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[Music] [Music] [Music] thank you so much for everything sir for all of this how does 30,000 sound I want to close out the account [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] just clouds we get around [Music] forget [Music] trap dig what we all say cows big [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] why don't y'all big what we are [Music] talking bout my generation [Music] everyone take your seats we have a new student that will be joining our class today what do you want here in Lux oh yeah I heard it's a girl so what like I care okay class this is Shoko would you like to introduce yourself [Music] [Music] [Music] hi nice to meet you you hey there new girl do you know how to speak Japanese that's not very nice oh come on take it your nickname is show huh oh just like show yeah hey we have another show now who shows is pretty cool what no it's not I'm gonna pitch alright make sure to write this down the exercises are on page twenty to twenty five and on page 32 all of this will be on your next quiz look at the diagram at the center is the fulcrum the fulcrum is both the point of rest and the sport for the lever the crux of any motion the placement of the fulcrum determines how far the levered object [Music] not yet sugar you you're coming in too early watch me okay don't start singing until I start okay from the top there's fear would be winning the liar contest and say that again [Music] he talks so fast I can't write everything down well I can give you my notes if you want you're a lifesaver hmm but I didn't do anything wrong and so I will never say why are you reading so slow you sound like you're five fine enough of that who's next Shoko that's good show you you're next that isn't funny sit down show you know things [Music] yeah let's go we're leaving Shoko [Music] [Music] [Music] you know something we're all sick of you in your notebook it's getting pretty old pretty fast what do you want what you're such a freak [Music] good morning everyone i'm miss kita the DHH liaison do you all know what sign languages okay it's kind of like using your hands to talk instead if your voice isn't that neat alright fine since we want to make it easier to communicate with Shoko every single morning we're going to spend three minutes of class learning to sign [Music] miss kita yes why can't we just write in her notebook it would be easier for Shoko if everyone just learned a little sign language well it would be easier for me if I could just write stuff down [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] on the show that's what together gross she get dressed in the dark so based on the author's previous by looking at the results of the experiment KCA you throw over there [Music] how do you think you're doing don't you think you're going a bit too far nope that I can go even further you can be such a jerk come on I'm not that bad check out my masterpiece oh my gosh I would write such a thing some people here I'll just erase you don't have to see it there no need to thank me I said no need to think let's go guys during the jomon period cut it out show you and would you rather have detention okay where did I leave off right the typical Jomon house was a pit dwelling with a social traveling surrounded by other upright hey hey show Co what do we have here does that mean you can actually hear oh you know what I was wondering the same thing can I see him for a sec now oka what are those things toss him over your wax that is so gross [Music] [Applause] [Music] are you okay oh no she's bleeding you went too far man mr. four eyes is such an asshole oh great now what you're in our way what is she even doing get lost sorry you're not sorry you're just pathetic hey what are you doing stop touching me check it out I think she wants to hold your hand you like it you're blushing no I'm not come on let's go oh my god talk about crazy hold that water is gross yeah listen up everyone there's something very important I'd like to talk to you about as you can see show Konishi Mia is absent today yesterday the school received a telephone call from show COEs mother in the past five months eight of Coco's hearing aids have been broken or gone missing hearing aids are very expensive her mother believes Shoko is being bullied if any of you have seen Shoko being harassed or abused at school I need you to come forward and tell us who has been doing it if no one comes forward I'd hate to have to bring your parents into this this is a very serious matter and the school does not take bullying why oh yeah stand up we all know that it's you I told you stand up yes sir no then Oh God you sit right next to him what have you seen well it's kind of true he does tease her a little like he makes fun of her and Kazuki yeah totally I kept telling him to knock it off but sure you won't listen to anyone what wait that's not fair you were making fun of her too Kazuki and it's not just the boys the girls were doing it too I swear it's true especially yes I see I'm very sorry for any trouble he caused yes of course thank you goodbye show you come back here I'm talking to you show you I just got off the phone with the school wait a minute why are you so wet leave me alone I jumped in the river like always sprays mister have you been causing trouble at school wouldn't then why did I get a call from your teacher this