AEW Makes Outstanding Offer To Current Big Time WWE Superstar New Signing Revealed

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and I'm Andy Murray from what culture and this is the new yes it most certainly is that now this is a big one mr. Wilborn the wrestling war is heating up we have an exclusive report from the ever reliable wrestle books who claimed that an outstanding offer has been made from a w-2 a current big-time major major major WWE Superstar wild it is said to be too good to refuse that is massive a huge offer too good to refuse come on Andy tell me who is I do move or more like you're they don't know understandably they don't want to give it away they don't want to like basically through their source out in the open and spoil the whole thing before it's potentially done WWE and other wrestling organizations are notoriously cagey when it comes to likely announcing negotiations and signings and stuff like that now the thing with this story is in the comments section is gonna be full of lights all made up with our to burn you do the thing speculation something like that but wrestle votes are in quite a difficult position with this if they have a scoop to break they have a scoop to break they can't go and burn sources and prove things like this out in the open and potentially harm the career of whoever it may be which is almost certainly what they be doing they have a duty of care they have a responsibility as well it does seem like speculation and let's be honest there's a very high chance it just is it's kind of you know they've got to be guarded I think sometimes you have to look at the source I think wrestle acts are usually a relatively reliable source whereas anyone could just say oh aw is gonna make a massive offer to a big w restart it's too good to turn down there would be some substance to this somewhere and an interesting to consider who it might be because they're not any clues they're just a major W yeah could it be AJ Styles could it be Berkley come through the belt into being over there no exactly could it be Randy or Nass that that was what you tell them yeah there's a lot of speculation going around Twitter the moment this morning versus Randy Orton now again is all speculation but I mean Orin is a weird one isn't he I like he's a guy I would have considered ww-why ferns if he of all people goes to aew that's not a good look for WWE no exactly it could be work in two ways if that is the case of course that exactly you're stealing a Talon that is so obviously been in WWE for how long now what 15 right forever yeah because when the pilot terrible when Randy Orton debuted so there's that but there's also the fact that Jerry Lawler infamously said if I was gonna start a company and build it around someone Randy Orton's the guy and it as much as people go I've seen everything we can with only one cool not in not in another company yeah fresh matchups maybe we'd be more motivated by that big money baby exactly the way it's an interesting time let's see if anything comes up well the speaking of aew the second news stories that they can is about someone they have officially signed to their roster and commiserations everyone else on the aew roster because jimmy flipping havoc is coming now he was announced last night on all elite wrestling's twitter he was confirmed he tweeted the future is here as a result of that and like it's very exciting time he's I think the 16th member to join their in-ring roster joining the likes of of course Chris Jericho pact Christopher Daniels we know all the other big names company founded by Cody Rhodes and the young books of course they're they're gonna be involved in that he is a British wrestling legend we know a lot of that about here in England he's one of CW's tournament of death yeah people are gonna get batteries yeah over you now yeah cut open and filled with pins and white tubes and stuff I this is really cool like Jimmy Harvick is obviously a UK veteran he's a very popular guy massive cult following around the company around the country always been a guy who has kind of trade his own path you know like he had a really awesome angle with will Osprey in progress a few years ago which is how I came to know him and this kind of progressed through all the years progressed in progress you get it you get it to get it and that's how I got to know him like run by 2013-2014 times since the he's just become this almost like a cult of personality in the UK scene obviously he's quite famous for his deathmatch stuff but he's really charismatic he can you connect a point really quickly as well you know I think it's a cool signing man like he's one of the best the biggest and best British names still left on the board yeah absolutely he done a bit of work in TNA around twenty sixteen I think it was we obviously work with him had to fight wrestling he is a lovely bloke and this is well deserved so congratulations to Jimmy hammock and we wish him all the best in aw before we move on though we should mention about aw they've got that double-or-nothing announcement party coming on Thursday night and more and more speculation around that but they could be unveiling Kenny Omega there they're going to be revealing some more roster additions no doubt on Thursday night but the MGM Grand where the thing is going to be held at teased it by tweeting the announcement that you've been waiting for Kenny Omega is a parent is contracted major panic County were expired the right now and that would be a big coup