow let's keep it simple I have him over for dinner that is a great idea oh but he's gotta know who this guy is yeah Susan about him when she's calm down [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah just taking a shower mom cousin you're a creeper what are you talking oh I want to help out as much as I can while I'm here that's nice having a full-time husband that doesn't have to leave every other we could be nicer it's my job die can we not start I know please don't do that in front of young impressionable eyes morning Ali you sleep okay just great time look how nice that means oh that's great Oh Ali I need you to have Kevin of school again today what why because you're going that way and I have to work wait a minute did he stop taking the bus again you got to find out what's going on with him die Ted you know he doesn't talk to me the only reason I found out about that party is because Susan called and asked why he hadn't responded hey there Sporto how's the leg feeling fine I made pancakes I'll be outside Sporto really what he got cut from t-ball for never making a hit and cried about it for days how was I supposed to know that I'm trying died just don't try B's dad just try being his friend for starters [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Alley Daniel I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you I was just I was heading to my car and I saw you there and is there something wrong with your car I don't know it's old and terrible it looks like you might need to get it towed just what I need Carson we'll be out of practice soon I can just wait for him course yeah my boyfriend if you want I can give you right now I couldn't ask you to do that you probably have something better to do it's really no problem at all you really don't have to Ali please would be my pleasure okay sure I'm sorry but I kind of feel like I got in my car with a complete stranger no don't be sorry I'm pretty much a stranger giving you a ride so I get it don't get me wrong I'm really grateful for you did yeah you want kind of a stranger well hopefully we can remedy that how is your brother Kevin he's good I usually pick him up after classes but I had to stay late today he seems like a really good kid yeah he's had some rough patches lately my mom and Ted don't really know what to do with it his Ted your father stepfather our dad died a few years ago I am so sorry that was not my place to pry it's okay thank you so much again Daniel you're a lifesaver literally please don't even mention looks like your mom is waiting for you actually she's waiting for you I texted her you're coming sorry no that's it's no problem at all it's so good to see you again Daniel it's nice to formally meet you mrs. please call me Diana no need for formalities for our hero oh the car finally died mom like smoke and fire died I'd still be stuck at school if he wasn't walking by well it's a good thing he was to me plans for dinner Daniel no actually why don't you come over tonight I would love that if it's okay with you Ali yeah I know Carson wants to thank you too sounds great hello Alison you look beautiful hi Ali hi Ali hello Allison hello Allison hello Allison you look beautiful hello Allison you look beautiful hello Alice you look hi Kevin I don't know hello Alice you look beautiful Thanks Kannan peace this must be course thank you for saving my Alison Daniel do you remember my mom and is it said these are for you Diane Oh what are these for well beautiful woman always deserves flowers Diana thanks for coming then you bet how's the lake it's a little sore I I heard there were more sightings today sharks are territorial so they'll find a place that they like and they will stake it out until the food source runs out you sound like you know a lot about them that's a bit of an obsession of mine actually uh I had a run-in with one myself that gave me this bad boy right here oh nice did it hurt like you wouldn't believe how'd you get laid I don't really know um as far as I could tell it was coming right at me and then I just washed up on the shore alive Wow sounds like I really ripped you apart well it could have but it didn't and I like to think that it just wasn't my time there's still a lot of things that I needed to get done it's crazy I've always had this connection with sharks since then um have you always worked on the water I drew up in a town like this so I did what I had to do to get by on my own no parents no I lost my parents but it's not really something like to talk about I'm sorry to hear that is there a restroom I can you [Music] [Music] what are you doing in here oh I saw the sink I guess I got lost looking for the bathroom it's right there I guess it is sorry this your room I didn't mean to invade your personal space it's fine okay well you're beginning to think you got lost up there I kind of did there's a lot of rooms up there it's a beautiful home though that's very comforting thank you sometimes it feels too big with Ted being out of town all the time well actually we've been thinking about turning the old office into a guest room and renting it out we have a guest room if the kids ever finished clearing their stuff out of it do you travel a lot Oh a few days of months or so 11 who's counting well it's nice to have a father figure around so you're lucky oh yeah I wish my dad and I got along