afternoon okay fine it's true hmm get cleaned up we're going over to show cuz right now Oh what come on show let's go home you're gonna try to be nicer from now on okay all of these so-called great men were going through their own struggles [Music] Hey what the heck is she doing hey what are you doing at my desk don't you dare touch my stuff you freak there's that look again don't try to act on sweet innocent what is it if you want to say something that spit it out all you've done is just stand there with that stupid look on your face don't you ever get mad well [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] I hate her she's Chokin ischemia has transferred to another school moving on now who was in charge of the class Journal yesterday well whoever it was forgot to hand it in well everyone just checked their bags to see if they have it [Music] oh look it's so cold how are you doing shoka oh hello do you remember me we were in elementary school together I'm surely a cheetah where are you going wait please come back Hey Hey so I I came here to give you this I uh you left this behind oh what's that how do I know sign language from a class here you go it's yours I don't even know if you ever wanted to see this again I was wondering can me and you show go ah can we be friends is that an option Oh what did I just say huh that's what you were trying to ask me back in school I finally understand you oh don't cry please don't cry Co Co I wanted to ask if we could be friends would that be okay [Music] show show show show show show wake up time from rec fest okay show up and Adam good morning Maria I'm heading out have a good day dear and breakfast is served thank you for this meal dig in big guy what's got you so bright and cheery this morning because I found this you've been working so hard at your job and you even sold your comics your clothes and your food time I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful Sun God tell me show ya why would you want to kill yourself I just don't do a lot of crazy stuff lately what can I say I just something what's going on with you your room is clean for a change you cancelled your phone service and everything after April's been torn up from your calendar it's so orbit promise me you won't go through with it or I'm torching this the 1.7 million yen you earned will go to waste are you listening to a word I'm saying yeah don't do anything crazy no wait I'm sorry mom I'm really sorry I won't do it again I swear I won't please don't Bernie what are you not gonna do specific I promise I'm not going to kill myself I swear I won't do it please believe me I swear to you okay [Music] [Music] yesterday I was planning to jump off a really tall bridge and kill myself I only went to see show Konishi near to wrap up in loose ends it was hands-down the greatest test of courage ever that was supposed to be anyway [Music] can we be friends world's biggest loser on the first day of junior high Kazuki makes sure everyone knew you should probably stay away from joy a cheetah he's a bully he's so bad a girl had to switch schools like they always say what goes around comes around I knew I really screwed up and I needed to pay for being a jerk and so I pushed everyone away [Music] all right everyone make sure to have this translated by next week's class hey Shou yeah have you had a chance to hand in your math notebook yet oh sorry I forgot that's okay just try to hand it in soon all right sorry no problem in the courtyard show you never hangs out with anyone what a loser didn't you hear about him everyone knows no way dude hey check it out he's looking at us again I wonder if he gets lonely being by himself all the time what a total freak why does he bother living oh hey I got their new album you want to check it out yeah since you like them I don't anymore yeah me too all right I've seen that before who is he it doesn't matter should I go and see Shoko again she said she feeds the co-ed bread but I can't just show up there not after everything I've done called should I go and apologize for making her cry she did says she's there every Tuesday or is it too creepy hey mom mom hi you scared the crap out of me what's up I I'm sorry for burning all your hard-earned money I didn't mean to then again you only earn that money so you could kill yourself so I don't want it anyway sorry mom I'll learn it back I know you will but I don't want you to worry too much about it in the meantime how about some dinner hungry Tuesday hey let me borrow your bike me huh what do you need my bicycle fat kid I shot lunch I forgot something at home so I need your bike to get it but I don't even know you why can't you just use your own bike I'm asking you because I don't have one [Music] already yeah what do you want to borrow mine it's over there yeah thanks man God said of course you stole it and today's Tuesday of all days so is that a sign that I should just leave her alone it's not like I can't just walk there but it's like I'm being told not to go I need a good reason something real it doesn't look like I'm trying too hard it half-off fluffy new bread this is it is show Konishi mia here she's not here she's right there oh not her there's nobody here named Shoko who are you anyway I mean are you actually a friend of hers thought so nothing to worry about there was a rat in the hallway a really gross one can we be friends oh hey over here look