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that's going Reza welcome back to some more South Park today we're gonna prove that Becca is a two-faced son of a bitch alright so here we are where is that Becca bitch if you want the bushes and whisper romantic thanks for you to say why the hell would you do that where the fuck is Monica it has to be this bitch yeah are you Monica you must be Mike yeah whatever so you want to talk about Betty huh look baby's my friend I think she's really great I don't want you to end all be all of girls I mean she's a little two-faced to gas me a lot of your facebook profile it I think you're a really interesting boy stop it thank God we sent the new kid to spy on you huh girls and why are you hitting on my facebook boyfriend we brought someone else who might be interested Monica what the fuck are you doing uh-oh hey Jake have fun you two pay skank nice wait please come back what's the big idea trying to fuck my girlfriend nothing to say sorry if we're trying to fuck your girlfriend now we're gonna fuck your bite let's circumcise that little bitch so you won't fuck anyone no more I think that's how circumcised work or may know that's abortion now wait I'm confused all right let's see what he can do you have the brown note I want to do the brown note oh damn [Music] it's all random shit all right power to the people and the brown people thank God Monica's mine you Fred she sent any message what is it shut up I'm sorry that Jake freaked out like that but I'd love to be free that's bullshit fuck that skank alright we need to go to all right let's go back city ha yes girls wanna thank you for your help we can go too alright then let's go you know the drill alright okay it's goddamn got a gig this guy's my faith and shade I don't understand why I got a duty shame hey Joey thank you for helping us determine whether or not Monica was a two-faced bitch she really made us mad but it turns out she couldn't have been the one spreading rumors about Ali Nelson going to the abortion clinic what so we made up you guys are the best you see the thing is Heidi Turner was supposed to put on the Facebook page that you were babies boyfriend but she didn't right so we need to know if Heidi Turner is the two-faced bitch who's spreading rumors about Ali being spotted at the abortion clinic but in order to do that we need people to think you're a girl yes this is the moment I be I've been waiting for this so long oh my gosh starting [Music] yes I can choose to whatever I want oh my god I'm a slut got a match that thing so how the fuck am I supposed to know oh that's slutty fuck yeah I don't understand okay we wanted to get you to make it complete let's get to the quest what do they give me to be complete get inside the abortion clinic and find the records room take a picture of all the records from the past week and text them to us that will help us find out who the toothpaste bitches I'm sure you can appreciate why none of us can do this if any of us are spotted in there people might think we're sluts like Jessica Rodriguez hey guys what are you up to oh nothing just finding out which of our friends is a two-faced bitch cool we'll see your own awesome skank all right find out if Jesse had an abortion do shit I'm missus sir I could swear I heard a voice coming up from the sewers it said something like hurry okay so what's our quest speak in their section estava clinic OD how Freudian 45 that's how people when they say my name okay so we're going to see if she's a skank or not she send me a message whatever she says I like you don't name call someone behind there but you don't name then act like you're their best friend not like all other bitches I'm friends with okay Jessica thank you let's go and get our new nose I can't wait to get my hey so Hoffa here for an abortion okay don't be scared the first one's always the scariest take room a second door to your left no don't don't tell me then we're gonna do what I think we're gonna do why does no I'm sorry your little friend will have to wait out here here's my services won't be needed here you go ahead I don't like where this is going man I whoa okay I'm just gonna say you might not want to watch further than this okay [Music] disguise yourself as doctor please don't make me good what the fuck hi I'm dr. poon lover get on up in the chair and this won't take long at all Hey a little young to be having an abortion aren't we it's okay we have a booster seat all right just sit back and relax oh here we go ah what what the Wow never seen that before you burned out the vacuum I'm gonna have to get this thing fixed because a fucking vacuum there's so much wrong with this I don't even know okay that wasn't too bad I thought was gonna be worse I remember the episode where mrs. mr. Gary there's a sex change or whatever and that's that's his fucking girls man there's some girls shit all right can we disguise ourselves now is that a do we even have that I do I need to pick up shit in Multan - yeah we got 2013 oh uh iPhone that bitch damn it that was hey do you thank God something strange is going on here the PTA reviewed that tape you got us the Taco Bell has something called a plan B they've been here looking through these records but why would they be interested in the gynecological files of the women of South Park I'm afraid now you know too much oh no we have two more asking a lot of questions deal with them quietly we can't let anyone find out