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[Music] hmm [Music] today favorite song on the raid [Music] my eyes and saw the time fear they'll each others [Music] realize how love you son [Music] it's hard to make it never [Music] don't say good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and now for my next song I need some volunteers up here do you have any do you have any volunteers and I believe we have a brave bear over here please join me come on no please how about I began everybody for this gorgeous period yeah hi there what's your name rocky hi Ravi and you I'm fine hi I'm Thorin I'm Rafi would you like to take a seat over there okay and Anton would you like to say something is there anything you want to say thank you hey Ravi um before I met you I thought I had the perfect life then then you came into the picture and you turned my life around completely you made me realise what true love is you made me realize what true happiness is two months ago Rafi the first time in my life I fell in love Belle enough with you and ever since that day I've loved you more and more every day that's why I'm here today in front of you in front of all these people [Music] will you give me the honor of married [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes [Music] yes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] good morning coffee yes thank you what makes you so sure that I would say yes well I am good-looking mm-hmm charming and you haven't said no to me [Music] is that so hmm oh okay then where are you going no you're saying no to me maybe really me no you're in trouble where do you think you're [Music] [Music] I can't God that he was going to propose no none at all a limp you see someone you just kind of swept off your feet you're caught in the moment so well a cat the leg Emmaus hip no name oh my god it must be like to Paris hey girl I read on Twitter that someone's getting engaged thank you so much - wait but ok Leona yeah soon as you Sam but I think not two hours ago Paul is a Singapore um you know what guys I actually do have to go soon and then it's picking me up soon oh wait okay guys I'll see you soon but please don't forget to go to my bed [Music] on Apollo we have that event to go to you Anton Hey you later did you tell her what you know what I'm talking about hoho Sam what for but you're getting married and what happened before I met Ravi shouldn't be an issue right right Sam hi fashionably late again have you met and fine oh the lucky guy Congrats on your engagement thanks man wait you guys write together oh no no no I came here alone okay see you guys Alfred something good I still think you should tell your wish I must have done please let's just leave it at that okay annalen is my wedding planners so should be in touch with the girls Fatima Lam and your whole onion colors dresses are you so what's the color motive Sanna footpath silica city targets ah Hindi I don't know yet but but stash I'll get in touch with you guys or might not be there for that way trip coming in that way I'm absent Macky curse and love life seriously you can't not be there it's my wedding we have to be complete [ __ ] when you can talk to your dad then you can move the family holiday honey but you have to be there yeah of course shouldn't be complete at the wedding okay Rafi oh my gosh Jen just broke up with her boyfriend why now third party I'm sure ladies trick anyone we're good I think we're still okay sure anything okay you have to be at my wedding we have to be complete Oh one Cosmo please [Applause] [Music] I think you've had one too many drinks besides how old are you are you old enough to have a drink well you wouldn't be hitting on me if you didn't think I was only footage what makes you think I'm hitting on you aren't you [Music] maybe [Music] but I don't want to get in trouble [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you didn't tell me you're a virgin please let me get a big deal some girls too anything but that look Sam I'm I'm not judging you okay I mean casual hookups do happen I should go Sam Sam you sure you okay with this Sam you know we can be liberating if you talk to somebody that knows nothing about you chances are we're never even gonna see each other again so why don't you get it off your chest haenyeo honk iguana excuse for my behavior my parents just separated actually perform a leading an oniony they've been living separate lives for the longest time better than you know what but in Apple I hate myself for being affected I won't go I've always had everything I wanted except a stable relationship maybe so what's the point do I make any sense you don't always have to make sense right thanks for listening please say that you'll be part of my own thing you always loved to be part of your injury if you want I can ask determine well no no it's okay I can I can ask him myself perfect we're gonna be complete good morning MA good morning breakfast I oh sure Nakata ludka Oh kissing say excitement cannon cannon mama mcdonnen