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breakfast morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building ASAP ferg yeah what's poppin y'all nets Flossie's to the net fluoresces to the net all right exactly so EP is out right now ye peanut a full-length album and what's the different cuz you got nine songs on it man I don't know man did you call it mixtape album EP is all the same stuff to me at this point um but not a song because I just feel like long albums is just annoying right now like I mean we come from the era wears like skits and all that shit is lit right and all that I still love those things but I wanted to get straight to the you know the the meat of the album pause green actually it was blue it just turned green okay I had to do a little bit more than that to get my shit like this kids would put kool-aid on their hair to change did that work I never tried it you know I did try for my summer someone it went you know everybody was on the O'Dell tip and he wanted the tips oh yeah try the tip but it turned a whole different color we tried it back there alright so let's talk about this VMAs performance I'm glad you because after you and Baker I'm performing at the VMAs Desert I appreciated that performance so much but I see you but I said ASAP ferg was over there do a choreography for the days out because I was watching it and I said wait a minute is that Ferg back there and doing it there yeah man um Charles - Sean - if we did that performance and Sean was extra like adamant on like doing the choreography and getting that shit right I'm like yo they don't expect us to be like JLo yeah it was crazy and he's a huge he's a huge professional right now say yeah I think I have to offset offset performed on one of those and he got it right from now on every rapper who tries gotta get it right now you know the choreography yes what show was that one-off said today Alyssa McCarty right him and Cory did the club was it BTW I don't I don't know if his bTW but he did it he danced with the dance and they look dope yeah and it was he was on point yes and now after that any rapper that dances wit with the dance crew gotta be on point I remember I use just watch like VMA performances to see him puff dance at the Grammys and be amazing all that great and I thought it was dope but puff is a dancer for real dancing people don't know that but like when you got like all of them people like following your lead and doing the same moves I should look dope as fuck what was that rehearsal process like for you to get all that down pat um I first thought it was gonna be difficult but it's actually not like and it's fun like when you you actually land it I used to dance like a lot when I was younger I feel like I lost it a little bit I had to jump back into the vibes could we stop dancing as a as hip hop we really stopped with it cuz it started with dance we used to dance all the time right when Mase came out early 90s mm and then it got hard loser nobody danced anymore yeah back then even when we went onyx or anybody else or when we was bouncing in the south we still dance but nobody dances yeah I used to be Harlem shake and I used to be one of them kids like and with the big t-shirt six sakes you stole his pants be you know skater style BMX that's the vibe now the name of the album is floor seats why floor seats floor seats in my life I remember the first time I went to a basketball game was a Brian Leetch it was fluoresces Brian Leetch has floor seats to the Nets yeah yeah and you have flu season he got Flossie to the next two really um but like when I went there it was an event it was eventful and I've never even experienced watching a basketball game from anywhere else buffalo seats so this is like me walking into it behind the scenes I'm seeing different people artists I'm bubbling it's a fifty-cent this data it there you know so it's just like a whole thing they got like lobsters shrimps and all types of shit that you just don't get have it loans you can go around and all that so long yeah I just basically wanted to get people Flossie's into my life because this is something that is not granted to everybody to leave charlemagne and envy and go sit in the floor seats while we were at a Nets game that's how fancy you are haha she sat next to Jay today you sit next to all right yeah Kizer and Jay Z they want me to come sit courtside you guys have a good time that was early on in basketball players and shit you change the name a couple of times it was called one concrete chandelier Christian to Liz and it's just because um when I work I'll be working on like mad different projects at the same time like I'm one of them art is that like I got so much going on I got the fashion stuff going on I got multiple like rat projects going on so um it was just the sound I was going with and then I was just like I have went to see Tim Berlin in Miami and um he helped me narrow everything down so this is when it became nine instead of 15 or 20 cuz I had so many songs he was like yo you pushing this sound and that's what I was doing with this album was just pushing the sound and on being innovative with the dice on --ax and he was like yo you should just like you should just definitely go with these songs and that was the song he helped me pick for the home joint so shouts did some of that he helped me an auto giant and out of nine songs two of them featured women yeah yeah um Rico nasty um I also got a artist name answer that song wigs featuring Asian Donna I got a whole nother version of wigs with our city girls alright so let's talk about how that happened because first of all Asia Asian to brat right is her name agent of brat now alright so she didn't appreciate what she's taking off the song or what happened so she told me oh and this is a lot of politics dealing with woman um she told me a whole thing was like there was no problems and she had no problems with the city girls and just add a third and oh it was just like a whole bunch of back-and-forth with a coach and they just like because I think it was none I'm just putting everybody on the song together am i cool I Cena above the time I am like no problem I'm excited I heard that the city girls are getting on there and coaches like hold up let me make sure it's not some shit and then get some shit it was basically it ain't my fault I could say some shit right