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hey hey can you guys hear me somebody just shined a flashlight in my window that I have open thought it's not it's not anybody that I know excuse me Jordan are you alive yeah good a dog I'm just you have a weapon that's not for me to say on stream Jordan tank by the guy outside your window you're good I just texted my dad I was looking you up so I didn't handle what's going on this is my offer I'm sorry [Music] I invited everyone of you guys we have the five that are here you're playing for $30,000 a game let's the suits what a gifted nice but you throw them harder by the way and your trash dog watch this charged up boo you literally charger this so if I hold the Train intro they have six okay really roll 12 oh my a seven let's go wait does Trevor have this in the bag right now you get all those most Brown squares let's see it [Music] why can none of us figure out how to roll the dice I got a real way oh my god oh oh this is good no this is good let's go baby let's go baby give me the mine it am i buying this Connecticut loved you the state of Connecticut it's by New Hampshire my only kinetic in fact I have okay now that I've been abused by your guyses dies four hundred and fifty times this game five squares back please put that on and spin it onto the table and some not paying your whore what is that let's go baby the best place is in the game I am as the purchase one thing that was that what the fuck just happened in my ears dog part of my friend [Laughter] [Music] wait where does this put me come on go to jail go to jail this is so great you get good rolls with doubles I go to jail [Applause] [Music] no there will be no worse place not my first turn than what you just did this is the worst thing I've actually ever seen in my whole life my man oh my gosh go to jail [Applause] [Applause] me dupa 3 that is actually bullshit like a swatch right there this is kids everything he wants you know oh my god you roll another 10 don't worry you're just gonna have to pay legion have you bought a property no yes one he is one big haunted by one he bought one and he rolls a forehead Trevor if he rolls before he goes to jail no Trevor has had the worst start to propagate in recorded history this is gonna be like the Guinness Book of World Records listed in Little Boots going land three dollars it's not a head kind of tax knock [Music] [Laughter] all right rubber you can't end this one bad go to jail somehow what is that no no we go you're right nice to go wait you can buy that what's Marcel oh my god he was mad you just tap just tagged it in can you guys do me a favor and look at your property boards on the bottom and compared Trevor and eyes tall oh my god we just lay it on myself thing it's like we invested strictly in time shares in New Mexico I think this is the non purchase property I can buy it doc I buy it where is that me where no I come on oh my god here we go Trevor did Marcella was just tell us where how he was cheating or what's the deal you fellas gonna win what was that railroad dammit oh you bought the last one cool for a garbage bin good to be here with you 12 you imagine here what mods for this and we only were getting cheated what is going on or someone is trying to trade with someone I think whoa how can i select you well I'm the cat no what's your offer okay you think there'll be a trap house left for me to buy somewhere in Alabama yeah that's my that's my that's my trade I can't accept this no all right no all right not giving you hotels this early let's look at this with me or No Deal Tim Tim this is the worst deal I've ever seen the history of monopoly you offered me one railroad you can have two railroads yeah great you can have hotels all right you want that one I want Italy accept it you want Kentucky excuse me yeah not interested not interested let me think this one through [Laughter] your trade you're ugly in real life [Music] there's only five free properties left are you kidding me we have no shot of even getting second we're zoning for fifth right now good boardwalk OS free what really here we go Marcel yeah this actually might be free property I'm not kidding Oh Mike no dude Oh like of all the people I get the free one their horse oh my god likely story he blew on it boys he blew on it me other happens then come on come on five man oh my god yeah the rich get richer baby dude I'm fine I think that's a chance no let's income tax [Applause] guys I literally went to fist pump and I stopped halfway through sorry dude could make bail staying up in this busy don't roll doubles don't roll doubles when you might have to pay oh my god hey hey can you guys hear me that's no deal wasn't somebody just shined a flashlight in my window that I have open so it's not it's not anybody that I know excuse me what they need why I don't know I don't know if it's like the neighbor kid that knows who I am or what's going on but you should go outside I'm just gonna let it happen I'm just gonna let whatever happen happen anyways back to the game I'm not gonna you want you want three properties in a me my fucking money dog Oh what do I have the I need that red I need that red [Music] what's that Jordan are you alive yeah I'm good a dog I'm just no I'm just trying to gauge what's happening over here right yeah you have a weapon that's not for me to say on these two properties let him have his moment did I oh my god oh my god did I oh my god yeah [Laughter] Jordan Hank by the guy outside your window you're good I just texted my dad I was looking you outside handle what's going on and he was like yeah I got you almost like good no can I uh can I purchase your yellow it's a pity trade I'll give a thousand monies I will give her another place I will literally suck toes for another building whatever needs to happen this is my offer I need your yellow I'm sorry there's another fucking [Music] thousand dollar property you're playing Monopoly plus the pig flow what am I watching just watch just make that just make the trade Trevor no Trevor do it for the family group ever play Monopoly the UI which is basically like the Windows Phone of fucking video games I'll give you there you go I don't think it's what oh it's all my anyone No no company now Tim has the other one Oh what's going on whoa Legion Legion what's going on he's feeling saucy there's no way Legion I don't watch her yellow I don't yell oh I've been visiting Jordan with his mouth like app open like looking at a screen like trying to do this he's texting you right out and a new iPad Jordan your mic is muted if you're trying to ask buddy Deal or No Deal $5 what's your offer Tim I'm not giving you my waterworks sighs but I'm gonna give it to you anyway so that's fine oh my god well after all the board people I think that was a good one Park Place Nation it's just like you are honored would you like to maybe do something with Marvin gardens how much can I purchase your Marvin gardens for you know hi Marvin gardens off me no shop and 200 $300 