munafa me that poor schmuck civil marriage mm-hmm bucket opposite upon I come in a church wedding mm-hmm at the reception 150 guests some I'm a gossip discipline ke ala Moana indeed I'm operating in this in the NBA better the bar two years nothing my boyfriend and man yeah okay uh two months my two and a half I seek my neck bago three and a half ma do you ever regret Nancy that you've been of a sudden more no but there are things that I would have done differently if I had known better like what bankotsu Naaman and Adam oh the new humans really more read in a bikini and on to commit in marriage when Amazon develop ribbit [ __ ] welcome to value forest and I hope our desert matter is more disrepair after shape up to view in your campus you have young Raheem is Delgado the flowers and France will be flown in just as scheduled thank you okay so everything is set no worries no phone calls no stress I will make sure you have the perfect wedding tomorrow and all you have to do is show up as the Radian right which is effortless for you so this is it tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life no turning back [Music] but never be someone looking goodness [Music] [Music] Manor inika bass arcane voila Anandi Paulo hot Nana he Mika home hisilani kneeling KO sayo Hindi Nepali McCullen kazar quinoa Glen Samana Nicole castle Nana boo boo cos Hindi cooperating mapa LMGs a party Tamia sandali lang naman sabine mama papa halong sonic more overnight some sagina so thank you vamos lá lá Haneen Kyoto an important Evolis maganda ha Sakina beauty resna good night man [Music] [Music] hey you're not supposed to be here my bride can't wait what's wrong come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my god what the wedding is off no sign of my cabinet but the whole Elena yen what happened when I seen Abby [Music] guide me the big la semana GRE theta theta you think boy deficient my house up please man I hope telegram a Boston pin duniya tea please Antonia hehaha me say au pair Academy i of us happening [Music] okay Pelham dawn hi Melissa Oh annamund my just really need to get away for now the pressure to succeed five good at demand but uh what I'm traffic huh damar Walker who make a longer hmm I'll miss you at the gun of a hotter girl I don't know become a New York ba [ __ ] but I'll call ma kebab beam on tankini and done please tell him that I'm so sorry well elemental Akaka session castle on [Music] so he Sigonella hungry though [Music] [Music] buddy and the mini-medical move around and over coffee can I let me Kevin run walk cut what are you doing you want me to do your job guys then I think you not go out I hope I gotta go I'll a detour we listen in a month of all time please ready barri ivona Jen guys doubled over yes chef yes sir I'm getting addis ababa I knew it I was up Nimba that often impose but I called her house Savin made McGahee down she didn't tell us where to India mile island an amnesia made guys they barely know each other I suppose the cold people see Rama phenomenon at seat man that's it Anton doesn't deserve any of them but shader was so cruel so what's up I just thought you might need company sulking will drink you know what else can be liberating you in quite a mess Amihan guiding wisdom let me open a box oppinion laughing mr. severe then we don't have it [Applause] [Music] [Music] after you met I actually looked you up that was the next time I saw you perhaps he was already introducing you as her boyfriend you understand I said how casual hookups work so pananaw boom boom Alicia I don't know Sam it's more of her option that might Rafi please [Music] please talk to me a 15-2 no I just want to know what's going on if you where you are you gotta come back home I mean if you need time to think if you need have to think that's okay with me [Music] [Music] Antoni someone in Table three wants to meet the owner and the chef it's in a bear I don't know gonna she's asking for you nobody does sure nough kopelyan you didn't tell me you were coming it's okay I just wanted to try your food and it's very good thank you um would you like some dessert I was thinking more of you for taking my name pocketing damn it how are you I'm good where's mom you're back Santa Pacifica para nós undo car I could sing I wanted to surprise you where's dad uh Tomas and Papa Shawn it was good it was really good being away actually helped me miss miss never never disciplined there wasn't any pressure it was good on a port on tenantry token a diet Nando panicking decision one I missed you baby I missed you too so have you heard from Anton Iowan Nick de Texas ah hey Nagi Nikki bolita a lemon coming massabi [Music] I will face him soon Gustavo don't go like a bug ready now hey I like watching you sleep I'm done yeah do you still feel we're just a casual hookup Sam I don't want to put labels okay it's just gonna complicate things I just want to make you feel good Sam I thought we had an understanding right this seems to work for us let's keep it simple Thank You moment hi hi good