well your parents weren't around foster parents well I wanna thank you guys for the hospitality oh I should really be going but I haven't gonna tell him for long so it's nice to finally make some good friends mm-hmm please it's honestly the least I could do then don't be a stranger I mean it will not be Ali I'll see you around okay bye we don't do easy [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he's gonna come between us baby but you know I won't let that happen my house [Music] when I got back home from work the front door was open and I shouldn't really should've put it I went in there we should three guys they just they were stealing everything it's nothing to just trash the place thank you I try to stop them you know if I tried to stop just that's terrible dad what did the cops say there's not much they could do you know I tried to get a good look at them but they ran away they only just changed the locks when I get back there I just I feel so invaded you know it's scary don't worry you're staying here with us tonight no no yes no I couldn't I really could of course you can you saved their kids from that shark it's the least we can do it's just I'm not used to people being this nice to meet you know then the spare room is yours as long as you need it really I feel a lot better leaving town long our family's hero is here thank you thank you well it's not much I'm sorry I've been asking the kids to clean up their stuff for ages oh it's no problem at all thank you so much it already feels more like home than anymore I'm Steve ledin all right well the bathroom is here I'll have Allie bring up some towels and sheets for you and if there's anything else you need please don't hesitate to ask thank you so so much Diana honestly this just means the world to me and of course [Music] you're living escape what was I supposed to do he has nowhere else to go ho you know it's just we don't even really know him well I think we know why well enough he seems like a really sweet guy besides I don't really think Psychopaths go around saving people's lives [Music] [Music] sorry don't be sorry geez they did a number on you I'm glad you're okay do you need help making the bed no I should be good is that your artwork yeah from junior high though so you're very talented Thanks well let me know if you need anything yeah um are you okay with me being here Ali yeah definitely good goodnight night [Music] hey buddy hey I heard about the break-in dude I I'm sorry man that sounds wrong yeah better this sucks when somebody just goes through your belongings traipsed his around where they don't belong I can't imagine secrecy what Emily called that Hitler that you're spending the night oh oh yeah yeah yeah thanks man when Starbucks he's just gonna stay there I guess it was all Diana he needed a room we had a room don't go pissing on my leg and tell me it's raining what Dan doesn't know anyone else in town and my mom loves him what's not to love still play on test driving that car hand over the keys does that mean you want me to put in a good word sure I mean it can't be any worse than my last few dates [Music] thank you wait while he's coming to pick me up this afternoon I'm roommate and a chauffeur he's just helping me out with rides until I got my car back from the shop it's a wait Carson is okay with another piece of man candy living across the hall from you well I haven't exactly told Carson well Carson what all right I thought he was just staying for the night I don't know what the big deal is Carson the big deal is that you're my girlfriend and a guy gives me the creeps I don't like the way he looks at you okay sure he's like little strange don't you trust me I trust you I don't trust him same difference Oh Ellie oh I'm serious I need you to see something okay I'm not sure he is who he says he is what are you spying on him what I told you I got a bad vibe he's a creep the only one acting like a creep is you Carson no what are you gonna show me you you just trust me okay I don't want you around him do you know how insane you sound after you promised me you'd drop it um right Ally where are you going my ride is waiting [Music] [Music] I'm totally gonna be on this one from you keep it that one's bad luck so do you guys break up no I just fighting well that's what you get for dating high school boys not real men they're so jealous I don't know maybe he has a point dan is a little severe I guess what if he does have a thing for me maybe I should talk to my mom about asking believe or you could set him up with me let's get Carson off your back two birds one stone hey Dan hey you remember my friend Rhiannon yeah he would be trick yeah she was well you look beautiful are you going soon beach party Claire's gonna come I'm going with Carson so we need the date and if we get forward I can show you around town I know all the best places very next to all the worst places to small town sure great [Music] hey Ali okay hey hey I'm something I'm sorry I'm sorry Ali you're right I was jealous and fast my ass you're wrong - looks like Dan's taking a liking julienne and not me looks like someone's got in the light beam I'm probably just met maybe I wasn't talking about that what did you want to show me forget it hey dad having a good time amazing it's good hey I was just on my way back but I was wondering if you guys wanted