considering all the talk about Kenny Omega going to WWE as well speculation all speculation life splits yeah that means interesting uses great it will be fun to see what happens now this is a story that's not going to be so much fun so comment section get your kuck get your sjw's get whatever other insults oi boy of course you could play a soy soy cooks combine the two cuz we're gonna talk about Saudi Arabia WWE are going back shocked WWE are going back as part of their agreement on may the bird we don't know a short I oh we don't know a location we don't have any specifics a location wolf in Saudi Arabia obviously but may the third it will be the third big show on this contract and this was all broke by a fight Foley the interesting thing I found here is of course you're gonna have the usual presentations about them going back to Saudi Arabia and the problems that we had to all of last year do you think there's gonna be a sort of numbness to this eventually where it's just like you just have to accept it they go there twice a year yeah and ignite n year agreement it's sort of it's a regular thing now and I suppose if what happened last year doesn't there's no stopping here so just get used to it yeah there's absolutely like no chance in hell that WWE are ever going to be over this agreements like they don't care about the bad PR they are making loads and loads absurd volumes of money from it and the wrestlers will go over there the ones that want to go over there and they'll have a nice house show style evening with low wear-and-tear the fans will enjoy it because they don't get to see these wrestlers in the flesh too often and it is what it is now look I'm not saying people should abandon their protestations people are absolutely right and I myself I'll continue to do so because I think the agreement is pretty disgusting to be perfectly honest with you as outlined by Adam clearly in a wonderful video earlier this year check that if you haven't already but I mean it's not gonna stop you if you're constantly regurgitating the same talking points you are wasting your breath to a certain degree because why would they pull out like they want money they don't care about anything else and look at it this way you get to banner shows a year so yeah that's how you who does care about the rules though well when it matters WWE and that is because they have announced new tag team rules that have been unveiled earlier this week you might miss this actually on Monday Night Raw it all centers around that match between braun strowman occur angle taking on Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre now in that match braun strowman was disqualified for attacking Baron Cohen when he wasn't a legal man and Corey graves on commentary has been confirmed has clarified the new rules when it comes to tag-team wrestling and that is that when you're in a tag-team match your partner can come in and make one save during the match after that they risk getting disqualified the match being thrown out et cetera except for losing the match effectively if you're not the legal man and you come into the ring which is yes we something we see on a regular basis to bring them in Falls but that could be a not happening anyhow kind of stupid isn't it then what's the whole point of teamwork what's the whole point of looking out for each other and you know like cutting them off and stuff it just seems like a really weird move in another sign of WWE's complete disdain for Tiger wrestlers well I suppose and they've been saying a lot and since the story we reported on a while back of course the revival being disappointed not with their own push for the entire division it looks like to be a bigger thing as a part of a change of the tag-team division so you've got this rule change you've got new teams like heavy machinery brewing boards the main roster and of course teams who have been let's just say underutilized finally getting a who exactly so I'm intrigued to see how it goes from here I'll give it a chance but I sense that this is one of those things that may be forgotten yeah in about a week like breaking up pins and stuff is it's an imperative part of tag-team psychology it's just atom of WWE weird man well let's move on to today's Twitter questions don't forget you can always tweet the matters at what culture WWE and we start with our good friend Mark Gallagher who sent us a video question for today I see what Mark has to say I watched NXT takeover last week full of flashes Parsons athletic defeats but the mattress doesn't make me care these stories to give an exam wrestling fan question we've all asked ourselves at one time another am I even a real wrestling fan talking there about NXT takeover I suppose a little bit can be applied to halftime Heat it was a bit of a spot fest I loved it I loved it but easier is there a danger of NXT despite the fact how thrilling it is perhaps losing elements of story in there yeah I completely agree with him to an extent I think the last week Rikishi versus Gaga No spectacular like one of the craziest poker matches you will ever see nothing in that match man anything it was a fun spectacle and you know what that's all wrestling has to be sometimes I don't I don't necessarily subscribe to the corners of the world who think that you know like a rest hold for ten minutes has got this deep meaningful psychological impact of the match sometimes it's fun to just go out there and have a sugar rush sometimes I eat a whole packet of Maltesers like you