A trip to Muscat on less than Dhs100 2019 ROAD TRIP


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just okay we blessed Trusteer and we still have the snacks just hello and welcome back to timeout vlogs we're back we are back words had a while it's been a very long time that we've done a blog but now we are back doing one and we are in a taxi to a bus to a bus all my favorite place but where that bus taking us love buses and this one is going to Muscat in Oman yes which is like six hours away so in or we'd have to drive or get the plane there about now you can get RT bus perfect returns or at 19:00 Darrin's return apparently unfortunately doesn't have some toilet so that's gonna be a problem that could be but does have Wi-Fi Wi-Fi options bathroom when you have Wi-Fi so it's basically the same thing earlier voice and we're gonna check out some of the cool stuff the city has to offer yes we're coming for you Muscat we were kind of hairy for us and also please welcome us and like nicely I'm sure you will and remember to Like comment and subscribe and you could win that is gonna be an awesome staycation for someone to take something it will but first of all must get for us and we're looking forward to it we'll see you there at the bus stop first and then in Muscat see you later yeah the station looks big enough spacious enough here future comfortable perfect and comfortable for the next six hours six hours you could buy your next we're gonna eat up nice and low and also remember go to the toilet because there might not be as well on the bus we don't know yeah but we're gonna find out we won't find out but I see there is free Wi-Fi and here's the new school buses so that's such a beauty shining so we have stopped at rush dia station we have one seat between us busy and if someone coming with you proceed miss and a son the snacks in our happy and clear just okay we blast dressed down and we still have the slack seat we're just discovering Tamar did come see us right now but the night storm yes because either so it's been a pretty long day so we're gonna grab some breasts and then head out I have explored some of the best places to eat in Muscat there we are [Music] first day we are here hidden muscat vegetarian know which area where yes I've a suit today we're gonna be exploring some of the top little hole-in-the-wall type places you can eat the hidden little spots over my scouts where you can grab a quick bite and yeah we're starting off here right by the sea yes which is just behind us over there and I have one of those mm-hmm really good what is it but it's a fire vegetable samosa right it's kind of a different mix of vegetables in the earth they don't have a forestry it's really good whoops random person I see there's a coconut there can I get a coconut tree yeah 500 about four turns 500 movie yeah about four days I love this sweetest thing it is really nice [Music] and mango one lawmakers I'm afraid the little stash yet it's also nice and green and I'm Irish though you know Emily I love how it comes in just this look it's just a cup stick simplicity in all of its beauty I'm gonna have two marshmallow one here which is also at stake and it has like Marlo has to be really delicious about really taste like real marshmallow yourself here you're gonna go check out this place right here yes JJ JJ behind us here so amazing views of the hell's some trees and it's just all together absolutely stunning totally chilled up place to set food here could be a wee bit expensive but they do some really epic juices I mean check this thing out this is called the four seasons and we have some Kiwi mango all sorts of flavors going on here and it's like just the perfect place to just sit and relax and enjoy now I'm gonna attempt a stretch this drop this is very relaxing like okay so that has been a day in muscat and a beautiful day wow that is how you eat and drink your way around the city indeed for like not very much money at all so 90 turns return and then like get yourself a few reals you can eat fantastically here some really amazing oil spots see the beach see the markets everything you could possibly want anything and yeah we're about to order bus just remember to like comment and subscribe you know let's do and you could win this and we will see you enter thanks for watching guys thanks for watching you perfer hello you