morning now hi Deepa I actually haven't told anyone that I'm back yet please say hi to send for me sigue I tell her nice to see you hi Ellen hi thank you sighing Oh boobie dapeng and the Hong Kong side yeah so he let me policy mum Ln well actually you Ananya any sponsor you enough was a sorority but actually I really don't know luckily beacon poop on appeal ah Mikasa Melanson FA oMG see no makeup face you will appear a similar manner let's go shopping again Haemon mm-hmm hey I saw you runaway bride you know you sorority sister mo de Baca in Agusta it's Rafi yaaaa Jews Oh Sigrid OPA now who stuck there's a base upon a SAP in the door hello Paula that is bad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey I've been sitting out there thinking of what to say to you and understand if you don't want to talk to me ever again but I have to tell you that I'm so sorry Rafi you hurt me you hurt me big time I don't know what else to say but I'm so so sorry I'm so sorry that's it that's all you're gonna say to me I'm sorry I don't get an explanation I don't get I don't get anything from you no let's see it was it was just so overwhelming and everything just happened so fast and and I got so scared please don't get me wrong when I said yes to marrying you I I did because because I love you and I still do I do but it's a lifelong commitment and just wanted to know and make sure that we're both ready for that because I just don't want to get married I want to be married I want to stay married because we both won - I want us the last I want that - and all you should have done was telling you tell me but you're not ready tell me that you needed time because I would have waited for you I would have understood you should have told me you should have just told me so much do you still want me back Rafi I've been waiting imagining what I'd say to you a moment ago scientists oh my god it's here missed oh my god apparently coma coma because I love you I love you and I want you back so bad bad [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and Don and I are going to live together bakit live in Indiana mañana salute sir problemo hindi naman token agua para mas oven again problem enemy Kanagawa Demento para we can figure out if we really do have a future together pero sana Amanat open messy stop Iranian traditional church wedding pocket oppose Adam examinable amigas our nominee more edible mention geithner alumni animal in a sandbag a ganar go up arena team Kasich a lemon and implying a movie Windsor boy io mobile mug drama if I work I'd have to pay for my bags my shoes my clothes my parking my gas my salon treatments not on salary coding I'm a pupunta do I make any sense you make sense but wrong since work is not about money it's about self-worth okay fine but he is he been cool but what if I just find a wonderful man and be a simple homemaker well I'm problem a young as long as that's what you want and besides you have not met one nah maybe known boyfriend well yeah I haven't been extremely lucky with the ones that I've dated it's hard to find something I could give reconnect with you know someone more like you but do you know what I think I just might have found him hey honey good morning I got you breakfast Oh Sam I can't do this right now I I have somewhere to go oh no no just a quick one look Sam Tom otago Casa Vega Bay um I don't know if you heard but Rafie's back yeah I heard you want Jam with your toast can we do this some other time please you know the first time we could still say that it was just a casual hazard but then after that we both made a choice we both want whatever it is that we have now Sam not now okay oh no no no let's talk about this right now did you just use me to fluff your ego after Raffi no I did not use you I didn't use anybody I just can't do this right now you know what the way I feel for you that was all real look right now you need to go [Music] [ __ ] come on [Music] it's breathe [Music] are you doing this what are you doing I thought he wanted me to shut up [Music] Sam what do you want me to leave yes okay know what you expect me to take the stairs all the way down from the eighth door [Music] oh let me answer please don't do this Sam please what do you want from me I thought you wanted me to shut up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] come on this is super fun relax [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah hi should I be with you I mean if I've been calling and texting you I couldn't get in because the door was locked yeah I must have in sit behind a little more we should really change this huh it's my last tab beside my glass inside the house yeah okay to that hon you look really tired yeah I feel tired I think I should take a cold shower so I can wake up did you want some company tempting but you need to finish unpacking I'll be quick join down there okay okay [Music] here you have to where did I see you find upon the desert like I have a choice there's threatenin to cut my allowance I think to look about how