AEW Double Or Nothing Rally Everything You Need To Know

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and I'm Andy Murray from world culture did you know that the holes in their bombs are for your thumbs The Wrestler toys not real wrestlers yeah yep ah minimum and me and this is the thesis I've been watching too much share Bugan hugger yes you have if you don't like Eric Bergen Hogan chances are we don't care views it's probably baloney list of perverts right let's start selves off with the shocking news that kenny omega has signed for aew you know what the big announcement was made as part of the double or nothing ticket announcement party last night in America and oh yeah yours Vegas in Las Vegas yes as we all anticipated the big tease announcement was their best make any Omega being announced as part of aw not only that be he is executive vice president just like Cody Rhodes and the young bucks not so wise this majestic news for a double shock of all shots anywhere he goes in aw I think we probably all expected this and it's been on the cards I think there when he initially said that I'm done with New Japan blah blah blah there were a lot of signs that this was it worked and that maybe he'd come back to the promotion but obviously that is now not the case he has confirmed himself a full time roster member now whether or not this means his contract allows him to compete with New Japan in the future like Chris Jericho's does remains to be seen we don't know that yet but for now it looks like everything that went down in January was not a work he is there he is an executive and a wrestler and this is a huge gift it's a huge get not just for aw to have obviously a phenomenal rest like himself on their books but also as a catalyst for making them being able to work with someone like New Japan that's the guy you want yeah you can sit there and go look we've got Kenny Omega if you want to let us borrow some of your new Japan guys for the odd show then you're gonna have to yeah there's a lot of negotiations to be done there like I think regarding that relationship it's something that I don't think we'll see for a while but New Japan will obviously be desperate to use a gun like any Omega who's been there top foreign character for several years now he was really elevated when schinsky Nakamura and AJ Styles left he became this genuine money drawing star he will be a big loss for them particularly in the US now in Japan without Kenny Winker see they don't get hold of my think they'll be absolutely fine their domestic business is tremendous but abroad it's gonna be a big hit either way full like you look at the roster now chris jericho and kenny omega that's two genuine stars it's it's looking very promising they obviously need a few more there's a lot of bridges to cross before we can say that all elite wrestling is going to be a success but that's not a bad couple of main eventers is it yeah exactly people in the comment section will be like what about the showers or what about the TV deals but on paper as you saying that's all we can judge this on right now yep on paper they are building a phenomenal promotion and a for people moaning that we are hyping them up too much look any competition for w/e is good and wrestling right now is bloody brilliant yeah just enjoy it like I don't think often won but I don't understand like the level of just kind of disgusted praise and stuff like it's this is exciting for everyone even if you're only a WWE fine if you even if you're only interested in WWE don't watch anything else this is good for you as well because competition sharpens competition iron sharpens iron this is gonna make WWE better because if only wrestling go ahead and get a TV deal now well they have to start adjusting their practices I'm not saying it's gonna be another Monday Night Wars because clearly it is not used a night dynamite baby but WWE are gonna have to change things up now they're gonna have to switch the storytelling methods if you don't you becomes a threat by anyway yeah Kenny weed is here it's pretty good booze cruise Lucas cruise he is not the only new signing the aew confirmed by staple they have eight other names and I've got them all listed here so we have Yoshi legend aja Kong we have Kiley rayon independent wrestler who's primarily working out the aew in Chicago we have Tokyo Yoshi pros Yuka Yuka sorry sakazaki we have nyla rose and woman's wrestler if experienced in Japan we have sunny kiss we have the triple a cruiserweight champion Sammy Guevara and perhaps the biggest names of this batch not in Kenya amigo as expected we have the best friends tag team of Chucky T and Trent Barreta very exciting cropper wrestlers there yeah absolutely like and some of those names will be familiar to you some of those names you may not know but if like myself you'll slightly clues on a few of those names go on look on Twitter today just search their names because the amount of people sharing new claims and gifts has just got me so excited yeah I mean the two names that I'm not so familiar with my cell