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[Applause] marketing your calendars wrestling fans because we are about to embark on yet another all elite wrestling pay-per-view and this one is known as full gear now I know full gear means something in America it goes over my head I'm an idiot sometimes I can be a little bit naive to me odd name for a pay-per-view but names never Mayer remember we all moan about the Viking raiders now we don't care the Viking experience Eric I've are a couple of goofs you can call them whatever you want but before we do get to Saturday and before we do get to aew for gear you know what we have to do we got to go through every single match and we've got to predict the outcomes mainly because if I'm right I can then be a proud Pete make sure you join me in those comments below make sure you subscribe let's predict aew full gear so at the pre-show which is be Priestley versus brick Baker in a grudge match especially because on atw duck this week the deadness was really pissed off and told us how she's gonna rearrange Bri Presley's mouth isn't wrestling weird given that we have been building this up for a few months this is their first proper match I don't think you're just gonna throw it away so if we take wrestling logic into this it probably means that be Priestley has to win and therefore you know brickbreaker can make her big comeback when she eventually beats her new foe isn't it strange it's on the pre-show though I know we do have the Women's Title match on the main show but I wouldn't mind of this switching for something else I wouldn't mind seeing Brit Baker versus B Priestley in the main card but I'm gonna go with B to win C now I usually would say to there be shenanigans or there'll be some distractions but I know that all the wrestling is trying to stay away from that so I'm a little worried to do it but I think here again given that it is on the buy-in they can probably get away with it so yes Priestley wins after nonsense maybe use the turnbuckle or a weapon revenuer we'll be distracted at just on that bad in orderly wrestling because they don't do that very much it's always about the law of diminishing returns man I run that into the ground the pay-per-view will then start and then I had to guess I would say that our first match will be Joey Genoa versus Shawn Spears with Tully Blanchard in his corner if he didn't watch my ups and downs this week for aew dynamite a little surprise we rushed this build like we did especially because I ain't too overly excited to see them go at it you could have put on I might next week you could have held after the next pay-per-view whatever the hell that's gonna be but we are getting it you know given that Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears stuck a cigarette down Joey jell-o's mouth and it seems like they're gonna push Joey Chandler quite hard he was gonna enter a program with Jimmy having it looks like I'm gonna put my money on him at the moment - this is a straight-up singles match but as we know janela is borderline bonkers so do not expect this to stay in the ring I imagine it abroad to the outside and when they are there they're gonna come up with some crazy concoction of violence which scenes mainly Joey janella getting his ass beating in ways you could only dream about if you are dreaming about kind of stuff try and change up your dreams it can't be good for your everyday life as wins and losses do matter though that would not look good for Shawn Spears because obviously he lost the Cody Rhodes and now he's back on pay-per-view and he's losing again but looking into the future looking down my crystal ball I think there's more things that we can do with janella he probably needs a big win this is it Joey gets the debía we then move on to what could be one of the best matches of the night because the tag-team championships are on the line as brand new title holders SCU have a rematch against the lucha brothers but also private party have snuck their way in there - I know it's a different show but I'm already gonna give this an up because it's going to be nuts you know the aew formula when it comes to tag-team matches if you don't like it don't watch it or start off slow and all six guys will be in the ring and they will be doing so many moves you'll be trying to write them down but you won't be able to move fast enough your hand and your pin rank speed is slower than these men it also think we have to allow Kazarian and Scorpio skyed to hold on to their championships here because you don't want to start throwing around the gold like a hot potato one of the reasons that Chris Jericho is becoming this awesome world champion is that he holds on to it and it really really means something and we've got to do the same with the tag team belts too otherwise we're gonna get a WWE women's tag team situation where whoever holds them all of a sudden gets dragged down into the floor and small part of me thinks maybe that's why private party got put into this in the first place there's no disrespect for them they are an incredible team and they are going to have an incredible