to come sit by the fire idea really I feel like it's your busiest guy here we can say if you want no yeah let's let's head out of here you know I love that dress I think it's better on me do you are you an ally close yes we've been best friends as weird kids she's my ride-or-die last sweet how long is she doing with cars I don't know a couple years now she's a good guy personality but she's really ins I guess other really matters I think serious mistake safe trench of that sort of thing a smallish loader I was been trained to press her to no avail since the moment they met today okay it's mine do not want to kiss me Daniel well are you crazy so what am I gonna do about this one dress what's going on deeper how to take care of the fish problem the shark yes sir you know I'm planning on killing her are you no I'm just gonna catch it and threw it back in works I'm gonna get it you know she never even really hurt anybody the kid just had a scratch this man I don't have anything personal against sharks I was hired to do a job then give me a hand Wow good any plans to see him again not yet but I'm working on it Oh Alison I'm glad I caught you I need to talk to you about your portfolio yes sorry it was late mr. slate it won't happen again you've been chosen by the department for the gallery showing at Silver Sands really it's Thursday night you don't want to miss it thank you so much well color me lime green jello hey keV whoa this again what's going on here he fell oh come on let's talk about this you could trust me tell me you're not my father I'm serious dying he needs to talk to somebody think I'm doing such a terrible job there's nothing to do with it he's having trouble at school he won't talk to us he's a professional go away his mother that's exactly what you do they hate me no nobody hates you my dad used to fight like that all the time her wish Ted would just leave you want to tell me who gave you that black guy no it was Jim wasn't it you know there's always gonna be a gym in your life someone's so insecure they just want to take it out on someone smaller than themselves I'm gonna learn to stick up for yourself I guess there anybody gives you a hard time again you just use this go ahead take it but don't tell anyone about this sorry let me see [Music] kid [Music] how's he doing oh he's gonna be just fine thank you it has no clue how to talk to him he's pretty much useless you know I've noticed you think it would be better for you guys if it he just wasn't in the picture I don't know maybe he's not like my time that's for sure [Music] for me tonight no I will happy to okay yeah would you mind giving me a ride to the marina I think it's on the way in my car it's been acting up yeah no problem thank you I really appreciate it so how's the room treating it oh it's it's just great it's exactly what I needed until I get my place fixed we really like having you around plus we're not home very often so it's it's great to have someone with the kids oh well I'd do anything for them what are you gonna be gone long yeah just a few days hmm you know a Liam Kevin don't really like you Ted in fact it was first just thought what yeah they told me last night [Music] you know they're having a really rough time since Andrew passed Kevin really needs a father figure though don't thank someone that he can kind of look up to excuse me I'm sorry Ted you seem like a really decent guy [Applause] [Music] [Music] it's pretty neat huh I can't believe I didn't think about this before dating the shark to traffic wake up it's a little late in the day for feeding time but sometimes you just have to spoil them you know [Music] well thank you let's get you up and toasty I know you worried I will take great care they're my family [Music] sorry late nights love you goodnight well good morning you know I could get used to seeing them every day when I wake up that sounds nice yeah now get moving before Diane again I didn't tell you what are you doing Thursday we've practiced tomorrow why I was chosen for the gallery show at the club alley that's great I was hoping you'd be able to come with me what time does it start 8:00 yeah yeah yeah you're good no I'll go to practice get ready and then I'll head to your place after does that mean you're coming yes of course I'm sure what what are you doing I think he was spying on us he's so paranoid what car sir my mom's gonna see you how'd it go there today got a look at his a few times but she's got a tracker on oh really yep can't kill them at their turn at least he find out why first she said for now until I can get the contact info off the tracker well that's too bad oh hey girls you know you might have everyone else fooled but not me nothing is happening with you and Ali as long as I'm in the picture okay dude what are you even talking about I don't care what you told Diana I want you out of that house and gone by the time we get back from Ali's art thing or I'm gonna show everyone this Daniel you took a picture of my ID Carson doesn't look like it sure I think it may not look like it's my ID but it's just a bad picture okay it's mine you know you're right I wasn't sure either so I just checked my mom's employee records you know maybe you're Daniel Kennedy but maybe you're not but nothing else you've told anyone is true right [Music] look [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] No