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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and I'm Andy Murray from what culture and this is the news yeah me we can't do this for the whole video can we no probably not yeah screw it so the first big news story of the day concerns the Undertaker at WrestleMania shagger Dave Dave Meltzer in the hot of the presses Wrestling Observer Newsletter as revealed there apparently as of right now no plans to have undertake a wrestle at this year's WrestleMania and as we all know if Dave Meltzer writes it it is definitely true to be fair he does out the usual caveat of wives can change nurse and get closer to the events that may be the case but it's a pretty shocking right I mean the Undertaker is in WrestleManias fabric almost won't feel like the show without him and if he does miss it this will be the first WrestleMania he has missed since the year 2000 when he was suffering from a pictorial injury he also missed wrestle me in 1994 with black problems but other than that it's some remarkable recognize for consistency in appearing and you know obviously his performances I've depreciated a little bit in recent years but come on it's WrestleMania you can't ever feel yeah especially with these advancing years of his that you can need to get him into every WrestleMania we can and just not having a plan for it shouldn't be a reason an injury yeah fine but the with the roster they've got now you're telling me that they can't craft an interesting Sauron eyes last year's worst rubbish let's be honest and we all have seen maybe a follow up this year yeah still no decision either and Dave Nelson reports regarding last Sullivan and John Cena at WrestleMania so as they're playing it yourself wait and see with that well apparently the plan was according to show that this week on Raw deliberate if Raw FF Lars hadn't obviously had the mental health issues they were gonna film an angle in which Cena's got beaten down by Sullivan leading to the injury was keeping scene out of the Royal Rumble obviously that was canceled if they do go for this with Cena going away to film of movie it's gonna be very very hard for them to build any kind of program building in to wrestle me yeah I think this there's a lot of opportunities for anyone to be elevated by facing someone on the undertake and in theory they could shoot something maybe backstage do the old someone's number you know James number is is announced at the ROM sure his music hits he doesn't come out and then there's a shot like this yeah just have some like dig little stuff like maybe don't have large replace him yes you don't have him eliminated and they just muddies the waters speaking of the Royal Rumble how would you like some spaghetti spoilers potential spaghetti spoilers for the rumble so if you're avoiding Royal Rumble stuff we'll give you five seconds to get forward about a minute yeah hit me so like five four three two one I'm sure anyway PW insider not PWI insider not P W I have come out with a new report well I'm more of a discussion on their elite audio show they have noted rather cleverly that the bludgeon Brothers Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy and Ty Dillon jur have all been cleared to compete on Sunday now none of these guys have been announced for the Royal Rumble they've all been dealing with various injuries aside from maybe Bray who the hell knows what's going on with him these days by is pretty interesting was obviously ten three spots in the Rumble still none of these are the sexiest names but they'd be pretty easy to pull off on Sunday with them yeah I mean ty Dillon J as we've seen well last year he was attacked obviously but the year before it's an open goal to have him come out at number 10 a lot of speculation has been going on not only with Matt Hardy we'll also with Bray Wyatt and the blushing brothers are they gonna reform a version of the Wyatt family Ivan that's probably best for certainly for the blushing brothers and for Bray Matt I don't know but regardless I'd be excited to see them come back yeah I mean it would be nice like Matt's always quite welcome he'll do something fun I'm sure the bludgeon brothers Mike Harper about the American it was a big big bold trick and show me an update on Triple H's injury stays of course he injured himself during that classic match at the crown jool paper Saudi Arabia between Triple H and HBK taking on the Brothers of Destruction injured his pectoral muscle he's been off he's been rehabbing and he has been cleared to compete or clear to start getting back into training I should say by WWE's medical team II revealed this on a recent NXT conference call this is great news he talked about it on the converse course saying he was extremely sore because he's been back already intensely getting back into training rather than just specifically rehabbing that injury which is good and he's relied a lot of fuel to the fire which I am desperate to encourage that we could still see Triple H versus Batista at WrestleMania following their showdown on Smackdown 1000 yeah I mean the spot on one's photos and stuff was fantastic like