obviously some shit because they both not on the song so yeah was some shit you know yeah so you ended up doing it so then you ended up doing another version and putting Asian that Asian the bad back one yeah yeah I did two versions you know it worked out the way it was supposed to work out because I'm young Miami she got a pregnant and she wasn't able to move around as much and I'm Asian dog of course she's moving around and doing things so it worked out the West was working me again taking off his song it's not a good feeling yeah but nobody got took him off a song she told me it was not a situation which it was that's why you got to ask females like must kill the creative process like you got an idea for a song oh no not unless you know Noah you got a problem with Rick Ross on the same be because no they hate each other yeah I like 50 and ja Rule I actually thought about doing that yeah I was gonna secretly do it in top I figure like damn I gotta clear this shit with these dudes anyway so I ain't gonna work you never had problems with anybody person to me though no I guess at first no I like all the problems that I had I left I left behind in a hood like that's the only and I even in the hood I still have problems just because like I'm one of them dudes that got common sense and I'm not I don't leave with emotion I think about shit before I actually do it I think a lot of people they get wrapped up in the emotions and it's on TV and then you just look crazy and then you want to say sorry later and all that certain extent though but like you look at um hey rocky right now situation when he was over in Sweden he tried to just damn Nate he did everything but just run away you know so in that point like what happens because it's not a motion it's kind of now now as protection right for sure you know but I don't even think it was his fault though not at all you know that like it just it wasn't like more he huge celebrity superstar somebody should have been like you know this would be not walking out of here like this mmm-hmm we not do I mean if I was there and I bunch people if I was there but like you know I mean everything happened the way was supposed to happen we all learned a lesson from that shit and like we just we can't walk in other places as if it like is New York like we from because they got different rules and different laws and we learned I'm sad that he had to be the example for it but a lot of rappers know now like you know when you got a Dubai and it's how you can't smoke weed like even like in China like like I don't see I said I seen a little video a little pump and on my DJ TJ he was getting chased by like the Chinese I think it was Japanese the Chinese police out there just cuz they were smoking weed something very normal and our society is is detrimental I guess and they're like your four year for that exactly right now so you I'm with swing you were talking about the new freezer song and how that song was originally yours yeah and then you got I guess Kendrick got on it and was like okay I don't want anybody else on the track right but me so there's something like that make you have like hard feelings are you like well is Kendrick and he just said something not even knowing no I wasn't no hard feelings because it was the little homie that got on like shout outs have been on we got a new song called jet lag it's on floor seats down as well but um then he basically was like coming around with my other homie Marty and um he was just like the little homie quiet pull up a bita to sometimes I'll be feeling them sometimes I don't and then I told Marty I said yo son just in case I jump on some shit or here in one of these rooms and everybody jump on something which happened um and it worked out the way I thought it would like we all jumped on a song it was me minute Tokyo I think Marty and Jay krenshaw and the homie so he went and took the record rich and um I guess played it for Kendrick Kendrick loved it and you know Kendrick a boss he like man it gotta be me and you on it I guess that's how it wound up being but I'm not mad at the turnout because Ben was able to get a publishing deal right a label deal to get a house in LA and like he he wearing Gucci shoes like you maybe I don't know I don't even know what I should is that honestly they mention guys like two years ago you adapt Adair super-tight yeah now when when the world was was boycott and Gucci and dapper dan was trying to fix the situation what side did you stand on what side do you stand on now go steal people oh you don't weird there's two doing this well what that made me understand was like we don't have enough black faces or brown faces urban community and some of these highbrow brands these upscale brands like they don't understand our culture in Europe and just at it they're not I said it's it can sound like a poor excuse right but they really don't like they don't really know what's cool and just an it there so a just like we don't know in certain places if we say or do certain things just like Sweden like we can't go out there and have a normal fight right exactly so like um these people will just disconnect it and um for as much as we love it we should have more of our people involved in fashion and these upscale Branzburg is not so I feel like that needed to happen as well so that could come and intervene and teach them like this is what needs to happen and now I bet it's more people of our people or if it's not we need to put more Pete and positions somebody who's an ambassador for I mean a diversity and inclusion manager to like they have a whole department at Gucci now that kind of deals with making sure that things like that don't happen see we created more jobs you know as you know mistake is always opportunities to just create more from when it comes to yellow uh as far as large not like me and that would be just having a conversation about life like that was more my mentor like that excuse me that put my father on really like told him like the trade-off like so screen and t-shirts and this diner third my father was a young artist that was coming up that I wanted to do clothes scene tap doing it in a major way my father passed away I went like looking for that I haven't know what he looked like at first I just knew when I was younger I had clothes from him a shit and um then I seen an old interview at hemming Pee Wee