A story about a bus

I'm driving into work today and we have we got snow up here in Oregon which is great some parts of the country can't relate to this we love snow in Oregon we pray for snow in Oregon we enjoy when there's snow in Oregon I've been on the East Coast this is like the world's worst news oh they hate snow what are they gonna do I must tell you it's a lot different level of snow if we get dumped on in Oregon I mean I'm talking about it that what we would call a blizzard you're talking about six inches if you get a regular snow in Oregon you're talking two inches so it is significantly different than feet and feet of snow but at the same time it causes a significantly different reaction which is that we love it we look forward to it okay so it's snowing today a little bit relevant to my story I'm coming in this just happened this is ten minutes ago I got in the elevator I came up here and now I'm telling you guys this story the bus is out here in Oregon don't ever miss a stop okay if you're if you're a bus rider you have something known as a schedule if that bus tells you it's gonna have you dropped off at 3:17 you will be dropped off at 3:17 if it says it's going to pick you up at 425 it will pick you up at 425 now that's almost like magic how could a bus possibly I go places all the time I can't guarantee the time I'll be I don't know traffic's gonna be I don't know if the conditions are gonna be today we're dealing with snow but these buses rain snow shine they make those stops on time every time if somebody's trying to get to the bus and that bus has to go they'll leave them I've seen people run into by bus I'm sure you guys have seen this too but I've seen this with my own eyes somebody's running for a bus that bus pulls away and leaves them there if they're not on time that's how they make their next stop that's how they never miss but with that said they're also the bullies of the road these guys will run you right off the road if you ever end up in a showdown with a bus where you're both trying to merge into a lane you need to hit your brakes and concede because that bus will not I just dealt with this that exact thing merging situation I'm paying attention where I'm supposed to be in my lane and it's snowing not for nothing but everybody's driving a little more slow everybody's a little bit more cautious this bus is coming over into my lane now the other side of the story the bus also had the right the lanes were merging but there has to be give and take I was not aware that the buses lane was running out in my defense the route bus does is always I'm not aware of it I'm not I'm supposed to be watching for other traffic but I'm paying attention what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm doing it okay great so I speed up I get in front of the bus I make a right-hand turn now I've got a parallel park what do I see coming around the corner very same bus so now we keep each other honest bus was willing to run into me willing to run me off the road fortunately did it happen now I've got a jackknife my rig so I can get my spot which makes the bus hit its brakes that's what we call keeping each other on us instead of the bus conceding that he was willing to run me over a moment ago he instead this actual driver the bus full of people reaches out his window and starts giving me the business with a hand write the hand language as I'm trying to pull into my spot which not for nothing is also a very appropriate thing to do if you're going to parallel park and I have a big truck in a city it's not easy for me but you might cross the Lane the lane was cleared you've got the right to do it have to slow the bus too I feel like we kept each other even but I also feel as though I understand how buses are logistical ysou a proficient day in and day out they don't give a damn so word to the wise if you see a bus understand the policy concede to the bus you might be better off