phone nyla rose and Sonny kiss but I'm looking forward to certainly looking into them best friends were a great tag team bags a fun incredible incredible Twitter game the best in the business sorry Becky Lynch it's it's kind of true as a Kong so legend maybe not quite all yeah so she was but she was a star for all Japan woman's Pro Wrestling back in the 90s in the heyday when that promotion was drawing tens of thousands of fans she was even in the WWF for a kind of crappy we run in the 90s as well but yeah this is a really talented group Sammy kuvira's another guy man he just carries himself like the biggest prick in the room he's an elite high flyer kind of an Indy spot monkey kind of guy but very young I think he's in his early 20s lots of potential for growth similar personality to mgs but somehow even more obnoxious I'm really excited for this group of wrestlers coming together now they're nowhere near a complete talent pool yet but we're looking at about 20 to 30 contracted employees now obviously adding to the likes of Cody Pak hangman page Shima all these other great guys man this rosters looking really exciting they maybe need a couple of big level stars yeah perhaps I had to go with Kenny and Jericho but these new guys man and a big name being teased during aw which will tell you about in just a second before we get to that though the double-or-nothing card looks like it's coming together May 25th is when a year goes down a couple of confirmed matches on there we of course have the highly anticipated match between hangman Page and pack that was built more last night oh yeah well I actually happen but I did like hangman page having a partner back for filming in portrait mode something I would do I get really angry let me do that me too but the rest yeah they wrote that cards looking great already it's looking tremendous I mean the two confirmed matches at the moment are packed versus hanging on page which will be a banger by the way that was set up I'm on page was cutting a promo on the podium Park interrupted him with this horrible but amazing selfie promo shot in portrait mode as we said the the other confirmed match at the moment is SCU that being Christopher Daniel Scorpio sky of Frankie Kazarian versus Japanese legend Shima and two of his oriental wrestling entertainment trainees wait till you see these guys they are phenomenal acrobats they're like something of the Olympics they're insane now the other matches that haven't been confirmed but Luke very likely our nylon rules versus Kiley Ray in the women's division we also have the young boxers that the lucha purposes the gods I want your brother's not gonna be a penny coach jr. gave I think it was Matt Jackson he got dumped piledriver on the stage last night absurd that's gonna be metal and of course the probable main event yet can you Megan Chris Jericho to the first match was amazing this card looks great yeah like Owen was a very good wrestling show it was fun but it was very much kind of like a continuation of what happens on being the elite this more than anything else feels just like a great wrestling card yeah all-in was I don't have to put it put it down at all but it was a bit of a niche pace up like this or what Olli like if you know what you're watching great if you didn't then it was still some entertaining matches this looks like if you're a fan a bit like myself that main mainly WWE and your bits get to call about the future for aw and TV and what-have-you give this pay-per-view a chance and you will not be disappointed yeah exactly and you do you want to know the most exciting thing about all this from a business standpoint so tickets are on sale yet already there have been twelve thousand applications for presale codes that is insane so the young bucks claim that this building is going to be calibrated for 14,000 people it could potentially go up to 20,000 that is mental that shows that the height for this has nowhere near come close to even peeking the father they could potentially draw 20,000 in Las Vegas a boxing and MMA town is great it's insane oh it's even like that a microcosm of this is when they were making this announcement yesterday and I was reading a by on Twitter by the amount of people who turned up early mmm so like block out areas dis yeah it was like Germans with their beach towels they were shot going up seats everywhere all in there aw gear hours and hours and hours before this announcement made this is not a small time promotion no it's not I mean it's it's important for us to kind of temper expectations a little bit because ultimately none of this really means anything unless they get a good TV deal and to get a good TV deal they are going to do like we've just said major major stars they're gonna need a CM Punk or a Goldberg they're gonna need someone on that level but everything coming out of this at the moment feels incredibly positive this talk that they're about to score the biggest TV deal at non WWE TV deal since WCW is mental a time when we were widely assuming that there's no market for rest and no one