check it out I found your bike this is yours isn't it what perfect timing it's a good thing you had your address on it that's great but where did you find it that jerk dumped it in a rice field man it took me forever to find it thank goodness I did and I found you - is something wrong what nothing tell me what's your name anyway but uh we don't already know Tomoe here on the Gods guys behind you right I knew that it's really good bread and you want to split it with me hey there yeah good morning morning hey show you do you want to hang out with me after school today I mean since we're friends now show ya over here I saved you a seat what's troubling you yeah show huh it's nothing who's your show it's your nickname shows that we're close oh cool well so tell me what's troubling you you know you can tell me anything that's what best friends are for hey do you mind if I ask you something what does it mean to become someone's friend like it is there some sort of friendship process you go through or like do you need any specific qualifications Hey yeah sure give me your hair okay hey hey Oh now you and I is friends it could be as simple as that but see friendship don't got to do with no rules or qualifications cuz it's about something deeper a bond and you just can't break that capisce she's not here she's right there she's not haha listen I think maybe she's my girlfriend okay oh wow that's Saxon ah not for me personally because I brought her all this bread but I didn't know that show goes into younger guys I mean nothing against you I just never would've guessed can you at least give her the bread it's really good in if you are just here to make yourself feel better you might as well leave if you'll excuse me goodbye what's it boy what's your problem my friend here just wants to see miss show go you come from stop being so stubborn and go gather seriously what are you even doing here would you friends have each other's backs the shitty stalker has his own shitty stalker from the other day must have been hey they're gone great he got to see her smooth what are you doing you spying on Shoko and yes Oh hand it over I want to see man I'm so sure does talk with his hands a lot it's called sign language dumbass what oh wow I'm telling you my man's got real skills do you understand sign tell me what they're saying who was that loser you were with I have never seen him before in my life he was disgusting shut up liar right fine don't fall over be careful the truth is it wasn't sure if it was okay to come see you for the past two weeks I've been wondering whether you and I could be considered friends in order to see you I felt like I needed a good reason and finally I found one wow what a great guy I'm glad you did I was thinking the exact same thing it's funny isn't it so anyway uh I brought you some bread to feed the fish do you enjoy feeding the fish she can't hear me boy I know how that I think about it you really don't want to read that stuff [Applause] [Music] ah wait what are you doing she fell in no way what happened is gosh oh okay hey talk to me boy over here she'll go choke oh I'm really sorry that I dropped that I don't believe it what a dummy [Music] so long stalker that really show ya see you later hey show ya we've all been wondering say you Oh where'd you get that mr. Ishida report to the faculty office immediately I jumped into the river from the Suey mabashi bridge even though I know it's prohibited and I posted a picture on the show yeah sorry to ask but do you think you could pick up Maria for me I'm not supposed to leave the house while I'm still suspended oh come on it'll only take a second your life saving really okay Maria it's time to go home now wait hey you wake up you okay hmm aren't you Shoko Nisha Mia's boyfriend he's you're gonna catch a cold like this hmm if it isn't the stalker what are you doing how do you end up sleeping here where are your shoes aren't you mad at me about what I'm the one who posted the photo of you online oh so that was you huh thank goodness what a relief seriously for reals at least I have a pretty good idea of why you did it you're not angry why should I be I mean I kind of brought this on myself okay looks like I gotta take off you should probably be heading home too crazy I can't believe you've got a kid she's my sister's Francisco it's just that she'd be back late well Maria do you like it great what's wrong Oh [Music] [Applause] what are you doing out here I woke up and you were gone here take it stop it what are you doing just take it okay where these they actually used to be mine don't fit anymore you can keep them so uh why'd you run away from home I got into a show oh wow well it's true what they say relationships can get messy sometimes right yeah that's cuz I used Shoko shampoo without her permission but uh and she told me she doesn't mean any more boy are the two of you living together stop just what's the point of bringing an umbrella men right but I'm the idiot who didn't think to bring two of them besides I'll feel bad for Shoko if you come back with the cold seriously just who do you think you are see through your act uh-huh what are we a couple of strays you doing this to feel better about yourself must be extra I'm using to you because she's deaf right yeah you even went to the trouble to learn how to sign you think that suddenly makes you a hero or something I still can't stand