future but you wanna beat Phoenix and Pentagon I mean they are on their way to be megastars - where's private party right now could probably take a loss and we're not gonna mind too much and there may be you carry on the SCU versus lucha brothers feud and you bring Christopher Daniels back into it like I don't really know how that works but it's an option so I'm going to say that SC you do get the victory and they pin a member a private party to get it maybe Cassidy him it doesn't really matter because they're a team that's what I'm going with so that's a retention another championship is on the line and it is the aew women's belt which means Rijo is giving against the core and don't forget if you missed it on dynamite Sakura use the most things they move it all and wrestling and she surprised rolled up Rijo which means she now has a technical victory over her even though of course it wasn't a tag match but I am gonna be very boring and this is gonna give away predictions for the rest of the show when belts are on the line once again you have to keep it on Rijo for all the reasons I just talked about that is especially true here because everyone on their dogs thinks Rijo is the best thing since sliced bread if you do some random angle where Sakura walks away with it I actually thinks the fans will be quite pissed off and not in a good way then what kind of entering like Baron Corman territory in December 2018 and we all remember constable the real key is what we do to end this cuz Rijo has finished off a lot of opponents where the muscle birds moving all the rustman the roll-up here I need it nice and simple I think I finished her is like the double foot stomp or at least I've been led to believe I'm still getting to know about these characters which is cool but hit that on Sakura in the middle of a ring or you know maybe drag a bit close to the ropes so you can smash it and get the 1 2 3 and come out there looking like the strongest warrior possible what wins and losses thing then comes into focus once more because we have hangman Adam page versus pack I cannot wait to see this I think the build has been excellent I love the fact that pack on dynamite was just slamming hangman page in the balls because he is a bastard you know what I've thought about this I've seen the whole arc with Packers the commentators keep telling me he loves wins more than anything because he understands where it can lead I'm going with the man from New Castle in the United Kingdom of course this will ask the question what from mr. Page because he's had two big matches in orly wrestling he lost the first one to Chris Jericho and if I'm right he lost another one to Peck so you know what I think we should do or what we could do you could turn him hill or at least start to tease a hill turn you open want more options for matches I think it would be like give him a call edge I wouldn't be against it at all you've also got to make sure that pact looks like an absolute badass here because again if I'm guessing guessing guessing what's going to happen in a few days a few weeks a few months I think he's gonna be the next challenger for the aew world title which also makes no sense when we do talk about the match that we're having on this evening where Pak will win I bet you brutalizes hangman page and makes him submit and he'll probably use a weapon too like ours either dick we're also gonna get the first teases of a bigger program between the inner circle and the elite because the young bucks are gonna try and settle their issues with Santana and Ortiz and once again this is probably going to be just wonderful it puts me in a dilemma once more and I understand I'm repeating myself but that is just the aura that all elite wrestling the atmosphere I just say they've created because you can argue this both ways if we're looking at it from a sporting contest the former lax are a pretty brand new tag team right they've on the scene they're doing well in the inner circle but I can't just lose because that will make them look rubbish but the young bucks are coming off a loss all of their own because we thought they were gonna be in the tag team finals they weren't because they lost a private party in that very good opening match on dynamite a few weeks ago so what do you do I genuinely don't know that I hope there's a long-term story in place so that when we do go with we get there and given that the inner circle the hill group and they're on top of the world they're a bit NWO which they're trying to take over the company I'm gonna go for Santana and Ortiz but I really can't for the life of me work out how all elite wrestling is gonna pay that off and that my friends is absolutely awesome I want to be able to guess and I want to be able to fantasy book but deep down in my gut I want to have that little shrug emoji guy who's going well I mean maybe Simon but maybe not will have to tune and then see if I want to tune in and see you're doing your jobs so yeah we think the young buck guys are gonna lose again and who thought that they own their own promotion and they fucking themselves to lose we are living in