do that sometimes we have a biscuit mean in the wok that exactly it's it's there has to be a variety I think and you can't leave I would say there's something like Bianca bel-air versus scheana bezler well not necessarily the most technically fluid match in the world by the end he told the story of Bianca bel-air kind of having to abandon this bravado this this undefeated persona that she's taking over and being humanized in the way she struggled through those various chokeholds and the way she almost got out of that last one at the end it was absolutely devastating when she finally collapsed and had to go out there is still good storytelling at NXT I agree but they are in danger like look about wargames match that was a psychology free mess of a thing I suppose when you talk about Jim Cornette and I always remember when he talks about being involved with WWE and talks about chocolate-vanilla you like chocolate ice cream I like vanilla excellence you get a bit of boat it should be fine I think NXT has a yeah a little bit of everything I think arguably because we've got so used to the main roster where they just go this is what the story is the element of nuance in NXT sometimes gets lost but I think there is always a fascinating story match and as we hopefully build towards a satisfactory conclusion to Gargano Tomi Chomper you will hopefully see that story be played out that will be the key one for me because boy did that story go off the rails he'll be interesting to see if they can get back to it next question comes from Rick master flex on Twitter what name who says who do you want to host Wrestlemania this year Gangrel obviously Gangrel is a very good choice who else I don't know obviously they've had legends they've had the new day host it before I suppose you want someone who who isn't gonna be involved in writing do you know who I'd like and this is never going to happen but I've been watching lots of like backstage interviews or it was a really good one on reddit squared circle recently it was it was them well it was one of them with Chris Jericho on the the pre-show think I think to Survivor Series and it's just banter they just let them go with it imagine Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn hosting WrestleMania they're on the shelf they're not used and it would be hilarious it would if not them I don't know it's some sort of celebrity endorsement is gonna be happening cuz it's New York isn't it must be perfectly but let alone who you think should host WrestleMania Hogan anyway um Daniel kun gives us our final question for today and this is a good one when it will Bray Wyatt to be back on TV says Dan oh man Bray Wyatt lot of people asking this he's back he's cleared he's just 20 weird stuff he's a weirdo bad Barry White like well it's it's hard to make sense of what is actually going on with that guy because he took so much time off house shows for apparently no reason whatsoever he hasn't been on TV in about six months or something like that I don't know like where do you how does he get back in I thought the Royal Rumble would have been a nice easy way oh my god it's pretty why at war are you gonna see you big friend I can tell you exactly when Bret White will return to TV and that is at the Elimination Chamber I'm not a fan of this but I can definitely see it happening Daniel Bryan survives the Elimination Chamber that he holds up that belt it was Morgan ensberg the hemp belt of his and then we get and that's great Wyatt Bray Wyatt is back erick rowan the story is they're not happy about it but that's what i predict it's tricky to bring that creepy little kid with them I think I'm a scared John Cena his singing kid to be honest if he song he brings back Luke Harper I don't really care a lovely girl like Luke Harper as well he's fantastic and to be fair really must not on Smackdown did a job each fight yeah hey white smells food are they yeah well who do you think is the smelliest wrestler in WWE let us know in the comment section below let's me wants of the days and Philly indeed I know no oh he's gonna be coming after you that knows him right let's move on today's and find me and I know yesterday I promise it was gonna be a one-off for EE degree action figures but our very own Phil chambers sent me this in the small hours of the morning and I have to show you because it is it might be the best one we've had because all the others are like crap knockoff ones or accidentally putting two meaner in the packaging for Triple H but this is truly a work of art this is Seth Rollins is action figure and while snow times any other man I'm barely sitting what they tried to do this Bob said it just looks like his hair is really bad lyrics eating with a sharpie that's what I would look like if I tried to grow here yeah oh my god please use this image for him in the build to Wrestlemania your anymore do we do the action figures that look is about craf is that and feel free to send them to me because I absolutely love getting you can follow me on twitter at add in world 1 you can follow him on twitter at under huge more you can follow Phil on Twitter at fill my chambers let us know your thoughts on that and all of today's new stories in the comment section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and make sure you subscribe to what courts wrestling on iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcasts our Raw and SmackDown review will be out later on today my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon