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oh my god [Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another video jesse james west here listen i'm just gonna cut right to it today we're going on the world's greatest website of all time no it's not that one it's actually maybe it's second best okay we're gonna be going on omegle today we're gonna be flexing talking uh shenanigans there's a lot of things we're gonna dive into for the day so if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button especially if you even laugh just once in this video i'd appreciate if you subscribe because only 48.5 of you watching this are subscribed so let's get that number up i just want to say thank you guys for 310 000 subscribers i would not be doing what i'm doing today if it was not for you so every like comment subscribe notification bell you turn on truly means the world but i'm gonna stop talking because we have some interesting people to entertain let's go all right welcome back to another edition of jesse's kitchen this time we're doing omegle style okay when in doubt put yourself on omegle and you'll find something at least all right what should what should the key word be the search term regular i do regular time you want to tell the audience what you've done on omegle sure all right we're just gonna we're just gonna bleep that all right we're gonna just go regular with this one some regular omegle people okay where are the people how do you wanna know hey boys yo what do you want me to cook up are we on your video right now you're on my video right now what do you need to say to people back home what's up subscribe to him yeah subscribe baby we're chasing a million oh nice arm babe it's hot yo what up baby what are you guys doing right now what do you want me to cook up singing for people playing a song first all right [Music] come on [Music] hey weren't really good but i had to go to the next one i had no choice you know what i look like my apartment bro university at the loop no listen um i'm the girl that rides the hoverboard i i literally know who you are i see you're on campus all the time oh my god no way i don't go to her school oh my god yo tell me a joke never mind hey that's i can't deal with this why are there so many pieces on omegle bro because that's all they like to show you what you're gonna cook up for you bro yo what are you finna want bro uh chicken uh chicken alfredo you want a chicken alfredo please oh baby i got a question for you bro what's up hello are you so big bro dude it's all french toast all french toast you don't eat anything else but french toast what up baby well i'm not baby man i'm not what up baby what the heck oh my god oh my god hey what up nothing much just flexing in my kitchen what's good let's see it flex next listen you don't flex you get next was i just talking to you hey boys be back sub subscribe subscribe right there let's go all right peace love good guys and omegle oh my god oh i'm on camera right now this is awkward this is just awkward now i'm gonna i'm gonna i think maybe i should go yeah honestly yeah just yeah that was awkward is that your boyfriend next to you you weigh 175 185 it's all in the quads give me a sec holy [ __ ] how are my calves they're sexy oh [ __ ] look like me you're hot thanks bro you're pretty hot too let's do the guns let's see him come on hold on yeah add a boy roll the sleeves up wow what up yo that was interesting what are you doing i'm cooking i'm cooking where are you from tennessee tennessee actually yeah what are you making uh we're gonna be cooking up these mussels so i'm not english by the way sometimes the accent just comes in and out because i lived in england for a year you want bananas why are you wearing your panties bro panties what is this you want me to swallow this hole nah no chance not doing that what are we doing yo we're making smoothies right now oh [ __ ] let me watch this get up get up right now i'm up i'm coaching you back up no i i need you in the hallway in the hallway in the hallway shut the door shut the door shut the door shut the door shut the door hey what up baby cook up something bro what do you want me to cook up uh pancakes are you gonna stick around the entire time i swear i will cook french toast can we do that i'm dead right now do not leave you wanna i'm gonna teach you how to make anabolic french toast egg whites okay man this is this is not what i was expecting low calorie bread low calorie bread do not get it twisted ground cinnamon okay vanilla okay two stevia don't you dare leave i love what's your name what's your name shout out to juan okay do you go to the gym or something because it's all implants cooking pan [Applause] [Music] you're gonna take the bread okay yeah dipper and ski for the boys back home okay slap it on the pan yup it's gotta cook so we're just gonna like you know yeah i subscribe i love you you know who else should subscribe people watching at home right now let's go boom cooked enough oh my god are you gonna eat that okay taste test wow try something here we go right here ready bite down on the screen yeah oh oh there how was it how was it okay bro you're a real homie i appreciate you see you i love you hey hey am i a sexy french toast eating man baron hello what's up why do you look tick-tock famous maybe i am maybe i'm not why are you eat is that a sandwich it's french toast you don't eat french toast for the fog yes you do all right so my boy altoo bank is gonna be coming over and we're gonna be doing this together it's me very interesting having two people on the omegle so all i can say is that that was very interesting and so is this hat come on guys hype me up wow that was freaking pathetic yo brother what's good what's that i have a friend i need you to meet all right you want me to do no it's not it's better than my oh hell yeah what about this guy what's going on bro yo what do you got to say congratulations to you guys next i don't think so i don't think so yo oh my god are you taking photos of me you didn't even ask we're sending it yo i want to be you right now you want to be i wanna i have a twin [Music] yo you're looking fire man i seriously i admire that why why are you fletching on me why are you flexing on me why are you flexing my mind what are you doing yo what's good bro uh 3 35. 