Marcel and I'll do it 300 250 you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna trade you added something on and then I counter offered that's a counter after counter 250 yes go ahead count it up ladies and gentlemen look what you've been done get out of here Fadi Jordan you have insane leverage with Tim for the 4th for the 4th one of these make the offer I need I need $300 I'll give you $100 that's what I'm clicking to 125 the arrows the arrows it still blows my money 24 124 point 523 I'll play with your toes I'll give you 1/3 oh that was that was a bonus okay yeah there we go congratulations we're moving the game along mm-hmm I kept my green over there just keeping it nice and safe huh hey Tim whenever you want to make a trade for that green buddy you come hollering I'll give you my utility my railroad for your for your light blues utility and railroad for my light blues yes I'll complete you leave didn't amount to make the best comeback in monopoly history do it land on my blues oh my god it's happening we gave the guy that's rich enough to buy you're right oh my god I'm gonna throw up what's happening here and it still has nine hundred thirty four dollars yeah we just won the game guys I don't think I know how to play Monopoly mount my little legions bullshit over here now great I'm out of the fucking game oh no oh my god yep I did no you did I did did you is that mine Oh oh my god you have $1 [Music] oh my god oh my god it's happening apparently I first sorry got my girlfriend hits me in the in the chat is now she goes why are you so quiet you slime back oh my god the one that has to Jesus right Trevor's money that he made for that property has gone 26 bucks at a dream on a truck with Trevor's Lucky's Roland doubles green was really aggressive yeah how much you want for the green thousand dollars thousand twenty-five you are gonna be a stickler buy and fined $1,000 you hit alt are you go to jail where's they put you that's no one owns it [Laughter] [Music] wait what'd I do or should the only so I have to auction it so you either bid or you don't bid well I'm out of this one boy do I see 71 a couple of dolls for the big action there big value across the board some we haven't seen it bring it to a hundred a hundred one come on Tim away legions gonna give monopolies I didn't mean to hit back right oh my god yeah I stayed quiet I was trying I was trying bro I was literally trying not wrong all right well you know next time not to invite Tim to monopoly Wow me I didn't mean that I didn't mean this green okay $800 how is that going down what's $900 I don't think I can ever stream monopoly again though just because mainly cuz it's at imma be 100 with you urine no this is my money like even if I lose it's my 100 right and I'm not the best monopoly player holy I can't believe the washes Jesus Christ so you just gotta make it through that little dog you must be to the top in $387,000 I'm sorry who's talking in my headset right now yep are you joking me oh snap boys it just got really real all sixes 11 or 12 Trevor we want to give nine oh my god he doesn't have another $2 short no chances [Laughter] yes for nine updates have done to us [Laughter] [Laughter] what is that what does even Illinois Avenue oh no sweet the auction for it then we can't go up anymore oh my god thirty five bucks in jail it's all I need right and doubles for the hell you've put up with him come on double on double ginger custard yes he's got a mortgage something in Tim oof oof big oof which is halfway Yury bought it back you just lose seven dollars Tim I'm a monopoly God just bought solet bought it back and then resold it in lost seven bucks all right Trevor I gotta land a not a property like a nine will be good I think you landed up income tax come on two three two three or five oh it was so close a scenario it's game I think Oh No - and here's the issue Jordans in jail for three more turns dog oh oh [Applause] - buy this whole row the entire row he's go into his inventory what this game is trash no no actually trash that rule do we actually just get the pieces [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] there's the what there's there's the goddamn game wait the hotel cost $50 this is Jordans this is all this is all in your good friend everyone you trade it all be used to Legion to for those blues you jackass I hope Alexis looks you in the eyes today when you lay down if it goes I'm disappointed I want to throw up yeah yeah this is a big potential comeback chat I was I was nervous I was here pong I was here we're here we blended on three railroads of Tim and he had he's just told a poll like it would sadly reminds you when it pops up there's like sorry Tim used to be here but he got fired I think it was good that's me that's me go let's go baby 800 oh boy oh boy Jack just my Tim stone with it they didn't lose any property that's it baby the game oh yeah $26 each notch Jesus Christ he's got $1,700 - this is a GG this is a phat GG dogs 12 my god that was unbelievable but you're on a pay money you're on luxury tax or a chance oh my god lose to the I love you so much this man's here watching it all crumbles that just went so full circle growth streaming this dude Marcel oh geez guys very fun should be too bad $900 a lot 975 thank you for your service Marcel you're brave man you know what fuck you jack six-six bro I think I can't do anything is do I have something on the board yeah you need to bang you have Tudor Eclair bankruptcy oh my gosh I got this I'm gonna win this game back here we go chat starting with this world I refuse to pay the game can't make me thanks jack I know how to play the game Thank You goalie did I don't fall in now Jordan it's the end baby please place 50 bucks on Jack please tell me I dodged go to chance junk is tested to win is unknown yes you need more easy more ease the railroads Jordan more use your shit legion please I'm literally gonna kiss you on the mouth Marcel stop do it do it wow I did you win the game using me use one the game legions first time playing monopolies get a win money on it have you ever played the the actual board game at all yeah yeah when I was 10 but my ex-sister-in-law always won so it was never fun nope oh my god I feel so rich oh my god I am did you buy all the houses and you can't buy a me crazy comeback of Monopoly history god he just ran all those up I need I need the luckiest rolls of my life she watching me for an hour and look where I go boys and girls I hope you guys enjoyed the weekly stream there we go Wow now I remember why everyone hates monopoly it's stupid dude my aunt the kindest woman in the entire world one Christmas stood up flip the whole table and said fuck this shit outside and smoke the cigarette Jack just ended he's got this you go down with the ship with dignity dude no houses Jack just roll the dice oh my god this property with Trevor me too coming back the top man gave me shit on accident can I can I just say uh I appreciate you guys inviting me tonight to play [Music]