you I see I guess Shoko told you all about me huh well you're right I am a horrible person the world wouldn't probably be better off if I wasn't around but still I just don't want to cause Shoko any more pain oh but uh that doesn't mean I'm gonna try and horn in on your turf you don't have to worry about that that said it's true I guess I am being a bit selfish this is far enough okay by the way I'm sorry I didn't tell you this earlier but uh I'm actually show goes know what I mean Oh younger sister later I remember you your show goes mom let's go I want to apologize to granny there any she's Oh juice left I'd like some use it I don't want you hanging around that boy tell your sister that too I can decide who to hang out with on my own Sam let's show go Oh the prodigal son returns how are you doing this fine day you come back from max returning the umbrella I borrow at home that's surprising so our young lad as a man who's after all that lads actually alas huh that show goes a little sister I wanted to thank you for looking out for my homeboy Jasha this is my friend na god suka oh oh yeah I got a new cell phone I'm guessing you have that cell phone too don't you so yeah do you ever text like with your friends um from your new school oh that's great so uh anyone you want to meet I mean do you need anyone's phone number oh good maybe you'd like to have mine what's that Mihoko from elementary school Hey yeah show well so how are you gonna track down this new yoga chick no that's exactly true but you get straight A's don't you Satoshi I didn't even Mickey there's something I wanted to ask you do you know how to get in touch with me okasada if she went to the same elementary school as us Miyoko sorry I have no idea but I bet the school will have some kind of record I think now goes to the same school as her tayo girls Academy crap I'm flat broke yeah so my man I've got your back bro Wow where'd that come from I don't really need that much come on let me spot you there are travel and meal expenses and those love motels ain't cheap you'll be glad for the extra dough trust me over here looks like we just made it my sister was kind of annoyed that she was being left out since she was the one who suggested it so would you mind if she tagged along with you [Music] [Music] so if we start walking from here it's been a long time hasn't it huh and since then I've been learning sign or trying was that right I know I just kind of disappeared on you back then sorry about that but I never stopped thinking about you ever seeing you makes me happy I was so surprised mm-hmm really so where are you going to school now Shoko well well your chest has gotten bigger what's the matter nothing I just have to go to the bathroom Oh special offer here you go special offer [Music] oh here you are you bet it's right miaow miaow club Wow I'd never have the guts to do that yes they're having fun maybe I should reunite her with now Gus well yeah that may be the worst idea you've ever happened Oh on second thought I'll pass here we are shall we mio meal club here we come welcome and how long will you be staying with us oh good right this way crap he actually came this is not what I imagined there cats what were you expecting well have you ever been to a place like this what no I never I came here for you man I wanted to help you reunite with your friend and speaking of old friends where is she anyway I wouldn't exactly call this girl a friend and you wouldn't a lot of stuff happened when we were in sixth grade to be honest this whole thing's kind of awkward she isn't here want to take off in Oh what are you doing here huh I came over to play with Maria yeah do you think shoka would like this I brought you a present Joe go what happened I'm just gonna leave this here what were you doing long time no see yeah long time no see wait a minute isn't the deaf girl yeah still all alone poor thing seriously show you it really has been way too long let's hang out soon no wow you really hate me don't you no I never said that you know what show yeah I always thought I should have made more of an effort to talk to you I'm sorry about everything that happened when we were kids it's not like it was that big of a deal hey naka get off [Music] first from our cafe where did that deaf freak get it from I gave it to her oh I see later yeah MOCA hey there SoCo long time no see sweetie stop there's one of them Naoko what do you think you're doing thought we'd have a game of catch just like when we were kids I'm so sorry shoka no freakin way you gotta be kidding me hold on wait a minute don't tell me you guys are actually going out what what are you talking about we're just friends just press are you telling me you are now besties with the girl let me guess are you trying to make men do funny what's gotten into you well I'll leave you to your fake friendship thing you want to know what we were talking about nothing don't worry about it look I gotta take off see ya [Music] [Music] handing it up I'm up you startled me awake out of bed but wait before you go [Music] your hair today it's in a ponytail are you uh what's with our face show your love than you do [Music] [Music] Oh shoka she's wearing [Music] we know in fire what was that where am I going to the bakery user who asked me to get some bread to feed the koi can you sign it boy yeah uh I'm sorry I didn't uh uh your voice sounds totally okay I'm