we operate tell me which division you want and I will give it you I already know dad PR and marketing ok very good mama says Hawkins a featured article and company and oh come on let's go I'm sorry dad but I have to go don't answer it now it might be important hon ok sagale go ahead I'll get ready now okay [Music] and done Sam don't panic I'm surprised he didn't notice it was a different cup size Sam please remind a lung so you want to forget about tomorrow [Music] [Music] hey hey can't sleep yeah I don't is there something wrong no everything's okay I just feel like there's a wall in between us like maybe you're punishing me for what I did no no hon trust me we're okay I'd never do that to you for what it's worth I really really am sorry Raffi if um if ever I failed to make you feel how much I love you I'm sorry I love you I love you who's texting you at this hour it's just Sam Sam yeah meeting her tomorrow for some coffee at Green Hills let's go to sleep okay hi Anton you know what the hell are you trying to do you set up a meeting with Ravi right here in the same area excuse me man sir here's the menu LM more if I wanted trouble Eddie Santos a fun day knock upon entire one red grape shake please Sam what do you want from me you you can't have me I'm with Raffi remember [Music] hindi neena Jaya so para enseñar Saba Moonbeam agua Maureen Sonia onion give me until I said Jack I thought you was gone for good ol mo undetermined chaiwalla I'll still feel the same way about you this is [ __ ] you know that I gotta go [Music] and done [Music] hi where are you I'm in a meeting all you need her [Music] Rafi Thanks for meeting me here ah of course so how can I help you thank you here's the USB here's the USB non-genuine layout and concept for the pictorial I wouldn't want to look weird them on an outfit stop bossy and Palazzo construction site in location you could have just emailed me but sagir for Mahalo seen Ian and dad mom Elaine from the magazine we'll call you in the long dowel for your fee okay thanks for the referral Sam my pleasure let's use this one for the next addresses Dustin do you love them yeah it's really nice yay oh wait new construction site if we photoshopped me in an ankle against Ibaka yeah that man gamepad ni Photoshop epilogue ah yes Senapati gala wedding a photo shop here Sam Sanders are you dad Sam Wheatland I have to fix your dress at smell oh one girl new styling clips hindi naman kita silico tiba here girl o.o pero hindi naman mustang Nina vaquita opener Oh yang OD bangali no sorrow Mohan Meninas perfect Hindi Llanelli la medida silicon mentioned in Italian secret hey did I scare you sorry I'm done anything leaving why what's what's what's going on Ravi it's just for two days and it showed in Cebu Houston was a magnet that no and you were gonna be busy anyway honey when you get back let's call it a vacation just just two of us let's get the hell out of here okay custom Ian okay [Music] [Music] [Music] but why don't you bet I was just gonna text my friends now India Omaha Kazama sir lunchable us [Music] hi I would be out of town for two days have a shoot in Cebu see when I get back [Music] when the cat is away can the mice play see in two days right boss today no no no please just don't tell mom and dad that I'm here okay and it'll enemy-occupied McBee Issei just just tell her in a way - and veto because Necedah encargo hire him in going carnea okay how's work that's good I just got here um leave my list on doing you go how's work everything's going smoothly that's good that's my girl always prepared well they just wanted to check up on you have a good day yeah hey [Music] I don't want trouble either you know male so why you here what do you want to talk about Rafi Rafi what about Rafi when she finds out about us she's gonna leave you again do some bleep I'll I'm Sonia well yeah but not for the reason you think I'm doing this because I want to prove myself right prove yourself prove what that I'm capable of loving you I'm more capable of loving you than she is you know that I am in amami min why are you doing this to yourself Sam I mean you're beautiful you're talented you could have any guy you want except you I wanted you even before she did Sam this is crazy I don't get it me too I don't get it either but you'll answer Rafi pocket in Deena Rocko know that she's back it's game over for us whatever you think we have it's over I am capable of ruining what you have with Rafi just try it hun Rafi it's not as if you guys are on top of each other or you're naked but what the hell is going on here I can explain you're supposed to be in Cebu and you're not supposed to be here Ravi please what is happening we'll have a McGee explain huh it all are you not gonna say anything I have nothing to explain I'm cicada August 11 Omaha move what what's Hanna Rafi the only reason why I'm still here is one I offer my sobbing embarrassed cause happen and I told you so and do I want to hear what you have to say so how long has this secret affair been going on you know