A Sample Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

I want you to show me what you really eat every day so first of all I start off my morning with coffee everybody likes coffee but I'll add coconut oil and butter blend it up it tastes delicious it's actually really filling and that'll ask me a couple hours and that's all you have for breakfast coffee with butter in it coffee with butter and coconut oil blend it up I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it's actually really filling the fat will definitely keep you satiated throughout the day and that's why it lasts me until noon but put some bacon bits in it all right could be a new thing okay so then burn it for lunch so I wait until my body tells me I'm hungry which is usually around lunchtime so a couple eggs spinach saute that and some butter you know add a slice of bacon half of an avocado bacon right you love bacon eggs avocados right everybody loves that and that should last you hopefully until dinner but if you do get hungry one of my go-to snacks you guys is macadamia nuts high in fat low in carbs very tasty and that will help carry me over so crazy because you know we all grew up the game academia has had too much fat in them you're saying you like the fat it macademian respect you even because they don't have too much protein in them exactly lower protein lower carbs high fat so it's it's perfect for the ketogenic lifestyle okay dinner bacon cheeseburgers this is a typical one I mean you don't have to have bacon every meal but what I'm saying is that the fattier could have meat the cheese the bacon and the avocado is all low-carb right high fat moderate amount of protein so you worry more about the bun than the burger totally yep I think about that could you do this yeah I really do and you know being and I like about it is it structured I need rules I definitely rules yeah well I guess I'm intrigued but I'm gonna if I can speak openly about some of my concerns first off I'm fascinated by the science and thanks for bringing it to my attention dr. axe as well the whole idea to get hack our body to work more efficiently is pretty cool you know we don't know enough about its effect on diseases we just don't but it has been shown to work for weight loss so maybe it's worth trying and if nothing else is work like you tell them you can you so many folks at home I like this idea maybe try it for just a couple weeks see how it works for you but here's the thing I do worry that it's not sustainable as a long term diet it's not as good at long term I don't think some of the other that you talked about in this show because let's be clear if you fall off the wagon and you have a little bun with that burger right and you reach for a carb you're basically now on a high-fat high-calorie diet which is the opposite of what you want to be on steaks a very little bit a bit of a mistake to make a big problem happen in your body so can you be really strict about this I can be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything and remember to check back often to see what's new