gonna get some bread be right back what are you doing present for me wow thanks can I open it like right now what are these things thank you so much [Music] what's that something about these [Music] the moon it is pretty isn't it who were you going can I ask you something do you think this looked like the moon mmm let's see well they don't look like the moon mMmmm candy I'm pretty sure these things aren't candy Shoko gave these to me as a present I have no idea what they are are you okay what happened you what oh wow check out your hair it's different what made you decide to change it you have a hot date whatever it is you should keep it like this stop it you guys you're making me blush I just didn't have any time to do it that's all well I think it looks good hey Mickey I've got a question why did you suddenly change your hair what do you mean it's not like I need any particular reason girls just like to change things up sometimes you know I see and what is it the other day Satoshi told me [Music] who are you and tell us the nature of your business nice to meet you Miyoko Sahara hi Satoshi my Sheba cut it out stop doing that over my head Shoko coming today nah she's a stomachache oh that's weird I hope she's not avoiding me how come she was trying to tell me something the other day I just could not understand what she was saying what exactly did she say to you the moon it's an easy enough word but her saying it didn't make any sense I bet she was so annoyed well if you really want to know how she feels about you then I suggest you just ask her out if she says no you'll have your answer I guess that you're right first ad you like a chaperone or something who knows Julia who's that over there why is she acting so chummy with Sjogren's oh why is she here is she like a friend or something ah yeah from elementary school hey mind if I sit here not at all go right ahead it might be scary oka so are you like cool with oh sure we're actually both in the design department at school now how's that great taste I've learned a lot from her you know when we were in elementary skin I was way too scared to ride this I was such a coward back then one day I looked at it different I was going to wait until after the ride to decide that's a feeling a little scared though here we go [Music] Oh your legs are shaking you okay that's pretty impressive Etta Mae you could sign you must have worked really hard to learn sign language hey get your dirty paws off right yes sir who said you could touch hip hop dude I was just being friendly well don't be friendly with someone else crack me up yeah show is my friend I got my eye on you you better why is that your real hair okay to have this much fun it almost feels like like girlfriends Hey oh yeah I'm hungry I feel like some takoyaki you come with me to get some I'm not hey wait here you go one takoyaki oh thank you Anoka you need to learn how to mind your own business ha Sookie tsuya where are you going I'll text you later ok hey wait up are you mad at me no I'm not I'm fine yeah I just thought maybe you guys could be friends no like you used to be I guess I was hoping once you guys actually saw each other everything would be okay don't do me any favors okay wait I did the exact same thing you and I are more alike them to think you know or not yes we are we're nothing alike you know if Shoko hadn't shown up we would all still be friends and be happy [Music] you don't know that oh come on just admit it if it wasn't for her things wouldn't have gotten all weird between me Elka and me and then you wouldn't have stopped being friends with Kazuki either I just want to go back to the way things were before she showed up Kazuki and I that was me I really not on my show yeah tell me the truth do you hate me probably fine time for a ride on the ferris wheel I'll go see if shoka wants to come with me hey hey Sokka you've got to come right the ferris wheel with me cut it out no come if you guys are going can you take my camera I want to ride that rollercoaster again oh hi yuzuru come on in show you is upstairs in his room well got a top secret video for you video from the ferris wheel yep how'd you get it it's fine what I want you to listen to me carefully I hate you put that thing away I'm going to speak slowly so you can understand and I'll listen to everything you have to say I'll admit that in elementary school I had no idea what things were like for you it's not like you tried to understand what I was going through either you know what I mean and instead of getting a clue like a normal person you just kept giving me that stupid notebook of yours your ho is being so weird and you would apologize all the time for everything so I tried a different approach I ignored you and blew you off that was my way of telling you that I didn't want hang out with you but nope you just kept coming around with your stupid book and your stupid signs you're so clueless then you had to go run crying to the grown-ups you got showing it in trouble and that's how he ended up losing every single one of his friends you pretty much ruined everything for everyone you get that right i'ma say God you still don't get it I'm not looking for another apology from you we weren't both going through a lot and I don't think either of us could have done anything differently but still it's not like I want to be your new best friend or anything I mean I still hate you a