perhaps a lot of people would have been a bit reticent to welcome Batista back given that he's been away for five years now and you know his previous Royal Rumble rug wasn't exactly a success but that segment was excellent Dave seems really up for it and if Triple H being injured is the only barrier to it happening the Triple H is on the mend and maybe we'll see after all that's great news a and speaking of Triple H sorry he also noted about a ido you've got a direct quote from him here talking about aw they're keeping an eye on them basically hmm Tripp says about aw it's something we'll keep an eye on we'll do what's right for us our fan base will continue to monitor everything when you're a content provider we compete against everything we'll continue to do to do what's best sorry we'll continue to do what's best for business course for WWE so they are yeah they are very much aware of it and they're even acknowledging it in conference cool I mean it's been pretty present in all their actions over the past few months you know this is competition this is the very definition of competition it's not about stupid Monday Night Wars and putting people out of business it's one party forcing another to change their own activities as a result of beers and that's what's going on because you know one gonna make the wrestling better in my opinion English cross brother anyway speaking of competition between two other companies these segues are really you don't Lee New Japan Pro Wrestling an AE W we still have no idea how that relationship is gonna pan out and what this probably hinges on kenny'll media on what the hell he does but it looks like aw are on the verge of signing to New Japan wrestlers two guys who are currently active in the promotion this is according to voices of wrestling on their patreon show tell them I'll voices wrestling calm basically they've aw assigns you guys now the process of elimination has led to the working rumor on the internet being that this is the Thai team of Baretta and Chucky T the best friends two independent veterans two guys who you know they're kind of work our preliminary guys in New Japan but they worked a few angles with these tension lately they've lost definitively in Ring of Honor and one of their most recent matches are on a reign supreme trend is set to face juice Robinson for the IWGP United States title on the upcoming US - next week but you'll probably lose and after that we'll learn more of the future so aww making more movement exciting times and you know there's all this talk of aw coming in and trying to steal WWE's talent I think people are overlooking the fact a aw can probably make their own stars be there are a lot of other companies they can go to and there are a lot just independent wrestles out there who would be desperate to just be given the opportunity with a new startup like AWC it's not all about aw plucking the best from WWE and then just filling it with with other talents yeah and like Chuck Taylor and Burrell there be a couple of great additions very entertaining guys the two best Twitter accounts in the business sorry Becky Lynch there they're tremendous and they're not under new Japan contract which is obviously critical because you can't just go approaching people who have contests that's very illegal exactly I'll find a new story of today concerns Jojo lot discussion about what's going on with her whether she had backstage heat why we haven't seen her PW insider though have reported that it's all I was gonna say all good she's off with personal issues yeah there's no backstage issues or problems with WV I think the last time we saw it was the end of last year it was the New Year's Eve episode I believe and my chrome has since taken over an auntie Lauren I definitely will be there the Royal Rumble this weekend but yes she is off with personal issues and it's as simple as that basically yeah there's like we don't know what said personal issues are we wrong to speculate but it's good to know that she hasn't fallen out of the system because there was all kinds of stupid speculation and rumors that perhaps the company that was heat as there always is because Internet's gonna Internet but Giorgio is very much still part of the family and here's hoping that whatever personal issues she is dealing with pan out in a favorable way exactly let's move on to your Twitter questions today then don't forget you can always tweet at us at what culture WWE on Twitter our first question today comes from Daniel Holland on Twitter he says what would be your ideal dream match if Kenny Omega joins WWE Daniel Mayer joined WWE which I don't think he's gonna do yeah he's just you know three star wrestler knee and he's a we live here and obviously love Kenya week I'm joking I think because I don't think we've ever seen it can you me and Daniel Bryan yeah hey loud be very high a lot of people would say Rollins and I was gonna say Rowland's yeah styles they've worked together in New Japan as part of coolant close together and stuff but you know I use the obvious ones or maybe what I like I'm trying might not be qualified I mean if we're ghosts it'll be Dewey you