what the hell are you doing here man just can't have you getting in the way in cars she belongs to me were you saying okay dude but what are you doing dude are you insane what the hell listen love they seem crazy are you uh god oh my god Danny what are you doing huh oh my god how are you joy unlike huh doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo let me down Daniel this isn't funny let me down that's exactly what there he goes he'll be so happy tracker says it's feeding time Ali will always come back she doesn't want you man okay please let me down man [Music] [Music] dan that looks great on you Thanks I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you it's fine just please knock next time here let me help you [Music] I always love it when you wear your hair like that have you seen it like this before yeah I think so one of the pictures downstairs or something finally you gotta be kidding me is everything okay no it's not miss Carson and if this is a Derrick I don't believe this Carson is blowing me off what why he says he got held up which means his teammates probably dragged him out somewhere does he always choose his friends what were you no it's not like that his priorities just aren't exactly how I'd like them to be Ali honestly you shouldn't settle for being someone's second priority a girl like you deserves way more than that thank you that's very sweet you mind unzipping right now no date no ride we're already late honestly I'm not really good to me that's a shame you worked so hard for this you have to go and joy Valley honestly you're gonna let him ruin that for you do you fun tonight yeah it's a matter of fact I was thinking I might just go to an art show [Music] I can't believe you took these yeah I go yeah they're amazing you're a true talent that was made you something special Alice dear hi Susie congratulations thank you so much for hosting this event it's such an honor to have my work displayed here of course where's Carson wasn't he coming tonight Carson couldn't make it really I trust there's no trouble in paradise no just had other plans well I wouldn't take it too personally you know I was accepted into Albertus for the fall I was hoping to get into their photography program yes Carson mentioned that you know my old roommate Janet runs that department I believe it's very competitive congratulations oh I know actually I was hoping maybe if you didn't mind she could put no Ellie let me just stop you right there I really don't think it would be appropriate if I got involved I'm sure you understand yeah I understand you know that really is a nice picture it's great that you could capture one of those rare moments are you okay huh excuse me [Music] Howie don't let her ruin your night you don't need her to get into that department it's not that well then what is it that picture that's not who my parents were they were just constantly fighting that's what happens when people love each other you know you have disagreements but you forgive each other they hadn't been happy for years the only reason they're still together that was because of Kevin even the night my dad died they'd been going at it everything outside of the house was just for show I'm not crazy about Ted but at least he makes my mom happy happier than I've ever seen her you don't have to make the same mistakes they did Carson wants to move in together after graduation I do love him but we're still so young what if that all changes tomorrow or 10 years from now how do you know you just know when it's right maybe you guys aren't meant to be together maybe [Music] okay what was that I'm so sorry that was wrong I meant to be a friend right now I nothing nothing more [Music] please don't talk hjerson we should probably go back you know what [Music] I'm not sorry I did [Music] when I lost my baby everyone was afraid to mention babies to me I hope this doesn't upset you but you're gonna make a great mommy one day yes good morning I hope you are hungry what's all this oh this is a celebration what are we celebrating you and me oh yeah I know things have been hard in the past but everything's gonna work out what are you talking about our future everything that we've dreamed of okay slow down I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression last night but what I have a boyfriend Daniel you know that I took care of that what does that mean we're gonna be together final it was just a kiss it doesn't mean anything you can't allison i'm who you're supposed to be with it's our destiny okay Bruce and Allie that is how the story goes who's Bruce don't be afraid my you you are my world okay I know you don't understand no no no you don't understand you put your hands on her I put my hands on you understood now you heard her to get the hell out of the house okay that's what you [Music] just can't change your locks this afternoon [Music] [Music] so wait she kicked him out yeah kind of impressive did he hit on you or something something like that and now I know why he didn't call me back speaking of which still nothing from Carsten he wasn't in school today anything really worried yeah I am too worried that you keep putting up with this constant ghosty he doesn't ghost me this isn't someone from your endless stream of faceless one-night stands ray sees you I didn't mean it like that no I think