a very strange timeline maybe one that's being controlled by Jim Cornette right so it certainly does sound like that are a e:w world title match between Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho isn't actually going to be the main event because we do have the unsanctioned light ounce match between Jon Moxley and Kelly Omega and because a ewr said legally we're not involved here that will technically go on after the show which mean this would be our main event even though when you're watching it structure wise it's not the main event it's all very confusing we used to do it back in the day but still boy howdy do we have a big narrative to get into here because not only has Cody said that if he doesn't beat Chris Jericho he's never going to challenge for that world title again I think we're about to see our first big turn and it's a term that's gonna blow your socks off cuz we all know about the teases with mjf since day one is kind of a heel but he loves Tony Rhodes and Cody Rhodes is one of the biggest faces in the company but that's why the time has come to turn mjf into the biggest bad guy in the world and have him beat up his best friend just as he's about to win the championship I'm not saying he should join the inner circle but you certainly can plate like that if you so wish but it just sets up the future so wonderfully Cody can be devastated Cody can be crushed but Cody can also have a new mean street running through him as he stares into the eyes of his brand-new enemy and throughout all of that MGF can just keep coming a bigger and bigger asshole him he's like here on the asshole scale if he does this he will get even higher still I don't know I bent my knees down there like a ballerina I'm just getting excited and if you want to go even further down the line maybe and understands I have to come up with a good way to justify this but maybe MGF can go on to win the world chairman if I'm talking like year maybe two years down the line and that's when Cody goes you know what now it's time for my revenge we come with some kind of step where he is allowed to go after it and finally he exorcises the demons and he whoops MJ ass BAM all over whatever arena they happen to be the lapping of you everybody just calmed down but yes I don't think you could take the belt of Chris Jericho for all the reasons I've already gone on about I just think that twist in the tail would be absolutely wonderful I mean is gonna happen I still put my money behind the former y2j the man and my pump for this Cody Rhodes is a babyface I want to win and Cody Rhodes is a babyface I want to get behind them they are very few and far between in wrestling in 2019 - thumbs up for mr. Rhodes can you believe it - we have yet another dilemma when we get to Jon Moxley versus Kenny Omega in the unsanctioned Max Ehrmann do you think about this right now our throw the ball in your court who do you have win Kenny Omega he needs victories jon moxley he needs victories everybody needs victories well I don't want to see happen is any kind of hell nacelle nonsense where it's a draw because they both killed each other by accident IEW has to dig down in its pockets and decide who they want to win and put them over and I actually think it should be jon moxley I don't really know why either I just think if you look at both parties he's got the most momentum right now and much like PAC maybe that puts him in a position to go after the World Championship and who doesn't want to see Chris Jericho versus John moxy who of course used to be Dean Ambrose if I had told you that was even had a potential of happening elsewhere outside of the WWE two years ago even 12 months ago you've been like Noah what are you talking about but we could do it and we could do it on an AW preview that just blows my brain and there's a nerd fair boy I want to see it Kenny Omega will be fine anyway he's a great wrestler everybody loves him in it when it is his time to be pushed to the top he will be accepted in that role because again it's Kenny Omega he had some of the best matches ever but I love it I love this card I love this pay-per-view because really deep down I am not sure about any of the things I've just said hopefully I've explained as to why that is the case this is how I want to feel about professional wrestling confused but in a sense of Kawai and that is illogical but hopefully you take my point I think aew full gear is gonna kick all the yes now of course make sure you leave a comment below and let us know who do you think is gonna win who do you think is gonna lose are we gonna see a named Jeff Hilton I wanna see it like share and subscribe hello - well coach I come read more articles about full gear follow what coach on Twitter what coach at WWE stay up-to-date with all your W news and watch more videos here on what culture Wesley my name is I'm what go to thank you very much for watching can just enjoy this weekend Friday you can watch my Night Smackdown or Saturday morning if you like me Saturday night Sunday morning you can watch a e:w full gear we have so much wrestling these days I can't even keep up with it