has an appetite for wrestling from a TV network standpoint I mean I think a combination of this and the ridiculous WWE billion-dollar TV deal kind of proved that it's nonsense what time to be a rest of my - yes so exciting basically don't organize anything in the evening after about where well Mondays Tuesdays Fridays going forward yeah it's gonna be brilliant next inning God what the hell we now target Bugan Huggins Bam Bam well by the way there is one more big name that could be going to angel there is and you want to do you want to see his name in the Bugan Bugan voice we're gonna hug invoice Kota now to be fair this one comes from cage side seats disclaimer they do not include a source may be called a visual eye well they they claim that it's expected he will join the promotion no surprises there really and core Deborah she is currently suffering from a concussion sustained wrestling will Osprey a wrestle Kingdom 14 used to recover and get cleared from out before you can do anything but he is obviously very closely connected with kenny omega and indeed the young bucks he's worth with Cody as well this won't be a huge surprise the guy is a true real answer in every sense of the word this guy never signs full-time contracts he turn W WWE down he has not signed a major full time New Japan deal he works there without a contract on an appearance basis he loves personal freedom the rumor coming out of Japan is that his mum and dad they're just really rich so he doesn't need to work for some full-time company that might be bollocks but either way it bushi one of the best wrestlers in the world a guy who catches the eye with everything he does he would be a tremendous addition to this roster and you've got to imagine you'll be on an exclusive deal as well given his history yeah another great name turns that rust a lot of excitement around aw I know people say oh you're not talking you just told my angel you're not someone EE bit there was a day just off but aw it's today we should mention that yesterday WWE Elise record revenue figures but you know small fries let's move on to today's Twitter questions don't forget you can tweet the matters at what culture WWE let's start with at game riff on Twitter who says the match isn't storytelling in NXT our world better than WWE what about NXT s formula doesn't translate to rule and SmackDown where is the disconnect different product for a different audience I think like for all we love NXT you know I think us as kind of like I hate to use the term internet wrestling community because it's almost meaningless but we are in a bubble we really are and you notice that when certain NXT people come up to the main roster they don't necessarily get reaction because a lot of people don't know who they are I think a lot people just don't watch NXT it is for a smaller audience it is a serious old-school traditional style wrestling product it has been a bit more soap opera in the last year with the whodunit and all the Johnny Gargano stuff but I just think it's catered to that that cult audience I'm not too sure is translatable to the main roster I when I was watching Raw and SmackDown before I properly got into an XT I feel like I was a bit of an example of what the audience was like because I'd hear people buzzing about oh my god this guy's coming up from NXT and even though I'd be like that's exciting when they got there you still want to be like right who's this person so we need to re-establish the character and be why should I care yeah a perfect example of this Kevin Owens I wasn't a big NXT fan when Kevin Owens was doing what he was doing with Sami Zayn stuff via the arrival he had on Monday Night Raw where they said you should care about this guy he's NXT champion he came out he basically told John Cena where to go he popped out on my bill he placed fourtner belt that sort of arrival thing they can't rely as you said as much of the internet will be buzzing about a Johnny gaga no yeah tomaso champ are going up to the main roster they need to re-establish that and I think you're right it's not anyone's fault it's just the casual nature yes it's a niche product for a niche audience the main roster is a wider more sanitized product for a wider more sanitized audience and to wrap that up just look at the crowd reactions that Alistair black and Johnny gargano got in the Royal Rumble weren't anywhere near on the level the US as an excuse my expect exactly let's move on next to Matt Rubin who has a question about aew he says how should a e/w handle their first heavyweight championship a King of the Ring style and he suggests yeah I'd like a tournament I love tournament I think like something like a battle royal is quite cheap because it's like you just win a belt by throwing a bunch of guys over the top rope it's kind of whack a tournament we awesome and whether that's a knockout or a g1 style round robin type thing that would be cool that'll be different actually because WWE obviously do a lot of knockout tournament these days it'd be great to see them try that maybe a block of like 