you did I just meant Carson's different mean history you know some of us don't want to settle Chris being comfortable he's safe three don't you want a ride home I'd rather walk thanks you can't let me go again that easily Bruce not after we found each other again I promise Alice and I will let you go you're my everything I was a beginning to think you didn't want to see me again none at all especially when you wearing my favorite dress you're weird that's okay fine this place come on it so have you spoken to LA at all this morning did she say anything about me everything she told me I shouldn't see you and then what are you doing here I like being told what to do who's that so mm-hmm you sir London even caused a little fight between us well I hope it's nothing serious I'll be the bigger person Rach out when she cools down well I wish you guys all the best that so what are you mute or this is pretty pretty much it that uh where you keep the dead bodies as a matter of fact yes it is do you want to see the bedroom okay okay miss Carson and if this is Derrick please only message Kirsten I don't know what's going on but please call me back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I've met Daniel poor guy in the wrong place at the wrong time fish are you looking for your mace [Music] look I'm not gonna tell anyone but I'm gonna go [Music] I didn't want to kill I needed his reality Bruce King was dead was I supposed to because when they go sir I'll send it you seem like a really sweet girl over here let me billow [Music] stop [Music] okay let's talk about this I just wanted a friend for my wife [Music] [Music] [Applause] need a ride it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous Tide Pods child guard pack helps keep your laundry packs in a safe place and your child safer align press and unzip Tide Pods [Music] my only regret is that I couldn't get there any sooner maybe then we could be celebrating to save lives the hero of hunters toe recently helped rescue a young girl but the jaws of a bloodthirsty shark is going out to search for the massive predator Bruce Caine is setting sail today determined to track down that very shark Nicholas we are mom please call me it's an emergency Kevin don't walk home from practice and if you see Daniels but they away from him okay [Music] [Music] [Music] ten [Music] keV is that you [Music] [Music] we'll be with you a moment you can sit there please please [Music] the hell do you think you're doing Kevin and I were just about to do a little fishing [Music] you are proof I'm at the police station right now what do you want I want this story to have a happy ending you stay on the phone make the station now don't tell anyone anything and add to the club okay miss what did you want [Music] now [Music] [Music] inside [Music] [Music] you can hang up now Daniel we don't have to pretend anymore you can call me Bruce have a seat where's Kevin oh he's fine Ali just fine have a seat that's it [Music] he's doing I don't want to hurt you I don't want to hurt any of you I just don't want to be with you you came back to me it gives me purpose okay I'm not gonna take that for granted whatever you want just leave Kevin out of this Ali we're gonna be a family what I don't have a lot of time before they find out about CAD and rain Carson what did you do to them baby don't be upset you know we have some ending today but we gotta get out of here we really do need to go okay Allison I'm sorry yeah that was uncalled for oh absolutely it's just this is a lot to absorb and I'm sorry well I I forgive you forgive you Bruce I love each other that's all that matters everything's just gonna sort itself out right well [Music] house are you marry me three you see yes breath aren't you gonna give your fiancee kiss now that that's all out of the way let's just into ourselves the nice tan right we have all the time in the world to work things out Kevin [Music] Alley tell your brother the Wonder firmers Bruce and I are engaged isn't that wonderful - beautiful sister's gonna walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams [Music] [Music] very disappointing [Music] her mother she's going to die lolly where is he I didn't see where damn it I didn't see him but you run go get help oh I'm getting you out of there go get a help oh my god [Applause] [Music] I'm coming I need you to come with me out of your own free will alley I needed to be real this side don't do this Brutus buddy I told you I told you that we were gonna be a family and there we were gonna be happy and then I was gonna protect you stop talking Diane and we can really do this with or without your mom but that is gonna be up to you we are running out of time do you want your mom to get her please [Music] [Music] are you ready to start talking [Music] I'll go with you Bruce you know I don't I do love you I don't believe you if you mean it then tell me why I'll do whatever you want my mama [Applause] open the cage careful that'sthat's the only coffee out [Applause] I'm sorry to do this see but I can't afford to lose you again I know I know what you did to that girl does it go with the shark in the shark site tractor here better so she read she spared my life they need purpose [Applause] [Music] get your hands off my son a bit Serena [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm so proud of you [Music]