lot and I'm pretty sure you hate me too right so why don't we stop pretending or something we're not okay let's shake on it from one hater to another did you what did you well what are you gonna do you gonna say sorry again it's been five years and you haven't changed a bit you still have no intention of being real [Music] what do you think it's all I want he's four she'll go to like herself are you sure it was no hoko yeah it was her yes they're really a lot of bad blood between her and shoka why do you ask Mickey said something serious went down at your old school chuckles hearing is really bad I mean she can barely hear anything right yeah it just occurred to me maybe that's why she kept getting bullied all the time you know you'd have to be a major douche bag I hope well he's a deaf kid what's wrong with people right what are you saying wait you think I'm spreading rumors about what happened element hey will you keep it down the whole school can hear you I really wanted to believe that you would actually change can you just please calm down a second hey guys what's going on remember when I told you shoka was bullied well was show yeah he was the one who used to bully her how can you say that Mickey yeah sure would never do that make up something like that but you used to make fun of her to me I never ever said anything horrible behind shell goes back what you picked on Shoko yeah with him he was the one who made shoka's life a living hell it was so awful I kept begging him to leave her alone you never listen to anyone what's wrong sorry okay Yosh Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] I hate me too [Music] hey we're over here hi is something wrong oh no not really it's nothing there yes but me man I brought your backpack for you hey guys no God I asked her to come I'm sorry about what happened but you were the one who started causing all that trouble nothing is Satoshi said I should go ahead and forgive you since you've been trying to make things right with Shoko are you kidding me this is wrong on so many levels you can't blame everything that happened on show yeah we were all guilty but no that isn't true what not I never made fun of show court did anything to bully her the way the rest of you guys did don't lump me in with you know you're right you and I are completely different you just sat back and laughed along with everyone else just ask me oka what me now k used to talk about you behind your back all the time too I just said what everyone else was thinking well Miyoko went away in to be completely honest I was scared of both of you what side are you on anyway I'm not on anyone's side just stop it's my fault okay it's all my fault I can't stand martyrs that's enough Alka stop trying to attract everybody else down to your level that was harsh you didn't have to please mute girl we all know that you just run away with other things get intense will you just stop talking you really love the sound of your own voice don't you listen man no matter what anyone says I've got your back I don't care just back off can't take this anymore I'm not you don't mean it but I'm gonna give you some space hey later I'm sorry I showed ya I never should have agreed to come here to begin with it's not cool way too harsh what do you know you're not even really part of our group I thought we were friends almost forgot so starting next week it's summer vacation you want to go somewhere special yuzu hmm you're going to ruin your eyes reading in the dark like that here you've spent so much time worried about your big sister now I'm starting to worry about you sweetie you get so caught up in soco's life that you never leave any time for yourself I could say the same thing about you granny instead of going to the Senior Center all you do is study sign language that's something I'm doing for myself so that doesn't really count what a coincidence because I'm doing all these things for myself too really you are such a good kid you think so mom choose me out on a daily basis and I haven't gone to school in like weeks yes sweetie but you've got a heart of gold jogos no slouch either I've got some mighty fine grandchildren have one of the mochi - you've got it hey there Shoko so today I was able to score some really great bread see it's awesome like you're awesome Oh like really great bread he's awesome this loop here is just like you that makes no sense I wonder if she's coming today just not yes your stomach bothering you is that too personal hey use it I should show you oh hey there what the heck are you wearing what's it look like a uniform what do you think you like why are you wearing it for school huh but we're on summer break right now so what's really going on nothing is going on I swear if anyone asks tell him cosplay that was from my sister so I better take off or two I'll walk you there wait no it's fine you sure you're okay yeah everything's cool then why were you crying just now come on this actually doesn't have anything to do with you sure it does at least I think so why I'm just worried about you okay I don't believe it sound just like my grandma all right if you wanna come then come this is it thanks for walking me I appreciate good luck user so yeah wait [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh that's cool come on shoka let's go check it out I'm fine really why are you apologizing that's totally not true hey are you busy