what it really doesn't matter anyway one day one week one month one year parole onion I can explain Rafi yeah I had a one-night stand with Sam that was way before you and I ever met the truth is I didn't even know that the two of you knew each other the night that you introduced me to her that was the next time I saw her then what you went back for more no it's not like that Rafi after you backed out of the wedding you didn't even talk to me you didn't give me any explanation I thought you were God never could you left me hanging what was I supposed to do the whole time you were gone the only person who was there for me was that do you love her no I love you then why did you continue it what what do you expect me to think that you were you were physically unfaithful but still emotionally faithful to me she made it impossible for me Rafi David Otunga Bunyan amberyan did she grab you by the [ __ ] balls you should've told me that I should have told you at first I wanted to tell you personally - Dina - Lena Headey nice pie not the no relationship not because I wanted this to work out it's a choice [Music] if I leave and Donna Sam will be too happy to jump in the wall on moon if I stay with and done can I trust him again behind inaho making miss Eyre I will always be doubting no this isn't working Nessa yoga hope ed Augusto boom boom adding and ow thank you guys so some message me that she wants to talk later so if you want to know what's going on you're all welcome to eavesdrop when we meet up message you details later please don't make a scene Rafi what he is seeping if I'm going to make a scene on e seeping more the sin you committed against me okay talk before I actually go hysterically oh eh well actually I had him first and so that doesn't mean you own him on depending him salmonella like a bullet a paper early bird promo the early bird catches the worm Hindi long accompaniment Mahalo ke anything I know titanum and assume our own on would behind most loyal / okay fine you had him he loved you better a new normal and you're taking it against me that I fell in love with him after you dumped him una I didn't dump him below a Baba Yahoo I was his fiancee I had the right to change my mind and get cold feet and I don't owe you an explanation he went through hell and you didn't care I had to think well you didn't think about him that's for sure selfish you know what cut the [ __ ] it's so obvious that he doesn't love you animal with some ammonia tea I'm not giving him up in case you still haven't noticed you never even had him don't confuse love with sex sweetie it's not the sex I love him it's not love either so stop thinking that and your twisted psychotic delusional little head you know what it's times like this that I really wish the Rh bill would be past para hindi name upon an Akuma but too late no you don't have to be rude you know I was given that right the moment that you slept with I'm done I knew that this conversation wasn't gonna go anywhere I just owed it to the girls what I hate misquote so I let them listen in raincheck Melanie some people say Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank You Raphael I'm a problem aha number Gavazzi Anton Ohno Bunga Halawa samaarambhaam ba ba ba ba refresh floods Makka pakka Mililani whoo whooping Baha Abba Lou Mekas Kananga Magga Baba my critical level cannon Cabana pocket aho Hindi Dominic on topically to ikaw but acaba sorry wha in iguana sayin panocha pakka nagamimi Baba in Papa to sell illogically melon Hindi puede automatic economy I see pants cotton fire habitant a box of vanilla Cassie there is Piniella epoxy CONMEBOL pea querida cusamano carry their mistress cocina caucus trellis welcome to tanga tanga anybody say you Hindi Bobby second among those [Music] what's worse than cheating and betrayal cheeping and betrayal of your boyfriend with your frenemy get really unless what a sidekick how would one know if a guy would end up with a friend in the future dog it's a totally different story when you know that the guy is already taken by your friend or your ex friend that's already a form of stealing or in short Minako paw is it an egocentric and selfish when you still consider a guy taken and yours even afterwards leaving him at the altar oh dear there's something terribly wrong with your brain what goes around comes around [ __ ] get ready for karma we take our my point dynamicism koneko my boyfriend hey Antonia muy bien Deba come boyfriend kasi Anton in DINO Makiki lalala I'll fix this okay how [Music] babu-bhaiya Busia selamat and bond it's good you're here come let's go to my room sounds happy something sorry I came here I came here because this entire thing is one big mess I might have lost the woman I love and I want to fix things and the first step is to settle things with you Sam I should have done this a long time ago don't get me wrong I'm not blaming you this entire mess is my fault I made the wrong decisions I wasn't a man this is my fault but this you and I this has to end right now Sam I love