A solution for the poundforpound title


Chael Sonnen


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when you talk about the pound-for-pound great and it's a term that we throw out a lot in this sport to a point that it kind of bothers me when guys do it but then I find myself doing it and it's really tough and I don't totally know why this is in mixed martial arts why don't we keep every week every other week definitely within every month we're coming with a new it who's the pound for pound we're not just the greatest right greatest of all time you don't see football they'll go play six months nobody comes down and goes that's the greatest player of all time and then six months later it's something did it never it takes a decade before you start getting the Joe Montana and Steve Young and Jerry Rice arguments it's it's right same thing goes in basketball they go play 20 games LeBron doesn't get his spot taken every other what we do in an MMA and I'm guilty of it too so I just put them in a terrific why why do we do that is it because of the different weight classes is that what it is because there is so much variation and you're talking about pound for pound so it does matter who you kind of saw fight most recently or is it the fact that the sport keeps getting better I don't know that you could say that about other sports over the last reasonable period of time even 40 years I don't know that you could say golf and tennis some of these other mainstream sports and hockey and baseball I don't know that it's evolved at the level that I'm amazed evolved that isn't the same put MMA over in front of other sports and that means newer you're going to have more growth that's just a reality but we keep hearing this talk you look at the bullet tonight so Gingka not just the kick that she threw which was devastating over a great athlete you go back to the last ten seconds of the first round and you look at that submission she put on okay she puts on a double wrist lock a Kimura she puts on a submission on one side she traps the near arm because she's in half guard with her leg then she elevates her chest she elevates her I mean this is high level grappling technique we know she's a great kickboxer to see that level of grappling technique is something that you really need to consider when you talk about pound for pound and it is not a fair conversation it is nothing more than mythical but there is a relevance in the sport changing when you have somebody like Henry cejudo who not only conquered two different sports but he's conquered three different weight classes when you have a guy like George st. Pierre who conquered two different weight classes over three different generations when you have somebody like Daniel Cormier it becomes relevant because at the top of the new pound-for-pound list on most people's rankings is John Jones and I tend to agree that I see where you guys are coming from I'm just sharing with you that over a period of time it will not reflect as fondly upon him if he doesn't change weights at some point I'm not insisting anything other than what's happening with the sport and you're seeing this champ champ thing eventually we're going to see a champ champ champ thing but over time when you look back it's going to be an issue I don't know that John could go to 185 and I don't know that he should go up to heavy weight he seems like the perfect 205 pounder this isn't a commentary on John it's a commentary on the sport and the fact that it's vuelven and changing here's what I would like that here's my point before any of you think that this was a John topic we got all these fighters and it keeps changing on who the pound-for-pound great it does with me too every time when I see so that's the palm for problem it happens all the let's do this let's take the top five athletes I don't give a damn if it's male or female what wait Clint don't care how it is the top five pound for pound fighters in the world let's put them all on the same card one after the nether so we have no recency bias so we don't get separated with our short-term memories and just whatever we saw last let's call the card town for pound we're not going to call it UFC 235 236 230 we call it pound for pound we're going to put all the top 5 in there with the number one contender's we're going to run them out there together and then we're going to decide I think that's the only way that we won't have the recency bias