could make a list of a hundred Restless even in the company right now WWE would read the ball with three things yes but can you just picture the v-trigger versus the knee much everyone wants to see yeah Shannon dance asks who are the most compelling tag team in WWE today you can include NXT and oh I think the best tag team in WWE these days are the you source but they're not particularly well used a lot of the time by thing they're awesome new do great in the ring but honestly I was thinking about this the other day and I think they might be the best tag team in the world call me names in the comment section mustache mountain mustache mountains Evans a perfect face in peril tight I was called them tight deal and you're Tyler Bates is tremendous on the whole tag without flashy moves that not much of this I'll take over the other weekend was just really yeah absolutely fantastic i I'm gonna go compelling is an interesting word to use you can see Leslie sanity on you and I know you're gonna like my second header necklace is recreate our new boy the man so he was revolutionized the caterpillar should we do the thing I absolutely love heavy machinery I cannot get enough of them if they don't do it really just it's a stupid funny spot not saying mid room we'll just a bit you know they and they love their stupid backstage case yeah big for a Chase Field in the outfield with with Otis and Tucker it's just it's right there that's her key please totally sorry yet okay they they aren't really competitive and in a weird way I have to hit me in terms of compelling tag teams I'm kind of getting into the maze and Shane McMahon I'm fascinating what they're gonna do with them on Sunday right let's move on to our final question from forever heal girls solo who says who are some of your favorites surprise entrance in previous Royal Rumble ha man I'll go for two who I couldn't believe they got the pop we did but Kevin Nash when you came back as diesel and spent about 10 minutes Putin is bloody glove didn't Matt Striker swear when that happened oh yeah yeah oh whatever yay didn't use that not nice work but also John Cena when he came back from that injury in there he's go garden that was amazing because everyone went nuts they were like oh my Gardens back and then they realized that they were cheating for John Cena like oh yeah we've got to boo this guy when it's gonna be a list going out on the channel scene I've ranked every single Royal Rumble match from worst to best it's a michael handful at list and yeah he just say he says the crowd at MSG got so excited and so stunned by all they were like yeah hang on no way it is a brilliant surprise return and I loved Booker T coming out in 2011 I really enjoyed that I think he's got the perfect fiend you guys return and you know what last year the hurricane was such a great little surprise he tried to take on John Cena it was a lovely callback to only tried to take out two man power trip all those years ago as well and he said this himself he's obviously gonna you know pop pop easily pop himself yeah but he did say when you do think my last year's Rumble obviously you remember reigns and Nakamura towards the end and rey mysterio but beyond that it's one of the main memories that I have of last year's Rumble yeah absolutely it was fun it was a banner woman I've got a couple more real quick edge obviously the boundary um AJ Styles debut how could we forget that oh and Roman reigns's face that we got season yeah yeah good production there and finally a little shout-out to friend of the channel Tama Tonga how about Haku mm ah classics that's no yours in the comment section below and when we move on to today's and finally and speaking of the Royal Rumble we're gonna stick this up on screen now I present to you the Royal Rumble burger this is going to be available if you are lucky enough to be going to Chase Field on Sunday yes I read that what they've announced it is an 18 Hawk brat versed patty on a toasted onion roll then adds cheddar cheese smoked bacon coleslaw fried onions and barbeque oily and top it with fried mac and cheese wedges on top wow this sucks I mean someone's gonna have a suggestion a Royal Rumble at the very least it sounds good but it looks horrendous yes auntie food porn oh my god there you have it the Royal Rumble burger feel free if you're not going to chase you'll to attempt to make that home maybe we'll make it in the what culture office onsen using our trusty microwave fingers brothers okay go get in the dishwasher nice thoughts on that and all of today's news stories in the comment section below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe and make sure you check out what cult wrestling's new podcasts by searching for what cult dressing on your iTunes or Spotify we're gonna be a preview in the Royal Rumble we're gonna be having interviews we've got a review coming up from dd3 regarding this year's ball so make sure you check that out just subscribe to what cool teresting me that iTunes or Spotify my thanks to Andy Murray thank you thanks to our lovely assistants who started today's show thank you for watching we will see you soon yes we will