her what is wrong with you son please don't do this to yourself [Music] I've chosen already I don't love you do you think it's fun to run after someone who's already in love with someone else can we really choose who we fall in love with but hey how long you been abilities really not it's about IO Sade we're pathetic he deserve each other we should end up haven't that could number more than what you just said [Music] one Caffe americano for Sam oh [ __ ] why oh my god can you please hold this Rafi Rafi we I tried to be quiet it's a pickup of olympus encoder no human of tweets mama Facebook post more cuz I unintentionally hurts you but calling me a a [ __ ] well I intentionally wanted to hurt you I tried to be civil with you Rafi but you're making it so impossible customer number Susan I'm sure you wanna know everything [Music] [Music] have you done it on the glass dining table that and Don's unit did you notice the chip or should I be asking where else have you not done it so far that's what I love about Undong he's never boring always out of the ordinary my favorite is the way he kisses me on my nape my back my spine all the way down to my thighs legs up to my toes he's such a pleasure adventure this makes me crazy he likes it rough and wild actually I lose track of how many rounds we make each times [Music] are you done I think you should go back and finish your coffee because I could learn cup a suck up a grin next time make it a triple shot Baraka behind gen'l'men Alamo consomme ceramic kappa saboom aww [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] are you okay Rafi I'm okay mom I'm okay I'll be okay mom I'll be okay I'll be okay mom they want to be okay mom mom I'm not okay and it hurts it hurts so much [Music] [Laughter] oh you're so what he devalue my boy well boy plastic [Music] you did well salika hi Daddy so Mia had camisa weekend wisdom so mama okay a lot more parent my is named Gail yeah when cool what have I done man why am I so stupid why was I thinking with my dick now I think come on top with the for the things that I should and shouldn't have done so I don't plan a Malayan I don't know I have to suffer the consequences of my actions I stupid actions things I regret everything that I've done don't open a sari require this the more I wanna do muggle sayako silver Soho I deserve all this [ __ ] man oh well I'm assassin I burned myself that moved out there will be no available you'll be fine bro high-end time I'm actually out of town with my family so let's just stop when I get back [Music] Rafi have a drink thank you you know mom I've been thinking you're such a strong woman beginning entangle I'm sorry Monica I'm coming in but Lebanon but I am buckety answer really more per head mania and see daddy great fix me high school car Bennigan's kana ultimate among that in man I'm sorry ko he won an attention-grabber kind in a novella and bohemian vanilla not a oh hi Alan Kino seppuku number by Google ooh he never uses school hangang say is an arrow it's a school program and Don and SABIC Oh Abba serious owner to make the little Paris I mean masquerade an income market and a demon amoeba body case a Makita panama cooler at night remain behind and I support a family in I mean you sacrificed so much for us mom cooling by own de Batz Anna in a Walkman Tina lumen condom on le Neeson and Goliath near sauna in ela bank you sure I could have done more the trail in all forms is painful it can make you go crazy but we all have choices how to face it do we walk away or do we deal with it and learn mom are you sure it day in Baja it looks like a restaurant it was a man thank you excuse me yes it on appeal on Babu moanikeala booboo hi and Papa behind and I'm special team Oh soup number five Ellen shut up [ __ ] column a ho super [ __ ] these are the beautiful daughters of Jimmy unlock a nano Akbar Anand our insulin go Mon I'm sorry Lin Lang Gullu at escandalo so Hanuman is celebrating the meeting Alamo de pétanque a pataga nova mana 46 years ago pero okay l'm para arena Manasa being coy Peggy Lomonosov ik o Cassy indica maganda a trial on Hindi maganda Oba limo tank o gala monolog acculumation exist SI una Sawako me not Rene Mouton tahoe penguin anima sandal a parent kilala Quang iconian hindi bag SEO Sakina lon it is Marta kita I no trespassing yes ah ba ba da da ba adultery is a la una zg me [Laughter] [Music] [Music] thank you we're coming out to talk to me I'm so tired of hearing my own thoughts I want to hear what you have to say I'm not here to make any excuses but when you left me you heard me so much and I was consumed by that hurt but if I believed in us that much I should have waited should have come after you but I didn't I took the easy way out I gave it to somebody who was willing and know this you know a time table it's a kind of do it Rafi you were the perfect girlfriend I don't want to lose you again I know I messed up it but please please in D column comonomer Aram Domenico but okay let's give us another try [Music] but this time let's do it