American language course placement test form 70 part one listening directions for items 1 through 56 you will hear statements or questions select the best answer and mark your answer sheet a B C or D do not write on the test booklet 1 do you have a large car - what do you find in the sports section of a newspaper three my chair is made of aluminum what is it made of for this is a dangerous intersection why is it dangerous five birth is the beginning of life what is the end of life six maria wrote home twice last week 7 Mary forgot the name of one of her friends eight mrs. Jackson speaks English mrs. Smith does too 9 the little girl had a problem when she tried to tie her shoes ten two of the teachers extinguished the fire eleven rows Ellen broke her mirror twelve I'm waiting for my brother to arrive what am I waiting for 13 the only painting I liked cost $50 each of the others was half that price what was the price of the other paintings 14 why are you so serious fifteen how often do you practice English sixteen can you tell me who that individual is 17 defense was their main concern what was their main concern 18 what is a board made of 19 why did you choose that book to read 20 the woman kept her diamonds in a safe why 21 I hear that your sister is living in England do you correspond with her 22 Jenny filled out the application what did she do 23 he's catching on fast what's he doing 24 the commander says he approves of the plan 25 make sure the equipment functions properly before you try to use it 26 when I called him he was too occupied to talk 27 our guests stayed overnight twenty-eight Joe was looking for a way to simplify his job twenty-nine mr. Jones said I cannot afford a car what does mr. Jones mean thirty jane lives in Evanston which is a suburb of Chicago where does Jane live 31 Alfred removed the rest of the nails from the box what did he remove 32 the doctor has a new stethoscope what does she have 33 we expect to arrive in town late at night thirty-four John asked how far is your hotel from here Tom said not very far thirty-five I need a stamp thirty-six I cashed my check at the bank 37 the airman walked into the office with his hat on thirty-eight this office door is marked private 39 the man extended his hand forty Joe said I'm really pressed for time 41 he is willing to travel forty-two Jim encounters many people in his work forty-three okay you've convinced me forty-four the store put a number of things on sale what did they do 45 we turned off the water 46 my father works for a Lumber Company where does he work 47 tools should be protected against moisture what should they be protected against forty-eight how will a new job enable him to buy a car 49 Sam uses a tape measure in his work what does he use 50 Arnold uses calipers in his workshop what does he measure with them 51 Ted said he would have a bit more how much did he want fifty-two the soldier worked in transportation and supply what did his job involve fifty-three sergeant Harris asked the mechanic when will you tear down the unit what did she want to know fifty-four the sailor can steer that small boat fifty-five I'm running short of cash this week 56 you must tell the attorney nothing but the truth directions for items 57 through 66 you will hear conversations or persons giving information select the best answer and mark your answer sheet a B C or D 57 what time is it it's 11 o'clock I wish it were time to eat what does the man mean 58 can you see anything no I need a flashlight why can't the woman see anything 59 do you want a glass of water yes but I'd like some ice in it please why does the woman probably want ice sixteen where are we going on our vacation I don't know it's up to you what did he tell her sixty-one would you pass this information on to mr. Brooks yes I'll be glad to what will she do 62 when will you begin Frank as soon as the microphone is ready what is Frank probably going to do 63 can you tell me what the compass says no I'm still trying to read it what does the woman want to know sixty-four I'm looking for an article on preventive medicine here's one in this magazine what was the man doing sixty-five where are we going camp there's a good place over by those big trees what will they do sixty-six attention shoppers we have a blue light special for you in our camera department for the next 10 minutes only you can receive a free photo album with the purchase of any digital camera at regular price that's a blue light special in our camera department for the next 10 minutes only this is the end of the listening part of the test