10 wrestlers or two falsified they all wrestle each other once the two blog leaders then meet in the final or you know they could just book Kenny Omega verses Jericho for the belt you could do that I think it's one of those where we've watched a lot of WEC our influence with this but if you're launching a TV a new TV show and you want people to watch putting yet ten of your best wrestlers fighting each other week in and week out with maybe a build to the two best facing off on paper yeah it's it's a WWE trope but also it's a great way to establish everyone ever we can get their stuff in and if it's not directly knockout like you say if it's a round-robin then it's not just like this guy wins this go into these good the guys are just lose yes basically and to me the first champion should be Kenny Omega holds it for nine to 12 months to fluent by hangman page strong final question for today and you're gonna need this Andy this I was gonna make us some tinfoil hats when unfortunately oh honey temple in the office oh yeah I've got packets of crisps the unit's value knickknacks for the rest of today but anyway yeah this had our tweet was all that fixin cos I'm getting paid to do this week comes from Erskine shalt verse o says just watch the news and had a thought wife all this weird disjointed reference reporting is an attempt to find the leak I mean would the Usos leave really two Styles have a hernia maybe there's something huge in the works and they need to ensure it doesn't get out that's why we've got conspiracy I like it IV I think it's entirely possible we've heard all kinds of wacky stories coming out of WWE over the past few weeks amongst what the hell is this being on my head and things like the hernia like I think that might just innocently why have I still got my life I think that is that might be relatively innocent I think someone's may be sold Meltzer whoever reported first up a river there and people jumping to conclusions and so forth but with stuff like the USO's one thing that I think gets lost in all of this is that we can't assume things like loyalty like we assume these guys are lifers but here's the thing these guys have never performed in an industry that's how competition before they've been with WWE throughout their lifespan it's been a monopoly there's been no choice you work here and make good money or you go elsewhere and you have to deal with the compromises so why I love the conspiracy video I think it's really interesting and I would love it if there was a leak can you imagine watching the world burn if it came out that Shane McMahon was somehow secretly involved in this and they did the know some kind of simulcast that we weird what do you think yeah I think I think there could be some substance to this I think it's a good good test I'm more annoyed by the fact that in making these hats I discovered that we got only seven pieces of monster lunch in a packet of monster munch right yep and I was saying this to Phil saying this is outrageous and bill said that's like a bumper edition of monster munch there goes the can only not anyone we're getting up topically I think it'd be fun I think it's really interesting and they reckon there could be some sort of sense to it let's move on to today's and finally thank you to everyone who's been sending me more crap action-figures I love receiving them if you want to send them here and we'll put them on a shelf along with the fingered wrestlers that Andy Murray was so nice speaking of that action makers a quick thank you to literally about the 12 or 15 people that informed me the purpose of those I think this is one over there I can't reach it the holes in the bumps are indeed for your phones so that's what it's thanks for all those people anyway today's and finally is another crap action figure all you have to do anymore is look at this and tell me who it is who's that oh my goodness it's it looks fairly obvious what we're Stein's immed in on his face I look at that and I think is it the CEO oh yeah it's Triple H right and you would think that but of course you would be wrong it's fun it's not it's I mean it's got fun my name is flowing open sure - feels like maybe they've just took the wrong head on it I mean like the font angle is a sexy sexy man that action figure is not it looks like I've kind of melted Bobby Roode day one is indeed H let us know your thoughts on that and all of today's news stories in section below and if you want to send us any more weird action figures that you can stick your fingers into my minimum is between the matters at what go to wel you can tweet at Andy Murray at at and the age Marlene at me at Adam will born each week chance for Honorables you can tweet at our lovely editor at film Oh James don't forget to Like share and subscribe and make sure you check out what cooks you're a wrestling podcast by searching for what courts resting on either iTunes or Spotify bye thanks to Andy Murray thanks to the boots crews thanks to monstermunch thank you for watching and we will see you soon this skin meeting this give me in now