Kirkland and um I knew what he looked like and I I've seen him on the corner one day and I was like yo you depth like you know my pops you knew my pops you taught him and this and a third and we connected that way yeah baby cool cool ever since he gave me like because I felt like home what's cool about that is he has no problem with them connecting with younger people and he's very receptive of the culture and and being innovative and moving forward and understanding like you can't be old and stiff and not understand movement so um we got along really good and he just basically you just have long conversations about you know what I'm doing a culture what he what he did in culture what he's continued to doing culture and we could both push it forward yeah I always I kind of equate that to you know jay-z doing a deal with Roc Nation with the NFL right if you want to make some changes then you can't have a problem with one thing and not the other you know saying like you can't be okay with trying to fix what's wrong with the NFL and make sure that they're more aware of what's necessary for our community but then be mad for people working with in Gucci and matted Abbadon yeah everything that's happening there and be and think that's a problem man people gonna be mad as you do if you don't you just gotta you gotta do you and you got a you got to make sure you stand strong in your beliefs and what you're doing and you know it's gonna work out in your favor always because like that's the thing about it like when you when you get big enough to where is everybody care about every move you make everything becomes a problem Oh forgot is here oh shit that ain't you like what you what you mean like I'm into fashion I'm into art like I'm on artist I went to art school what do you mean like so you got to do what you want to do how do you stay so relevant with these teens you know the every time I see fergan each time for him to break a record is usually me DJ and a team party I don't know why yeah let's talk about how I the first time I performed plain-jane was that your daughter sweet 16 Berg I called firfer came team party and he performed but the way he performs these records for these teens it's almost like school because he teaches them how the record goes like his he stops music he teaches them the song haha he says now I'm gonna perform but I need you guys help me then they know every word right and you're the only artist I ever seen doing it you serious yeah I've never seen cuz before you perform the song you start that every artist gonna do this now you stop the music and he explains the song right he goes word for word that teaches the kids the words and they're listening and then he performs it then the kids know the words and then it just catches how do you most most artists don't want to do teen parties they don't want to go to teen they care more about the check but you stay in them that realm why why is that yeah I don't even know honestly like I don't even think about it and it's crazy because doing shows now I feel like my crowd got younger and I'm like damn and I'm paying attention to them like and I pay attention like I started off my first half of this set with all of the new songs that's on my EP and then like I go into the classics and I'm waiting to see like which ones they screaming more obviously some of these kids they got hip to Ferg plain-jane that's what I'm learning a lot of and then like a lot of and then a lot of those like the older people that's like you know 30 yards you know early 20s late 20s you know they they know about my project strap Lord and this that and the third and know where I came from and derive from but um I think these new kids is just like over they they pulling up like they buying the tickets and they just they loving me from just like a whole new era of whole new like Ferg I guess like evolved you know the Plain Jane Eyre Alford right moving forward inside you know Flossie's that's the audience that everybody wants to get to even though people might not like performing at teen parties that's the audience people want those are the ones that are streaming to music buying the merchants doing all of that stuff to listen I don't want to be performing for a bunch of fun like if I could still be cool in a teenage party I'm a coolest mother fucka live and for kid that's nine years old can remember my song and recite my song and girls could recite my song I'm the coolest that's what I feel how was Rihanna's diamond ball crazy it's crazy I'm very different from the Met Ball um I didn't know what to expect oh my god invited to perform shoutouts to Khaled and Rihanna and the whole rock nation team Lennie everybody it was amazing there's a lot of black people there Meg the stallion sat at my table money bag yo did you know her well before that at all no like you know we kind of like I you know I actually I didn't like I met her that day okay on yg yg was Ava Kalani yeah yeah um you know why he is a funny dude why'd you pull up with the bandana on with the tux you got all the security with the red bandana tuck that I said you did that day he said you'd already I already know I did that his hard bottom is all white socks all right it was lit though um so what's the difference between that and the Met Ball the Met Gala is like themed like so last year they did camp the um it was uh it was like Pope inspired Oh heavenly bodies that's what it was called I'm the hood Pope so that I was right along well how long does it take you to get ready for something like this you know that made my suit and a day Wow no bullshit I came from Canada I had to get fit I was looking at a rack of suits and like typical like I want to say nigga shit I have pulled up on that an emergency you know as an emergency he's like nephew why are you doing this to me and we got all of the fittings right and everything like that and it turned out that's all your full price for that dad doesn't charge me yeah there you go yeah that don't charge me that actually made the last thing I got done from that was three basketball uniforms like it was all Gucci fabric and it says floor seats in the front so what's the plan for the tour now for floor seats um that's just a plan floor sees yeah I'm going on tour November 7th and um yeah it's gonna be later I hit China well Asia I got a whole Asia run you know that's like an another