tomorrow let's hang out tomorrow too Shoko said that i'll be miserable whenever I'm with her but I'm the one who made her unhappy it was me [Music] [Music] there's no going back to the way things were hey you show go cool I see user who's gonna tag along with us let's check out a movie this is hilarious hey greetings classmates I gotta say this has been the best summer break ever just ask user - seriously absolute blast tomorrow we should go somewhere fun any ideas where we should go sorry but we were ready to have plans for tomorrow huh no way are you insane wants to make what you sure it's okay I feel like I really shouldn't be here your mission should you choose to accept it is to assist us in baking our mother's birthday are you absolutely sure I don't want to get hit again she won't eat you she'll probably kill you this time for real oh that looks amazing why is he here what's that boy doing our kitchen but I want an explanation right now Jan mom don't be like that it's a party we're supposed to be celebrating juice oh don't you look great hmm you lucked out looks like mom isn't gonna kill you I declare a victory speaking of winning I submitted some of your photography to the local contest user - hmm what it was actually your sister's idea what but I'm no good I'm just messing around oh come on that's not true why would you do this to me before I forget next Tuesday you're coming to see the fireworks with us still right I don't have to you're totally coming you're okay yeah this is good well perfect time to go buy snacks want to come thank you um thanks for inviting me over the other day to your mom you really think she was happy I couldn't tell speaking of which I don't know when your birthday is your birthday was June 7th oh no I missed it that's too bad I can't believe you're already 18 next year we'll celebrate together we'll throw a big party ha I made it sound like we're together I get it now that makes perfect sense that's why you closed your eyes where are you going what why now the fireworks only just started to go study okay hey wait up I'll walk you home but why oh well see you later hey what happened to Shoko oh I forgot my camera would you mind going back to our place to get it [Music] I'm coming in it's so dark hey Shoko you here it's me you show you should make sure it's fully charged you can see the fireworks from here oh so that's where she is amazing hey Shoko [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] one more ounce of strength I won't run away from my problems anymore just do this one thing for me please I'll look everyone in the eye starting tomorrow I'll listen when people speak to me starting tomorrow I'll be better there it is the scar I gave her all those years ago did I ever even apologize for that I'm sorry I'm sorry for everything shoka are you still mad at me huh I'm so dumb I should have asked her what she really thinks of me and now I don't know if by the way she'll go but I think that I might [Music] hey they show your sister whipped you up some of her famous pancakes [Music] [Music] it's called it's one [Music] Oh Shido what are you doing here I'm glad I caught you I tried calling the salon but it was closed I just wanted to know about show yeah well he's doing a lot better they moved him out of the ICU I was going to his new room do you want to come with me do you know of Shu he was the shooter mr. his Misha Mia sorry for all the trouble show you has caused I know what he did in the past is unforgivable but I want come on booth if you please get up just glad that Joko is okay please white is so you lying in a hospital bed instead of you dare try to play the victim say something what you finally come back for all the problems you created for everyone I need to kill yourself and now all you can say is I'm sorry is that it well that's not going to cut it anymore who you think you are huh you're a loser but you sit there in your own little world and ignore everyone else around you you're the most selfish person I know hey we're not hell are you you can't keep your kid in line and do I celebrate heart stop breathing what are you to do with it what is wrong with the both of you [Music] Shoko are you okay what are you doing I thought if she saw what death looked like she'd stop saying she wanted to kill herself I know can't open it someone is holding oh I didn't notice you there chef Co are you thirsty how about I buy you a drink I heard about what happened with you and yesh Oh does this have to do with that stuff on the bridge Yasha was kind and open-hearted enough to accept a guy like me for the first time I know what it feels like to have a true friend yeah show is my best friend in the whole world so I know he'll wake up he just has to [Music] you wanted to die to our suffering just calm down [Music] so worried about you I know sometimes I'm really glad you're okay I see so you went to see everyone then huh that's awesome but I'm not as brave as you even if Sharia does wake up from his coma I think I'd be too ashamed to face him because he's right I haven't changed one bit you needed help and I still wasn't there for you I'm the same coward I've always been you can choose [Music] glad you came to see me show [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] no sugar [Music] Bob what's going on [Music] so go [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm sorry [Music] yeah hey