1 35. hey hey hey hey hey hey what up baby oh hey what wait what is there like three guys with their shirt at home oh my god it's a magic mike house oh my god stop i can't back you i can't i'm so bloated i can't do it what are you yo what's up baby i have a question i have a question what supplements do you use yo i'll tell you right now transparent labs code jesse to save 10 off that's j-e-s-s-e are you really i am 100 gonna plug everything hey bro you can't just be on the camera and not look i am looking oh my god are you looking at us are you do you see me right now yeah i can see you i'm looking at him though you like him better yeah i convinced him what up bro looks like justin bieber like off of your boy's natty we are natty baby natty for life that's right baby hi are you are you addison ray yes oh i'm intimidated hey are you all right no you're not you do push-ups let's see do some push-ups right now no hey what's good chad and dad are you a podcast guy right now no i'm a commentator for cnn tell them about this so we are now in music class that's what i'm gonna call it alex is my student as you see we have the music attire keep things really nice and aesthetic if you're enjoying the video hit the subscribe button because we're on the road to a million and i will not get there without your help and subscribe to alex let's go link below okay so we are going to search i'm going to go let's go music we've never done this [Applause] welcome to music class how are you today are you looking to hear music i'd love to well i'm going to serenade you a little bit okay you know what a cagey elephant are you trying to fight yo don't even just don't even start you want to go right now i'm a student i need you all right now that my student is here we are going to be doing what should we do gen z [Applause] [Applause] [Music] do you like our turtlenecks yes i like your necklace and you're ignoring cool air thank you we appreciate that my my music student here has a song to play for you [Music] my brother you aren't moving are you okay are you checking bryce hall i look like freaking steve jobs and ellen degeneres literally had a kid you look like a tick tocker i don't know how to take that but thank you you look famous you all look professional [Music] i'm not gonna move hold on don't leave please i'm begging you [Music] no this is my dad like what kind of dad are we talking about like i went to an adoption center no no you don't realize i'm i'm six years old and i'm just a beefcake he's got the benjamin franklin thing [Music] just pretend you're listening for a second [Music] that's it there you go thanks thanks for listening man that was beautiful listen baby girl you were always the one for me and i knew deep down that you would wear my crown have a nice day okay he just changed his life this is actually my dad what do you have like six months old well i'm only eight so it's like he's got the benjamin button all right so the omega section is complete okay it was quite the experience i think we can agree we're gonna go to the gym turtleneck on anthony i'm borrowing your turtleneck that's cool yeah of course he is anyways transparent labs custom pre-workout we got pink lemonade again comment below what flavors you want to see they're doing a jesse special i like to say that's for the weekends and the women and uh that's a code jesse for ten percent off alex you ready to train some chest oh yeah yeah he's got a turtleneck on too yeah let's hit it boys there is nothing better than the late night workout with the boys in a turtleneck oh yeah it is a vibe and a half we're about to smack some chests we're going to warm up with some dips and just get some blood flow in the chest get a little pre-exhaustion and then you do your working sets crazy pawn crazy bump better go down let's go omw on my way to you good at what i do mw [Music] we're about to rip some incline bench we're gonna do upper chest we're pretty much going for the greek god status especially after those people reacting on omegle i think we gotta keep that up it is time for tarps off baby oh yeah that's one and that's two [Music] there's only two times that i'm going to stare myself in the mirror and admire it one a late saturday night two a chest punch [Music] [Music] now if it kills me just subscribe that's all i ask [Music] never be afraid to try new exercises you might suck at them i'm not really that good at this yet but i definitely am going to try it out more because my upper chest feels so full yeah it feels great i want to take two seconds to just thank you guys for supporting me like i'm just having this moment of realization that all the hard work i'm putting in is truly paying off because of you guys and i want to say that if you're feeling stressed down tired and insecure or literally like you feel like you just can't do it think about why you started think about all the things that you've accomplished this far and keep [ __ ] pushing because there's so many moments where i'm exhausted like i filmed two videos today there's a lot that goes into these videos i love life so much and it's because of you guys so i just wanted to deliberately say thank you i'm gonna finish this workout we got flies and um it's just all love today [Music] workout sir [ __ ] was fire fire i would say it was like sixty percent vibe forty percent fire yeah if you enjoyed today's video make sure you subscribe turn your post notifications we're on the road to a million okay i love you guys subscribe to my boy alex i'll catch you guys the next one don't forget to stay relentless peace [Music]