what we were doing there before you kill us tell us why why is Taco Bell taking the records of women's vaginas in South Park I'm picking up some hot readings on the Peggy tell us what do women's vaginas and Doritos Locos Tacos have in common going crazy what shit there's an outbreak here we have contamination in Sector seven all units to sector seven now why care the entire building put that woman in restraints what's going on at Taco Bell's security your clinic is infected with a nazi zombie virus nazi zombies that's ridiculous and bigoted I happened to be German one of that [Laughter] that's horrible I didn't laugh at all hey I think if your job when you're watching this don't be a fan that it could have been Swedish and you wouldn't even know about it okay what the fuck watch out dude a bunch of soldiers oh you tell me that now now when I'm kawaii and shit what are you guys here a youth syringe that you never know when that might come in handy and shit by oh I can become a little know me new here should we try that I mean why not how do I use that I never used it before [Music] god dammit not good really fucking really let's see if we can use this I never tried it wait I don't have any mana I can't see some mana potion I was at mana high whatever Hey and now he's use that battle ball we got another attack awesome yeah why not oh he's almost dead holy shit alright here we go that was the bet maybe I actually am supposed to go hey it would seem like it Oh what no no Nazi gnomes what the fun it's really important that you get the first hit how is this Ihnen resisted what the fuck half fuck it can't be that bad it's awesome finish him back [Music] that's what you fucking get assholes oh okay that's kind of cool I could have just used that got a fart here though don't show pay I'm Swedish and and said I'm innocent that's what I said no more sex scenes please awful fuck say what what what am I looking at here are we gonna crawl inside his M I don't know oh it's Randy oh what's going on I'm just here for an operation oh there you are doctor I'm ready when you are is this going to hurt doctor teehee there's something fishy going on here I think they might be Nazis on this we'll see if you're a real doctor or an abortion do it I wanna fight oh goodness what if I turned left Christmastime is once a year every critter holds a deer every big or small Christmas you know that stinks come on aim for his balls you oh my balls my mom oh my favorite shopping malls I'll close it five doctor can we please get this all right now mash and-2 delayed right how about what nothing's happening oh okay I get a oh that's cold that's cold this is about as wide as I can character okay okay to it I'm ready do why what the fuck man you're missing I don't know what you're vacuuming right now but that's not that's all Oh haze into it I told you that thing isn't a doctor I could have lived without seeing that shit ah what in the heavens no more balls oh boy for fuck's sake did it alright so here's a real doctor oh how did I do it oh yes get out now you're welcome by the way you go ahead might be a while before I can walk very well okay you look very pretty what the hell is that ah Mather's where did you find the alien goo broken vials were in the trashcan sir what could have come into contact with it in the trash can that is so wrong mad ok thanks - can we please kill them please kill them please kill them now what I was research shut up I don't know baby [Music] [Music] okay of course I have to be small I'm so dumb all right here we go let's kill these fucking Nazis shit well I think that but it don't fucking I'm just kidding okay we why don't we don't want to use that I hope that level up to about us that sure was fun what do we do okay that looks great cool well it's so cute did we have to kill it I don't want to kill it why does you're killing oh it's already that so disgusting what what are we walking inside now little pirate my little e sempre river that's that's good to know good times alright we made it how the hell did we survive that fall that is the big question oh shit Taco Bell huh hey I'll be fine I know what I'm doing okay alright let's see here we have a teleporter yes I see it we turn away this and then we teleport there and then we go there there's a Pokemon there that gasps something annoying [Music] okay we got it teleport shoot go those effects get the Shippo mouth and then we can pass wonderful wonderful there we go I know more now more that defense mechanism Oh fuck's sake that's disgusting ah the healing shit we need a good attack on these bitches and by good attack I mean if plagues of eat I don't care if its weak that's not so weak if you ask me baby alright professor chaos those bitches [Music] [Music] you're fuckin nasties that was pretty close all the shame wow that was really nice waiting room that's it that's it the area secure code GREEN really not secure hello units the outbreak has been contained it's not contained why not hell are you talking about it's not contained you don't understand huh Khloe Kardashian was in here this morning she had the biggest portion I've ever seen my my look at the time I'm ten steps in here Bruce hope you enjoy watching as always it's a lot of fun playing fun of you if you enjoy watching please leave a like it helps to support this series and it may like medicine me know that you like it it's simple inside so without further ado I'll see you tomorrow maybe breasts [Music]