A lesson in fight promotion


Chael Sonnen


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ha feller took a little bit of heat Paul feller and Karen Bryant actually took heat let me let me tell you guys what happened let's back up Karen Brian's Paul Felder and tyron woodley are on the desk for ESPN win gate she fights Barboza so fights are over gate she gets invited up to do an interview now I have to tell you right out of the gate Paul Felder and Karen Bryant take a little bit of heat somehow tyron woodley even though he was there no trouble whatsoever but I have to say I don't think Karen or Felder did anything wrong here's what happened before I bury my lead too much Felder called out gay Chi in a very calm and a very matter-of-fact way where he simply said I really like your style and the fans seem to also really like my style and we're in the same weight class and we both these weren't his words I this is what he said we both know how this works they're looking to put on really exciting fights we both qualify as that in the same we're gonna have to fight sooner or later and I will say he did in a very good I've actually never seen Paul Felder stub his toe never once on TV and he's done some things that some guys couldn't get away with but he has a way of being very calm and very sincere when he says to you Justin respectfully why don't we just move forward together and call for this fight because they're gonna be calling for it sooner or later why don't we just do it he has a way of presenting it that is extremely professional and he did it upset gay Qi in the lease but after the fact Justin pushed back a little bit goes man that was my 15 minutes I came up there as a favor and then I got called out I'm not crazy about I understand but this is the business this is simply how the business goes and Justin as soon as you get your hand raised and everything is going great the only thing you need it's not a celebration and it's not two weeks off like fighters saying the only thing you need is to know what's next the second the marketing for one fight ends the marketing for the next fight begins and if you've got called up there and felder did it in a respectful way and I think by Justin's reaction that Justin would fully agree with me that Felder was not mean or condescending or aggressive at all as much as just going hey I think maybe we're fit I think maybe this is our first face-off even if unintentional what do you think I think that he's right about that I also think that it served Justin I do think it served him I do not believe that was an ambush by anytime but that is why you get called up to set you get called up that's why they say what's next for you that's why they bring up the rankings and try to make the cases and the fact that they're now having active and competitive athletes in the booth and doing those type things look these are this is going to arise and if you want to push back and you stay professional you want Justin did push back he said it's one of the time look at the rankings you got a couple in front of you good line by Justin it was a good aggressive line it did it actually make me want to see the fight less it made me want to see the fight more because now I know Justin can also stand toe-to-toe with a microphone with Paul Felder who's pretty damn good at that but I would just like to offer you my two cents for being on both sides of that I have been a fighter that has gone up to do a favor and felt that I was outnumbered and I was ambushed by some kind of a commentating team who I then deduced on my own must have pre worked that out and decided to make me look a fool as I learned more about the business I rose no this whole thing is just spontaneous it's just I walked onto your set and I walk away and you guys were here before I got here and you guys are here after I'm going to leave so it gave me the appearance of a team effort while I was up here sore and tired trying to give you guys a spot because I think there was enough room for misinterpretation but for some reason I do feel compelled I guess because the respect that I have for fell work and I know Karen Karen I'm not really sure how she got brought into it I see why Tyra got left out of it but I gotta tell you I've never seen Felder screw up I really have it and this was not a screw-up as much as an opportunity that was taken and it was also taken in the spirit of of hail-fellow-well-met there was nothing underhanded about it