differently [Music] anything you want love you hey guys I'm inviting all of you to the anniversary of Pinnacle publishing it's gonna be fun cuz it's a ball so get your outfits ready count me in okay go go go oh my god sounds fun special guest was a pinnacle publishing anniversary I hope you all could come I know the event might be boring but the fun will be in dressing up she is going to be I know but she's history that I'm a perfect or something I'm not affected it's good let's enjoy the evening yeah no thank you rappy hi say hi Raffy well you look nice considering considering well well considering your background and your daddy's bank account I'm surprised that you still haven't developed any taste and excuse of some enemies why are you afraid of me I'm not afraid of anyone oh no I think you're afraid of someone I think you're afraid of Rafi you know what Sam I'm just gonna ignore our humiliate yourself bottom a might end up our pointy participate as I sadly I'm worrying you do Miguel can not only what was shocking to you Muhammad at beginner Walker you anonymity that I'm again the Savior definitely in the Alamo now you're threatening me oh that's not a threat that's a promise [Music] young said easy I'm just asserting something that's really mine but you I am say in the employ I might now give it up Sam you know what let's just flip the ball that is your site this is mine good idea tell people I got em open a European parody no and I think a and point say away stop second waist down then we could all be happy sharing tarragon hobby mom received an acronym well I've had enough you know what I've tried to be civilized and I've tried to be decent but you keep on pushing me to my limit you know what I really didn't think it would come to this Sam but I'm so happy I came prepared [Music] it's calamine lotion paracetamol potato parcei oh yeah Lina therapy just in case Kaylin open Google did you really have to do that [Music] don't be sarcastic I think it doesn't is it done Oh what is it gave me a figure and I said God give me a figure taboo close-up King all I'm asking you is be reasonable I work hard for this money indeed of garlic some mana let me remind you this couple anomaly in deep in a Caterpie oh and a powerful because when we got married I had a severe very vanilla no ha forget this is totally useless you are impossible you are the one who is impossible and by the way I think every orgasm I call you tomorrow mom what's wrong with us why do men always leave us my Europe but I am a Harlem no that's not true think of a sniper on the bottle price Amazing Race he was so quickly here happen no Mattie no Mattie by then the Andrew Sam we don't need anyone who does not need us Nina died Nikki Messiah Nina Dyna girl on a didn't not attend long we will always have each other's thumbs I love you and I will always love you no matter what [Music] [Music] even Apple mommy change thank you thanks for lunch wrath ah ha ha ha moment on busy and Zoroaster on what's wrong Miami do some oghuz happen well element that but but what's happened bad see Sam Sann dota yo gusto someone would guys it's it's fine please don't let what happened between us affect your friendship with her who knows maybe one day we can be friends again but for now in Dakota lega kaya I hope you understand of course well I have to leave anyways so I'll just see you guys next Friday yeah see you Friday see ya [Music] what are you doing here Rafi no gimmicks this time around I'm below alum I want to make things right with you I want a lifetime commitment with you because I love you rafi I want to be married to you peace please sir happy will you marry me No and don't panic easy pant gonna do a LMSs copying a bishop and an accessor being go if ever you asked me to marry you again the answer was always no bucket is in Mashhad on a dinosaur then we share dinner and I know something there's been betrayal there's been lies and even if I know you didn't want to hurt me you know why I'm a bunny I know and we've just become two different people and done I love you I know Union sighing in because I know that the love is there but when I named trust and done and as much as I want to fix this the damage has been done I just want to forget about all of this and fun and move on but not with you [Music] years from now I will not look back at this with regret guess I mean at the Doudna Napo I will forever regret having hurt the person I love and risk the relationship I value the Kawana deacon ama bow it Ambika common eco and my local cajeta Nina DAPA she can't force love but my Manabe gain o'clock o mo the leniency mobile and maracas alam don't do it chances are my massage Ogden betrayal and infidelity and secrecy is still betrayal and infidelity [Music] you always be special me you always be special memory I'll always cherish you have [Music] [Applause] [Music] I love you more each day [Music] me I'm with you through all the way [Applause] Destructo [Music] we should not [Music] I need [Music] to God please come really Oh [Music]