weekend change what's the craziest thing that happened on tour you ever lost some jewelry you ever got too drunk well what's the craziest thing that happen a lot of crazy shit happen I thought shit that I can say on air yeah tell us if you can't say on air ha ha I can't say some things but uh the craziest thing I got well this one story about yams pops up when like I was on tour with rocky and Rihanna um I was I was on tour with Juicy J and like my old days out go on tour with them so I was like yams came out on stage this is like a whole arena of people right yemm's drunk as fuck hi came out on stage doing the name - dance and we not even know we performing we got like it's like all-white it got the light pink lights and shit it's like all figured out yams pull up like just dancing drunk he got the honey bottle in his hand and we like turn we see him on a Jumbotron we like yo yes get the fuck off the stage like we had to cut all the musical but we just laughed about it just because it was like unorthodox GM shit join yourself just and join us no jewelry ever got taken no girl ever steal your jewelry still we thinking no because what we do is we usually like check IDs once I mean like for one we check IDs yeah yeah of course um and then will you take phones put your phones wherever I can see them or everybody put your phones right there so it ain't a lot of is very exactly and then if you taking a girl to your room what I learned I forgot who told me this but you got a hotter girl shoes or her bag so like any if you go to sleep and anything pop up missing you like you wake up you're like oh shit like oh I can't find my watch she can't find my shoes so I get to that watch pop up they be able to find your shoes and then you just pull the shoes off I'm in between them in a garbage somewhere zone not wear shoes yes she was might be in a freezer now have you been paying attention to this Oh Takashi 690 I'll in his days of testifying I just got I just got caught up to everything yesterday my uncle put me yarn me I went and watched worldstar for about a half an hour and uh what were you thinking while you were watching it I thought he'd been snitching I thought that that's what he was doing yeah it's like this new era of being able to see the whole process and all the others I mean a kidnapping shit all that I should have just healed like first of all I was like damn this dude was really living that life like the he was he had to bend like it just remind me of some to park shit like just like the level of all the events that was happening back there back to back mm-hmm people were saying that you know because he he was kidnapped and he threatened his life he's allowed to snitch but what I would I tell people was no you can't order a hit on somebody and live that life yeah and then when that's what you're saying now do you think it's cool just do it let's do it see that's the problem the problem is you got to think this is suburbia kids they don't live their life what's Takashi a gangsta to begin with I mean they go mad on him working in a deli no matter you can't put a label on somebody to get beat up he became a gangster I agree with that but I also feel like if you bring him in with you and try to you should know he's not gonna be that type of person cuz he wasn't really definitely shouldn't brought him in but he wasn't really raised like that and that's not really who he is I don't know who he is I don't know his past life it's just unfortunate all that shit because like I think like he really had a shot at being really successful if he was you know got it in the right directions and and focused his energy I had the right people around him to know excel because he was he was going you think a comeback oh that's different I mean we're in a different time right it's possible yeah people just love them for like I mean shit Oh J popping up again in a different time different it's different it's real like okay let's say he had a song that was hot right and he said any forego news Oh like it's hot it's about to go would you consider it um damn I used I don't know okay that's hard to say or they can be able to walk back in Harlem if you did it so I think I'll be able to walk anywhere I want but um I just I don't know more the energy is just even before you went in there energy is like for you to do a song with him it was just like he has so much heat coming from coming coming for him from all directions that I got met Takashi we talked about working and all of that so but I had to be conscious of like know if I do a show or just do what I get shot at off I do a video with this dude like Kanye is Kanye West and he's still like they shot at the house they were shooting a video at so it's like Kanye don't he's not even in that world you know I'm saying and he got pulled in by Takashi so it was already on it the verge of me kinda not doing it already right alright well it wasn't no yes pick it up and we appreciate you for now let's just say would you ever go to a game is sit in the third row yeah yeah okay just sit in the nosebleeds no problems with everybody no I'm not bougie like that bro for real like that's one thing about me like I just got a house in Jersey like I was living in Harlem for the longest I just got a house that's it damn third nosebleeds no bro I would I would to be with my fans to be with the people I would I want to see what they see that's what inspires me well you know what I can say that because I just never sat in the nosebleeds yeah I got an experience when I went to the baseball game my daddy the doubleheaders because it was two games for one price so sit there all day that's a full boring day exactly then I can see the nose with a casino owner on the floor every would you send it there oh fuck no but it's cool you know it's cool because if never give me ticket to see because I got a son so my son wants to see somebody outweighs whatever we you could put up with your nice car and just sit in the nosebleeds that's what make you more cool you're right but I want you up there i'ma be sit on the floor bring the jumbotron everybody could be on a Jumbotron but we'll see what the next games is you're no doubt but sure you might see me in the nose bleed right there with you cuz I think it's gonna be more difficult everybody's already like we need tickets no it's the Breakfast Club good morning huh [Music]