why are you crying I'm really glad you were okay don't worry Shoko i am fine now I promise well more or less so stop looking so gloomy okay oh yeah I want to tell you that I'm really sorry I never apologized for all the stuff I did to you when we were kids or any of the other stuff afterwards either so I'm sorry but the thing is even though you were going through a lot I was being selfish and focused on myself more than anything I wanted to have a conversation with you I wasn't trying to hurt you but I must have because I made you feel so bad about yourself then you decided to go and do the unthinkable [Music] did you know we were talking a little while ago I was dreaming and in this dream I was ready to just give up on everything but I was wrong to be honest I've thought about ending things just like you did but then I realized something even though certain things can make life difficult sometimes that doesn't mean that they are worth dying over I want to apologize and make sure I do it right Shoko I need some help from you I was hoping that maybe you could teach me how to live please Oh God that's the creepiest thing I've ever said in my life oh I'm so sorry just never mind forget everything I said okay I didn't mean it you have arrived at your destination hey there Maria become quite the gardener since I've been gone huh they're looking good that's right Maria our show came back from the door listen to Grandma that wasn't really dead Hey look now you know she was by your side the entire time you were in a coma you really should thank her my mom said you came to the hospital listen I really suck at life sometimes especially when it comes to stuff like this I just I just can't bring myself to like showgirl probably gonna regret this remember when you fell in the river it was Kazuki and the guys who pulled you out and he told me not to tell you but anyway welcome back well I'm gonna take off thanks know I don't know it's a little short no no it looks much cuter like this Oh your home show yeah oh hi show yeah Oh mrs. Nisha Mia wait a minute yes I'm really sorry yeah me too no matter what my son always bounces our right back see you later mom I'm heading out to pick up Maria now okay who's that that's our son-in-law he's being deployed Oh Julia you sir is waiting for you upstairs give her the jelly that's in the fridge yo whoa new threads it looks good on you check it out I 100 no kidding impressive now feast your eyes on this whoa not so impressive since you're alive again well you please help teach me how to study of course no problem so uh you're giving school another shot yeah I decided to take a cue from Shoko I figured the least I could do is try I don't want to let anyone down isn't your big school festival tomorrow oh yeah that's right ah good morning everybody up top yeah ha ha ha I said horrible things and I'm sorry ok I'm heading out have a good day sweetheart ha I see now so that's what you're supposed to do with those things what's that nothing I'll see you later Kay [Music] there you are okay let's go [Music] isn't that so yeah wait but when it was not jump you probably didn't know this but I don't really fit in at school it's cus I have trouble looking people in the eye so it's easier for me to just stare at the floor all the time you think it's okay to do that look oh I can actually do without you leading me let's thank you this is my classroom here okay now you know what I think my stomach's acting up a bit so sorry he has Jo huh oh hey that yuna got Scott are you feeling okay yeah sure good morning the goths cow good to see you so how is everything about that what's going on why won't you look at me I don't know I just feel weird I made myself a promise I would look people in the eyes from now on guess I'm too chicken Hey yes oh sure yeah okay listen up on the bridge don't worry about a case Fred sees something don't be to each other all the time it doesn't matter I'm begging you don't ever leave us again promise me I can't lose you it's gonna be okay [Laughter] sorry I mean thank you for being a friend you're very welcome but uh what's up with a facial hair that's my lucky stache ice work I wasn't shaving it till you woke up but you did that for me what's going on we heard Nagata howling your name so we followed it I see Miki did you bring the stuff to give to show yeah I brought them but I can't give it to him it's a total failure be silly hand him over couldn't finish it fast enough everyone worked really hard no this is amazing it's more than enough no one's ever done anything like this for me it really means a lot seriously Thank You Nakia also sorry and to you too no worries it's all good bro what you got a problem with me or something you picking a fight okay everybody just calm down Julia listen I'm really sorry after all you'd been through you really needed a friend but all I did was run away that's okay I did the same thing stop acting so worried they're just talking things out you apologizing well yes that's all you know how to do you moron [Music] whatever I'm gonna go find somebody did she just run away I think she's embarrassed hey guys I have a big favor to ask all of you that okay do you want to go together to the festival how's that sound [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] go he will stand [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] see [Music] it's good [Music] [Music] [Music]